There are tons of crazy videos and trends online. And in our opinion, the weirder they are, the better!
Watch and laugh as we attempt to try today’s top trends and challenges!
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0:10 Funny Puffer Jacket Trick
0:44 Mirror Art Challenge
1:38 Since when did Vicky start lifting?
1:58 Mirror Run Challenge
3:13 Closet Door Trick
3:36 Who on earth wears shorts out skiing?
4:05 Handstand Without Head Challenge
4:37 Skyscraper Roof Trick
5:00 Levitation Challenge
5:26 Dimple Challenge
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    Hey! If you and friends are looking for fun challenges to do you can check out these top challenges for some ideas! Which ones would you like to try? We want to know!

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    Enduku amma poodice

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    I tried the one with the jacket and it really worked my older sister laughed so hard

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