Laughing At Youtubers That Said Logan Paul Would Win

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  1. Rata Tattat

    Rata TattatPred 25 minutami

    ksi is in rewind legends edition!!

  2. 森若佐雪

    森若佐雪Pred 30 minutami

    Activate the goddamn windows!

  3. RichieTheRed

    RichieTheRedPred 40 minutami

    Fight Josh Brueckner unless you don’t want the smoke then that’s cool

  4. Gabe Films

    Gabe FilmsPred 41 minuto

    regular people: KSI: give me my boner

  5. Drippy Jerm-X

    Drippy Jerm-XPred 44 minutami

    We get it you’ve won, jeez you don’t have rub it in so much.

  6. UStainless U

    UStainless UPred 52 minutami

    It’s bulking season

  7. Jamie Torres

    Jamie TorresPred uro

    Fock you ksi

  8. Blake Parker

    Blake ParkerPred uro

    Bro stop milking the fight already bro i love ur vids but upload other videos besides the fight please

  9. PokéBoys

    PokéBoysPred uro

    Best part 17:55

  10. Master ChiFu

    Master ChiFuPred 2 urami

    Watch SLgo rewind legends addition. It’s pretty good, you should do a reactio🙏

  11. Raqib

    RaqibPred 2 urami

    1:58--2:16. Possibly Old Ksi is back ?

  12. Amateur _OregonGunner

    Amateur _OregonGunnerPred 2 urami

    You lost though

  13. Combat Central

    Combat CentralPred uro

    Pretty sure he won via Split Decison. At least that's what I saw and heard. Also based what's on Box Rec.

  14. john v

    john vPred 2 urami

    make a video with deji

  15. sotuur aeei

    sotuur aeeiPred 3 urami

    Jj: I’m naked Chair: actually

  16. The Real Kappa

    The Real KappaPred 3 urami

    KSI: One of the main reasons I won this fight was because of G-FUEL Viddal: *Am I a joke to you?* P.S. - I know this was on his reddit but didnt see it in the comments

  17. Chris Southwick

    Chris SouthwickPred 3 urami

    you are so cool mate

  18. Bru Trash

    Bru TrashPred 3 urami

    Guys, remember? Oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah

  19. Bru Trash

    Bru TrashPred 2 urami

    Yo me too

  20. Bru Trash

    Bru TrashPred 2 urami

    Oh yea yea

  21. sotuur aeei

    sotuur aeeiPred 3 urami

    12:00 I had to turn it down cuz it sounded like porn hub

  22. Freshy Fresh

    Freshy FreshPred 3 urami

    That would be funny if he got a reaction on his skin from taking Tylenol

  23. The Viceking99

    The Viceking99Pred 3 urami

    I swear this nigga been milking the fight 😂

  24. Combat Central

    Combat CentralPred uro

    Why not? Lol

  25. K.O

    K.OPred 4 urami

    Wow only me, KSI, and an other few are still masters at the Ricardo dance.

  26. Over Kol

    Over KolPred 4 urami

    11:47 when you finally get the good stuff

  27. EC

    ECPred 4 urami


  28. Pum kok

    Pum kokPred 4 urami

    11:56 give me my boner🍆, I fucking died 😂😂😂

  29. Yuva The Beast

    Yuva The BeastPred 4 urami

    I cant believe he actually kept it on private. The video is gone now

  30. Lucas Losito

    Lucas LositoPred 4 urami

    I dare you to go a video with no bandanna

  31. Chris Beyll

    Chris BeyllPred 5 urami

    I scratched myself three times this morning that’s why I’m naked

  32. Lane White

    Lane WhitePred 5 urami

    Have you ever watched naruto like i'm just curious

  33. Seth Becken

    Seth BeckenPred 6 urami

    Watch the vid and you'll be like yep he's defently on drugs

  34. Jonah Allen

    Jonah AllenPred 6 urami

    Why are you still talking about this nobody cares anymore we care about yiutuhbe rewind meeeeems

  35. SwirlHD

    SwirlHDPred 6 urami


  36. Ligma Balls

    Ligma BallsPred 6 urami

    What was the music during the dancing

  37. PNDX

    PNDXPred 6 urami

    12:00 I had to turn it down cuz it sounded like porn hub

  38. Chief Killstroke

    Chief KillstrokePred 6 urami

    When sidemen podcast?

  39. Bullishmovies22

    Bullishmovies22Pred 6 urami

    When you’re smashing you’re girl and finish way to quick 12:01-12:36

  40. Larry burke

    Larry burkePred 6 urami

    2:17 you're welcome

  41. Joe S

    Joe SPred 7 urami

    your music is horible but your funny

  42. Andrew Hart

    Andrew HartPred 7 urami

    Both of KSI channels have more subscribers than the sidemen channel

  43. Charliedactyl

    CharliedactylPred 7 urami

    JJ: Gets bags off of the fight Also JJ: I’m NoT gOnNa GeT a WiNdOwS LiSeNcE

  44. Yariel Villafane

    Yariel VillafanePred 7 urami

    React to the you and Logan Paul fught

  45. wawan setiawan

    wawan setiawanPred 7 urami

    Ksi starting dance Me : holy shit ricardo is real