Can You Find Him in This Video? • Hidden in Plain Sight #16

Can Danny hide from his boss in this mysterious location? Jamie is in the dark on this one...
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  1. asioe kiou

    asioe kiouPred uro

    me: sees parental warning also me: holds phone at an angle from my face in case of jumpscares

  2. DappTrap

    DappTrapPred 2 urami

    Me : ( sees parental guidance warning and gets a bit scared I shouldn't be watching ) Also me : ( is literally 14 )

  3. dragon yeet

    dragon yeetPred 2 urami

    The camera man <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="120">2:00</a> looked like a demon or something to me at first ;w;

  4. asioe kiou

    asioe kiouPred uro

    John needs a big raise after this ps. This episode would’ve been great for Halloween

  5. Jelly man jamie

    Jelly man jamiePred 2 urami

    Danny in 2055: so there’s this thing called mars.

  6. Blaine Wines

    Blaine WinesPred 3 urami

    Bro Jamie lookin kinda rough

  7. terrain player

    terrain playerPred 4 urami

    A secret ending can be you finding out that you play a danny ,who will be the person you are looking for

  8. terrain player

    terrain playerPred 4 urami

    This should be a horrer game

  9. Coolio _xx3

    Coolio _xx3Pred 6 urami

    I know your too scared to watch it and are scrolling through the comments Me too

  10. ꧁Foxy Animates stuff ꧂

    ꧁Foxy Animates stuff ꧂Pred 6 urami

    This is really terrifying

  11. Solar_ Productions

    Solar_ ProductionsPred 6 urami

    And I thought that horror games were scary XD

  12. William Sellers

    William SellersPred 7 urami

    Tip: look at your reflection instead of the video

  13. Alexis Prinsloo

    Alexis PrinslooPred 8 urami

    I watched this in the middle on the night :

  14. Kyzbeast 011

    Kyzbeast 011Pred 8 urami

    I think there in a horror place

  15. Albert Iskandar

    Albert IskandarPred 9 urami

    Tip If Your scared: Skip it to the part Where they rewind Thank me later

  16. Paul Dunn

    Paul DunnPred 9 urami

    Definitely their best yet

  17. Galvez Family

    Galvez FamilyPred 9 urami

    Sara has a mask

  18. Jaxson Swallow

    Jaxson SwallowPred 10 urami

    Has anyone ever seen saw I have it trippy

  19. Noob5996 drawing

    Noob5996 drawingPred 11 urami

    Holy sh#t that creep me out

  20. Azooz Bakri

    Azooz BakriPred 11 urami

    John needs a big raise after this ps. This episode would’ve been great for Halloween


    VHINCHENT YTPred 11 urami

    Me: sees warning Also me:okay let's just read some comments

  22. Jkyle Robianes

    Jkyle RobianesPred 11 urami

    *Is it just me or the title of the sign HIDDEN in plain sight looks like morse code.*

  23. HYPE x CLAN

    HYPE x CLANPred 11 urami

    When he open the door

  24. Tina's Vids

    Tina's VidsPred 12 urami

    Why are some parts scary for childern

  25. Nathan Argawinata

    Nathan ArgawinataPred 12 urami

    My lil sis was scared and me to but I'm older than her ;-;

  26. Myrakle Thomas

    Myrakle ThomasPred 12 urami

    I couldn’t be in this episode I hear somthing I’m going In the complete opposite direction of the sound

  27. Emmie D

    Emmie DPred 12 urami

    As a GCSE student i knew that was macbeth

  28. KamikoInu

    KamikoInuPred 14 urami

    Still waiting for Red Herring gummies.

  29. Lamar Al Mohawes

    Lamar Al MohawesPred 14 urami

    Yes I am here because am scared :)

  30. Josh Boltron

    Josh BoltronPred 14 urami

    Me:Reads the words at the start Ha what can be that scary Sees girl* YO WHAT

  31. just_Isaac yup

    just_Isaac yupPred 15 urami

    Normal people: dont go towards the creepy noise Jamie: so you need to go closer to the noise

  32. Petra Sremic

    Petra SremicPred 15 urami

    You guys should make a horror movie- this is so so good!

  33. Martín González

    Martín GonzálezPred 16 urami

    How is this scary I’m a kid watching this at night and I’m not scared at all

  34. Jessica Richards

    Jessica RichardsPred 16 urami

    Haii are scared aren't you don't worry me too let's just hide here in the comments 😉 :>

  35. The mystery Person

    The mystery PersonPred 16 urami

    I'm watching at night so save for later till tomorrow

  36. Sailing Away

    Sailing AwayPred 17 urami

    On low brightness, and with that quarantine beard, I genuinely thought that wasn’t Jamie and I was so focused on figuring out the joke behind having someone to play the role of Jamie that I didn’t even notice what was happening in the video.

  37. Iris 191

    Iris 191Pred 17 urami

    The jump scares are...

  38. dcoog anml

    dcoog anmlPred 17 urami

    Who else is seeing all the baby stuff and thinking danny is trying to say his wife is pregnant? 😂

  39. DragonSlayr132

    DragonSlayr132Pred 18 urami

    Am I the only one who checked the date to see if this was somehow made in October?

  40. Maizy Clair

    Maizy ClairPred 19 urami

    me looking if someone in the comments is saying that its not atcually not scary👁👄👁

  41. dcoog anml

    dcoog anmlPred 17 urami

    3:51 what is that on the right???

