Harry Styles - Sign of the Times (Audio)

Harry Styles' self-titled debut album featuring "Sign of the Times" will be released on May 12th. Pre-order now: hstyles.co.uk

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  1. Ester Cruz

    Ester CruzPred 5 dnevi

    Such a powerful song ❤️❤️

  2. خوخة وكيوي

    خوخة وكيويPred 6 dnevi

    We'll be alright

  3. Lovie Fernandes

    Lovie FernandesPred 7 dnevi


  4. Evelyn Freire

    Evelyn FreirePred 12 dnevi


  5. Aarnav Aghara

    Aarnav AgharaPred 12 dnevi

    I hate harry.👎

  6. M & M.

    M & M.Pred 13 dnevi

    i love this song -

  7. Blue Flame Gacha YT

    Blue Flame Gacha YTPred 13 dnevi

    I miss 1D

  8. Sh'Ē is v't

    Sh'Ē is v'tPred 14 dnevi

    Kouldon S U M E R I H I Z I G H T E

  9. Rushikesh *

    Rushikesh *Pred 15 dnevi


  10. ReDA Masarani

    ReDA MasaraniPred 21 dnevom

    the ending theme of your life when your city gets bombed in WW III

  11. Ela

    ElaPred 22 dnevi

    Loveee you so much 🖤

  12. Ela

    ElaPred 22 dnevi


  13. Isabela Munoz

    Isabela MunozPred 22 dnevi

    When you here about WW3

  14. Alice Montano

    Alice MontanoPred 3 dnevi

    Isabela Munoz there’s not a ww3 anymore :)

  15. •EmIlIjA• eMiLiJa•

    •EmIlIjA• eMiLiJa•Pred 23 dnevi


  16. Ryleigh Rivas

    Ryleigh RivasPred 26 dnevi

    Happy New year's everyone!

  17. Lauren Brown

    Lauren BrownPred 28 dnevi

    Harry style songs music kiss harry style songs music Lauren Shauny girl boy

  18. Julia Marie Acosta

    Julia Marie AcostaPred mesecem

  19. Maghii Tapia

    Maghii TapiaPred mesecem

    Me encanta ❤️😔 una de las mejores canciones... Gracias Harry ♥️ por tremendo arte 👏🌈✨Eres una gran persona Te amo con todo mi corazón ❤️

  20. laura Rodrigues

    laura RodriguesPred mesecem

    Harry Styles is art.

  21. Sergio Bernardo Ramírez De la cruz

    Sergio Bernardo Ramírez De la cruzPred mesecem

    Por dios este cabrón es 100% Talento me vale 3 hectareas de v3rga que venga de One Direction, en lo personal soy rockero pero este chamaco tiene estrella, Love & Respect for him...

  22. j mcG

    j mcGPred mesecem

    This is remarkable who would've thought a baker guy from redditch would b the biggest pop star thus far, amazing song

  23. Kyungg Mi

    Kyungg MiPred mesecem


  24. Reyna Vela

    Reyna VelaPred mesecem

    December 2019 anyone Also hope u r all having a wonderful beautiful day🦋

  25. Samitop Samitop

    Samitop SamitopPred mesecem

    i always thougt that adele is this singing🤭

  26. JoeJoe 1416

    JoeJoe 1416Pred mesecem

    That was awesome 👏🏻 100% hes a talent in every way 💯

  27. Simon Atkisson

    Simon AtkissonPred mesecem

    It gets better every year.

  28. Galaxia Is Online

    Galaxia Is OnlinePred mesecem

    I love how this is in both my funeral and end of the world playlist, says a lot.

  29. Amanda

    AmandaPred mesecem

    crying pver divorced parents smoking and well i just want to numb myself rn

  30. Gerry Qoniun

    Gerry QoniunPred mesecem

    Please get it 100 million viewer...

  31. Coconut Dreams

    Coconut DreamsPred mesecem

    I almost completely forgot this song... But it was part of the best times of my life...oh how much I miss 2017... :(

  32. Neval Ercan

    Neval ErcanPred mesecem

    Today💗 its me

  33. Jennifer Evans

    Jennifer EvansPred mesecem

    He is a really good singer and This song is amazing i love it

  34. Sarah Williams

    Sarah WilliamsPred mesecem

    This will always be no. 1

  35. unkown

    unkownPred mesecem

    Im so sad that i just know about this song

  36. Amber Nicole

    Amber NicolePred mesecem

    my grandma is a fan

  37. peachy harts

    peachy hartsPred mesecem

    dude i feel this song my friend wants to always give someone another chance but no we can’t this time man. they lied about touching me saying they didn’t and you wanna give them a chance just.. no i’m sorry..

