Siren Head is very real. And quite possibly standing right outside your window. But in other news you probably should never go camping because he's coming for you. And when he's coming for you... he will find you. And he will mock you. And then he will eat you...

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  1. JPDI

    JPDIPred 22 minutami

    Everybody feeling safe 'till they actually realize Siren head can be silent, and look like a tree.

  2. MezTalks HD

    MezTalks HDPred 34 minutami

    The last thing I need is a moving fire alarm.

  3. Willow Sparks

    Willow SparksPred 38 minutami

    Funnily enough in stuff like camping, diving etc it’s often a rule that you should always make sure you’re safe first before helping out someone else so in a lot of cases you have to just get out of there and save your own skin instead of dying alongside your friend (I know it’s an extreme example but whatever)

  4. Stephanie Clarke

    Stephanie ClarkePred 50 minutami

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="869">14:29</a> when your moms trying to spank you but the couch is in the way

  5. Estimated Weeb Box

    Estimated Weeb BoxPred 2 urami

    This game ran horrible on my computer when I got it even with potato. I have windows seven and A HORRIBLY old pc. But I loved seeing =it when mark played it.

  6. Patrick and Mr.cactus

    Patrick and Mr.cactusPred 2 urami

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="725">12:05</a> pause the video You can see siren head standing in the road

  7. betzaida guzman GUZMAN

    betzaida guzman GUZMANPred 2 urami

    Do you have to pay to play the gamee

  8. Katie Cooker

    Katie CookerPred 2 urami

    But this creppy

  9. Katie Cooker

    Katie CookerPred 2 urami

    Yo mark I see you on playr slect

  10. Max Marroking

    Max MarrokingPred 3 urami

    Is siren head real

  11. ・Milkiibxrrie・

    ・Milkiibxrrie・Pred 2 urami

    Wait is he?TwT

  12. ・Milkiibxrrie・

    ・Milkiibxrrie・Pred 3 urami

    Max Marroking he is OoO

  13. duck

    duckPred 4 urami

    pley on potato fur full expeience

  14. This Channel

    This ChannelPred 5 urami

    the best way to not get scared by horror movies: do homework while you’re watching

  15. Dábî - Tødórokí

    Dábî - TødórokíPred 5 urami

    No siren head is adorable :>

  16. I'm Decent at Art

    I'm Decent at ArtPred 5 urami

    People claim that sirenhead lives in Indiana. I live in Indiana. I'm tall and can make lots of noise, and hate being around people. Does this mean, that in a way, I AM Sirenhead?

  17. Anayanci Padierna

    Anayanci PadiernaPred 6 urami

    *Siren head growl* Mark: .........that’s a honeybee.

  18. Jonathan Reyes

    Jonathan ReyesPred 6 urami

    You can't live in 😱 everyone you can't live in fear

  19. E Lemønade E

    E Lemønade EPred 6 urami

    why does this remind me of a much darker and creepier Gravity Falls-

  20. Veron Dauti

    Veron DautiPred 7 urami

    That's not siren head! That's Your Mother Screaming!

  21. NishidaTegaru[nZk]

    NishidaTegaru[nZk]Pred 7 urami

    Huh, never knew a SNIPER rifle could fire semi-automatic

  22. CheshireCat ́s

    CheshireCat ́sPred 8 urami

    Axe with Teeth...*Noice*

  23. vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuytPred 8 urami

    Mark: hears demonic screeching Also Mark: these are normal forest sounds

  24. Paetyn Scott

    Paetyn ScottPred 8 urami

    IT WAS <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="180">3:00</a> AM WHEN I WATCHED THIS LAST NIGHT AND I SCREAMED SO LOUD

  25. Wolf Dog

    Wolf DogPred 9 urami

    “At least the wolves are thriving.” Loons: Are we a joke to you?

  26. vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuytPred 8 urami

    Zero fucking mention of the character's creator. Trevor Henderson.

