Pissed Off Girlfriend | Gabriel Iglesias

Happy throwback Thursday from 2014!


  1. junior D.

    junior D.Pred dnevom

    If i was in that situation, i would have just turned around and left.

  2. Nik Riggs

    Nik RiggsPred dnevom

    FLUFFY. Love it all you crack me up almost pissed my pants.

  3. dc in rb

    dc in rbPred 2 dnevi

    I heard Fluffy and his girlfriend/wife have separated because he cheated. He is still part of his step-son's daily life and refuses to bad-mouth her about the separation. Is this fake news?

  4. Maria Mail

    Maria MailPred 3 dnevi

    Oh no is this why it didnt last.... 😔 bless to y'all either way. @fluffy

  5. Saint Bigal

    Saint BigalPred 8 dnevi

    I freaken hate it when my wife does that to me !!!

  6. Stephanie Campbell

    Stephanie CampbellPred 17 dnevi

    I heard this one before.... he should have video chatted her to show her that he had indeed fallen asleep backstage,.. although why didnt anyone wake him? lol

  7. subscribe t o pewdiepie

    subscribe t o pewdiepiePred 14 dnevi

    who will wake a man who had 3 shows at 4 am

  8. Dhruv Agarwal

    Dhruv AgarwalPred 19 dnevi

    Man oh man this guy makes my stomach hurt 😂

  9. clonesamarie

    clonesamariePred 19 dnevi

    ima be honest if a girl did this to me, no matter how much I loved her, I would just walk away.

  10. lilkid _nbr1

    lilkid _nbr1Pred 20 dnevi

    Bruno sounds like the old hormone monster from big mouth

  11. Khadija Jama

    Khadija JamaPred 17 dnevi

    lilkid _nbr1 why is that soo accurate?😭

  12. HunterX

    HunterXPred 21 dnevom

    Bruno sounds like stitch

  13. Jack Skatter.

    Jack Skatter.Pred 21 dnevom

    No dude you call groggy voice, explain yourself lidten to the earfull and know when you go home you are going to be talked to i stead of the chihuahua

  14. Mort Wally

    Mort WallyPred 22 dnevi

    That’s definitely funny I know exactly what you’re talking about we have a Satanic Chihuahua named Bella the only differences the dog always sides with her I’m always up shit creek without a paddle👍🍺🎸🎼😎🇺🇸🇱🇹

  15. Zeddrick Ngateg

    Zeddrick NgategPred 23 dnevi

    This got me laughing hard 😂😂😂😂

  16. Darc Hart94

    Darc Hart94Pred 23 dnevi

    Gabriel has too much patience, I would've just left the house and gone to a burger king

  17. Gaurav Saraswal

    Gaurav SaraswalPred 23 dnevi

    Hey pig

  18. Punkus Rockus

    Punkus RockusPred 23 dnevi

    I’m not female and if I am worried and you don’t reply, I call Liam Neeson.

  19. The American-Pakistani

    The American-PakistaniPred 27 dnevi


  20. Walter Seeganna

    Walter SeegannaPred mesecem


  21. Beatriz Lopez

    Beatriz LopezPred mesecem

    Bruno's voice 😂 Best part: 2:53

  22. Liz Shane

    Liz ShanePred mesecem

    He is really good comedian! Good job 👏

  23. John Doe

    John DoePred mesecem

    Fat not that funny anymore.

  24. Ally

    AllyPred mesecem

    So bad. Lol

  25. Raja Ram

    Raja RamPred mesecem

    Bruno tell her I am sorry 😂😂😂

  26. I kno De Wei

    I kno De WeiPred mesecem

    That thumbnail 😂

  27. Adam Swiggity Swooty _MAGA!

    Adam Swiggity Swooty _MAGA!Pred mesecem

    Whipped as fuck. Shes gunna leave you and take 3/4ths of what you own.

  28. Freddie Flores

    Freddie FloresPred mesecem

    I'm so damn hyped to see Fluffy when comes to Houston in 2020

  29. Zombie Juice

    Zombie JuicePred mesecem

    Is he dating a fucking preteen ?

