i lost

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  1. Thomas Beaston

    Thomas BeastonPred 13 sekundami

    Serves you right fuckin prick

  2. Hunter Bauer

    Hunter BauerPred 56 sekundami

    I wonder if hes ever gonna upload again

  3. triggered bitch

    triggered bitchPred 9 minutami

    If only I could dislike his entire channel 30000 times..

  4. Tom Vo

    Tom VoPred 18 minutami

    Every hate comment is getting him paid... Irony.

  5. Adam Plots

    Adam PlotsPred 33 minutami

    My grandfather could drop Logan Paul and ksi

  6. Glitchay

    GlitchayPred 40 minutami

    logan paul kissed you like to undo

  7. Vladimir Melnik

    Vladimir MelnikPred uro

    Pussy lol

  8. Im Confused

    Im ConfusedPred uro

    sorry man I talked about you and that’s what made you sneeze 🤧

  9. Naegi Kun

    Naegi KunPred uro

    No one cares about this clown XD

  10. LOOKatMYlevel x

    LOOKatMYlevel xPred uro

    post plssssssssssss 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  11. JootOFFICIAL

    JootOFFICIALPred uro

    Logan you found redemption, and I respect that.. I wanted you to win ;-;

  12. BEAST T

    BEAST TPred uro

    KSI did end Logan’s career

  13. Alex Dales

    Alex DalesPred uro

    Logan when are you upload again

  14. siyaad Maxamed

    siyaad MaxamedPred uro

    Wininers is for fucking loser Loser is for winners This Bitch snoozed to much

  15. The BoyZ

    The BoyZPred uro

    Hey Logan What Is 7 X 8

  16. sparrow killa

    sparrow killaPred 2 urami

    uplaoddddd dammit

  17. zero_ oranges

    zero_ orangesPred 2 urami

    i think logan should try ballet

  18. ParkyPants

    ParkyPantsPred 2 urami

    Boy do I miss the time of daily vlogs.

  19. MaryAnn Gregoire

    MaryAnn GregoirePred 2 urami

    Towards you hurt Logan Paul's so bad in the heart why would you say that about his parents and about I was there worst decision

  20. MaryAnn Gregoire

    MaryAnn GregoirePred 2 urami

    Logan Paul at the beginning of this video his punches are very loudly that was his form but you went into the tactic of wrestling grab his legs and put him on his ass

  21. Kaden C

    Kaden CPred 2 urami

    0:00 what’s autism mom? 17:03 never mind

  22. KIDHipHop

    KIDHipHopPred 2 urami

    I Feel HIM ALL THE WAY, I Watched The Fight And Thought He Was ROBBED. He Fought Like A WARRIOR For This 2 Happen But IT IS What Is Is. 🙏🏾💯

  23. resident1793

    resident1793Pred 2 urami

    *ok boomer*

  24. iamsalty 121

    iamsalty 121Pred 2 urami

    Logan: IMMA FUCKING BEST KSI Also Logan: being gone for two weeks

  25. CM Z

    CM ZPred 2 urami

    Yo yall need to chill out with logan at least he is being honest ksi is still talking some smack about logan


    JFV NATIONPred 2 urami

    CM Z lets not act like logan isnt talkin smack as well

  27. What to name myself

    What to name myselfPred 3 urami

    Logan took the fattest L anyone has ever taken in their entire life

  28. The Memester

    The MemesterPred 3 urami

    You suck

  29. Calann

    CalannPred 3 urami


  30. Kiara Wilson

    Kiara WilsonPred 3 urami

    Logan make a new video please. I'm so bored watching other horrible youtuber's. And I can't watch Jake either, because he "quit" vlogging for boxing. Please don't do the same. SLgo will be so bad withought you guys,

  31. sotuur aeei

    sotuur aeeiPred 3 urami

    2 points were the right call dumbass

  32. Matt Kouser

    Matt KouserPred 3 urami

    163k dislikes

  33. sotuur aeei

    sotuur aeeiPred 3 urami

    I love how he doesn’t even have supporters lmao it’s only hate comments. Take this L

  34. Ultwerox

    UltweroxPred 3 urami


  35. Kin Trasher

    Kin TrasherPred 3 urami


  36. Oh Yeah Yeah

    Oh Yeah YeahPred 4 urami

    it’s funny because ksi would’ve posted the same amount of videos he does now if he would’ve lost but he didn’t, logan loses and hasn’t posted in weeks

  37. Nightmare Hamza

    Nightmare HamzaPred 3 urami

    Yeah and i don’t get when u said he is now if he would’ve lost i get what u mean

  38. Brittany Driscoll Cray

    Brittany Driscoll CrayPred 4 urami

    He is losing subscribers dude

  39. JadedExoTaker

    JadedExoTakerPred 4 urami

    Wait, people still watch this guy?

  40. Acid rain

    Acid rainPred 4 urami

    First round decapitation

  41. Noah

    NoahPred 4 urami

    dem dang sneezes

  42. Roan Vadakan

    Roan VadakanPred 4 urami

    Ur an idiot

  43. Troll Face

    Troll FacePred 4 urami

    Just completing my obligation of giving a dislike

  44. Caleb Beyblade master

    Caleb Beyblade masterPred 4 urami

    deji vs joe weller