OnePlus messed up.

The OnePlus 8 Pro comes fitted with a colour filter "X-Ray" camera, and its caused people privacy concerns and has been suspended in China - Whoops.
Also credits to GSMArena and Getty images - I have used a few images from them, and forgot to add in visual accreditation
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  1. EcomBestsellers

    EcomBestsellersPred 41 minuto

    Top 3 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

  2. F a

    F aPred 55 minutami

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="125">2:05</a> Now it's getting interesting...

  3. IŁ-2 Szturmowiec

    IŁ-2 SzturmowiecPred 2 urami

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="125">2:05</a> Perverts: Allow us to introduce ourselves!

  4. Andre Nunes

    Andre NunesPred 2 urami

    *XDA Developers enters chat*

  5. idgaf :p

    idgaf :pPred 2 urami

    ngl i think it should be banned

  6. Anthony Aguillon

    Anthony AguillonPred 3 urami

    I think that phone can see Virus ? That's why it's been banned in China. Hahahahaha XD

  7. Swastik Turan

    Swastik TuranPred 6 urami

    One plus is a company from 🇨🇳. And also why they didn't physically removed from device sold outside 🇨🇳. Rest you understand.

  8. bskiable

    bskiablePred 6 urami

    What about using it to detect weapons using ai?

  9. veronica sikanyeu

    veronica sikanyeuPred 6 urami

    I'm thinking maybe this is a marketing strategy...but then again who wants a phone with a camera that can see through clothes?

  10. Arijit Raj

    Arijit RajPred 8 urami

    OnePlus 8 camera exists... JOHN CENA SWEATS NERVOUSLY.... 🙄

  11. EnhancedNightmare

    EnhancedNightmarePred 10 urami

    Its such a wasted chance. Just ignore controversy and enjoy free publicity.

  12. Steve Masterman

    Steve MastermanPred 10 urami

    Night vision camera instantly pops into my head. Just need an IR torch.

  13. Giorgio Agheorghiesii

    Giorgio AgheorghiesiiPred 11 urami

    Wait a second,u guys don’t see the led of the remote sparkling?

  14. Patrick

    PatrickPred 11 urami

    This is just so funny to me. They realised they fucked up and they tried to bury it in every way

  15. aditya singh

    aditya singhPred 12 urami

    Love it

  16. Bakul Matiyani

    Bakul MatiyaniPred 14 urami

    "can we have one oh those please" EPIC, so far so epic fail by one plus

  17. Ryuuka

    RyuukaPred 15 urami

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="20">0:20</a> he's playing ds games

  18. vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuytPred 11 urami

    i hope they dont fix it

  19. Junayed Hussain

    Junayed HussainPred 16 urami

    Sandals ahaha

  20. Poppy Gin

    Poppy GinPred 16 urami

    Damn, One+ is upping that nudes game.

  21. vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuytPred 11 urami

    Really don't see the problem with this camera. It has to black plastic or cloth. It needs to be thin layer and to be shot close. This is a overhyped problem.

  22. Hiccup Haddock

    Hiccup HaddockPred 17 urami

    Well actually it's a really cool feature What would we see if you point it in the night sky?

  23. nightdevilkids

    nightdevilkidsPred 18 urami


  24. hadi hassu

    hadi hassuPred 19 urami

    Damn it makes me wanna buy this phone

  25. Buk lau

    Buk lauPred 20 urami

    They should have marketed it as a depth camera then

  26. Schio Alves

    Schio AlvesPred 23 urami

    Well, it could use IA to block the use on clothing. But about OnePlus being very conscious about what it puts on it's phone, it ain't true since the first dual camera they made.

  27. spidermace

    spidermacePred 23 urami

    As a tech reviewer, why don't you review the cameras that you use to produce your videos?

  28. Ragin Ranga

    Ragin RangaPred dnevom

    OnePlus has taken the path I always knew they would since I got my 3t. Gone from the affordable flagship killers to the flagship challengers

  29. Daniel Hisham

    Daniel HishamPred dnevom

    That phone is useful to find hidden camera and exposing any crime so one plus did a good job

  30. X Man

    X ManPred dnevom

    I think oneplus exactly knew what that filter is capable of.they knew most of the users will just look once without knowing its capability.this company is amazing.always innovative..