  42. Maizy Clair

    Maizy ClairPred 19 urami

    currently hiding in the comments

  43. Jessica Richards

    Jessica RichardsPred 16 urami

    Don't worry same here :>

  44. Heavy Spaghetti

    Heavy SpaghettiPred 19 urami

    Warning this video may scare younger viewers. Me: it’ll be fine. Also me: shuts my eyes every time the camera slides around the room

  45. Aeron Schober

    Aeron SchoberPred 19 urami

    You are reading the comments to make it seem your less lonely yet your really just as Linley as you were before you started reading the comments

  46. Rangi Tamariki

    Rangi TamarikiPred 19 urami

    Jamie: Did I just heard something

  47. Enoch Doak

    Enoch DoakPred 20 urami

    I was horrified by it i'm shivering and freaking out! As soon as I saw that white lady I was afraid and terrified! Well I'm only 8 years old

  48. Jessica Richards

    Jessica RichardsPred 16 urami

    You poor child don't be scared :>

  49. KermitKidArts YT

    KermitKidArts YTPred 20 urami

    If Toy story was made by sid

  50. iiBelle. exe

    iiBelle. exePred 20 urami

    I’m scared of a Vat19 video.

  51. IgnisWings

    IgnisWingsPred 21 uro

    who needs silent hill with this experience

  52. becca RBLX

    becca RBLXPred 21 uro

    pov: your hiding in the comments cause your scared

  53. Lucas Glenn

    Lucas GlennPred 22 urami

    Im getting SCP vibes.

  54. Sofia the Ravenclaw

    Sofia the RavenclawPred 22 urami

    damn she fast af!

  55. Savannah Oney

    Savannah OneyPred 22 urami

    jamie: all these distractions are distracting us from find danny. we can’t get distracted anymore. there’s all red harrings. but um also Jon: walks straight towards record player not listening to jamie.. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="870">14:30</a>

  56. Darshana Senthilkumar

    Darshana SenthilkumarPred 23 urami

    This was scary

  57. Coby Marcum

    Coby MarcumPred dnevom

    Fake creepiness

  58. Dustin Shake

    Dustin ShakePred dnevom

    We need to start a new series called five nights at Danny’s

  59. Xander Hockey

    Xander HockeyPred dnevom

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="231">3:51</a> what is that on the right???

  60. Unknown memes

    Unknown memesPred dnevom

    Jokes on u I'm. Safe here unless I'm on mobile

  61. Unknown memes

    Unknown memesPred dnevom

    This is a whole new game

  62. Brady Boaz

    Brady BoazPred dnevom

    Can someone tell me what happened in this video because I want to be warned before I watch it

  63. StandOutWith Me

    StandOutWith MePred dnevom

    anyone else feel like Danny is Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks and Jamie is Dave?

  64. Benjamin Morrell

    Benjamin MorrellPred dnevom

    Turn on the breaker box

  65. Christian Marji

    Christian MarjiPred dnevom


  66. ArtyPaws Studio

    ArtyPaws StudioPred dnevom

    I read this the first time as "Hidden in Slight Pain" and was so confused. Then I looked again and was like, "oh, I love this game"

  67. 4 kids 1 challenge

    4 kids 1 challengePred dnevom

    I see toy baby going dadadada and closes my eyes Later open my eyes seeing a toy baby doodled on me hahahahaha I love this

  68. 4 kids 1 challenge

    4 kids 1 challengePred dnevom

    Me plz help me I’m scared

  69. Monroe Robbins

    Monroe RobbinsPred dnevom

    Shockingly, this is so relaxing! :) I love these videos, it’s so entertaining, and I respect both Jamie for his persistence, and Danny for his creativity.

  70. AsianSpaceBoy

    AsianSpaceBoyPred dnevom

    This would have been the perfect Hidden In Plain Sight Halloween Edition

  71. jenny sanders

    jenny sandersPred dnevom

    yesss omg

  72. Salamida Shorts

    Salamida ShortsPred dnevom

    did anyone else notice that the building outside the window had lights on it that looked like a heart?!?!?

  73. Natalie Games

    Natalie GamesPred dnevom

    Anyone so curious that they have to watch from the bottom of the screen

  74. Lenh Vuong

    Lenh VuongPred dnevom

    im young but im watching lol im 7

  75. Richard McCormick

    Richard McCormickPred dnevom

    Warning: might be scary for some people Me:pfft who cares I am never scared Also me 5 mins later: *paralised*

  76. Olaf The_Snowman

    Olaf The_SnowmanPred dnevom


  77. PRC

    PRCPred dnevom

    Why do I have a feeling this is revenge on SLgo for making hidden in plain sight 13 "made for kids"

  78. simon olexa

    simon olexaPred dnevom

    w-wait u did start that record player right? (for info im only 9 and i was watching this alone O_O ) (im horrified)

  79. Dawid Burkiewicz

    Dawid BurkiewiczPred dnevom

    That beard be lookin good though jamie

  80. Cloud 9

    Cloud 9Pred dnevom

    The video: " Warning certain parts of this video may be scary for younger viewers" Me: "Yeah whatever how scary can this be" Me after the video: *hiding under my bed*

  81. Hermes Onise naredo

    Hermes Onise naredoPred dnevom

    Or sadako Omg I am scared now to watch this Video

  82. Aerosuitz

    AerosuitzPred dnevom

    Year 4877: Jamie: Where was he? Danny: So there’s this thing called a different galaxy which I flew to to hide at

  83. Hermes Onise naredo

    Hermes Onise naredoPred dnevom

    It's an white lady or an ghost lady He's scaring you

  84. Aerosuitz

    AerosuitzPred dnevom

    Was I the only one who watched this the day it came out but had the recommendations covering half of the screen and tried not to look?

  85. Pale Chub

    Pale ChubPred dnevom

    You shouldve saved this for Halloween