  27. Wolf Dog

    Wolf DogPred 9 urami

    Mark: *Hears something* Lixian: I am speed

  28. MossieTheMo

    MossieTheMoPred 9 urami

    So did anyone else notice the tip off to Five Nights at Freddy’s naming the friend Freddy and saying he plays Atari all the time like the Atari style mini games? CUZ I SURE AS HECK NOTICED IT

  29. da kaid phantom boss

    da kaid phantom bossPred 10 urami

    You have unlimited bullets

  30. Godhawke Gameing

    Godhawke GameingPred 11 urami

    During this entire video i had my brightness all le way up. I still couldnt see SHIT. lol

  31. Blue Zilla

    Blue ZillaPred 11 urami

    I know you saw that shadow fo through his vision....THAT IS A NO

  32. Dude Dude

    Dude DudePred 11 urami

    Mark has a hell of a bolt pull

  33. Kirkwood

    KirkwoodPred 12 urami

    "Nuke creates mushroom cloud in the distance*

  34. BENTLEY 1971

    BENTLEY 1971Pred 12 urami

    Only mark can make a hunting rifle fully automatic

  35. Danko

    DankoPred 12 urami


  36. JKM

    JKMPred 12 urami

    *Demonic sounds* Mark:...... That’s a badger Me: *me knowing thats it’s definitely NOT a badger because I’ve played the game before* ArE You SuRe AboUt That?

  37. [Scarlett-Moriko]

    [Scarlett-Moriko]Pred 12 urami

    Siren head: *Exists* Mark: *Kachow*

  38. Crystal wolf

    Crystal wolfPred 14 urami

    Me:*sees sirens head* Also me:are you the real siren head ? Siren head:NO ITS PATRICK

  39. Urb4nM4uler Gaming

    Urb4nM4uler GamingPred 15 urami

    Will you consider running Case 2, Animatronics Survival on Steam?? I just played it for my community and we enjoyed it!!

  40. A Potato

    A PotatoPred 15 urami

    Hey bud you do know that Mark has a phobia of animatronics right?

  41. StarGamer

    StarGamerPred 15 urami

    Its more scared of me than I am of it. Me: Damn Mark that could be anybody!

  42. Maximaker02

    Maximaker02Pred 15 urami

    Wait a minute... Why was Siren Head talking about our character Freddy as if he did something, or as if he was trying to save his friends?

  43. HyenaDip

    HyenaDipPred 15 urami

    Zero fucking mention of the character's creator. Trevor Henderson.

  44. Bloodless_Howler

    Bloodless_HowlerPred 16 urami

    Everybody gangsta till the Pixar lamp grow arms and legs

  45. CreativeStudios97

    CreativeStudios97Pred 17 urami

    This game is honestly genious. The siren noises used were originally purposed to put fear into your head so that you seek saftey in a time of crisis...Using that to the disadvantage of the player is brilliant. Terrifying, but brilliant!

  46. SCP 049

    SCP 049Pred 17 urami

    Haha Tall man goes beep.

  47. Sugar Animations

    Sugar AnimationsPred 18 urami

    Me hears siren head and a person screams: STURP IT YOU TALK MONSTER IT IS FREAKING <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="766">12:46</a>AM NOW STAP

  48. Akame 7

    Akame 7Pred 18 urami

    So this is my first time watching M.P. And I got to say I didn’t like him at first, because I thought he was acting like a child in a adult man body, but he literally is! Which makes him funny, anywho, he explains this game and looks into details which I can understand when he’s playing throughout this game, which makes me the viewer easier to understand, so I guess you could say, I’m a new subscriber. Thank you Mark.

  49. melih bayleon

    melih bayleonPred 19 urami

    im from turkish but im watching your videos

  50. Jacob Larson

    Jacob LarsonPred 19 urami

    When he started shooting at siren head I was laughing so hard mark makes the best vids

  51. Adrian Lopez

    Adrian LopezPred 20 urami

    Wtf this is scary af

  52. Lunar Samicom

    Lunar SamicomPred 20 urami

    okay, but having a 3d enviornment be pixelated is actually really cool.

  53. RuggedTundra 7

    RuggedTundra 7Pred 20 urami

    Jesus Christ what kind of .22 is that?

  54. kwang jhon

    kwang jhonPred 20 urami

    Wow I wanted to have a machine gun now I just buy a rifle now I can go bang bang bang in the city without reloading every shot because it’s secretly a machine gun.