  31. Nick Grishin

    Nick GrishinPred dnevom

    Oh wow that's a cool camera, almost makes me want to purchase a 1+. But if I purchase it and they disable it, then I'll have spent all that money for nothing. Boo

  32. Dyl W

    Dyl WPred dnevom

    Couldn't stop staring at that colour thing on the tele in the background

  33. ceerw buty

    ceerw butyPred dnevom

    Video: OnePlus messed up Also video: "Hey here's an ad featuring the one plus :D"

  34. Sumit Murphy

    Sumit MurphyPred dnevom

    Bro I want this phone before it gets banned -

  35. Michel Le Belu

    Michel Le BeluPred dnevom

    Really don't see the problem with this camera. It has to black plastic or cloth. It needs to be thin layer and to be shot close. This is a overhyped problem.

  36. Sebast Gamer Boy

    Sebast Gamer BoyPred dnevom

    i hope they dont fix it

  37. ceerw buty

    ceerw butyPred dnevom

    IR or UV? I think that's not a thermal camera seeing IR, but an ultraviolet capturing one.

  38. Ngang Perez

    Ngang PerezPred dnevom

    Hello, can you make a video on the Android 10 update for Redmi Note 8 pro? Your accent is good and your content is awesome. It will help a lot

  39. Lewis Johnson

    Lewis JohnsonPred dnevom

    It isn’t a violation of privacy if I can see something you brought into public There is a difference between using my weird pervert phone and me digging through your bag without permission

  40. Naci Aslandogan

    Naci AslandoganPred dnevom

    You forgot to say fuck why have i bought this phone in the outro. You gasped.

  41. Naci Aslandogan

    Naci AslandoganPred dnevom

    The One plus 8 release video has more dislikes then this review. It's over, we killed it

  42. Meta

    MetaPred dnevom

    We had this feature in camcorders many many years ago... And it's really useful for seeing at night.

  43. Rey Kenobi

    Rey KenobiPred dnevom

    Between (mostly Chinese) phones that boast of 10x Zoom cameras and are even incorporating higher zoom levels in their future phones, and this "see through clothes" camera, these companies are surely not cognizant of how perverts will prey on women using these technologies. There, I said it, you were all thinking it.

  44. Julian van den Brink

    Julian van den BrinkPred dnevom

    Lol CAT made a phone with an IR camera long ago.

  45. Dot Com

    Dot ComPred dnevom

    use this to see through @Marshmello helmet

  46. K-leb Harper

    K-leb HarperPred dnevom

    **Insert Kardashian joke here**

  47. MessdUP

    MessdUPPred dnevom

    am inocent ..dont blame me

  48. Lucky B

    Lucky BPred dnevom

    Dyslexic senses are telling me beware of blackmail for financial gain.

  49. I LightenStar I

    I LightenStar IPred dnevom

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="53">0:53</a> Every company in a nutshell

  50. KillThePrs1dnt

    KillThePrs1dntPred dnevom

    you just made me want the phone

  51. Taiun Doo

    Taiun DooPred dnevom

    The IR camera is super useful when looking for hidden cams and surveilance bugs. Kinda intetesting how it is being shut off only in China?

  52. wafiy wahidi

    wafiy wahidiPred dnevom


  53. Jaakko Pöntinen

    Jaakko PöntinenPred dnevom

    IR or UV? I think that's not a thermal camera seeing IR, but an ultraviolet capturing one.

  54. CLutch

    CLutchPred dnevom

    I need this phone purely for that camera

  55. Peter Fabian

    Peter FabianPred dnevom

    I wonder if they thought to use that camera to improve "normal" shots somehow? Like the night mode?

  56. Peter Fabian

    Peter FabianPred uro

    @idkHowToSpeak course it's not a night mode. But maybe you can take pictures in both normal and infra and combine them automatically to get better night pictures

  57. idkHowToSpeak

    idkHowToSpeakPred 4 urami

    Dude, you literally can see just yellow and white so its not a noght mode...

  58. Denzel RJ

    Denzel RJPred dnevom

    If I had your accent. I'd talk to myself the whole day.

  59. Andrew Barratt

    Andrew BarrattPred dnevom

    Welcome, Mr Bond. I have a phone for you.

