John Oliver on Japanese Mascots - clean version

Japanese colleges don't have their school mascots, but everything else in Japan does! John Oliver explains in the funniest way here. The video has been beeped out some foul language to show younger students. Very funny...


  1. Evilkritter

    EvilkritterPred 3 meseci

    Cutting there is astounding. Can't find the full clip elsewhere

  2. itamar bar

    itamar barPred 3 meseci

    Wait, we (israel) made a Japanese mascot?! Hell yeah!

  3. さむぎょぷしゃる

    さむぎょぷしゃるPred 4 meseci

    日本語字幕つけて欲しい…🤔🤔 I'd like to have Japanese subtitles attached.

  4. ろー

    ろーPred 2 meseci すでにあるよ

  5. Yoo Sensei

    Yoo SenseiPred 4 meseci


  6. Naief Alromi

    Naief AlromiPred 7 meseci

    Melonkuma haunts my nightmares

  7. Yoo Sensei

    Yoo SenseiPred 6 meseci


  8. Rampus Adler

    Rampus AdlerPred 9 meseci

    i love Japan

  9. Chick Sage

    Chick SagePred 10 meseci


  10. BranTheMuffin

    BranTheMuffinPred 10 meseci

    Very interesting

  11. Juan Manuel Penaloza

    Juan Manuel PenalozaPred 10 meseci

    4:25 I think the Saguaro cactus would work better...

  12. Rumpsteak Lilith

    Rumpsteak LilithPred 11 meseci

    Fucking hell

  13. Ludovic Touitou

    Ludovic TouitouPred 11 meseci

    I used to think Japanese mascots were cute... Took me few years to realize how debilitating these things actually are.

  14. john healy

    john healyPred 11 meseci

  15. john healy

    john healyPred 11 meseci

  16. Spyro Fan

    Spyro FanPred 11 meseci

    You cut it off before the money shot WHY??

  17. Robert Feight

    Robert FeightPred 11 meseci

    Yoo, dude, YOU spectacularly let us down ending the video there. 😒

  18. A Haunter

    A HaunterPred letom

    No wonder there’s no murderers in Japan hahaha

  19. Brandon B

    Brandon BPred letom

    くまもん is the best

  20. Kyle Stubbs

    Kyle StubbsPred letom

    1:00 Just finished watching _The Shawshank Redemption_ with my parents. I had to explain to them why I kept giggling.

  21. Brittany Yates

    Brittany YatesPred 10 meseci


  22. Lucky Luke

    Lucky LukePred letom

    Nyango Star is coolest mascot came out from Japan!!!

  23. Juan Manuel Penaloza

    Juan Manuel PenalozaPred 10 meseci

    Or as I call him...Neal Purrt

  24. Michael Mann

    Michael MannPred letom

    I want to see one for planned parenthood lol

  25. indy6s

    indy6sPred 10 meseci

    John made one himself, plan bee the planned parenthood bee!

  26. SuperZambuk

    SuperZambukPred letom

    my teacher made a lesson out of this!

  27. Yoo Sensei

    Yoo SenseiPred letom

    Haha I wish I could see the lesson.

  28. Mako

    MakoPred letom

    yea I am proud of our mascots as Japanese lol especially, Funashi was an amazing mascot which promoted the funabashi city through his incredible activities.

  29. KaotikBOOO

    KaotikBOOOPred 10 meseci

    "was"? Did it disappeared? That would be so sad :o

  30. autohmae

    autohmaePred letom

    Still my favorite mascot:

  31. xAnimeFanKingdom

    xAnimeFanKingdomPred letom

    2:06 HOLY MOTHER OF-!



    FUNASHI!!! #1

  33. Kyle Stubbs

    Kyle StubbsPred letom

    It’s actually spelled “Funassyi”

  34. autohmae

    autohmaePred letom

    Nyango Star is #1 :-)

  35. Yong Ai Nan

    Yong Ai NanPred 2 leti

    I have no words...

  36. Lazzyrus

    LazzyrusPred 2 leti

    Yong Ai Nan the sad part is im going to japan