  30. Gummy Dragon

    Gummy DragonPred mesecem

    XD my man messed the fuck up too.

  31. Scott Walker

    Scott WalkerPred mesecem

    FREE UAV (drone) GIVE AWAY. See my channel for details.

  32. ProtiumXT

    ProtiumXTPred mesecem

    How is he still alive? He should be dead.Thrice.

  33. Cassandra Martinez

    Cassandra MartinezPred mesecem


  34. Major Tom

    Major TomPred mesecem

    JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA..... Cabrón, I almost died laughing.

  35. Badger

    BadgerPred mesecem

    His dog though Bruno

  36. Pushan Karmakar

    Pushan KarmakarPred mesecem

    Am i the only one who thinks he looks like manny?

  37. Nishita Bhatia

    Nishita BhatiaPred mesecem

    Pushan Karmakar he did a special appearance in the show.

  38. Back to bob And Alex

    Back to bob And AlexPred mesecem


  39. Sage

    SagePred mesecem

    Girlfriends are hypocrites lol

  40. Apple Peel

    Apple PeelPred mesecem

    He looks so different with the beard

  41. Truth Teller

    Truth TellerPred mesecem

    This short ugly dude should change his name to tubby from fluffy. Unless his dick is soft and fluffy.

  42. themovement92

    themovement92Pred mesecem

    you better leave her and stop shorting yourself

  43. IDyce88

    IDyce88Pred mesecem

    legendary roasting...don't try and out fool a comedian...it never works.

  44. GRINGO2505

    GRINGO2505Pred mesecem

    not even funny

  45. Leonardo Solis

    Leonardo SolisPred mesecem

    Who knew Meatwad was a type of dog...

  46. ร ภ ๏ ฬ

    ร ภ ๏ ฬPred mesecem

    I love this dude 😭

  47. Mary Lee

    Mary LeePred mesecem

    Blech. The days of "stand up" are long gone - total 80s. What are you actually contributing? The class clown still trying to get attention. Please include the alcoholism rate of stand up comedians. Issues.


    ZEUS MELOPred mesecem



    FREDSTER JESTERPred mesecem

    Am I the only one who thinks this isn’t funny

  50. Mobbo J

    Mobbo JPred mesecem


  51. Truth Teller

    Truth TellerPred mesecem

    Didn’t know short fat people had girlfriends. Maybe in their imagination??

  52. Truth Teller

    Truth TellerPred mesecem

    panda4247 , that would be a gold digger, not a girlfriend.

  53. panda4247

    panda4247Pred mesecem

    Famous and successful

  54. Funny World it is!!!!!!

    Funny World it is!!!!!!Pred mesecem

    slgo.info/video/z7LIkKqQY2KBn7I.html Enter at your own risk ,damn funny

  55. Berry G

    Berry GPred mesecem


  56. Sarah Stanton

    Sarah StantonPred mesecem

    Trying to work out if he took the dog coz he doesn’t want to die, or if he’s taking the dog with him coz dog called her a b!**h. (They’re in this together now lol)

  57. Villy Guimarães

    Villy GuimarãesPred mesecem

    I’m from Brazil and I’m learning English and practicing it watching your videos! It is very funny!!!

  58. Gabby serna

    Gabby sernaPred mesecem

    Thats my ex 27 missed calls 😂😂

  59. Gabby serna

    Gabby sernaPred mesecem

    🤣🤣💜💜hes so funny

  60. Michael Zobnowski

    Michael ZobnowskiPred mesecem

    That was a long 3 minutes...

  61. ray canter

    ray canterPred mesecem

    Fluffy you and trevor noah are soft. However, thanks for the reminder, why we men do not always answer our phone. Back to work men.




  63. Shane McCarthy

    Shane McCarthyPred mesecem

    Andy Ruiz ?

  64. Heather C Cleveland

    Heather C ClevelandPred mesecem

    Bruno and Fluffy played the reverse card.

  65. Zach Blundeto

    Zach BlundetoPred mesecem

    this illegal alien is not funny at all...

  66. Mr JTW

    Mr JTWPred mesecem

    Why has Kevin Hart done this exact same sketch?