Luka Doncic Full Highlights 2019.12.04 Mavs vs TWolves - 22 Pts, 7 Rebs, 6 Asts! | FreeDawkins

Channel Dealing With a Copyrights Storm | Read more in Vidz Comments | Luka Doncic Full Highlights 2019.12.04 Mavs vs TWolves - 22 Pts, 7 Rebs, 6 Asts! FreeDawkins
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  1. Roberto Hu

    Roberto HuPred mesecem

    this kid is a generational talent

  2. Ricardo Feced Ibañez

    Ricardo Feced IbañezPred mesecem

    Jalen Brunson did a great job 😎😎🔥🔥

  3. sifonstereo

    sifonstereoPred mesecem

    ni doblemarcandolo pueden con el

  4. Fernando

    FernandoPred mesecem

    This man needs the super max ASAP

  5. Marko Smiljanic

    Marko SmiljanicPred mesecem

    Every time number 7 makes screen he commits foul. Not one called.

  6. The Great Western Trendkill

    The Great Western TrendkillPred mesecem

    this was quite terrible actually




  8. jgsk78

    jgsk78Pred mesecem

    A lot of talent on this team. Brunson one of my favourite pgs. He'll be a starter and a star soon, has handles, vision, control and balls!! ..I also like Currys moves, seem new and fresh, fnot just catch and shoot, Finney Smith is good, ... Not mentioning the obvious

  9. Kri1 Kri1

    Kri1 Kri1Pred mesecem

    Play smart not hard dudes...slower than nowhere with your smile on your face and play the gama like in backyard ..sekaj stari...

  10. Vuk Mirkovic

    Vuk MirkovicPred mesecem


  11. TAK 47

    TAK 47Pred mesecem

    This was a tough game for luka. Timberwolves realized the refs are not giving Luka any calls tonight, they just hammered him every time he drove to the basket and for some reason did not get any calls, i mean if you watched the game there were at least 8 completely blatant fouls on Luka that did not get calls, on most other nights he shoots like 10-15 extra free throws.

  12. Daniel T

    Daniel TPred mesecem

    Mavs in 4

  13. Thunderlips502

    Thunderlips502Pred mesecem

    But but...The Clippers exposed him, he isn't just prone to an off game where he still gets over 20 and dominates the game.

  14. Animelytical

    AnimelyticalPred mesecem

    I thought Luka was going to break MJ's consecutive 25 and 10 record. This was the deciding game because the schedule gets easy for a few games

  15. Ana desetnica

    Ana desetnicaPred mesecem

    Carmello Anthony 20 points - MVP of the week, Luka 22 points - oh he had a terrible game 😂😂😂 Are you serious??

  16. miki001007

    miki001007Pred mesecem

    lol facts

  17. Rúben Lopes

    Rúben LopesPred mesecem

    Yes a offgame by Luka but a worst game by the referees, they make too much wrong calls and no calls (7 or 8) on Luka today, it's insane. This referees or have a agenda to stop Luka win Mvp or they are jealous about him but yes today he shoot bad.

  18. Tomaž Verhovnik

    Tomaž VerhovnikPred mesecem

    Luka doesn't have haters... There are just fans who can't understand that Luka is not American and they secretly jerk off on Luka's picture at night... 13 of these fuckers just gave him the finger down

  19. Juba TheSniperKing

    Juba TheSniperKingPred mesecem

    Aggainst the Pelicans will he break Jordan records and the Mavs will win the 5 Game in a row💪

  20. Tomislav Flanjak

    Tomislav FlanjakPred mesecem


  21. Tomaž Verhovnik

    Tomaž VerhovnikPred mesecem

    Luka had a bad game.... 22 points Embid had a bad game 0 points Yes that is reality

  22. blekkk

    blekkkPred mesecem

    Luka drops 22= bad game. Former 1st draft pick fultz/ 2nd pick lonzo drop 20= very good game

  23. Blue Rider

    Blue RiderPred mesecem

    You hate Luka because he is Slovakian, and Slovakians are Russians and Slavs.

  24. Ana desetnica

    Ana desetnicaPred mesecem

    Blue Rider Slovene (but Americans don’t distinguish Slovene from Slovakian including their presidents and politics). Hint - Slovenia doesn’t even border on Slovakia! Slovenes are Slavs, but have nothing else in common with Russians. Totally different culture.