  60. Tumbash Tumbash

    Tumbash TumbashPred dnevom

    Colour filter camera is utter garbage!

  61. Rudy Kalkbasepijpje

    Rudy KalkbasepijpjePred dnevom

    Selling my 7t pro in order to buy the 8 pro.

  62. GFAT NoiZe Factory

    GFAT NoiZe FactoryPred dnevom

    do not underestimate that if you need it you can xray your self at home, I suggest to oneplus next time to put also a tube for gastroscopy



    The tech God strikes again🙌🏾

  64. Robert Kallfran

    Robert KallfranPred dnevom

    I Love this camera mode, so I really want to this continue on this fone

  65. kodaph

    kodaphPred dnevom

    Knowing this phone has, imma buy it, regardless.

  66. A5000A

    A5000APred dnevom

    no problem with this

  67. Catholic Catheter

    Catholic CatheterPred dnevom

    Say controversy right god damn it.

  68. Reaper Sayem

    Reaper SayemPred 2 dnevi

    Apple : We make phones for privacy. OnePlus : Time to uno reverse that.

  69. David Spiff

    David SpiffPred 2 dnevi

    Well explained

  70. Mangy_Dog

    Mangy_DogPred 2 dnevi

    You got it back to front. They dont add a filter for a IR camera... You take the IR filter out. A raw sensor sees IR on its own. All cameras have an IR filter to block IR... Also IR cameras are used for depth sensors... more phones use this. The only difference here is Oneplus made that sensor readable in the camera software directly...

  71. seeni gzty

    seeni gztyPred 2 dnevi

    Camera Pervert: Let me pull off what I would like to call... A PRO GAMER MOVE. 👌🏻

  72. Radu Cristian Dumitrescu

    Radu Cristian DumitrescuPred 2 dnevi

    First truly 007 smartphone much needed camera.UNfortunately they could not brand it either way not infrigment human rights of some sort.

  73. Abhinav

    AbhinavPred 2 dnevi

    I'm not really sure how much privacy concern it causes. The "see through" aspect is fairly low from the pictures I've seen. Don't get me wrong though it is just a needless gimmick which just makes the phone more costly

  74. seeni gzty

    seeni gztyPred 2 dnevi

    wait that means it can take photos in the dark

  75. RID 016

    RID 016Pred 2 dnevi

    Why isn’t the camera recording the infrared?? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="80">1:20</a>

  76. Alejandro

    AlejandroPred 2 dnevi

    On certain Sony Xperia phones with a side mounted fingerprint sensor, the sensor is disabled on U.s. Firmware

  77. NaWaF Ali

    NaWaF AliPred 2 dnevi

    Oooh i love oneplus

  78. Dominic West

    Dominic WestPred 2 dnevi

    now I want tto buy the OnePlus 8 pro :)

  79. Anthony J. Sloan

    Anthony J. SloanPred 2 dnevi

    So this means we can spy on them while "they" are spying on us? Great, I'll get mine at the end on the year. Ain't got no money now...theVirus et al.

  80. Real China Channel

    Real China ChannelPred 2 dnevi

    it makes me want to buy it😅😅 I think it's great for science students

  81. tuxutku

    tuxutkuPred 2 dnevi

    I think oneplus should respect the freedom and relase all camera app uner opensource license and fully expose everything so users who paid with their hard earned money can use it

  82. Anthony Clauser

    Anthony ClauserPred 2 dnevi

    As if this was a new thing. People do this with photos that were not taken with any intent. It's not half as big a deal as its being made out to be. Also clearly One Plus isn't concerned. They disabled it in China - where privacy is such a huge concern. Come on. If I wanted conspiracy theories, I'd watch the news.

  83. bernhard paul

    bernhard paulPred 2 dnevi

    i think thats gogga cause the dsam problem sony had when removing linux frum the ps3

  84. Alex

    AlexPred 2 dnevi

    Wouldn’t this be useful to scan people for high temperatures due to covid 19?

  85. Jake Playz

    Jake PlayzPred 2 dnevi

    my crush : *walks by* me with my oneplus :

  86. Lai Yuin Hong

    Lai Yuin HongPred 2 dnevi

    Well nobody is stopping me from seeing through some boobs and punanies