Brexit Update: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


  1. Joe Box

    Joe BoxPred 16 dnevi

    John Oliver is perfect for American liberal thickos, who'll believe anything. In the UK, we just think he's a twat.

  2. 1061Wolf

    1061WolfPred 19 dnevi

    That's why:

  3. AlashiaTuol

    AlashiaTuolPred 22 dnevi

    "Like an orgy in Italy organized by cats." So, like the movie _Cats,_ then.

  4. A&W Rootbeer

    A&W RootbeerPred mesecem

    I use to like John Oliver, until I realized just what leftist asshole he truly is!

  5. Roy Rogers

    Roy RogersPred mesecem

    Gogglebox IS The UK

  6. MikaelS.

    MikaelS.Pred 2 meseci

    It has always been commonly know in the European partlemnet that Britain was a pain in the butt to deal with, who mostly counter, even the senesable solutions, just because it was made by EU. The best description of British is government skills is them being half way American meaning they are bad, but not as bad as the Americans

  7. daniel stewart

    daniel stewartPred 2 meseci

    He said you don't get to make up numbers to express your feelings. Why not, dump does it daily. He pulls numbers out of his ass and his cult believes him.

  8. David Soliz

    David SolizPred 2 meseci


  9. JFrancisNienow RingsmithandBooksYouCan'tFind

    JFrancisNienow RingsmithandBooksYouCan'tFindPred 2 meseci

    *'Tis merely an assartin' of ritters non-caveat; and, for two-hundred years thus assarted the USA!* To a new feudal age, of land fiefs, fealty, and homage to dukes and kings! To an age of freeholds, of houses that crest thy name! To a new age of counts, barons, and lords, who hold power as the king! To the knight and auxilia! To the settlement of serfs, vassals, ritters, caballeros, and peasants to their seigneur, or lords! Of, knights to their castellans, and heiress to their lords! I don't know how many ways I can put this. The information age DOES NOT EXIST. If you count the worthwhile contributions to the printed word since the dawn of radio and film, there is NO INFORMATION AGE TO ANY VALIDITY. Most of the worthwhile contributions are re-hash of the prior with banal scientific addition. They are fiefs to the Council of Lyons, and forever smiths to unseen Greek arguments! I decree, temporarily, the fall of the Holy Roman Empire due to an increase in crop availability, the introduction of pre-Christian information due to the invention of the printing press, the rise of Napoleon, and civil outbursts due to the inventive nature of many, thus not in the nature of blame or criminal pursuit, but due to circumstance beyond the general control. Other than that, it's all a blur of unmatched opinion and weak testimony...

  10. Kevin Varney

    Kevin VarneyPred 2 meseci

    The 80% was the percentage of voters who voted for parties that promised to honour the result of the referendum.

  11. ra ra

    ra raPred 2 meseci

    @Kevin Varney You're just saying that. A tube of off-licence American Bud beer is not actually "champagne" (which will cost triple after brexshit), you know.

  12. Kevin Varney

    Kevin VarneyPred 2 meseci

    @ra ra Thanks, I'll open some champagne on 31st January.

  13. ra ra

    ra raPred 2 meseci

    @Kevin Varney better get drunk to blot out all the misery coming your way....

  14. Kevin Varney

    Kevin VarneyPred 2 meseci

    @jose rosario Labour was one of the parties who promised to honour the result of the referendum in the 2017 general election, which resulted in a hung parliament. We have just had another general election, in which many traditional Labour seats in Leave voting areas returned Conservative members of parliament, in large part because Labour reneged on their promise, and have been trying to thwart Brexit for the last two years. Boris Johnson now has a large majority, so I now feel confident I can buy that bottle of champagne, but I won't open it until it actually happens.

  15. jose rosario

    jose rosarioPred 2 meseci

    How is that going?

  16. liltwistofcaine

    liltwistofcainePred 2 meseci

    Shitty edit, just watch the originals

  17. José Lopes

    José LopesPred mesecem

    Where? It's not on his channel, is like this because it would get taken down

  18. The Stuport

    The StuportPred 2 meseci

    The Whole concept or "Idea" of Brexit obviously was NOT thought out OR much less examined....and these fucking Twats seriously figured the public would not be the wiser? What Idiots.

  19. Abu Feras Abdullah

    Abu Feras AbdullahPred 2 meseci


  20. Robert FancyPants Motorcycle Mcgee

    Robert FancyPants Motorcycle McgeePred 2 meseci

    That kind of ridiculous laughter happens all the time in the house of commons.

  21. ra ra

    ra raPred 2 meseci

    In spite of his majority I doubt he is going to last long. 1). Boris is a deeply flawed individual and will stumble over himself. Many others with even "huger" majorities in different countries have been toppled! 2) his government's inevitable failure to deliver all his impossible promises. Boris as a healer" who will save both the rich and the poor, the ERG and the One Nation Tories and the the Northern yobs, both the US and the UK? Are you havin' a laugh??

  22. ra ra

    ra raPred 2 meseci

    The UK honestly DID act like a pain in the butt most of the time, and many will be relieved to see the back of it. Of course Europe will lose something out on science, culture etc when Britain leaves. But those good British people producing science, music, literature, culture etc will still be bound to Europe, while the fat Vicky Pollards, football hooligans, and white-van-driving ignorant semi-lingual ""smoking class" Northern gammon with crooked teeth and tank tops, shell suits or double-breasted blazers will hopefully never be seen again in Europe!

  23. ra ra

    ra raPred 2 meseci


  24. Kevin Varney

    Kevin VarneyPred 2 meseci

    The arrogance of Remainers never stops. Not only do they think casting aside the result of the largest exercise of British democracy an alright thing to do, but they continue to insult and belittle their opponents. Brexiteers are stupid; they're bigoted and racist; they're getting old and will die out soon, but until they do, Brexiteers in the North, the Midlands and in Wales always vote Labour so they can be taken for granted. I've got news for you. They're not that stupid.

  25. ozmond2600

    ozmond2600Pred 2 meseci

    They'll miss our membership fee.

  26. Dutchy

    DutchyPred 2 meseci

    I love this Brexit, just like in the early 70s it will be dead cheap for short shopping trips to England from mainland Europe. Can't wait until the Pound starts to devalue.

  27. Marilena Ganea

    Marilena GaneaPred 2 meseci

    Already did yesterday and will keep going down the drain

  28. Charlie

    CharliePred 2 meseci

    It will go up. Worth $1.45 this time next year.