  25. Stewie Griffin

    Stewie GriffinPred mesecem

    can we see the misses too ?

  26. yeahyeahnatnat

    yeahyeahnatnatPred mesecem

    how many minutes?

  27. Miha Bezjak

    Miha BezjakPred mesecem

    team effort, great W

  28. Aaron Alagad

    Aaron AlagadPred mesecem

    this is what employers want. 20years old with 7 years experience. thats why i dont have a job and luka has one.

  29. Dejan Konjević

    Dejan KonjevićPred mesecem

    He is from Europe man he is tough! This US crowd is like WTF! You know what we are like in Europe? Come check it out!

  30. Remo Williams

    Remo WilliamsPred mesecem

    @Aaron Alagad Well at least you accept the fact that you're a worthless POS! I give you that 👍.




  32. Aaron Alagad

    Aaron AlagadPred mesecem

    Remo Williams no shit sherlock

  33. Remo Williams

    Remo WilliamsPred mesecem

    @Aaron Alagad explains everything.

  34. Justo

    JustoPred mesecem

    A bad game for LUCKA is almost identical to LeBron average

  35. Ana desetnica

    Ana desetnicaPred mesecem

    Justo LUKA

  36. Manuel López

    Manuel LópezPred mesecem

    Grande Luka 😍

  37. Pinoy Adobo

    Pinoy AdoboPred mesecem

    Ain't no stopping my Baby Luka ayeeehh!m 😁😁👍👍✌✌👏👏

  38. Zoki

    ZokiPred mesecem

    LUKA is not compare him with other legend.

  39. 3h21e2 Nh2

    3h21e2 Nh2Pred mesecem

    Powell: it's fine , I got ur back.

  40. Fabian69

    Fabian69Pred mesecem

    Not his best game still got the W all that matters

  41. Arkie Love

    Arkie LovePred mesecem

    Dwight Powell was balling this game .. i need his highlights .. Luka had a off night but considering they won .. I’m sure He could live with it

  42. First-Team All Common Sense

    First-Team All Common SensePred mesecem

    A lot of NBA fans deepthroating Luka makes me wanna stray away from him. But i do respect his game 100%

  43. Everett Cox

    Everett CoxPred mesecem

    Luka's TDs are starting to fall off I had a feeling that would happen.

  44. Johnny Q

    Johnny QPred mesecem

    To be fair he does sit down in the fourth most of the time he has a chance to get one.

  45. Dejan Konjević

    Dejan KonjevićPred mesecem

    And he is 17 game in a row 20 5 5. Record is 18 set by MJ! Next up Pelicans and then Sacramento. I have a feeling record will fall!

  46. Tibor Baiee

    Tibor BaieePred mesecem

    Waiting for my man Mike Jones to crawl from his crying cave...:)

  47. Johnny Q

    Johnny QPred mesecem

    Dude he might get to 40 in row :))). These 2 games should be the hardest because he might try to force it at least subconciously (cause you hear it all over the media so he probably knows about it). But once he passes 18 and it doesn't matter anymore he'll just get them without even trying.


    TRUTH HURTSPred mesecem

    Second to bron!!!! James harden is wacky... Kevin Durant is gone! And Leonard is weird..... and this guy is just AMAZING

  49. Subliminal Goyim Zombification

    Subliminal Goyim ZombificationPred mesecem


  50. ISM Gaming

    ISM GamingPred mesecem


  51. Simon Srečković

    Simon SrečkovićPred mesecem

    But he scored when it mattered the most

  52. VibesByLuxury

    VibesByLuxuryPred mesecem


  53. Jay Hardy

    Jay HardyPred mesecem

    When luka has an off night the rest of the team comes up big. Powell had a huge game. Mavs are balling this year

  54. Jephthah San Pedro

    Jephthah San PedroPred mesecem

    Luka had a bad night. That's okay since he didn't force himself to shoot bricks all day to compensate for it. Some players, even MVPs, are covering their asses by shooting more but only makes it worse. They got the W. That's all that matters.

