Is Luka the most exciting player in the league to watch? | NBA on TNT

Ernie, Kenny, Charles, & Chuck recap the Pelicans’ road win in Phoenix and share their thoughts on this season’s MVP frontrunner! Chuck also gives us some tips on how to make nachos!
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  1. Marco SnZ

    Marco SnZPred 10 urami

    Shaq is still salty about Nash winning mvp over him lol

  2. Joe Rodriguez

    Joe RodriguezPred 2 dnevi

    Battle if the suckies.

  3. rok podlesnik

    rok podlesnikPred 2 dnevi

    Why not put points / minutes...?

  4. issa masad

    issa masadPred 4 dnevi

    Steph curry is the most exiting player to watch, and the most enjoyable and entertaining player in the nba, why simply cause he is unpredictable, diverse style he is got the quickness, he obviously can shoot from Istanbul, he can floated it from Hawaii, he always lay it in plus one, and he never miss at the line, that is the ice man..... plan English steph carry is Jesus, he is made of greatness 🙏🎂🍾💯


    RODEO CINEMAXPred 4 dnevi

    BI looks smooth out there!


    RODEO CINEMAXPred 4 dnevi

    So nobody gonna talk about how Kenny picked up the tortilla and put it down? Smh

  7. Den Lam

    Den LamPred 4 dnevi

    Not most exciting..but he iz top 5 killing...all skins aside

  8. Daniel Ruiz

    Daniel RuizPred 5 dnevi

    Is James Haden the most underrated and hated for the media right now and since 2015? Luka is a good impersonator, though.

  9. Carl Villarino

    Carl VillarinoPred 5 dnevi


  10. Dinos Nicolaou

    Dinos NicolaouPred 5 dnevi

    Five years ago some people said Giannis will be an all star and may be an MVP. Five years from now, we will all be talking about Giannis as the GOAT

  11. Fun. Guy .

    Fun. Guy .Pred 6 dnevi

    Too funny 😂

  12. Forrest Hunter

    Forrest HunterPred 6 dnevi

    I've said that the Pelicans would be fun to watch, if not top-of-the-pops; but once Zion returns, hey, it'll be even more fun to watch than it is right now. And IF, and big IF, they happen to make the playoffs, don't see them going further than the first round. But, as I have said since before the season, they will be fun to watch; namely, because all their players are playing together for the first time, as well as being young. Oh, and Ingram is a beast.

  13. Simon Persson

    Simon PerssonPred 7 dnevi

    "good shots can be quick but they have to be good". Okay.

  14. anjerkanjer

    anjerkanjerPred 6 dnevi

    What he means is you can take a Quick shot if youre open but they need more patience overall

  15. Thor the Viking

    Thor the VikingPred 7 dnevi

    You really think this all black panel will pick a white kid as the best at anything? Man, you are so naive. This Luka dude is a generational player but these black sportscasters are going to disrespect his talent. They see everything in black and white.

  16. whoody G Ponder

    whoody G PonderPred 8 dnevi

    I agree with shaq on the Luka talk! The kid is balling out of his mind and he is in the early MVP race so Let’s see!!!!

  17. Robert Vrhovec

    Robert VrhovecPred 9 dnevi

    Luka at 20 y.o. better than harden at anytime

  18. Forrest Hunter

    Forrest HunterPred 6 dnevi

    Thank you. Harden travels like he is starring in the new Back To The Future. Many of his step-backs are up and down calls.

  19. Denniz Dennett

    Denniz DennettPred 9 dnevi

    I love you guys, but can you tell whoever picks the games, that there are 27 other teams besides the Clippers, Blazers & Rockets? We see them every week

  20. Jaydn Era

    Jaydn EraPred 9 dnevi

    I agree with Shaq that luka is only exciting because he is new but that’s literally the whole point. He compared luka to James harden saying they do the same things but the difference is James is in his 12th years and Luka doing this in his 2nd year I repeat 2nd year! Definitely exciting imagine what he does in his 12th year smh

  21. Forrest Hunter

    Forrest HunterPred 6 dnevi

    Thank you. YOu're a realist.

  22. Wes McC

    Wes McCPred 10 dnevi

    Harden shoots more shots

  23. KM 79

    KM 79Pred 10 dnevi

    Nine 11 time stamp is no coincidence and everyone on that panel is a mason not just Shaq.

