Brent Rivera - SISTER DISS TRACK (Official Music Video)

this was just for fun :) lexi is literally the best sister so no hate, love you lexi :)
comment "lexi got dissed" if you see this for a reply :)
Music producer: Andrew Balogh
Lyrics: Brent Rivera and Gregory Fletcher
Video Director: Stro
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  1. Brent Rivera

    Brent RiveraPred 6 dnevi

    I hope you guys enjoyed this video❤️ this was just for fun 💕 I love my sister :) but like this video if you think she should get me back😂😂


    TECH INFORMATIONPred 6 dnevi

    Yes we do

  3. Josiah Davis

    Josiah DavisPred 6 dnevi


  4. Shongita Shongita

    Shongita ShongitaPred 6 dnevi

    I need Lexis reaction on this

  5. Vivian Daza

    Vivian DazaPred 6 dnevi

    Sana ol love sister nila -if you understand hit like

  6. SpeedDriftor Be Awesome

    SpeedDriftor Be AwesomePred 6 dnevi


  7. Dakotacoreyy

    DakotacoreyyPred 12 sekundami

    Lexi got dissed!

  8. Aka zebii

    Aka zebiiPred 2 minutami

    NOT GOOOOD!!!!!!!

  9. Avocado Playz

    Avocado PlayzPred 2 minutami

    The 13k dislikes is Lexi and Ben using different accounts 😂

  10. Aastha Sharma

    Aastha SharmaPred 3 minutami

    okay omg I love that🤣

  11. Alex Burgess

    Alex BurgessPred 7 minutami

    I like it you must of put alot of thought in that

  12. The Great gamers

    The Great gamersPred 9 minutami

    Brent: hopefully I wasn’t too harsh sis Me:

  13. Manduul Javkhlantur

    Manduul JavkhlanturPred 13 minutami

    Your sister loves been because he had no girl friend

  14. Manduul Javkhlantur

    Manduul JavkhlanturPred 14 minutami


  15. Taya Hassan

    Taya HassanPred 15 minutami

    I'm on lex's side

  16. Aestheticise

    AestheticisePred 17 minutami

    Lexi got dissed

  17. Cordaisheia Earlycutt

    Cordaisheia EarlycuttPred 19 minutami

    Brent I like when you say Lexi Rivera face it I’m better!!!!!!!

  18. Frankie Lawson

    Frankie LawsonPred 22 minutami

    Brent why did you do it she pranks you for fun and content so yeah🙃

  19. Ahmad Abdul Qadir

    Ahmad Abdul QadirPred 24 minutami

    I think Brent should be a rapper

  20. Yacob Habtu

    Yacob HabtuPred 30 minutami


  21. Jake Tamain

    Jake TamainPred 35 minutami

    First diss track of 2019 LOL😂😂😂😂😂😂

  22. Prince Kopa the Confused

    Prince Kopa the ConfusedPred 39 minutami

    ‘Lexi got dissed’

  23. poeyu wathan

    poeyu wathanPred 54 minutami

    Lexi You are better

  24. Polly Wang

    Polly WangPred 56 minutami

    MEANNNNNNNNNNN I love lexi I now hate you

  25. Zhia Akers

    Zhia AkersPred 57 minutami

    Hit me hard when he said her birth was an accident 😨

  26. Shekinah Omondi

    Shekinah OmondiPred uro


  27. minsa faizan

    minsa faizanPred uro

    Iexi rivera face it i am not better

  28. minsa faizan

    minsa faizanPred 20 minutami

    Lexi is tiktok queen she is

  29. Jeff Jr.

    Jeff Jr.Pred uro

    Wow I like the song It’s nice

  30. ari barsa

    ari barsaPred uro

    0:35 that's really true 👍👍👍

  31. Sarah Mulwa

    Sarah MulwaPred uro

    Lexi Rivera face it am better

  32. Zhen Ye

    Zhen YePred uro

    amazing sooo good

  33. Les Allison

    Les AllisonPred uro

    I can watch dis over and over until I die JOKES but its so good😝 I wonder if Lexi gonna rap back about Brent!

  34. Les Allison

    Les AllisonPred uro

    Wich SLgoR do you like the most Brent: Lexi: Just chat😝

  35. CharliePuthFan247

    CharliePuthFan247Pred uro

    I love watching ur vines

  36. CharliePuthFan247

    CharliePuthFan247Pred uro

    Good thing ur not an idiot like the pauls

  37. CharliePuthFan247

    CharliePuthFan247Pred uro

    Better than logan paul stupid diss tracks

  38. RandyXD BOI

    RandyXD BOIPred uro

    One word to say to this. Noice

  39. Megan Baines

    Megan BainesPred uro

    1:09 lexi rivera face it i am better

  40. stenisha spencer

    stenisha spencerPred uro

    OMG this is the best song❤👍👍

  41. Olivia Rorich

    Olivia RorichPred uro

    Nice song brent im a 8 year's old girl using my mother's phone your so cool

  42. Elias Sánchez

    Elias SánchezPred uro

    Hey did you do that

  43. Elias Sánchez

    Elias SánchezPred uro


  44. Clo de luca

    Clo de lucaPred uro

    Sorry but its kinda cringy😂

  45. tazifor elizabeth

    tazifor elizabethPred uro

    i injoyed it your my best youtuber

  46. Christopher Daimari

    Christopher DaimariPred uro

    WOW!!! U R ON FIRE BRENT!!!!!!(*_*)