Testing Useless Nail Hacks (Blowing Bubbles Through My Nails)

"Which life hack do you think was tHe MoSt UsELeSs?"
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  1. Nakia Sutton

    Nakia SuttonPred minuto

    Why didn’t I think about the hole punch thing😖!!! My kid totally lost all the stuff even in folders... ugggggggg! Whyyyyyy... Genius ❤️👍🏽

  2. JanusChan

    JanusChanPred 17 minutami

    If I had kids, they could definitely watch you. ;) It's good to have examples of people living their life wisely and with playful humor. ;)

  3. TheAmazingEmily 11

    TheAmazingEmily 11Pred 32 minutami

    Can you just do a full video of you reacting to troom troom videos

  4. Hana Lee

    Hana LeePred uro

    I think there trying to copy you with the girl that’s obsessed with nails and bubbles and the boy Ben

  5. Eireann Power

    Eireann PowerPred uro

    Cristine : They have got ads *Ad pops up* Me: They are watching and listening 😮👀

  6. CookieQueen678

    CookieQueen678Pred 2 urami

    Is it just me or does Ben work out because ngl he is buff 😂

  7. Ida Does Stuff

    Ida Does StuffPred 2 urami

    CRISTINE ALERT!!! You should cook tacos for Ben, HOLO tacos ( edible glitter, holo sauce etc. ). That would be a great video to watch, and it’s on brand with the channel! Not saying you have to, but I would LOVE that video and probably many more would too 💿💿💿💿💿💿


    BTS ARMYPred 3 urami

    slgo.info/video/r9LcfaZ7mJiahsg.html please do a video about it

  9. LOL4ME

    LOL4MEPred 4 urami

    as soon as cristine said ''they got adds'' an add came

  10. Tere Pace

    Tere PacePred 4 urami

    Omg Christine ur on you tube rewind! For like 1 second...

  11. Liah Suyo

    Liah SuyoPred 5 urami

    When Cristine said 'hm. They've got ads' straight after an ad popped up

  12. hailey breann

    hailey breannPred 5 urami

    I feel like troom troom is taking jabs at Cristine and Ben lol

  13. Ben the banana

    Ben the bananaPred 6 urami

    I wanted to search up simply nailogical but instead i searched up tea XD

  14. Tithi Shah

    Tithi ShahPred 6 urami

    cristine: we're gonna purge everyone who's doing it for money. will i still be here?- me: **immediately gets hit with an ad**

  15. Jenna Lamore

    Jenna LamorePred 6 urami

    Forget troom troom what about Moria Elizabeth? I'd be lost without her channel and I'm 28 but she has a lot of younger viewers

  16. Susan Radford

    Susan RadfordPred 6 urami

    Congrats on being in the SLgo rewind #Canada ❤️❤️❤️

  17. Ryan Lin

    Ryan LinPred 7 urami

    “Hey Ben, would you Iike a blow?” - 10:10

  18. Rata Tattat

    Rata TattatPred 7 urami

    anyone else notice her in rewind? legends edtion

  19. XxRidgedWarsxX

    XxRidgedWarsxXPred 8 urami

    Okay so troom troom is Russian. When you went to troom troom bens profile, the bio had Russian in it. (I cannot translate what it says, I don’t know enough Russian yet.)

  20. Miss Meme

    Miss MemePred 8 urami


  21. BriLexis

    BriLexisPred 8 urami

    Girl they used a nail drill not an actual drill

  22. it's free real estate

    it's free real estatePred 9 urami

    i can't be the only one that thought of the vine with those spoon glasses sorry i'm too busy mmmmmmm blockin out the haters

  23. Tisha Nabila

    Tisha NabilaPred 9 urami

    I was like just put the fake nails on bens nails

  24. Victoria G

    Victoria GPred 9 urami

    gel nail polish hacks!!! facebook.com/5min.crafts/videos/506639153528968/

  25. Allybird Plays

    Allybird PlaysPred 9 urami

    Sorry I can’t here you I’m to busy blockin out the haters

  26. Black Rose

    Black RosePred 9 urami

    Troom troom sounds so damn dumb

  27. Sister Tsuru

    Sister TsuruPred 9 urami

    5:04 That voice crack though

  28. Mini Mika

    Mini MikaPred 9 urami

    Anyone else think they're just talking about cristine?

  29. Drawing with Ada Be

    Drawing with Ada BePred 10 urami

    I love how every time you posted it gets in the top 10 for most trending video, but you weren't put in rewind. 🤦

  30. Reji Qalen

    Reji QalenPred 10 urami

    also , did anyone catch how she displayed her new Holo Taco holoday edition???

  31. Reji Qalen

    Reji QalenPred 10 urami

    goodness gracious , it's a nail related video .

  32. Jennifer Vasquez

    Jennifer VasquezPred 10 urami

    12:02 the type of relationship I’m trying to have 😭😂🥺😝

  33. Potted__Planter

    Potted__PlanterPred 10 urami

    ben loves bubbles confirmed

  34. Angel Flaviano

    Angel FlavianoPred 10 urami

    I had an ad popped up after she said "they got ads"

  35. Vanessa Alt

    Vanessa AltPred 10 urami

    I was watching this video and thought christine should review it. facebook.com/5min.crafts/videos/506639153528968/

  36. MTDP UwU

    MTDP UwUPred 10 urami

    "Oh no, haters are attacking me again!" Why is there only 1 person commenting and WHY do they sound so ecstatic??

  37. Lilly Library

    Lilly LibraryPred 10 urami

    I returned to my inner child with this video Ben and Every 7.47M subscribers: When did you leave?

  38. pee9en

    pee9enPred 10 urami

    "they've got ads-" ad plays *screaming intensifies*

  39. Lili Sunshine

    Lili SunshinePred 10 urami

    When you said yo it works you sounded like my 16 year old friends. Shane Dawson’s new conspiracy video be like: hey guys today we will be talking about simply nailogical/Christines real age she isnt as old as she says she is she is actually 16

  40. Blaire Louis

    Blaire LouisPred 10 urami

    cristine: “they’ve got ads” before she finishes her sentence: ad plays