Tesla Model P Pickup Truck By Husmen

Tesla Pickup Truck Model P By Emre Husmen

Source: www.behance.net/gallery/78909965/TESLA-Pickup?tracking_source=for_you_published


  1. Batuhan Sağlam

    Batuhan SağlamPred mesecem

    🇹🇷Emre Hüsmen

  2. Ottomane_1453_ cCc

    Ottomane_1453_ cCcPred 2 meseci

    Emre 👍🇹🇷 perfect

  3. ThePorteSecrète 78

    ThePorteSecrète 78Pred mesecem

    Evet 🇹🇷

  4. Murat A

    Murat APred 2 meseci

    wonderful 👍


    DEADWAYPred 2 meseci

    Shut up and take my money!

  6. Oscar Rodriguez

    Oscar RodriguezPred 3 meseci


  7. RayfieldA

    RayfieldAPred 3 meseci

    So with all the buzz over the Cyber Truck, is This truck going into production or not?

  8. Erik S

    Erik SPred 3 meseci

    I would buy this model any day above the just launched shoebox “cybertruck”

  9. Happy SillyFace

    Happy SillyFacePred 3 meseci

    I wish these "artists" who have obviously never driven a truck would stop drawing these with blind spots on the rear windows. It looks as bad as a Chevy Avalanche. 🤪

  10. BigRed Made In America

    BigRed Made In AmericaPred 3 meseci

    I have 58k. Lers do this right now

  11. ynfuentes1

    ynfuentes1Pred 3 meseci

    That small black electric truck in front of the gray 18 wheeler IS TESLA PICK UP TRUCK. But instead of pulling a house trailer with the windows and the box hook up in the back of the black truck is pulling a regular trailer. REMEMBER TESLA IS PULLING 300,000 POUND NO WANT BELIEVE HIM BUT FORD IS PULLING 1,000.000.000 POUND AND YOU CAN'T TRUST TESLA

  12. Marcos S Marcolino

    Marcos S MarcolinoPred 4 meseci

    Muito feia

  13. Dan Prater

    Dan PraterPred 5 meseci

    My only gripe is it looks like it has a 4 foot bed? Need my cargo space

  14. A A

    A APred 5 meseci

    I can't stand trucks and the truck-drivers in general, but ifTesla release this exact render, I'll pre-order mine.

  15. Blu Sensation

    Blu SensationPred 6 meseci

    If they make this style truck they will sell a shit load of them.

  16. Casanovafff

    CasanovafffPred 8 meseci


  17. Comment from under the rock.

    Comment from under the rock.Pred 8 meseci

    Brainwash music

  18. FPortman

    FPortmanPred 8 meseci

    Thta's amazing Tesla Model P Pickup Truck design. I love it.From the point of view of design, it is cool .. but from the point of view of proportions ...not sure. It seems to me that the front part of the hood is too short from what it looks disproportionately ..

  19. ThePorteSecrète 78

    ThePorteSecrète 78Pred mesecem

    The trunk look like small in vidéo need to see it in Real life

  20. Brandon DeFrenchi

    Brandon DeFrenchiPred 8 meseci

    That is NOT a pickup truck. Sure it looks cool, but if this truly is Tesla's design, they're going to lose a lot of business to Rivian and Ford.

  21. James Bell

    James BellPred 9 meseci

    I really love the look of this and I hope Tesla uses this as a template. That being said ... Unfortunately I could not buy this particular model. I need a longbox (4x8) bed and preferably a dually tire configuration to make my EV purchase a practical one. My truck, as stylish as I'm hoping it will be, is first and foremost a tool and is how I earn a living for me and my family. I would please ask Emre Husmen to render a Tradesman Contractor's model that uses all of the design elements as the current render. I know for a fact, that is the OVERWHELMING consensuses among would-be serious consumers.

  22. Cole Murphy

    Cole MurphyPred 9 meseci

    i mean thats a cool looking concept but, it doesnt look like it would be much for utility. If they want to make a truck that will sale and reach a Broader market they need something to meet that middle ground of luxury and workability. have a real chance of shaking up that market instead of just making it a truck as a gimmick.

  23. worlds_okayest_crossfitter

    worlds_okayest_crossfitterPred 9 meseci

    Shut up and take my money!

  24. Attrazione Zen

    Attrazione ZenPred 9 meseci

    Cool video ;)

  25. Gabriel Purziani

    Gabriel PurzianiPred 9 meseci

    Genial!!! así se diseña una pick-up. Vehiculo utilitario y objeto de diseño (deseo) a la a vez. (Cool!!! this is how a pick-up is designed. Utility vehicle and design object (desire) at the same time.)

  26. #Dax_homegymmotivation Gym Fit Series

    #Dax_homegymmotivation Gym Fit SeriesPred 10 meseci

    There is no turning back! thank you Tesla for showing the world you don't have to build ugly Eevee's. Who dosent want this Art in Motion in there driveways tonight. Just make these affordable to the masses asap.. Elon Rules the auto industry And this is why.

  27. Trigger Troll

    Trigger TrollPred 10 meseci

    Looks like the Barbie truck. Just needs two surf boards in the back and resting on the roof.

  28. Man_eee

    Man_eeePred 10 meseci

    Is this real life!! 😂 The future is here!

  29. kano b

    kano bPred 10 meseci

    That shit ugly because of the suv-like hunch

  30. Bryan Bustamante

    Bryan BustamantePred 10 meseci

    What kind of MPG are we looking at? Looking to trade in my f150.

  31. Harold Davis

    Harold DavisPred 8 meseci

    400-500 miles per charge. Supposed to haul 300,000 lbs also. No gas or diesel required. Electric motors with battery supplied, for the power. Has 240 volt hookup for construction work. Needs a longer bed and dually wheel options for American standards.

  32. James Bell

    James BellPred 9 meseci

    MPG ??? Bawhahahahaha !!!!

  33. It is I

    It is IPred 10 meseci

    Atrocious music holy fuck... way to ruin experience

  34. iDeal Cashback Shopping Community

    iDeal Cashback Shopping CommunityPred 10 meseci

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥perfect 💚💚🔋🔋

  35. no further west

    no further westPred 10 meseci

    That look says "don't f*ck with me"

  36. maand0

    maand0Pred 10 meseci

    Looks like a futuristic el Camino..... Google that younglings

  37. Ariel Mejia

    Ariel MejiaPred 10 meseci

    Elon musk would be ashamed, smh...

  38. Benjamin Orlowski

    Benjamin OrlowskiPred 10 meseci

    My favorite render so far.

  39. Tyler Smallman

    Tyler SmallmanPred 10 meseci

    Looks like a graphic designer mashed up a Toyota tundra and a model x.

  40. Tyler Smallman

    Tyler SmallmanPred 10 meseci

    Good God stop this music

  41. James Bell

    James BellPred 9 meseci

    AMEN !!! Who actually listens to this type of ...(music) ??? Not truck guys I'm pretty sure !!!

  42. pyrros81

    pyrros81Pred 10 meseci

    It's nice looking truck but the roofline is a little low, I don't think they'll use those tail lamps, or something as extreme as those body panel moldings for the doors

  43. Evangelos Giannoulis

    Evangelos GiannoulisPred 10 meseci

    Go ahead Tesla!!!

  44. art

    artPred 10 meseci

    That’s fake

  45. Hard Working Bum

    Hard Working BumPred 10 meseci

    Needs a longer bed and you might get Americans behind this truck.

  46. Tyler Sanders

    Tyler SandersPred 10 meseci

    It's going to sell regardless.

  47. Zed Zerps

    Zed ZerpsPred 10 meseci

    It looks pretty bad ass to me.