How times change

It’s nice to look back in time and see how we used to be and how we turned out. Sometimes our dreams change, we adjust - that’s just the norm. But with relationships and relationship goals, everything changes. The way we express our feelings and we show our love mean are completely different as the years go by.
- For example, the endless fights about the toilet seat - up or down? Girls are always right on that one. But as couples age, we just give up.
- Eating together also changes. First, you wait for your other half to sit on the table prepare everything and then start eating, as times go by you just start to take small bites until the food is ready.
- But let’s not get too far, relationships also change from month to month. At the beginning of the journey, a date night happens to the movies, but a month later, the date night turns into a cozy evening watching a film on the couch. Until one of you falls asleep. Or when it comes to sharing food. At first, you are polite. Then sharing food is a whole battle.

0:07 - Relationship goals that change over time
3:48 - Sharing a blanket
4:23 - When couples try to lose weight
8:50 - When you are out for dinner
10:08 - How living together really is
10:45 - Girls vs guys
14:18 - Morning routine
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