NORA OR ANNA? 2 TYPES OF GIRLS || Your choice by 5-Minute FUN

Lisa or Lena? Not interesting anymore. NORA OR ANNA, that's the real choice!
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There are 2 types of girls. Which one is yours? Make your choice:
00:02 Hills or sneakers
00:09 Late to work or not
00:25 Full skincare or forget to remove your make up
00:42 Put Christmas decorations or not?
0:56 Organized or messy?
1:18 Pleasant morning routine or just waking up?
1:32 In a relationships or #foreveralone
1:47 Introvert at the party or social
2:05 Stay late or leave early
2:11 Black coffee or white coffee
2:26 Books or movies
2:47 Sport or laziness
3:00 Salad or burger
3:17 Perfect eye line or smoky eyes
SO? Anna or Nora? Make your choice in the comment?
#types #girls #fun
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  1. 5-Minute FUN

    5-Minute FUNPred 9 dnevi

    So... Anna or Nora? Make your choice!

  2. Random Tech

    Random TechPred 20 urami

    Anna btw 500st comment

  3. Seshraj Shrestha

    Seshraj ShresthaPred 5 dnevi


  4. Pawani Chandra

    Pawani ChandraPred 8 dnevi


  5. Jashim Uddin

    Jashim UddinPred 8 dnevi


  6. Martina Vrbanec

    Martina VrbanecPred 8 dnevi


  7. Sofoora Hassan

    Sofoora HassanPred 29 minutami

    Like=Anna Comment =nora

  8. Rima Slimani

    Rima SlimaniPred 29 minutami


  9. Gerta Sahiti

    Gerta SahitiPred uro

    sorry i can't choose i love both ana🤩🥰💗 nora🤩🥰💗

  10. Pushpa Singh

    Pushpa SinghPred uro

    Nora is best

  11. Safwan Khan

    Safwan KhanPred 2 urami

    nora 👩👼👰

  12. Ayesha Campos

    Ayesha CamposPred 3 urami


  13. Shubhra Tripathi

    Shubhra TripathiPred 3 urami

    Mah life completely as Anna😍❤😘

  14. Ahmed Khan

    Ahmed KhanPred 4 urami


  15. Katie Kirby

    Katie KirbyPred 4 urami

    😈 I love bow because they’re both my type so like I like pretty and I like sometimes being like really messy and that not

  16. Faqihah 2007

    Faqihah 2007Pred 4 urami

    Anna but i feel both

  17. shreya soni

    shreya soniPred 4 urami


  18. Anna Siti

    Anna SitiPred 4 urami

    I Like to Nora😘😘

  19. Muhammad Akbar

    Muhammad AkbarPred 5 urami

    What can I just say I love both they both are so cute

  20. Fatema Dcunha

    Fatema DcunhaPred 5 urami


  21. Fatema Dcunha

    Fatema DcunhaPred 5 urami


  22. Fatema Dcunha

    Fatema DcunhaPred 5 urami

    D)tf Beautiful rendition. Three cheers for Boman Irani.

  23. பப்பாளி பூ

    பப்பாளி பூPred 5 urami


  24. Maxine Bushell

    Maxine BushellPred 5 urami


  25. Harvey Gunning

    Harvey GunningPred 5 urami

    Nora I love Her 😻😻

  26. Zainab Khalid

    Zainab KhalidPred 5 urami

    I like anna more.

  27. Maya Sari

    Maya SariPred 5 urami

    Anna like and follow Nora comment and share

  28. Zainab Dosiwala

    Zainab DosiwalaPred 5 urami


  29. Shery Tadros

    Shery TadrosPred 5 urami


  30. vijayalaxmi patil

    vijayalaxmi patilPred 6 urami


  31. Yesmin123 Akter

    Yesmin123 AkterPred 6 urami


  32. Chhabi Halder

    Chhabi HalderPred 6 urami


  33. Anjali meena

    Anjali meenaPred 6 urami


  34. Siti Rafidah Mohamad Nordin

    Siti Rafidah Mohamad NordinPred 6 urami

    Im 50-50. Sorry for bad English 😅

  35. Джамшид Анваров

    Джамшид АнваровPred 7 urami

    Of course ANNA love her💕💕She is adorable and happy girl😘😘😘

  36. Venky Venky

    Venky VenkyPred 7 urami

    I like anna

  37. Sadaf Amir

    Sadaf AmirPred 8 urami


  38. Salma Hameed

    Salma HameedPred 9 urami


  39. Maria Clara

    Maria ClaraPred 12 urami


  40. naej zepol

    naej zepolPred 12 urami


  41. MaxGirl

    MaxGirlPred 14 urami

    I like Nora because she beautiful...

  42. Samira Elbouanani

    Samira ElbouananiPred 15 urami


  43. شهد الاف

    شهد الافPred 16 urami


  44. Mykaila Garcia

    Mykaila GarciaPred 16 urami

    I’m anna but I watch movies

  45. שי לי ואדיש

    שי לי ואדישPred 16 urami


  46. Kejsi Binjaku

    Kejsi BinjakuPred 16 urami

    I like ana