  55. TheBattlefront2

    TheBattlefront2Pred mesecem

    This isn’t a highlight tape, this is a tape of the announcer saying “Luuuuukaaaahhhh”

  56. TheBattlefront2

    TheBattlefront2Pred mesecem

    Vintage Luka

  57. Mamba Out

    Mamba OutPred mesecem

    Arguably the best player right now in the season but he need to prove himself in the playoffs

  58. Paul V

    Paul VPred mesecem

    I think the Mavs will get better if Luka learns to play off the ball a bit more. HIs usage rate is enormous.

  59. jayzz paderanga

    jayzz paderangaPred mesecem

    Becuz he is the point guard/ main Facilitator... And No, He played off-ball last year and he aint that good there but still roty numbers by him...

  60. Burak Yıldırım

    Burak YıldırımPred mesecem

    17 consecutive games with at least 20 points 5 rebounds and 5 assists. Only 2 games remaining for a new NBA record.

  61. Robert

    RobertPred mesecem


  62. Kendall Green

    Kendall GreenPred mesecem

    Not really a bad game. Three ball wasn’t there and had some careless turnovers in the first half. Still got to the rim at will. He’s not getting superstar calls yet and earned himself a tech. Which was understandable. Dwight Powell maxi Seth curry and Brunson were the stars of the game. 🦄 is finding his stride as well.

  63. Sahar 4444

    Sahar 4444Pred mesecem

    And refs was harsh on luka , those soft wolfs were killing him when he drived to the paint

  64. Sahar 4444

    Sahar 4444Pred mesecem

    At the clurtch time he performed , and he let brunson lead them cause he felt he is on fire and this is a true leader.

  65. CoolStuff 1011

    CoolStuff 1011Pred mesecem

    So much LeBron hate on this post.

  66. Ana desetnica

    Ana desetnicaPred mesecem

    Nah. Most of us think LeBron is an outstanding player, that’s why we use comparisons to him to defend Luka.

  67. Subliminal Goyim Zombification

    Subliminal Goyim ZombificationPred mesecem

    Cuz Kang hates him since last game fuck him exposed

  68. Zastava22

    Zastava22Pred mesecem

    THe referees were horrible this game.

  69. 28 17

    28 17Pred mesecem

    It's about time the team carried Luka they owe it to him!

  70. SuperSaiyanjin 21

    SuperSaiyanjin 21Pred mesecem

    Team confidence is high, winning momentum building....that's what superstars are there for, making the team better

  71. Marcianus Valerius

    Marcianus ValeriusPred mesecem

    Luka got absolutely no calls from the refs in this game. Seemed kinda suspect tbh.

  72. Shawn Golmes

    Shawn GolmesPred mesecem

    Stop bitching he trash

  73. impassable

    impassablePred mesecem

    I know it looks bad that the Kings passed on Luka to take Bagley, however Bagley is always hurt..He's a double double machine..I can't judge until Marvin plays more games

  74. Ana desetnica

    Ana desetnicaPred mesecem

    impassable Kings have no excuse for passing on Luka. None. I’m sure it’s Ranadivè’s fault and that’s why Divac still has a job. It’s not about Bagley being bad, but about Luka being a prodigy. You don’t pass on a player like Luka, or Magic or LeBron, or Bird or ...... you just don’t, no matter what.

  75. Brick Freak

    Brick FreakPred mesecem

    People saying this was a bad night. This stat line was Luka's rookie year stats that won him rookie of the year and almost made him an all star. Now that stat is a bad night. Just shows how much he improved this year

  76. jayzz paderanga

    jayzz paderangaPred mesecem

    He is an allstar by the way... 2nd or 3rd in the west voting if I remembered correctly, He just got shoved out of the rotation by LeRecruit...

  77. Shawn Golmes

    Shawn GolmesPred mesecem

    What did he shoot from the field I'll wait

  78. Smail Ait amer

    Smail Ait amerPred mesecem

    dear Friend . i have a question some news of Mike Jones ??. After a Bad night WE need his prédiction and his Logic . does Luka a bust . ???

  79. Math Simon

    Math SimonPred mesecem

    Seems lik Porzingis slowly getting his stuff back. Must be cause of playing against Towns!

  80. David Mitnick

    David MitnickPred mesecem

    What the fuck, he didn't have a forty point quadruple double??????? HOW??????

  81. Smail Ait amer

    Smail Ait amerPred mesecem

    yes. a futur bust for sure. where IS Mike Mike Jones please??. i need his help