A Really Small Pupil

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  1. Ayutsu Rijal

    Ayutsu RijalPred 7 dnevi

    The turkeys were talking about how they got away from thanksgiving dinner

  2. NOOB Blob

    NOOB BlobPred 11 urami


  3. NOOB Blob

    NOOB BlobPred 11 urami


  4. R3p34

    R3p34Pred 21 uro


  5. ɖą ɠąƈɧą ცųཞɠɛཞ ცɛąƈɧ UwU

    ɖą ɠąƈɧą ცųཞɠɛཞ ცɛąƈɧ UwUPred dnevom

    "Brooo did yoi see me escape?!?!" "Yeah i did mine was really hard" "What do you mean did you have a *Karen* ?" "Yes i did *Karens* never respects the drip..."

  6. ɖą ɠąƈɧą ცųཞɠɛཞ ცɛąƈɧ UwU

    ɖą ɠąƈɧą ცųཞɠɛཞ ცɛąƈɧ UwUPred dnevom


  7. Fahmi Zanders

    Fahmi ZandersPred 5 urami

    @1:50 membawang

  8. Mr. tropical gamer

    Mr. tropical gamerPred 6 urami

    Cashier:omayowa mushindeu custemer :nani!!!!!

  9. Hannah Taylor

    Hannah TaylorPred 6 urami

    Turkey 1: You’re getting eaten! Turkey 2: No I’m not! Turkey 1: Yeah you are! Turkey 2: No I’m not! Turkey 1: Yes you are! Turkey 2: No I am not! Turkey 1: No you’re not! Turkey 2: YES I AM!!!!! Turkey 2: Sh*t

  10. Tones Cabatit

    Tones CabatitPred 6 urami

    Me watching turkeys: Turkeys: sksksksks and I oOp

  11. Apple sauce

    Apple saucePred 6 urami

    3:04 dough

  12. Tom Morgan

    Tom MorganPred 6 urami

    Turkeys were talking about how much they hate Christmas and thanksgiving

  13. Kermit masten

    Kermit mastenPred 7 urami

    0:24 don't mess with Cashiers

  14. K.0.S.

    K.0.S.Pred 8 urami

    The turkeys sound like ghasts

  15. Elsie Bee713

    Elsie Bee713Pred 8 urami

    Lady:ooops! Cashier:super super saying ROSE !!!

  16. Tortellini Sis

    Tortellini SisPred 8 urami

    That cashier is a mood lol

  17. Bonquisha Dont Play

    Bonquisha Dont PlayPred 8 urami

    Ashy ass hands

  18. Bonquisha Dont Play

    Bonquisha Dont PlayPred 8 urami


  19. Nothing But something

    Nothing But somethingPred 8 urami

    Bro the turkeys are playing simon says 😂

  20. Sandy_Roses

    Sandy_RosesPred 9 urami

    The turkeys were talking about how they ran away from thanksgiving dinner

  21. Kakashi Hatake

    Kakashi HatakePred 9 urami

    Customer:throws money Cashier:Uno reverse card

  22. Kakashi Hatake

    Kakashi HatakePred 9 urami

    Note: dont blame me for it being copyed i didnt know that there was another one

  23. Avantae Dennis

    Avantae DennisPred 9 urami

    Gobble gobble

  24. Nate Ainge

    Nate AingePred 9 urami

    Why did I read the title as “A Daily Dose of Small Pupil”

  25. David C.

    David C.Pred 9 urami

    It's important to understand different people's perspectives. Humans: Using scissors to cut off the rope. Seal: *2 men approach him. One of them pins the seal down and the other is using a strange, foreign yet dangerous object and is moving it towards the seal's neck.*

  26. Pennsylvania District Railfan

    Pennsylvania District RailfanPred 9 urami

    00:39 R/Maliciouscompliance

  27. MrExile

    MrExilePred 10 urami

    Fun fact: If you had time to click visit my channel... It has simmilar content :))

  28. Anthony San Lorenzo

    Anthony San LorenzoPred 10 urami

    water doesnt melt it boils and evaporates

  29. Infinite Flight JPC

    Infinite Flight JPCPred 10 urami

    1:40 Turkey 1: Oh shit, thanksgiving is coming. Who do you think is gonna get chosen? Turkey 2: Probably you, your fatter.

  30. Stanley Crtz

    Stanley CrtzPred 11 urami

    Turkey1: Bro Turkey2: What's up bro? Turkey1: Close your eyes bro, What you see? Turkey2: nothing bro Turkey1: that's my life without you bro Turkey2: bro...

  31. Ender Tipe

    Ender TipePred 11 urami

    I didnt understand the 2nd one

  32. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vootyPred 12 urami

    Missing child Maddie McCann had that eye condition. Hers was not as bad.

  33. Hudson Nippa

    Hudson NippaPred 13 urami

    the turkeys are talking about porn

  34. FadeTheGamer

    FadeTheGamerPred 13 urami

    Turkey:I’m gay Turkey2:IM Lezbion Me:What! What the F*&#

  35. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vootyPred 12 urami

    The turkeys are having a rap battle

  36. Fawexx

    FawexxPred 13 urami

    wow never saw such a degenerate video. this is exactly why human civilization is going to die in the next 200 years.

  37. Thidavann Soth

    Thidavann SothPred 15 urami

    0:24;"Me..." EXACTLY what I would really do, when someone gives me total CRAP... I just go instantly gave'em CRAP right back, at their FLIPPING-face! That's what "Respect" really is; if you DON'T ever respect someone, at all... DON'T ever really freaken-expected them to even respect YOU back, afterwards!!

  38. Thidavann Soth

    Thidavann SothPred 11 urami

    What COMPLETE-Garbage and a PURE Loser, that ugly woman really is... I wondered just what kinda F*CKING-family she really came from and was raised in!?...

  39. yoda Smith1213

    yoda Smith1213Pred 16 urami

    The Turkeys are talking about whos going to die next year

  40. Halo mannen

    Halo mannenPred 16 urami

    I feel bad for the person in the first clip, beceuse she might / probably gets alot of stars from people. And the 2nd video, dident the chaser just destroy his own stuff and now has to clean it up?

  41. madhuparna midya

    madhuparna midyaPred 17 urami

    0:41 this face 😂😂

  42. Cheese Burger

    Cheese BurgerPred 17 urami

    The turkey are talking about thanks giving domination

  43. Maximus Murray

    Maximus MurrayPred 17 urami

    The turkeys are siblings and are doing the "Stop copying me" game

  44. German Carpet

    German CarpetPred 17 urami

    1:39 theyre talking about taking over the human race


    NOMASANPred 17 urami

    turkey 1: hey turkey 2: hello turkey 1: how you doin? turkey 2: good n u(uhuhu)? turkey 1: good... n u(uhuh)? turkey 2: good turkey 1: how're the kids? turkey 2: the kids? turkey 1: yes turkey 2: good. and u(rhuhr)rs? turkey 1: good. nd youhuhurs? turkey 2: good... well cya turkey 1: yea cya soon turkey 2: bye turkey 1: bye

  46. General Magma Raz

    General Magma RazPred 17 urami

    The turkeys are talking about who to vote for the next turkey president

  47. Gerson Cabrera

    Gerson CabreraPred 18 urami

    The turkeys 🦃 are talk about ok we need to escape so we don’t get eaten for thanksgiving

  48. Jakap _Chr

    Jakap _ChrPred 18 urami