Is Luka Doncic the BEST PLAYER in the NBA? Youngest MVP Ever? | CBS Sports HQ

Rip Hamilton and Raja Bell break down Luka Doncic's historic season and his chances at becoming the youngest NBA MVP ever. Luka Doncic on the Mavericks making the playoffs (1:00) Luka explains why this years team has been better defensively versus last year (1:10) Is Luka the NBA MVP right now and on the way to becoming an all-time great? (2:20) Raja Bell - "Luka is ready to put a team on his back and win a championship" (3:20) Rip compares Luka to Paul Pierce (3:55) Are the Mavericks a playoff team? (4:35) Is Luka Doncic a top 5 player in the NBA right now? (5:36) The Dallas Mavericks still need help around Luka but he's capable of carrying a team to a title (6:30) Raja Bell's case for Luka as the NBA MVP (7:25) Why did the Sacramento Kings not select Luka Doncic in the 2018 NBA Draft? (8:00) Can Luka overtake Giannis for the future face of the NBA? (10:00)
Comment Below if you think Luka is the leading candidate for MVP!

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  1. kalinwang1

    kalinwang1Pred 3 dnevi

    He had AD over yonis and luka? This guy is smoking. The only thing AD has over those guys is that hes playing with lebron James which is considered the 2nd greatest player of all time.

  2. Pequeños Felinos

    Pequeños FelinosPred 5 dnevi

    I come from the future. Luka Doncic will be the best player in all history. Give me likes when you reach 2040 and you check yourself. Regards!

  3. Zachary Olsen

    Zachary OlsenPred 6 dnevi

    Stephen,Middleton,Luka, Giannis,Kp

  4. Uroš Žmauc

    Uroš ŽmaucPred 7 dnevi


  5. lil boats tv

    lil boats tvPred 7 dnevi

    luka >giannis

  6. trebledc

    trebledcPred 7 dnevi

    If mavs can win 50 games then we talk mvp luka for now let him play against better defensive teams.

  7. Bruno Antonellini

    Bruno AntonelliniPred 7 dnevi

    I love when they compare players from 2000 and 2010s with guys like Bill Russell, Chamberlain, Oscar Robertson. Come on, playing in the 60s/70s is like playing a 1v1 on me. The competitiveness of today's NBA is a hundred times tougher than playing on those colorless-TV years

  8. 23 Inthapatha

    23 InthapathaPred 8 dnevi


  9. Kritav Shah

    Kritav ShahPred 8 dnevi

    Stat padding 25% contested rebounds, the bigs are moving out of the way for him and he's getting forced assists, he's a stat padder just like Westbrook

  10. MicDubTV

    MicDubTVPred 5 dnevi

    You’re hating. Please stop.

  11. Ulf Schneider

    Ulf SchneiderPred 6 dnevi

    Have you ever seen luka in the garbage time? Luka is interested in winning first! Therefore, if he stays healthy, he will be the first true GOAT challenger. Luka will have to collect rings, Jordan will eventually have to recognize that.

  12. Seven Times

    Seven TimesPred 8 dnevi

    The fin season isn’t over yet , man you folks is something else.hes been on you tube every single day so I guess he is.

  13. Βασιλης μπουμουκος

    Βασιλης μπουμουκοςPred 9 dnevi

    Luka needs space to grow!All expect crazy stuff from him ....just give him time to develop his game!He is 20 and he is on please!

  14. Mitchell m

    Mitchell mPred 9 dnevi

    Luka over LBJ anyday sorry Bron fans he's got a couple years in him Lukas got the stage now. Keep balling young man

  15. Overdosed Llama

    Overdosed LlamaPred 9 dnevi


  16. Legendary Duke

    Legendary DukePred 9 dnevi

    I was so wrong about Luka . Dude shut me up long ago . Respect

  17. Legendary Duke

    Legendary DukePred 2 dnevi

    bear24D facts bro tbh with dirk retiring i couldn't have been a better transition Luka is perfect for the mavs organization.

  18. bear24D

    bear24DPred 2 dnevi

    @Legendary Duke I agree totally he doesnt have elite speed or athleticism, but the way he goes about the game completely makes you forgot about what he cant do, because of the style of play that gets every drop out of the tools he does have. Im glad hes in a Mavs uniform, but I'd bet he'd be great wearing that Kings purple as well.

  19. Legendary Duke

    Legendary DukePred 2 dnevi

    bear24D whats crazy is his style... its so crafty , his style makes up for all his lack of athleticism and quickness but the man is dominating. Im wondering if my Kings drafted him how would he be balling with bogi and nemanja... luka buddy and fox . Smh he is killing it tho

  20. bear24D

    bear24DPred 2 dnevi

    Yeah bro, I wasn't really sold on him either......I thought he'd be ok to good, but I didn't see this coming. Freaking unreal !

