Brian Scalabrine joins Colin to talk Clippers and Luka Doncic's sensational start | NBA | THE HERD

Former NBA player Brian Scalabrine joins Colin Cowherd to talk about the revamped Clippers, Luka Doncic's record-setting start to the season and the outlook for the Boston Celtics.
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Brian Scalabrine joins Colin to talk Clippers and Luka Doncic's sensational start | NBA | THE HERD
The Herd with Colin Cowherd


  1. The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    The Herd with Colin CowherdPred 15 dnevi

    Will load management be an issue for Kawhi and Paul George's chemistry?

  2. Attila Olajkár

    Attila OlajkárPred 10 dnevi

    There's a real chance for that. If any of them will still get hurt and won't be able to show up in the playoffs.

  3. Brandon Robbins

    Brandon RobbinsPred 11 dnevi

    I love Scal! But his 73 win reference is kind of null, considering they lost in the playoffs that season and the bulls won another easy championship.

  4. Rudz Abboid

    Rudz AbboidPred 12 dnevi

    Rich boys playing pickup basketball that all what the nba has become. How can u defend someone that is allowed to take 3 steps and dunk it and allow him 6 steps before dribbling fast break and changing in pivot all the time and not calling the first step before dribbling, and no one even cares coz everyone being paid for potential rather than actual results it is sad that competition has vanished.

  5. Poppy ChuloDostito

    Poppy ChuloDostitoPred 13 dnevi

    I want a Herd burger!!

  6. All American Podcast Ed McCants

    All American Podcast Ed McCantsPred 14 dnevi

    Magic is the best 20 year old player, Luka ....

  7. mike juanich

    mike juanichPred dnevom

    They try to discredit Luka because it a no touch league right now.. They should consider that Luka became MVP in Euroleague where the rules are identical to 90s and early 2000 nba.. Even if handcheck will be allowed on defense Luka will still shine.. Because its not new to him and became MVP in a league that still allows it..

  8. PLF

    PLFPred 2 dnevi

    Means a lot coming from the goat

  9. kut52

    kut52Pred 3 dnevi

    To Scalabrine's point about having big men clogging the paint - Doncic literally faced that in the Euroleague - that's why he thinks it is easier to score in the NBA

  10. kut52

    kut52Pred 3 dnevi

    It is simply uncanny how alike Scalabrine and Rapaport are - both great guys just the same as well

  11. NeoMicy

    NeoMicyPred 4 dnevi

    Brian: isnt that a form of load managment? Coward: I tell you why i dont like it cause I grow up in a small town. Brian: Sure Like WTF can anyone work less with his guest?

  12. Gary W-l-o-t

    Gary W-l-o-tPred 7 dnevi

    Mosquitoes are attracted to the CO2 we exhale

  13. Crazy LazyFaster

    Crazy LazyFasterPred 7 dnevi


  14. Dwayne Boyd

    Dwayne BoydPred 7 dnevi

    Why did Brian get invited up there, brian was terrible

  15. Nick Butter

    Nick ButterPred 9 dnevi

    What do you mean Paul George "under rated" he was an MVP canidate last year people expected Paul to play at a near MVP form. But I'll give it to you he's been better than expected but only on the offensive end of the ball he's everything you expected of him on defense, but I don't see Paul George keeping up on this level on the offensive side of the ball. I don't see what your saying by saying Paul George is under rated.

  16. jcp 21

    jcp 21Pred 9 dnevi


  17. oBioHaz

    oBioHazPred 9 dnevi

    the goaat

  18. El Comandante

    El ComandantePred 9 dnevi

    Why r these two clowns talkin NBA? How many teams did either of these clowns lead to a championship?

  19. Cj Curling

    Cj CurlingPred 9 dnevi

    Back in Jordan's time... There was no such thing as a 2-Way players; either you an all around player or role player

  20. Iron Sharif

    Iron SharifPred 10 dnevi


  21. Shimon M

    Shimon MPred 10 dnevi

    Nobody gave Jordan trouble, MJ was the trouble

  22. Austin Brown

    Austin BrownPred 10 dnevi

    @the herd imagine what it’s like for a defender knowing there isn’t a safety net if your man beats you. Puts you on your heels

  23. Liphoria Admin

    Liphoria AdminPred 10 dnevi

    Get me a bucket ? Giannis by far. Get me a stop ? Still Giannis, but close.

