I Gave $200,000 To People In Quarantine

A lot of people are going through a ruff time right now so I tried my best to do some good :)
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  1. MrBeast

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    Today is actually my birthday, liking/subscribing would be a dope present :)

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    Happy birthday and ps didn't get my cookie when I subbed 3 years ago...

  3. Homie_ Juan321

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    MrBeast have a great birthday

  4. erijklol 134679

    erijklol 134679Pred 19 dnevi

    People can get money but I can't

  5. 100K subs with no videos Challenge

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    Happy birthday to the biggest legend ever Btw don’t read my channel name

  6. Grayson James

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    Happy birthday best person I’ve ever heard about!!! By far

  7. Clint Everetts

    Clint EverettsPred 10 urami

    Help my wife won’t let me get a boat

  8. Quinn Mitchell

    Quinn MitchellPred 10 urami

    *your existence is making the world a great place*

  9. ReyesMando

    ReyesMandoPred 10 urami

    The flamingos statement had me all fucked up Jesus

  10. Logan spears

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    Happy Birthday mrbeast your my favorite!!!!!!! By murch

  11. Maria Nuno

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    Gracias por hacer felices a. Mucha gente😍😷🏆🚀😇

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    How am I supposed to do that mrbeast?

  13. iProSh4reS

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    i just need 5k :(

  14. Annie Mirra

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    Mr Beast is just gonna giveaway makes till he is poor

  15. happy idiot

    happy idiotPred 11 urami

    Even though he’s in quarantine he’s still helping people out.

  16. Dahyun’s Blanket

    Dahyun’s BlanketPred 11 urami

    the way Chris tried to play it cool after dropping everything on the shelf 😂 😂 😂

  17. Caelan Blount

    Caelan BlountPred 12 urami

    I wish I was there living outside suckkssssssssssssss

  18. Mcdog

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    ME and Chris are now chefs

  19. DphantomGaming

    DphantomGamingPred 12 urami

    How do I sign up for the next round of this?? Blessings on blessings

  20. CS Misk

    CS MiskPred 12 urami

    I was so happy for each recipient. Thank you for spreading good vibes.

  21. Elias Roy

    Elias RoyPred 12 urami

    May god bless you

  22. EpicQuag

    EpicQuagPred 12 urami

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="52">0:52</a> his face do

  23. Luke R

    Luke RPred 12 urami

    the 3rd guy was so cute

  24. the little chef

    the little chefPred 13 urami

    Hi mr beast im from the philippines and been watching your vlogs for the long time and i enjoyed it a lot keep up the good work

  25. Rose 376

    Rose 376Pred 13 urami

    Why is this the only news I actually enjoy watching

  26. Khoa Michelle

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    God bless you!

  27. Mrs Kurdi

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    Lol I need money 😩😫 an opportunity would be lovely

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    Amazing bro

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    i hope mrbeast will donat me too

  31. Tormod Skoog

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    LOL at the four clocks on the wall.

  32. Selvin Ramos

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    I just don't believe this content. Is good content tho

  33. Jansen Navarra

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    Filipino fan here mr beast!!!😊♥️

  34. Z X

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    First youtuber who i subscribed and liked

  35. A to Z Facts

    A to Z FactsPred 14 urami

    This is the perfect way to earn a lot and to give away a LOT.. Love form India.

  36. Yangchen sherpa

    Yangchen sherpaPred 15 urami

    Really where do you get all these money from 🤐 come to India 😊 here u will see what real poverty is

  37. Lynne Gaming World

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  38. Donna F

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    I need some money

  39. Renato Lacerda

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    Com esse dinheiro faria meu intercâmbio dos sonhos e sairia do inferno que é Brasil lol

  40. Samiyah Stackens

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    Plz come to Murfreesboro Tennessee

  41. Muhsina Thahira

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    Plot twist: mr beast planted 20 million tree to harvest money

  42. Nhu Rivera

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    wow i cant believe mrbeast did that

  43. Anna Vine

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    I'm staying in my car this would totally help me out so much I wish

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  45. Romline

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    Can i join in one challange ?