  21. ar ar osoyos

    ar ar osoyosPred 9 dnevi

    my favorite NBA now 2019 luka docic best player

  22. kevin johnson

    kevin johnsonPred 9 dnevi

    Yes but hes white and the nba dont want a white MVP

  23. dirty Laundry

    dirty LaundryPred 9 dnevi

    What a crap this kid is not smart enough to become MVP..i hope its not gonna happen

  24. WorldPeace HOFFA

    WorldPeace HOFFAPred 10 dnevi

    He not better that MVP D rose y’all gotta relax

  25. aj star

    aj starPred 10 dnevi

    Lol nope.. He got exposed against the clipps

  26. Da Kine

    Da KinePred 10 dnevi

    Giannis can score 20, 30, 40pts even without hitting 3s so what's the point? Dude is still unstoppable

  27. Limitedly Unlimited

    Limitedly UnlimitedPred 10 dnevi

    Well, Luka just got schooled a while ago.

  28. Thomas Corder

    Thomas CorderPred 10 dnevi

    No one is better than Henry Finkel!

  29. Eric Lind

    Eric LindPred 10 dnevi

    All this against teams that play crappy defense...completely different story against the Clippers.

  30. Indica 29

    Indica 29Pred 10 dnevi

    White ppl get happy when they hear Lukas name lol

  31. lil jeisson

    lil jeissonPred 10 dnevi

    Imagine a masked Luka Doncic😳

  32. Dave Jacob Fernandez (474davfern)

    Dave Jacob Fernandez (474davfern)Pred 10 dnevi

    Lebron was a top 15 player in his rookie season. He was all NBA 2nd team as a rookie

  33. Bobby Digital

    Bobby DigitalPred 7 dnevi

    So? Magic was a Finals MVP his first year. Timmy D. was a champion his second year, MJ averaged 28ppg with hand check his 1st year, & so forth. Get L3-6ron's dick outta ya mouth.

  34. Jedi Wookie

    Jedi WookiePred 10 dnevi

    The force is with luka!!!!

  35. Bare Bear

    Bare BearPred 10 dnevi

    I switched bandwagon from gsw to mavs. Go mavs

  36. Supreme 704

    Supreme 704Pred 10 dnevi

    Y’all are tripping he haven’t even got to the playoffs and y’all calling him a god if he’s a god what is LeBron

  37. Snowie Puppy

    Snowie PuppyPred 10 dnevi

    Supreme 704 he is poop

  38. Matej Tacer

    Matej TacerPred 10 dnevi

    For the record, Luka’s father WAS a basketball player - he also played in the national team

  39. ThatNewPimpTrickGangstaClickAlbum GonnaBeThatFire

    ThatNewPimpTrickGangstaClickAlbum GonnaBeThatFirePred 10 dnevi

    His only problems is that LeBron, Harden and Giannis are all having MVP type seasons as well

  40. Deconetao Record

    Deconetao RecordPred 10 dnevi


  41. Nana Kuru

    Nana KuruPred 10 dnevi

    Luka Don Doncic💵🔫🎲💼......from Europe with game

  42. BoobooJonez

    BoobooJonezPred 10 dnevi

    Oscar Robertson averaged a triple-double his first 5 seasons...

  43. FK P

    FK PPred 10 dnevi

    Raja Bell is really good as a commentator. Gotta listen to him more

  44. David William

    David WilliamPred 10 dnevi

    Imagine luka point' guarding for giannis team

  45. Ulf Schneider

    Ulf SchneiderPred 6 dnevi

    Imagine Giannis comes to Dallas, European dynasty, for the next decade. But also quickly the most hated, and dreaded team It would not be fair either

  46. worldofgnr

    worldofgnrPred 10 dnevi


  47. dododo dododo

    dododo dododoPred 10 dnevi

    Wh would you give a ball last 5secs of the game giannis or luka ??? I think we all know the answear , so this freak of nature thing was ended when steph curry started beating shit out of lebron

  48. dododo dododo

    dododo dododoPred 10 dnevi

    They would have 13-3 but some how dalas managed to loose against new york

  49. blue773404

    blue773404Pred 10 dnevi

    Best player in the nba? What the fuck yall smoking? Hes really good, not no best. The greek freak is.

  50. Ulf Schneider

    Ulf SchneiderPred 6 dnevi

    Yes, Giannes is awesome. Giannis his problem is that, after the last year, we expect nothing less than that. Nobody is surprised anymore. Although he delivers every damn game. If you are at the top, it will continue at best, but at some point only down