Luka Doncic (41 PTS, 6 REB, 10 AST) vs. James Harden (32 PTS, 9 REB, 11 AST) Battle in MVP Showcase

Arguably the two leaders in the MVP race so far this season, Luka Doncic and James Harden squared off against each other in Houston, as the Mavericks defeated the Rockets 137-123.
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  1. Alberto Rodriguez

    Alberto RodriguezPred 6 dnevi

    Brothers ain't having it Did Stephen say that I don't think they have a choice

  2. mar bandz

    mar bandzPred 8 dnevi

    1:35 Nipsey Hussle Hussle and motivate

  3. J- honas _45

    J- honas _45Pred 9 dnevi

    Everyone James Harden is averaging 37.9 points a game

  4. ChillxBlacky

    ChillxBlackyPred 10 dnevi

    Shit luka been hooping y’all late he Rey run the nba

  5. Bare Bear

    Bare BearPred 10 dnevi

    Yo eff the splash bros, i jumped bandwagon to euro bros at mavs

  6. Ben Lelavith

    Ben LelavithPred 10 dnevi

    luka better

  7. James Moses

    James MosesPred 10 dnevi

    wow amazing Luca doncic is new mvp player" i think

  8. Genxtasy 99

    Genxtasy 99Pred 10 dnevi

    What a hottie!

  9. Jetxplane

    JetxplanePred 10 dnevi

    today, harden seen his best move being copied by the young Luca, Yes he made a monster.

  10. Amr Del

    Amr DelPred 10 dnevi

    yeah but this years mvp and playing with a cigar in his mouth barely troubled looks so easy and in control while putting up 30 pts triple doubles and cooking confirmed all stars night in night out LUKA MAGIC DONCIC

  11. Jordan 33

    Jordan 33Pred 10 dnevi

    Doncic was manhandling rivers

  12. Ricardo Barrera

    Ricardo BarreraPred 10 dnevi

    Westbrook embarassed by a rookie so he has no choice than playing dirty defence smh 6:22

  13. kaybrera

    kaybreraPred 11 dnevi

    6:14 gather step, not a travel

  14. Johnny Q

    Johnny QPred dnevom

    That's impressive. He gets fouled and still makes a perfectly timed gather against his stomach.

  15. Rollo Tomasi

    Rollo TomasiPred 11 dnevi

    Showed that Brick how real triple-double look likes😅👍👍👍

  16. Rollo Tomasi

    Rollo TomasiPred 11 dnevi

    Pokazao Cigli šta je pravi triple-double

  17. Vigan Krasnici

    Vigan KrasniciPred 11 dnevi

    Westbrook with the old school bullshit mentality: "If a player destroys us we gotta hurt him". Funny but when they have a good game they all yell and scream at their opponents. But luka can't do that right because he is white and that means he is soft and can't celebrate and have fun right?! Hopefully luka will win it all. I want to see a lot of salty faces. And he will because he is already a winner.

  18. Leonard Lee

    Leonard LeePred 11 dnevi

    Wow, Luka doubles killed the two MVPs!

  19. super bestbrick

    super bestbrickPred 11 dnevi

    My super favorite player of all time is #0 his name beastbrick Im his number 1 fan💯

  20. Oliver Medina

    Oliver MedinaPred 11 dnevi

    Luca just torched and tormented the Rockets. If this teams meet in the first round this year's playoff Rockets better have grade A Defensive schemes againt Luca and Kristaps. Otherwise that's a wrap for Harden and Westbrook.

  21. Nick Lloyd

    Nick LloydPred 11 dnevi

    The silky young Don leaves Houston ROCK'D, M.V.P's left in his wake, while proper schooling D League Austin Rivers to boot! L.D 4 M.V.P!!

  22. Shane Conti

    Shane ContiPred 11 dnevi

    get used to it Rocket fans. this is what the playoffs is going to look like this year. a lot of standing around on defense shrugging their shoulders when a guy gets another layup.

  23. MAC Cheese

    MAC CheesePred 11 dnevi

    my boy luka looks like a white paul pierce

  24. Manos S'

    Manos S'Pred 11 dnevi

    Didn't this mf say that he did not give a damn for "this kid from Europe" when he was drafted ?? ...smh

  25. Gaming with Lalo

    Gaming with LaloPred 11 dnevi

    Luka James has been Killin it!

  26. Peter Johannsen

    Peter JohannsenPred 11 dnevi

    NBA looking real good this year. even though im a knicks fan....

  27. toxicraven 1822

    toxicraven 1822Pred 11 dnevi

    6:46 that sound...

  28. Matthew Clark

    Matthew ClarkPred 11 dnevi

    must be a luka hater at br making this...more Rocket highlights in the video

  29. Omowàle Zaquir

    Omowàle ZaquirPred 11 dnevi

    LeBlanc is no joke...

  30. Innis Mor

    Innis MorPred 11 dnevi

    LeBron vs Raptors ... 12 points Kawhi vs. Raptors .... 12 points Lillard vs Raptors .... 9 points and then .... Embiid vs. Raptors .... 0 points. Z E R O 225 regular season games before ANY team did that to Embiid. Z E R O points. 0 for 10 from the floor. 0 for 2 from the line. And with no Lowry, and no Ibaka.

  31. sir sure

    sir surePred 11 dnevi

    My team sucks but ok we still going to win our conference.

  32. legendary collection

    legendary collectionPred 11 dnevi

    Sadly if lbj and gianis have same consistence by far they both will cotended mvp vote. Not to dissrespect luka and any mvp candidate. You know lbj fans like what and so much and gianis are mvp in 2019 just that and gianis maybe can win back to back

  33. Casey Russell

    Casey RussellPred 11 dnevi

    This video is a joke. It's all Harden highlights. 24 points into Luka's night, they've shown 3 highlights.

  34. jphilly819

    jphilly819Pred 11 dnevi

    giving harden a taste of his own medicine

  35. CNNisISIS

    CNNisISISPred 11 dnevi

    Xi Jing Ping wants Harden to win MVP

  36. Joaquin Misa Jr.

    Joaquin Misa Jr.Pred 11 dnevi

    will ya luka dat

  37. xian ace riosa

    xian ace riosaPred 11 dnevi

    Pagkatapos Nang Panahon Ni Steph Curry Noon,Ngayon Ay Panahon Naman Ni Luka Doncic Gaano Naman Nya Mapapatagal Yung Panahon Nya Katulad Nang Kay Curry, Mapantayan Kaya O Mahigitan Pa ??!! Like Means “Mahihigitan” DisLike Means “Hindi Mahihigitan/Mapapantayan Lang”

  38. Booker T

    Booker TPred 11 dnevi

    He lit up harden and rivers

  39. bullet stand

    bullet standPred 11 dnevi

    Luka looks like peja stojakpvic and his shooting stroke. But luka more athelitic

  40. Daniel Saez

    Daniel SaezPred 11 dnevi

    That dribble to between the legs from luka is so elite

  41. Anak Tuko

    Anak TukoPred 11 dnevi

    GOAT in the making