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Ninja made a bad tweet
I Am Fish

I Am Fish

Pred 2 dnevi

You Laugh you DRINK

You Laugh you DRINK

Pred 12 dnevi

The Joker VS Society meme


Pred 16 dnevi

Sonic looks EPIC now!
STOP calling me A BOOMER!!!
Kids are dumb.

Kids are dumb.

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Am I a Boomer?

Am I a Boomer?

Pred mesecem

This has to end..

This has to end..

Pred mesecem



Pred mesecem

You Haha, You Lose!
Nah. - RL Minecraft - 2
Untitled Goose Game. is epic
I vlogged the Honeymoon..
Best Week Ever.  LWIAY #0089
  1. Forever Weird

    Forever WeirdPred 2 sekundami

    1:23 Anyone who has boomer parents would know that the people in the minecraft/terraria meme are actually brothers, i mean, duh

  2. Kermit puppet boi

    Kermit puppet boiPred 4 sekundami

    This even game but it is trending for gaming

  3. Toney Giraffe

    Toney GiraffePred 10 sekundami

    Where terraria at

  4. Anna McKinley

    Anna McKinleyPred 12 sekundami

    bro wait i thought the title was kidding:’(

  5. Creeper _

    Creeper _Pred 16 sekundami

    You know that the last of us 2 is coming out early next year?

  6. 김용남

    김용남Pred 17 sekundami

    Nah, you forgot Terraria

  7. Julijan Mlakar

    Julijan MlakarPred 23 sekundami

    “some random dude on the internet” “DuckyTheGamer crying in the shower while playin mobile fortnite”

  8. Kyle Ries

    Kyle RiesPred 24 sekundami

    8:30 at least they have a life outside of a gaming setup

  9. ايش اللي صديك؟

    ايش اللي صديك؟Pred 25 sekundami

    Girl: makes a meme Pewds: 15:14

  10. Pren

    PrenPred 25 sekundami

    decided to watch this again, i didn't cry at the bro fist this time but like almsot happened 😔

  11. KANA Chan

    KANA ChanPred 26 sekundami

    0:55 it’s JoJo pewds sama.

  12. The Blue Recruit

    The Blue RecruitPred 30 sekundami

    Watch SLgo rewind!

  13. Blue Moon

    Blue MoonPred 32 sekundami

    I mean you did have a house flood and stuff stolen. I can see why you forgot lol..

  14. rapelihammastiikeri

    rapelihammastiikeriPred 36 sekundami

    whos idea was hot one's with sean evans, thats GREAT!!!!!!

  15. Makena Burton

    Makena BurtonPred 37 sekundami

    "don't touch me"

  16. No Name

    No NamePred 44 sekundami

    Holy shit I’ve been so hyped for poopdie for so long. This game is gonna be sick

  17. Another Channel

    Another ChannelPred 48 sekundami

    I don't understand sportsball.


    ARUL SINGHPred 49 sekundami

    SLgo rewind is out . what you think of it.

  19. Lonely Bonely

    Lonely BonelyPred 52 sekundami

    I thought you said you watched JoJo, YOU LIED TO US

  20. Trenticles tenticles

    Trenticles tenticlesPred 53 sekundami

    Ah yes how rewinds are supposed to be like

  21. Dogey Gamer

    Dogey GamerPred minuto

    ted cruz killed baby yoda

  22. Chen-SIO

    Chen-SIOPred minuto

    each of pewds subs buy one tree.

  23. dolorousakita

    dolorousakitaPred minuto

    “Этот раздел комментариев ужасен!» Все: ХмМмМмМмМмМмМмМммМ

  24. Elonzo Walker

    Elonzo WalkerPred minuto

    Bruh I’m dead😂😂😂1:51 to 2:06

  25. REY TAVO

    REY TAVOPred minuto

    do it again please

  26. Yotono Gagioshi

    Yotono GagioshiPred minuto

    You said you watched JoJo, you were the chosen one...

  27. Prove me wrong If your gay

    Prove me wrong If your gayPred minuto


  28. Postino

    PostinoPred minuto

    I'm just hear for the comments about Joseph from Full Metal Alchemist.