  55. Jamie Fortin

    Jamie FortinPred 20 urami

    No one: Absolutely no one: Sirenhead: "THE FITNESSGRAM PACER TEST IS A MULTISTAGE......."

  56. YBD TV

    YBD TVPred 20 urami

    All My Friends are Dead push me to the edge ಥ‿ಥ

  57. Pigeon Boi

    Pigeon BoiPred 21 uro

    Weather noise



    it was just inevitable that someone would use the sound of that creepy broken chicago tornado siren, for a monster

  59. Lexicon

    LexiconPred 22 urami

    “Sure wish my eyes had better resolution” Me, looking at my 2 inch thicc glasses: yeah me too :(

  60. Learn English Vocabulary

    Learn English VocabularyPred 23 urami

    Howdy, Markiplier. it is a extremely thrilling video. thanks. :)

  61. Supercall 15

    Supercall 15Pred 23 urami

    When u pause the video and the siren doesn’t stop.....

  62. Typiicz PG3D

    Typiicz PG3DPred dnevom

    I’m just gonna show this game to my little sis this, and help her sleep...;)

  63. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vootyPred dnevom

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1042">17:22</a> I sweeeeeaaaar I thought he said "We can't get our cooches past that point" Until I realized HE SAID CrUiSeRs I'M DYINGGGG

  64. Arleigh Garbacik

    Arleigh GarbacikPred dnevom

    Mark: no one knows what Freddy did Me: sir you are Freddy

  65. mandee vasey

    mandee vaseyPred dnevom

    I honestly am scared of going outside now... and this is why I stay in the house playing Atari

  66. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vootyPred dnevom

    rip markiplier

  67. Jaded SilverLining

    Jaded SilverLiningPred dnevom

    One of those sounds I'm pretty sure is from Into the Spider-verse

  68. UiopikYT NIE

    UiopikYT NIEPred dnevom

    I love how marks editor just ran into his room and then in the game

  69. Ree is a paranoid kid

    Ree is a paranoid kidPred dnevom


  70. Eddie II

    Eddie IIPred dnevom

    Lixian, nice shadow streaker, lol

  71. X Borg

    X BorgPred dnevom

    Hey Markiplier Pls play the Siren head Dating sim

  72. Akua Shados

    Akua ShadosPred dnevom

    Me: *eat the last of the pizza rolls* My older brother: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1400">23:20</a>

  73. M. A. GAMEPLAY

    M. A. GAMEPLAYPred dnevom

    Siren head trying to kill mark Mark: HELP I GOT NO PANTS

  74. Alice the Flyeon_6

    Alice the Flyeon_6Pred dnevom

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="761">12:41</a> Ahahahaha What is he shooting at? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="794">13:14</a> Me : AHHH! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?! WHY IS IT SO TALL?! DOES IT MEAN DEATH?! *Game over* Oh I guess it does..

  75. Ultracool Dudes

    Ultracool DudesPred dnevom


  76. Ultracool Dudes

    Ultracool DudesPred dnevom


  77. lilly berkshire

    lilly berkshirePred dnevom

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1401">23:21</a> his soul left his body

  78. Βασίλης Τσαμτσίδης

    Βασίλης ΤσαμτσίδηςPred dnevom

    This siren sound is my morning alarm 🚨

  79. CreeperCraft49

    CreeperCraft49Pred dnevom

    Mark: Whats over there what am i looking at its a pile of sticks [all in one sentence to ephasise how fast he said it]

  80. NightxKurosway

    NightxKuroswayPred dnevom

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="175">2:55</a> dude... when I said my heart jumped.... it jumped

  81. Layla Denton

    Layla DentonPred dnevom

    i felt chills down my back



    rip markiplier

  83. ×∆~°GlÎtÇh°~∆× 3rRør ÈrRõR

    ×∆~°GlÎtÇh°~∆× 3rRør ÈrRõRPred dnevom

    bruh my dogs started to bark but i have earbuds in and im in my room ALONE- im- i- wow- im- scared- XD but also nottttt-


    JAATMTVS TØPPred dnevom

    good video 👍🏼

  85. Lightning Blade32

    Lightning Blade32Pred dnevom

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="859">14:19</a> to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="868">14:28</a> Mark: hears sirenhead Also mark running away: nope nope nope nope nope nope