I'm Dating a Celebrity?! | Lele Pons & Juanpa Zurita

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  1. Lele Pons

    Lele PonsPred 7 dnevi


  2. tm vg

    tm vgPred 2 urami

    How did you and twan meet each ?oter

  3. luna lover

    luna loverPred 11 urami

    when are you going to upload another telenovela

  4. Arleth Tobar

    Arleth TobarPred 14 urami


  5. Rekha kerr

    Rekha kerrPred 15 urami


  6. Rekha kerr

    Rekha kerrPred 15 urami

    Oh Nomi will !

  7. pjs24

    pjs24Pred 3 urami

    Everything about this sucks.

  8. Josef Fortnite

    Josef FortnitePred 5 urami

    Anna 😂

  9. M o c h 1

    M o c h 1Pred 7 urami

    she just wants to go to work......

  10. Maia Cunningham

    Maia CunninghamPred 7 urami

    0:32 bro u r not sitting your standing under a tree

  11. barrasdeamaranto

    barrasdeamarantoPred 9 urami

    You área the Best. Creative. Happy people!! I love it!!!

  12. skidmorez34

    skidmorez34Pred 11 urami

    I will lele

  13. Juancars98

    Juancars98Pred 11 urami

    Señorita shit version

  14. Kaydell Gomez

    Kaydell GomezPred 12 urami

    Hi I am Kaydell and i reacently just started watching your videos and i can't stop ,eres la mejor!

  15. Anika Soto

    Anika SotoPred 12 urami

    Juanpa i love you but your accent lowkey sounded like a mexican and british mix 😂

  16. Llayrin Mejia

    Llayrin MejiaPred 12 urami

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you

  17. Queen Rose

    Queen RosePred 13 urami

    Lele:I AM NOT GOING TO KISS U Random guy:I was not kiss you Me:I AM A LATINA I KNOW WHEN U are going to kiss her

  18. Angela KR

    Angela KRPred 13 urami

    Spanish please

  19. Emad Hamdy

    Emad HamdyPred 14 urami

    Lva ganan

  20. SH Sourav

    SH SouravPred 15 urami

    When Anna becomes Lele 😂

  21. Maria isabel Lopez betancourt

    Maria isabel Lopez betancourtPred 17 urami

    Por fi has un vídeo en español. Saludos desde Venezuela

  22. ANJA V.

    ANJA V.Pred 18 urami

    The begining when they meet Is like senorita

  23. Unicorn Gamer lady

    Unicorn Gamer ladyPred 20 urami

    I rlly love your acting so cool. Also your song VE TE PALA.i loved it so much .i also subscribe like and comment,i also tell my teacher and parents to subscribe to your channel.hope you live a good life and maybe obe day respond

  24. Ennicah Mutava

    Ennicah MutavaPred 20 urami

    Who is here after Lele released her new song. Just me , okay

  25. Diana Riascos

    Diana RiascosPred 22 urami

    Lele pon es venezolana ? O estadunidense

  26. Pieter Boer

    Pieter BoerPred 22 urami

    Anyone else knew that neckless was from Titanic movie?

  27. Makai Howard

    Makai HowardPred 23 urami

    Thank god lele isn’t in rewind because she would act the same way she does in these crappy scits.

  28. Gift Stainless

    Gift StainlessPred dnevom


  29. gentleman omar

    gentleman omarPred dnevom

    Your not a Internet celebrity. Not even funny

  30. Jammin

    JamminPred dnevom

    Stop 💃🏽 Stop 🙆🏽‍♂️ Stop 🕺🏿

  31. Ur Gay

    Ur GayPred dnevom

    At 2:30 i'm pretty sure he said "We're going on a date Niggas"

  32. Azzaya Batjargal

    Azzaya BatjargalPred dnevom

    I love you lele pons

  33. nz_ kid2000

    nz_ kid2000Pred dnevom

    3:10 i love when they put the titanic scene in there lol

  34. Soliann Corcino

    Soliann CorcinoPred dnevom

    Lol Isaac is insane

  35. Unicornichu

    UnicornichuPred dnevom

    I just wanna be honest Lele Pons kinda looks like Margot Robbie

  36. Milan Scott

    Milan ScottPred dnevom

    Oh this is sad 😔

  37. Julian Bueso

    Julian BuesoPred dnevom

    My uncle said he’d definitely smash

  38. AceMaster Studios

    AceMaster StudiosPred dnevom

    Im not sure but is Lele a latina,cuz she never seems to specify it.Can someone confirm?

  39. un known

    un knownPred dnevom

    Pin if u love your fans

  40. Nimish Malla

    Nimish MallaPred dnevom

    lololol lele so funny its unreal

  41. Raj Jammu

    Raj JammuPred dnevom


  42. keiry marquillo

    keiry marquilloPred dnevom

    At 1:58 they called her lele instead of anna

  43. Park Chim Chim

    Park Chim ChimPred dnevom

    I won’t show u issac I’ll show u issac

  44. kaoutar

    kaoutarPred dnevom

    If you give me another chance, I won't show you Izak, I'll show you Izak HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  45. _snoopy_ beats_

    _snoopy_ beats_Pred dnevom

    camila canbelo be like: