Billie Eilish - everything i wanted (Audio)

Listen to “everything i wanted”, out now:

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Music video by Billie Eilish performing everything i wanted (Audio). © 2019 Darkroom/Interscope Records


  1. Sharona

    SharonaPred 4 urami

    If they knew what they said would go straight to my head What would they say instead? WOW.

  2. El Able

    El AblePred 4 urami

    Love you billie

  3. أفنان

    أفنانPred 4 urami


  4. Raeney Christison

    Raeney ChristisonPred 4 urami

    I can relate to this song so much I honestly wish I was dead even though I just got out of the hospital.😩😢😭😢😩

  5. andrew belcher

    andrew belcherPred 4 urami

    first time i heard this song.. and wow.. i relate so much it really hurts.. i aint just a comment, i was bugging nate, while he was in he cage, i can feel your soft rage, turn this page, im like a mage

  6. Yami Castillo

    Yami CastilloPred 4 urami

    Even my dog enjoys your music❤️😂

  7. Nahomi Inti

    Nahomi IntiPred 5 urami


  8. Wezor X

    Wezor XPred 5 urami

    My version :) [AMV]

  9. Jenna Barnes

    Jenna BarnesPred 5 urami

    Woah. This is perfection.

  10. Sugar Rush

    Sugar RushPred 5 urami

    Like the new song

  11. Roger Angelo Villangca

    Roger Angelo VillangcaPred 5 urami


  12. Liønx_ Marie

    Liønx_ MariePred 5 urami

    I heard this on your commercial I'm know with this song so much I would really buy it

  13. Alvina Cummings

    Alvina CummingsPred 5 urami

    Hold up... *r ppl not liking my comments cuz of my NaMe?!* or is it cuz i'm not rlly original?

  14. 애오엥

    애오엥Pred 5 urami

    Billy i will like you with want nothing! 🍊

  15. Alvina Cummings

    Alvina CummingsPred 5 urami

    Me: *cries* Friend: Y u cryin' Also me: I got 0 likes on my comment 😭😭

  16. Dylan Mae Hamblin

    Dylan Mae HamblinPred 5 urami

    Ngl this song made me cry

  17. حسان مراد

    حسان مرادPred 5 urami

    اللي في 2030 لا يسوي لايك :)

  18. Gabriel Adan Santiago Cueto

    Gabriel Adan Santiago CuetoPred 5 urami

    i ove billie

  19. Music Account

    Music AccountPred 5 urami

    I overdosed on pills a 2 years ago today. I can't tell you exactly why i did it. I don't know why i did it but after i started to get scared of death. I tried to text my "friends" and nobody cared. But then i called this girl who nobody really notices and she talked me into being calm and convinced me to get my dad. She came and visited the hospital every day, even my mom never came to me. I fell in love with that girl. I told her one day and she said she noticed me the first day i started at our school but was too nervous to ever tell me. Today is also our on month. Ive never been happier❤

  20. Mia Digby

    Mia DigbyPred 5 urami

    Whenever it says "as long as I'm here no one can hurt you" I think of my daughter❤️

  21. Nicat Qurbanov

    Nicat QurbanovPred 5 urami

    This girl knows what is quality. Hope she will keep her trend

  22. MartynaMLB

    MartynaMLBPred 6 urami

    I wanted a song like this

  23. Shakila Williams

    Shakila WilliamsPred 6 urami

  24. Lara Belasco

    Lara BelascoPred 6 urami

    Billie, 50 mil views 1.6 Mil Likes and 101k comments in almost a month ? ur insane..

  25. Peace Out Gamers

    Peace Out GamersPred 6 urami

    Billie is on SLgo rewind that is crazy And exciting

  26. Nadia Glynn

    Nadia GlynnPred 6 urami

    Are you single

  27. Cely Jane Teixeira

    Cely Jane TeixeiraPred 6 urami


  28. William Talbot

    William TalbotPred 6 urami

    Anyone else think this is about her experience with fame?

  29. Charvika Rajashekar

    Charvika RajashekarPred 6 urami

    Is a borb

  30. Alisha's Art

    Alisha's ArtPred 6 urami

    The dedication.....💗

  31. Josh and dom

    Josh and domPred 6 urami

    This song makes me happy when I'm lonely thank you billie

  32. Wesley Zhou

    Wesley ZhouPred 6 urami

    This entire song sounds like you’re drifting away in the ocean

  33. Wezor X

    Wezor XPred 5 urami

    my version)

  34. Gacha chicken nugget hoe ;3

    Gacha chicken nugget hoe ;3Pred 6 urami

    Billie makes a new song: tiktok: I think I’m bout to steal

  35. Taujuana Greene

    Taujuana GreenePred 6 urami

    I don’t show emotions often cause I don’t understand them well but listen to this made me crying my eyes out in just a few seconds into the song

  36. gabi goes

    gabi goesPred 6 urami

    eu dmss essa msc e amelhor de tds

  37. Kay-lee M.

    Kay-lee M.Pred 6 urami

    “nobody cried nobody even noticed” 💔

  38. Shavontay66 Playz

    Shavontay66 PlayzPred 6 urami

    Love the song

  39. vinasu maaj

    vinasu maajPred 6 urami

    I hade a dream that I meet billie Eilish

  40. nlbhaduri

    nlbhaduriPred 6 urami

    note to commenters: don't make fun of 14 y.o. reaching out to listen to this song...don't you remember what it was like to be that age and so delicate?

  41. vinasu maaj

    vinasu maajPred 6 urami

    Loveeeee uuuuu!!

  42. Aileen Evardome

    Aileen EvardomePred 6 urami


  43. Danica D'Oria

    Danica D'OriaPred 7 urami