Cooking with chainsaw

Cooking with splitting axe:
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Boris cooks soup by using only a chainsaw and pure slav skill. There is potato, carrot, cabbage, meat and.. of course the bay leaf. Delicious as always! Enjoy.

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  1. Dinar Britel

    Dinar BritelPred 9 urami

    How canon get the emblem on nu tank in war tunder

  2. person that tried to do yt

    person that tried to do ytPred 9 urami

    Next Episode: Cooking With a Shotgun

  3. Eli James

    Eli JamesPred 9 urami

    Boris WTF where's the new Video ???

  4. Jack Waszmość

    Jack WaszmośćPred 9 urami

    Time for cooking WITH BRICK

  5. ItsYaboi

    ItsYaboiPred 9 urami

    Next time, cooking with weedwacker wile smoking weed

  6. Pilaf Dash

    Pilaf DashPred 10 urami

    Can we see your Babushka once?

  7. Peacox VILIVS

    Peacox VILIVSPred 10 urami

    Can we get crooked bay leaf merch? :"">

  8. strale gaming

    strale gamingPred 10 urami

    Im pretty sure that slavs never cook with a chainsaw and yes im from Serbia

  9. Dcyber-C4G

    Dcyber-C4GPred 10 urami

    Gordon Ramsey: "ladies and gentlemen" Boris: "ladies and Gopnik"

  10. Fat Bastard

    Fat BastardPred 10 urami

    Suggestion: Cooking with a broken vodka bottle

  11. Trash Can

    Trash CanPred 10 urami

    I actually want to see you cook with a brick

  12. Nicolás Dobrican

    Nicolás DobricanPred 10 urami

    Boris I need weslav tape

  13. Dirtbike DiNardo

    Dirtbike DiNardoPred 11 urami

    Hey I just saw this: slav reacts to slav by aloona loria I think that's her name. Please react to her video Boris

  14. Bird King

    Bird KingPred 11 urami

    next chalange Make a simple bread with one hand ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  15. Gm4n G4MING

    Gm4n G4MINGPred 11 urami

    you need to peel the carrots tho

  16. DanYGames

    DanYGamesPred 11 urami

    True russian dont need chainsaw he can do this with his hands but but you are slaw and slaws are cool

  17. Whitishfour 851

    Whitishfour 851Pred 11 urami

    Boris, I blame you for my now obsession with eastern European culture

  18. ALynxOrSomething

    ALynxOrSomethingPred 12 urami

    Cooking with hammer and sickle.

  19. Hisham095 Fawzy

    Hisham095 FawzyPred 13 urami

    cook with brick

  20. FARCRY gamer

    FARCRY gamerPred 13 urami

    How is Artyom doing

  21. Mihajlo Vajda

    Mihajlo VajdaPred 13 urami

    Everyone buy chanisaw for cut the tre but Boris buy chanisaw for cooking

  22. Bacon hair guy on roblox

    Bacon hair guy on robloxPred 13 urami

    Next: Cooking with Stick

  23. Akatov . Aleksey

    Akatov . AlekseyPred 14 urami

    Чики Брики Ёпт Дай денег похмелиться!

  24. Shadow phoenix 666

    Shadow phoenix 666Pred 14 urami

    make spaghetti with car or with spaghetti

  25. LuckyLouie

    LuckyLouiePred 14 urami

    Next episode on Boris cooking with random shit, supreme brick.

  26. Dannychaos

    DannychaosPred 14 urami

    ты мой любимый SLgor, и я рад, что ты жив. Я узнал много хороших рецептов от вас, и Бабушка была удивлена ​​моей кулинарией после просмотра ваших уроков, так что спасибо

  27. Haven Nightingale

    Haven NightingalePred 14 urami

    Cooking with pickaxe?

  28. Anders Vesterlund

    Anders VesterlundPred 14 urami

    sorry boris but its more soviet cooking that with chainsaw but im relly sorry............

  29. Miki2007

    Miki2007Pred 14 urami

    You should Cook with a vodka bottle

  30. Ruadhan

    RuadhanPred 14 urami

    Marking doctors sausage with underover pump action shotgun

  31. SebazYT

    SebazYTPred 15 urami

    Girls: cut vegetables and fruits with a knife Boys :

  32. Rainbow Lizard

    Rainbow LizardPred 15 urami

    I must know the exact kind of doctor sausage and I need it now lol

  33. Hidan o Devoto

    Hidan o DevotoPred 15 urami

    Next video: Cooking with sharp stone!

  34. Марек Келин

    Марек КелинPred 15 urami

    Next video: *"Cutting germany in half with the Soviet Union"*

  35. Richard Riomar

    Richard RiomarPred 16 urami

    Chalange cook with only bear hands

  36. Carson Major

    Carson MajorPred 16 urami

    Make entire meal in backseat of lada

  37. MisticalTeam

    MisticalTeamPred 16 urami

    Boris neighbors be like: -Hey, what is that noise? -Boris is cooking. -But I hear a chainsaw! -You know, I'm asking myself the same question: what and how he is cooking?