  24. Reprobate Mind

    Reprobate MindPred 10 dnevi

    Alex English had his best seasons scoring for a team that played run and gun ball at a high pace. That team took a lot of shots and tried to run teams off the floor. Poor comparison.

  25. Taylor Wallschlaeger

    Taylor WallschlaegerPred 10 dnevi

    I’d prolly take KG also but I really love Doncic

  26. Leon Rupreht

    Leon RuprehtPred 10 dnevi

    Luka dontzich

  27. Sloe Bone

    Sloe BonePred 10 dnevi

    Everyone is hesitant to say how good Luka is right now and how great he might become. To that I say, don’t talk, just watch.

  28. Henrik Hörnke

    Henrik HörnkePred 10 dnevi

    If you want a bucket i take kd all the time better offensiv player than kawhi in every single aspect

  29. El Comandante

    El ComandantePred 9 dnevi

    KD really?

  30. Attila Olajkár

    Attila OlajkárPred 10 dnevi

    Please invite White Mamba to talk about the C's

  31. Keep 6

    Keep 6Pred 10 dnevi

    Scal needs to return back to the Starting Lineup.. That voice is legendary.. he was perfect right along side Frank in the mornings. Not to mention, his face isn't pretty enough for TV lol 🤣

  32. Frazier Allen

    Frazier AllenPred 10 dnevi

    🗣Stop comparing Lebron to Luca!!

  33. Phuck Guy

    Phuck GuyPred 10 dnevi

    The GOAT in colins presence

  34. josh liggins

    josh ligginsPred 10 dnevi

    the only 20 yr old better is shaq tbh

  35. Ryan

    RyanPred 11 dnevi

    Wow they actually got the legend to speak

  36. El Comandante

    El ComandantePred 9 dnevi


  37. L.M

    L.MPred 11 dnevi

    If Doncic has to go up against 2 bigs and power forward in the paint, he'll just shoot over them and get the 3. That's the difference. He will get his points regardless because he's that good. The same can be said about Harden, Curry, Lillard etc. If you want to go ahead and have 2 bigs and a PF all defending the paint, you can go ahead and do that but you'll lose alot of games. It's a natural progression of the game in my opinion. There was always going to be some big men that decided "Hey I can shoot the ball from the key also". Once one does it, it forces the rest to change their game and add another skillset. KAT will probably end up being the best big man in the game because of that ability to stretch the floor.

  38. Eric Bogar

    Eric BogarPred 11 dnevi

    I don't get the Scalabrine jokes. Can someone fill me in? How did he get the nickname White Mamba?

  39. Eric Bogar

    Eric BogarPred 10 dnevi

    @Bojan Pejovic lol Okay

  40. Bojan Pejovic

    Bojan PejovicPred 10 dnevi

    The nickname came after his signature 720° half court fadeaway dunk over MJ.

  41. cchang42

    cchang42Pred 11 dnevi

    I miss scalabrine on NBA Sirius radio. He was funny, entertaining, and insightful.

  42. Hooliganmonsoon

    HooliganmonsoonPred 11 dnevi

    "I keep, holding on, I keep holding on."

  43. GAMES Games Anime Manga Electronics and Sports

    GAMES Games Anime Manga Electronics and SportsPred 11 dnevi

    When the goat is talking, you listen!

  44. Flying V

    Flying VPred 11 dnevi

    Great analysis from the GOAT.

  45. devilishkin bacon

    devilishkin baconPred 11 dnevi

    Hey white mamba, you forgot Luka played in Euro League and they are more physical than the NBA because of FIBA rules.

  46. Tom Arnold

    Tom ArnoldPred 11 dnevi

    Scalabrine is a national treasure

  47. Rene Lopera

    Rene LoperaPred 11 dnevi

    Luka is like Vasily Lomachenko in Boxing who entered boxing with few records but the amateur years was amazing.

  48. Mason Trotter

    Mason TrotterPred 11 dnevi

    My man said Luka plays with "Keebler" the elves.... haha

  49. runningsuperska

    runningsuperskaPred 11 dnevi