  29. Terminal Illness

    Terminal IllnessPred minuto

    *13:10* i say no and that people are a mistake

  30. Yoxa Gvizcfin

    Yoxa GvizcfinPred minuto

    That was from jojo

  31. unleash legend2

    unleash legend2Pred minuto

    *Umm I don't have anything funny but can I get a like for no absolute reason.*

  32. general property

    general propertyPred minuto

    why is this #1 on gaming i love felix but why is it 1 on GAMING and not a different one

  33. Smart Stuf

    Smart StufPred minuto

    "where is this from? Is this Fullmetal Alchemist?" I freaking knew it. NO DIGNITY

  34. Joey Guyette

    Joey GuyettePred 2 minutami

    Leave your entrees in the subreddit bro’s and I’ll watch submissions in the next episode of LWIAY

  35. Matthew Blankenship

    Matthew BlankenshipPred 2 minutami

    1:19 when Felix ships 2 brothers

  36. Comrade Pooch

    Comrade PoochPred 2 minutami

    You know what you gotta do know, man.

  37. Shayan Sobhani

    Shayan SobhaniPred 2 minutami

    Who else is waiting for a good rewind?

  38. Ab Ba

    Ab BaPred 2 minutami


  39. big bro Tabin

    big bro TabinPred 2 minutami

    It's from jojo fool

  40. Dark Thanatos

    Dark ThanatosPred 2 minutami

    I'm sad today and at the same time watching pewds video to make me happy. Thank you Pewdiepie. 😊

  41. Kinley Creamer

    Kinley CreamerPred 2 minutami

    *0:07**- I've seen all of Shane Dawsons videos,·-·,*

  42. Josh Braasch

    Josh BraaschPred 2 minutami

    That add at the end was shit

  43. Nate Simmonis

    Nate SimmonisPred 3 minutami

    The person who robbed PewDiePie's house: PP miniscule

  44. Team Parkhill

    Team ParkhillPred 3 minutami

    “Disney PTSD”

  45. That indian guy you see at the Market

    That indian guy you see at the MarketPred 3 minutami

    Boy:t series will become the most subscribed SLgo Pewds:no it will not Today:t series is the most subbed youtuber

  46. Mamodokod

    MamodokodPred 3 minutami

    6:17 fucking killed me felix jesus CHRIST that was the perfect comedic timing

  47. It’s Max

    It’s MaxPred 3 minutami

    6:05 nice job sive

  48. DSR-115

    DSR-115Pred 3 minutami

    *misses 0.5 seconds of a bad word* SLgo: *instant demonetization*

  49. Sparky's Unknown Radio

    Sparky's Unknown RadioPred 3 minutami

    I just beat the Moon Lord in Terraria! I can finally say i beat the most complex game! hope Pewdiepie gets there soon.

  50. Comrade Pooch

    Comrade PoochPred 3 minutami

    Pewds, you gotta save us. Bring the Memer boys together to create an actual rewind again. Please!

  51. Russian Horse

    Russian HorsePred 3 minutami

    Boi did you just compare full metal alchemist to frikin jojos bizarre adventures?

  52. Colin Green

    Colin GreenPred 3 minutami

    youtube rewind was a top 10. wut

  53. Nat Dawg Playz

    Nat Dawg PlayzPred 3 minutami

    I’ve always liked the statue

  54. Dxnkey

    DxnkeyPred 3 minutami

    How can you say you watch JoJo Felix, then not know the one saying “I’ll never forgive the Japanese” is *J* *O* *E* *S* *E* *P* *H* *J* *O* *E* *S* *T* *A* *R*

  55. thiccalicous is thicc

    thiccalicous is thiccPred 3 minutami

    this proves we shouldn’t have self driving cars they’ll just be thinking about which person to kill the whole time

  56. Fredthegamer SCHRARDER

    Fredthegamer SCHRARDERPred 3 minutami

    I can’t find any funny comments ;(. Just repeated gay shit.

  57. Oblivion

    OblivionPred 3 minutami

    PewDiePie: I watched JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Also PewDiePie: Is that from Fullmetal Alchemist?

  58. zapv01

    zapv01Pred 3 minutami

    Papyrus intensifys

  59. Ace The FireDragon

    Ace The FireDragonPred 4 minutami

    Pewds: is that full metal alchemist? Me: *Pffftrtrt!! THATS OBVIOUSLY JOJO HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW THAT!!*

  60. F1av0rs91

    F1av0rs91Pred 4 minutami

    Didn't he say he watched jojo once? Nani?

  61. Ab Ba

    Ab BaPred 4 minutami

    Wooooow theyre arent even enough decent people they had to do a throwback lmao. Congrats PEWDS #1

  62. Weeb Freak

    Weeb FreakPred 4 minutami

    Ah so Felix is a part skipper *Disgusting*

  63. Marcelo Coelho

    Marcelo CoelhoPred 4 minutami

    Shit, i Love rewatch pewdie's videos

  64. Saltiest Salt

    Saltiest SaltPred 4 minutami

    It's almost sad. He looks like someone who hates his job but has to go through with it because he needs the opportunity. Must be horrible for a content creator. Can't help but feel sorry for that dude.

