Chiijohn: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver reflects on the tough year we’ve had, and tries to get in touch with some old friends.
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  1. MatchstalkMan

    MatchstalkManPred 2 urami

    Instead of ‘tide’… “The Blue Wave hadn’t changed as much as they had hoped but that’s the funny thing about Blue Waves. They might not change when you want them to but they never stay the same…” November 2020.

  2. Aaron Whiting

    Aaron WhitingPred 3 urami

    LoL, LoL, LoL, and still LoLilling!

  3. Michele Jenkins

    Michele JenkinsPred 14 urami

    Seth Meyers

  4. jimbo

    jimboPred 17 urami

    Wow... Good conclusion but epilogue on that

  5. Jessie Clarke-Mcleod

    Jessie Clarke-McleodPred 18 urami

    When next episode. thanks

  6. ali badr

    ali badrPred 23 urami

    Hey john, I am one of your fans from Iraq. Please watch the link below and put some light on this topic. My people are being killed for asking for their rights through a peaceful revolution to live in dignity

  7. David Rodriguez

    David RodriguezPred dnevom

    He looks like a parrot that took his mom to senior prom.

  8. Mina Louis

    Mina LouisPred dnevom

    Wow, that got better and better, a masterpiece by the end.

  9. Wade Hill

    Wade HillPred dnevom


  10. The Institute for Universal Truth

    The Institute for Universal TruthPred dnevom

    Please do a segment on this propublica video

  11. Karina V. Argudo

    Karina V. ArgudoPred dnevom

    Dammit! You guys made me cry. 😭

  12. Morgan Henry

    Morgan HenryPred dnevom

    Why did that actually make me feel lowkey

  13. Brand

    BrandPred dnevom

    This is the best live action shitpost I have ever witnessed

  14. M. Hess

    M. HessPred dnevom

    Guys I love this episode but we all need to remember that John was in SLgo Rewind 2018

  15. Sander Alphen

    Sander AlphenPred dnevom

    What did I just watched?

  16. Gerard Khachaturyan

    Gerard KhachaturyanPred dnevom

    Could you please roast Indonesia in your show? It will be interesting.

  17. Milano Xiel

    Milano XielPred 2 dnevi

    funny , I just saw a doujinshi of chiitan and then I saw this video ....

  18. Michael M

    Michael MPred 2 dnevi

    Maybe Zimmerman's suing Trayvon's mother can help heal the country.

  19. Dan Jakeway

    Dan JakewayPred 2 dnevi

    I cracked your code. (Last Week Tonight) You're the kaufmanist who puts next weekend's television schedule in the Greenville, Michigan Daily News every Friday leading to elderly gentlemen piss and moan to their nice lady wives leading to cranky grampas. You're going to pay. You just did. You got the direction of time wrong again, time-ratchetist. Worst temporal mechanic with I'd say, about two light years even not having a clue what's within my own state let alone the cosmos.

  20. perry deitz

    perry deitzPred 2 dnevi

    Don't encourage bad Asian media. Please

  21. Chang Sammy

    Chang SammyPred 2 dnevi

    Eh??? Continued of last time??? A... ya... amazing XD

  22. Jaxxon

    JaxxonPred 2 dnevi

    HAaaahahahaHHAHHAAHAHAH........... I don't get it.

  23. sss sdsd

    sss sdsdPred 2 dnevi

    you are the best comedian Ive ever seen in my life

  24. CranderianGlow

    CranderianGlowPred 2 dnevi

    Just wanted to note the comedy gold that is - throwing a bottle into the bay in New York, in the _Atlantic_ Ocean, and hoping it gets to Japan…in the Pacific. _still more reliable than AT&T_

  25. Matt Maloney

    Matt MaloneyPred 3 dnevi

    Great Jesus John. You couldn't include an address in your note?

  26. Binali Edmonds

    Binali EdmondsPred 3 dnevi

    sooooooo cuuuuute... Seth Myers' cameo too lolll

  27. Paul Ainsworth

    Paul AinsworthPred 3 dnevi

    "Dear friends, the letter said, I wanted to call you, but I have AT&T, so this seemed like a more reliable option" best AT&T burn yet.


    RHONDA ROSEPred 3 dnevi

    i miss you,already

  29. Jacob Hedges

    Jacob HedgesPred 3 dnevi

    I’ve cried twice in my life One I show both of my parents fighting in the car with my sisters and me and then hit a tree and both of them died and I had one little tear come out of my eye that day And second one was watching this with my eyes like huge waterfalls🥺

  30. Steve S

    Steve SPred 3 dnevi

    Please John, please do a piece on the impeachment hearings and what’s going on simplified! I’ve watched over 20 hours of hearings, including the dead air time, and feel very strongly in favor of impeachment, but want more information about allegations from the republicans about Barisma and 2016 election interference, as well as information about allegations of Ranking Member Nunez. It’s so much information, what are you waiting for?

  31. Theodore Woodrow Wilson

    Theodore Woodrow WilsonPred 3 dnevi

    Yeah, Eat Shit Bob!

  32. Bryan Ekers

    Bryan EkersPred 3 dnevi

    I want a print of the otters sketch to hang next to my Kramer.

  33. L Cort

    L CortPred 3 dnevi Business opportunity

  34. Ant Devamp

    Ant DevampPred 3 dnevi

    Gonna have fun with COPPA this ep, I think.

  35. TheJamaicanPhoenix

    TheJamaicanPhoenixPred 3 dnevi

    Still a better love story than Twilight.

  36. BETO

    BETOPred 3 dnevi

    the only time I laughed and cried...thanks John...thanks...

  37. Steve Shields

    Steve ShieldsPred 3 dnevi

    Yo Jon. You should look at local governments shortening traffic (yellow) light times to raise tax money via traffic camera citations. This was an issue in Suffolk county and is an issue that is happening across the states. This is the exact type of story i feel you guys like to cover as it doesn’t receive the coverage it deserves. Studies show it puts citizens danger and is only used to fill the coffers. Thanks for the great season and I very much look forward to the next one.

  38. flaminyawn

    flaminyawnPred 3 dnevi

    Sometimes you just don't know how starved you are for something wholesome until you get it.

  39. Anna R. Foster

    Anna R. FosterPred 3 dnevi

    Ik there are a lot of important issues to cover, but they should do a segment on School Dress Code at some point

  40. David Jablonka

    David JablonkaPred 4 dnevi

    Still a better love story than 'Twilight'