  38. Monster

    MonsterPred 16 urami

    Yay... Not actually leaving!!

  39. huehue Br gameplays

    huehue Br gameplaysPred 17 urami

    making Russian doughnuts with bayonet

  40. alexa radnic

    alexa radnicPred 17 urami

    Cooking with AK-47

  41. Potato Gamming

    Potato GammingPred 17 urami

    I posted this on a game

  42. Illusion Unknow

    Illusion UnknowPred 18 urami

    “We are not Savage’s here” Takes our a chainsaw

  43. Bluedashman95 *

    Bluedashman95 *Pred 18 urami

    Next up: Cooking with a crop harvester

  44. Default

    DefaultPred 18 urami

    вот это по нашему !!

  45. koomoi 15

    koomoi 15Pred 18 urami

    Next episode will be cooking with brick

  46. Swapna Chowdhury

    Swapna ChowdhuryPred 19 urami

    Americans: 10% Discount on Knives SLAVS: 69% Discount on Chainsaw and Benzin

  47. Awesome Kevin

    Awesome KevinPred 19 urami

    Where dream car? it 3 million sub.

  48. I dunno my name people

    I dunno my name peoplePred 19 urami

    Cook with brick next blyat.

  49. One Saucy Boi

    One Saucy BoiPred 20 urami

    Life of Boris has uploaded a new video! "Frying with nuke using the u.s as frying pan"

  50. Ante antic

    Ante anticPred 20 urami

    make butterbrod tower with katana or whatever you want

  51. Ivailo Iliev

    Ivailo IlievPred 21 uro

    play rainbow six siege as tachanka!

  52. One Million Subs With No Vids

    One Million Subs With No VidsPred 21 uro

    Capitalist cooking video series?

  53. _MrfX _

    _MrfX _Pred 21 uro

    Boris to get extra flavour you could put mayonez into the chain oiler in the chainsaw.

  54. Doge_Hill Gamer

    Doge_Hill GamerPred 21 uro

    Make something with a butterfly knife

  55. 2MuchChocolate

    2MuchChocolatePred 22 urami

    I think Boris needs a Youtooz

  56. farra dian jauhari

    farra dian jauhariPred 22 urami

    With tooth i think?

  57. Tobiasz Hyzak

    Tobiasz HyzakPred 22 urami

    comrade watch out for western spy plague, wash your hands blyat

  58. Jamie Cottrell

    Jamie CottrellPred 22 urami

    Where is Artyom?

  59. fifek

    fifekPred 22 urami

    Mmm and this chain oil flavor

  60. FastCock Big

    FastCock BigPred 23 urami

    Cooking without hands please

  61. AJ De guzman

    AJ De guzmanPred 23 urami

    What connects version cooking method gone

  62. AJ De guzman

    AJ De guzmanPred 23 urami

    I like to see call

  63. Çağdaş Özçınar

    Çağdaş ÖzçınarPred 23 urami

    This is very nice 👌

  64. Jānis Rudzītis

    Jānis RudzītisPred 23 urami

    do face revev at 3,5 mil


    STALKER MENPred 23 urami

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="377">6:17</a> courses from Boris how to spoil products

  66. karlo ivancic

    karlo ivancicPred dnevom

    visit croatia

  67. cyclic shift

    cyclic shiftPred dnevom

    Maybe try programming with Microsoft Word.

  68. Svatopluk Beneš

    Svatopluk BenešPred dnevom

    make a video Cooking with bayonet on a rifle

  69. nerf or nuffin

    nerf or nuffinPred dnevom

    Makeing mashed potatoes with plastic forks

  70. Cali The Guinea pig

    Cali The Guinea pigPred dnevom

    как Артем

  71. Professional Trash

    Professional TrashPred dnevom

    Where is the Boris vs Ramsay Fanart. Who will win?? What will they cook with?? You decide!!!

  72. MagiC Wolf

    MagiC WolfPred dnevom

    Boris nexttime be like cooking with Woodchipper

  73. yanizad family

    yanizad familyPred dnevom

    Ok, I dare you to cook with your organ of reproduction.

  74. Luis EH Silva

    Luis EH SilvaPred dnevom

    Te amo eres mi Gopniks favorito, arriba la Unión Soviética uwu.

  75. btsblobyblob

    btsblobyblobPred dnevom

    My favorite part was when he checked the soup and u could clearly see wood peices and chunks in the water lmfao

  76. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoyPred dnevom

    Don’t mind me, I’m just making a comment that doesn’t say “we are not savages- cuts carrot with chainsaw”

  77. Tenno Nick

    Tenno NickPred dnevom

    lets get a trick of cooking with brick plees

  78. Roni Ohayon

    Roni OhayonPred dnevom

    Everbody gangster untill boris starts cooking with a chain saw

  79. v1c3nt3 wrench dedsec

    v1c3nt3 wrench dedsecPred dnevom

    Play gta5

  80. Harriet Jones

    Harriet JonesPred dnevom

    Harriet Jones, former Prime Minister