  24. Dennis Menace

    Dennis MenacePred 10 dnevi

    I have never seen a rookie, including LeBron, that has had this amount of skill so early in his NBA career, I mean, this kid controls every aspect of the game. Fundamentally, he is the best player I have seen that young and that good. He is playing better than a prime LeBron. The last 10 games Luka is averaging 32.5 PPG. 10 rebounds, and 10 assists. and is another double-digit assist/rebound game away from averaging a triple-double at 20 years old in his second season while leading his team to the current 4th seed. If he maintains this level and is able to lead the Mavs to 55+ games and into the playoffs you have to give the MVP to Luka.

  25. stefan arsic

    stefan arsicPred 10 dnevi

    I enjoy watching nba these days, Luka will take basketball where should be.

  26. ג'וני ביררוב

    ג'וני ביררובPred 7 dnevi

    Luka did the same things in Europe as well / Only Americans live in their own world. Basketball is not only the NBA but also the Euroleague ,Champions League and other strong leagues like the, Spanish, ,Italian , Russian, Turkish , Greek , Israeli and so on.

  27. New Melo City

    New Melo CityPred 10 dnevi

    Pelicans can make it

  28. Luis Suárez

    Luis SuárezPred 10 dnevi

    Why argue when he's 20? Why compare him with 30+ years old players who have been playing for 3/4 of Luka's life? If he keep this growth obviously he's gonna be one of the best ever, but thats only talk...let him play. (If something is not well spelled, sorry but I try to not use the translator, to practice) Cheers from Spain :)

  29. dirty Laundry

    dirty LaundryPred 10 dnevi

    He is overrated that all

  30. Paul Jansen

    Paul JansenPred 10 dnevi

    just look at the numbers this 20 year old kid has this season..almost averaging a triple double while scoring 30 a game..who did that in the past at age 20?

  31. Slovenia Slime

    Slovenia SlimePred 10 dnevi


  32. Frank Maitland

    Frank MaitlandPred 10 dnevi

    I think the Panel is biased against Luka

  33. Lester Lee

    Lester LeePred 11 dnevi

    Luka is great but Giannis is the answer to the question.

  34. DeputyFuttBuck

    DeputyFuttBuckPred 11 dnevi

    Did Kenny tattoo a very faint hair line and hair on his head because I see a a faint shadow EDIT: he definitely did I looked it up and other people have noticed and posted comparison pics. I am unsure what to think of this tattoo

  35. Andrew Evans

    Andrew EvansPred 11 dnevi

    I jumped on the Luka bandwagon when Korzemba dropped his pre draft video and I'm staying on.

  36. jeovanni juarez

    jeovanni juarezPred 11 dnevi

    The kid is white. This is a black mans sport. Of course he is not going to get the full respect he deserves. Imagine if he was black the hype would be unreal. Kobe nor labron carried a team in there first years they had to adapt to the nba. Plain and simple this kid is the best new thing since michael jordan.

  37. Marko K

    Marko KPred 6 dnevi

    jeovanni juarez Maybe he doesn’t get the respect on court. But in real life he is more respected and popular partly also because he is white. USA is 75% white and it shows they want a white person to rally behind. It’s natural and normal.

  38. Tom Schneitter

    Tom SchneitterPred 11 dnevi

    James Harden's step back is a travel and he doesn't have the smooth Eurostep and dimes of Luka.

  39. nikita mihalkov

    nikita mihalkovPred 6 dnevi

    I am Luka fan and be objective ... Harden has best euro step and this is his primary weapon ... he dont use so often (shoot zilion threes) but that is mike dantoni problem ... luka has slower but 3ple threat euro step with floter alayup or asist for corner three. I like all 4 mvp contender this year ... all 4 exciting all 4 caries their teams and all 4 are future HOF and Lebron is second of all time and Gianis and Luka can reach top 5 of all time ... !!!

  40. Charles Stevens

    Charles StevensPred 11 dnevi

    James harden shootin 40 percent though

  41. Nino

    NinoPred 11 dnevi

    Luka is miles in front of harden iq wise and he's 20.... Harden is a ball waster

  42. Elmake Jode

    Elmake JodePred 11 dnevi

  43. Kemal Gürer Koloğlu

    Kemal Gürer KoloğluPred 11 dnevi

    Kenny adding to Jamal's cause. Good job.

  44. mradhayuda1

    mradhayuda1Pred 11 dnevi

    Last time i watch nba is at 2003. Now i watch its again because of luka doncic.

  45. yoyo pez

    yoyo pezPred 11 dnevi

    Luka 💪

  46. Croweziec

    CroweziecPred 11 dnevi

    Shaq doesn't know basketball. Luka is a better shooter, passer and overall more skilled. Let's be real he doesnt want to give him credit because his white.