  46. Intricos Deathfall

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    I fkin wish... Sheesh

  47. Jaden Spencer

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    ThiS petdemic is bad

  48. Oakley Citra

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    Beast someone is copying your channel

  49. Vien Panganiban

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    i need money also to fix my roof 😢

  50. Treygolive Mobcity bro

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  51. Cednick Castro

    Cednick CastroPred 16 urami

    Hope you can recognize me always watching your videos :(

  52. Cednick Castro

    Cednick CastroPred 16 urami

    Hope you can give us here us in ph as well

  53. earl selwyn

    earl selwynPred 16 urami

    Did anyone notice that the text scrolling by really quickly at the bottom was smash mouth at that one point?

  54. Ashlyn Mccarty

    Ashlyn MccartyPred 16 urami

    This is amazing! This pandemic shut down the world and many businesses have gone out of business or fired people. As a person in a family of 8 I understand the struggle that you all are going through and I will keep you all in my prayers because right now everyone’s going through financial difficulties and you all are amazing! Keep sharing with people and blessing their lives!! 💕💖🙏 your amazing!!

  55. BBaci

    BBaciPred 16 urami

    Does chris moisturise?

  56. hen ko

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    happy birthday Mr beast! I SUBDSCRIBED CUZ I LOVE YOUR CHANNNLE!!


    JANE F0STER DCUOPred 17 urami

    MrBeast God Bless you for all you do ❤️ thank you so much may God Bless you with health and happiness for you and your family. If I had what you have I’d buy my dream car a new Mustang GT ❤️❤️ your lucky and Blessed.

  58. hen ko

    hen koPred 16 urami

    Mr beast sir can I get 200$ I have some critical moment in financial problem with this qurintine please help me sir 😢

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    God bless you Mr Beast!🙏🙏🙏

  60. Solomon jacobby

    Solomon jacobbyPred 17 urami

    Hey mrbest can you give me your super beast dragon in DragonCity couse I’m a pewdiepie fan too my user name is Daxrsp

  61. Isaac W

    Isaac WPred 17 urami

    Mr Beast really do be our friendly neighborhood millionaire tho.

  62. Dadudz Here

    Dadudz HerePred 17 urami

    continue to do good Mr.Beast it's the only reason im a fan you have helped so many people in need for so long.

  63. 100k subs With 0 vids

    100k subs With 0 vidsPred 17 urami

    Guys pls read my name

  64. Lew Chain

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="221">3:41</a> 😦

  65. Kaia Volk

    Kaia VolkPred 17 urami

    Mrbeast,you have kind heart.

  66. It’s Des

    It’s DesPred 17 urami

    Can u please ask ppl for there cash apps and cash app them 10k 😭 (Copy and paste spread the word)

  67. Chloe Kastina

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    This is why your a good person

  68. Walu

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="831">13:51</a>

  69. Shiena May Antonette Boñales

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    Mr. Beast can you be my neighbour here in the Philippines? 😭

  70. khadijah rahming

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    I love your videos mr beast. I would love to meet you

  71. 1k subscribers with 1 YouTube video!!!

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  72. RhythmJon

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    Those people that are gifted money are hella lucky lmao.

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    Mr beast sir can I get 200$ I have some critical moment in financial problem with this qurintine please help me sir 😢

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    happy birthday Mr beast! I SUBDSCRIBED CUZ I LOVE YOUR CHANNNLE!!

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    I could really use some money right now 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

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    did they say bailey bailey. MY NAME IS BAILEY. I GOT A SHOUT OUT!

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    *MrBeast is better than BBC*

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    This is wholesome!! Keep going!! Stay safe!!

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    Plz help me :(

  80. -enz00

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    "I gave 200k for people in quarantine" _gave_ SLgo: DEMONETIZED!

  81. -enz00

    -enz00Pred 18 urami

    "I gave 200k for people in quarantine" _gave_ SLgo: DEMONETIZED!

  82. Mycheal Mikha

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    LSD GAMERSPred 19 urami

    This guy have unlimited moneyyy

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    Chris omg ♥️

  85. nina no

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    Chris i love you

  86. Dominik Harder

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    Me: reads MBSNDT on the wall Also me: thinks of mister beast send nudes TV


    aFGM OFFICIALPred 19 urami

    Mr beast your videos are awesome