  38. Vanessa Soares

    Vanessa SoaresPred mesecem


  39. annika Sovold

    annika SovoldPred mesecem

    This song omfg im crying

  40. Cherlyn Cerbo

    Cherlyn CerboPred mesecem

    Years ago but. 😭😭

  41. Molly Guinan

    Molly GuinanPred mesecem

    2019 is weird... Colleen Ballinger has more subs than Harry!! (No hate to either person!!)

  42. Lilih Solihah

    Lilih SolihahPred 25 dnevi

    @Molly Guinan didn't seem like it bruh

  43. Molly Guinan

    Molly GuinanPred 25 dnevi

    Lilih Solihah ..... it... it was a joke...

  44. Lilih Solihah

    Lilih SolihahPred 25 dnevi

    because colleen is a youtuber, ofc she has more subs, but actually harry has more views thats why subscribers actually DON'T really matter, its literally nothing if the views are small

  45. Lilih Solihah

    Lilih SolihahPred 25 dnevi

    because colleen is a youtuber, ofc she has more subs, but harry has more views

  46. Dakota Summers

    Dakota SummersPred mesecem

    I never paid any attention to one direction. Never thought it was great or awful. But I love this song, and idc if he’s a part of it or not.

  47. Dorothy Cascino

    Dorothy CascinoPred mesecem

    Harry Styles looks like he just sacrificed 1D for the Soul Stone

  48. Tulika Sarkar

    Tulika SarkarPred 20 dnevi


  49. Ezra Motz

    Ezra MotzPred mesecem

    Dorothy Cascino underrated comment

  50. em_0611

    em_0611Pred mesecem


  51. FlamingHotCheetos

    FlamingHotCheetosPred mesecem

    Who is crying while listening to this ? Only me

  52. yasmin

    yasminPred mesecem

    just stop your

  53. DJ Forrest Houston

    DJ Forrest HoustonPred mesecem

    Still jammin' this one in Nov 2019! I remixed this recently, hope you enjoy it! slgo.info/video/ssK8fWZioHyqdLY.html

  54. World Administrator

    World AdministratorPred mesecem

    Don't stop your cryin' it's a sign of the times - we gotta get away from here ... never stop your crying it means you must have been right - have the time of you life: crew can't afford life from here ... maybe we could meet again somewhere ... why are we always stuck around in here ... "Don't Buck IT - Just RUN" ... baby I prayed it'd be alright, but the end is here - I gotta get away from her ...

  55. Isabella Valdes

    Isabella ValdesPred 2 meseci

    This will probably remain to be one of my favorite songs of all time

  56. páulspotatoes

    páulspotatoesPred 2 meseci

    Almost 3 years😭 feels like yesterday

  57. 1997

    1997Pred 2 meseci

    Te amo, Gabi. Feliz aniversário.

  58. Alejandra Castillo

    Alejandra CastilloPred 2 meseci

    I love this ❤️💖

  59. Joni _VaN

    Joni _VaNPred 2 meseci

    I am crying. Bc of the shit happening. My ex wants to leak my nudes and the dude i like does'nt like me back but i would do anything for him.

  60. christoffer

    christofferPred 2 meseci

    Solo carrier suits him better

  61. Mary-ann TheHague

    Mary-ann TheHaguePred 2 meseci

    November 2019.. Top 2000 material.

  62. den xerw

    den xerwPred 2 meseci

    anybody 2k19???

  63. Anad Nitram

    Anad NitramPred 2 meseci


  64. Bang Official

    Bang OfficialPred 2 meseci

    Supp please

  65. julia kids kids

    julia kids kidsPred 2 meseci


  66. Fatima Algebraistova

    Fatima AlgebraistovaPred 2 meseci

    Unforgettable song!♥️♥️♥️

  67. Anshika shukla

    Anshika shuklaPred 2 meseci

    This song has such a deep meaning ....❤❤❤no matter what everybody says , this is the best song I've ever heard in years .....❣❣this is the best song of harry and will always be ❣❤