Luka Doncic Pours In 42 PTS, Leads Mavs!

Watch all of Luka's buckets and assists as he led the Mavericks to a 120-113 win on the road against the Phoenix Suns.
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  1. Ydelia Valencia

    Ydelia ValenciaPred 2 dnevi

    Pura Magia Luka Doncic 👑

  2. Avi Cohen

    Avi CohenPred 2 dnevi

    I paid for a league pass for the first time in my life Just so I can see Luka play, he is making the NBA alive again He is making the league interesting, you can see it online people are starting to see more and more NBA because of Luka

  3. Papa yin

    Papa yinPred 4 dnevi

    And he is still a kid... It's amazing!

  4. Katherine Z

    Katherine ZPred 5 dnevi

    We are the Champions

  5. Robert Guzman

    Robert GuzmanPred 5 dnevi

    20 yrs old, coming to a new country, dominating a league full of the best player on the planet. This kid is special

  6. 7tachyon

    7tachyonPred 5 dnevi

    This kid is insane.

  7. Dan kool

    Dan koolPred 5 dnevi

    Different with luka and James During rookie years is luka closes games and not avoiding the pressure.

  8. Audi e-tron

    Audi e-tronPred 5 dnevi

    He used to get beaten a lot when he lived on the 2nd floor. Clearly toughened him up a bit.

  9. Dana kaleb

    Dana kalebPred 5 dnevi

    Greetings from Luka!

  10. apchunsa

    apchunsaPred 5 dnevi

    Suns are the best and smart for getting that 7 footer.. can't teach height

  11. Azzagard

    AzzagardPred 6 dnevi

    Luka-a-way pass.

  12. Eddy Shluger

    Eddy ShlugerPred 6 dnevi

    Luka magic.

  13. William Gee

    William GeePred 6 dnevi


  14. Andrea

    AndreaPred 5 dnevi

    William Gee stat padding

  15. Red Carbohydrate

    Red CarbohydratePred 6 dnevi


  16. julio guzman

    julio guzmanPred 6 dnevi

    I love this nigga

  17. Steve Yu

    Steve YuPred 6 dnevi

    Luka is better than MJ in 1990s. MJ had only two skills but Luka has many kinds of skill.

  18. acorn sucks

    acorn sucksPred 6 dnevi

    42 in three quarters?


    YAM WAI MENGPred 6 dnevi

    One rebound shy of a triple-double!

  20. cooljay21

    cooljay21Pred 6 dnevi

    this is what nba should do years back having highlights

  21. Ig

    IgPred 6 dnevi

    Porzingins is trash.

  22. - TTM

    - TTMPred 6 dnevi

    Suns really let a HOF slip away from them. Sigh lmao

  23. Nicola Zerbini

    Nicola ZerbiniPred 6 dnevi

    Since you’ve been shutting down the freedawkins channel( that does video work better than you mofos) I’m forced to look as those crap hl

  24. FOM FamilyOverMoney

    FOM FamilyOverMoneyPred 6 dnevi

    I got a Luka jersey for Christmas!

  25. Bernardo De Oliveira

    Bernardo De OliveiraPred 6 dnevi

    What a Draft for Dallas!

  26. Vishaal Venugopal

    Vishaal VenugopalPred 6 dnevi

    The other thing that makes Luka special is his fanbase he’s the most global young Basketball star there is....mans is brining Basketball back to Europe

  27. Rubin Petkoski

    Rubin PetkoskiPred 6 dnevi

    Yet half the Dallas roster players make more money than Luka

  28. Frankzlyn 4 Ever

    Frankzlyn 4 EverPred 6 dnevi

    he was the upgraded version of drazen petrovich...the original europian wonder boy

  29. armin38822

    armin38822Pred 6 dnevi

    Easy though !

  30. bruh,

    bruh,Pred 6 dnevi

    I got to see him live for the first time last night and I swear he had the quietest 42 you’ll ever see. it’s scary how effortless it looks for him

  31. Tomaž Štamcar

    Tomaž ŠtamcarPred 6 dnevi

    New attack into his face. If they can not beat him they always can hit him.

  32. Makaveli chuckling

    Makaveli chucklingPred 6 dnevi

    Where are his 4th quarter highlights?

  33. Aaron Wilson

    Aaron WilsonPred 6 dnevi

    Luka is a kid!!!

  34. Augustine Coronado

    Augustine CoronadoPred 6 dnevi

    That first play is just a glimpse of what this young man is going to do in the years to come. Fakes out the bigger man for an open shot, misses the shot, follows up gets his own rebound, fights through 2 other guys for the left handed lay up. If Dallas can get 1 or 2 more key clutch players Dallas can have another great 3-6 year run.

  35. Bob Stone

    Bob StonePred 6 dnevi

    Not a Mavs fan but LUKA’s A BEAST!!

  36. Andrian Stefanus

    Andrian StefanusPred 6 dnevi

    He’s the real life 2K my player

  37. Timotej Prevec

    Timotej PrevecPred 6 dnevi

    bUT cAn He Do iT iN tHe NBA ???

  38. Seedless Bangus

    Seedless BangusPred 6 dnevi

    anyone saw what oubre has done to finney-smith at 0:28? that's disrespectful! bouncing a ball to his head after that contact? oh come on refs!

  39. Ricky Vines

    Ricky VinesPred 6 dnevi

    If the mavs can get top 5 in the west luka should get the mvp...

  40. rebolationfuck

    rebolationfuckPred 6 dnevi

    He'll be a top 10 player when he retires, barred injuries....

  41. John Rey

    John ReyPred 6 dnevi

    Will definitely win a chip for Dallas someday. Mvp candidate and surely an all-star this year