  65. brother max

    brother maxPred 4 minutami

    pewdiepie you know what to do ;)

  66. Doct Joe

    Doct JoePred 4 minutami

    And here I thought you were revisiting seaman

  67. ZappyMitts

    ZappyMittsPred 4 minutami

    2:02 gottem

  68. Daryn Van niekerk

    Daryn Van niekerkPred 4 minutami

    I loveeeeee this videos

  69. Brendan Trice

    Brendan TricePred 4 minutami


  70. Manuel Rodezno

    Manuel RodeznoPred 4 minutami

    “DONATE” Bio life

  71. Billy Conway

    Billy ConwayPred 4 minutami

    Anyone who disliked this.your wrong

  72. The Huntsman

    The HuntsmanPred 4 minutami

    giorno: pewdipie watches jojo giorno gold a lie that day

  73. Lucas Prieto

    Lucas PrietoPred 4 minutami

    *looks at jojo meme* “is that from full metal alchemist”

  74. User Name

    User NamePred 4 minutami

    13:10 explains a lot

  75. Anderson Zip

    Anderson ZipPred 4 minutami

    How do feel about C.O.P.P.A guys?

  76. Cleidinha Domingos

    Cleidinha DomingosPred 4 minutami

    Uururm... im a boy hahahaha i no is woman

  77. Daniel Atkinson

    Daniel AtkinsonPred 5 minutami

    I play Terraria now because of your vids. I will be 58 soon.

  78. sonnossonnos

    sonnossonnosPred 5 minutami

    My Swedish boyfriend has the same issue with 'chairs/shairss'.. I will stop correct him from now on because you do it too. It is also just very cute

  79. Javier Luna

    Javier LunaPred 5 minutami

    Felix: If my chair doesn't make it in rewind what's the point me: *having watched rewind SLgo oopsie

  80. Dark Mystery

    Dark MysteryPred 5 minutami


  81. PurpleLemur

    PurpleLemurPred 5 minutami

    Yt rewind But enes batuar is on it


    INFINITYPred 5 minutami

    3 years later he got robbed

  83. Tofu Tube

    Tofu TubePred 5 minutami

    Honestly I'm Chinese and I agree that chinese rap is trash

  84. Nelsantoox S13

    Nelsantoox S13Pred 5 minutami

    Well this is a real rewind Thanks piewdipie

  85. Ihaveawall 22

    Ihaveawall 22Pred 5 minutami

    Bruh my little brother is trying to drink water with his recorder

  86. Mir Ist langweilig

    Mir Ist langweiligPred 5 minutami

    Congratulations for being the most viewed creator this year love your videos

  87. Another Channel

    Another ChannelPred 5 minutami

    Pewdiepie's fans are kind of scary...

  88. Julian Hacman

    Julian HacmanPred 5 minutami

    It’s funny how I have the exact same hair style as pewdipie it goes left and has the same style

  89. diabetic shaggy

    diabetic shaggyPred 5 minutami

    Can I like twice

  90. Max Fairchild

    Max FairchildPred 5 minutami

    another terraria video?

  91. Tai QT

    Tai QTPred 5 minutami

    Pewds: is that from fullmetal alchemist Me: yare yare daze

  92. ゴゴPhunゴゴ

    ゴゴPhunゴゴPred 5 minutami

    0:56 bruh I thought pewds watched jojo..

  93. Hussein Badei

    Hussein BadeiPred 5 minutami

    6:07 edit tho

  94. Nicholas Cubides

    Nicholas CubidesPred 6 minutami

    "Is that full metal alchemist?" You didn't keep watching Jojo did you?

  95. Jaime Penman

    Jaime PenmanPred 6 minutami

    I love the battery at 7:31 lololo nice 👌👌👌🤣🤣🤣👏🏿👏🏿

  96. Katelyn Neville

    Katelyn NevillePred 6 minutami

    I appreciate that you are able to make jokes in a shitty situation, you're rad 👏

  97. Golden Robot Midas 5009

    Golden Robot Midas 5009Pred 6 minutami

    It just happen bro

  98. Xendurr

    XendurrPred 6 minutami

    Pewdiepie at the end: Also download Pewdiepie Pixelings Video at the end: *P O O P D I E*

  99. Ptao Tom

    Ptao TomPred 6 minutami

    "People don't eat seals" He is gonna have a hell of a time when he discovers the Inuit diet

  100. Rippkai Starnes

    Rippkai StarnesPred 6 minutami

    Imagine living in felix’s old house and seeing random people everyday taking pictures by the same stairs