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Ariana Grande - Focus
  1. Just that kid from Balkans

    Just that kid from BalkansPred 22 urami

    This song is just weird

  2. Pinky Desai

    Pinky DesaiPred 22 urami

    this is the best song ever i love justin beiber and ariana grande

  3. Ktoś

    KtośPred 22 urami


  4. Aniya Siciliano

    Aniya SicilianoPred 22 urami

    first you was in victorias then sam and cat now a youtuber

  5. Jenifer Dekarued

    Jenifer DekaruedPred 22 urami


  6. Ktoś

    KtośPred 22 urami


  7. Eliot laFantastica

    Eliot laFantasticaPred 22 urami

    ok but where are the gays

  8. Ashley Ruiz

    Ashley RuizPred 22 urami

    I have a Boy f

  9. Gyda k

    Gyda kPred 22 urami

    Ceo of ur friend is in this video

  10. Julio Arevalo

    Julio ArevaloPred 22 urami


  11. Yoori Kim

    Yoori KimPred 22 urami

    Nhạc hay qúa

  12. Ayesha Ishaq

    Ayesha IshaqPred 22 urami

    And that is Kris Kardashian fangirling

  13. Julio Arevalo

    Julio ArevaloPred 22 urami


  14. Bess Hal

    Bess HalPred 22 urami


  15. Julio Arevalo

    Julio ArevaloPred 22 urami


  16. Gabriel Botelho Frazao Barbosa

    Gabriel Botelho Frazao BarbosaPred 22 urami

    Love this song ❤

  17. maria luisa lug

    maria luisa lugPred 22 urami

    i was hearing this song whith my sis and she sayed if she could fly and i said no lol

  18. Mark Timothy Rosendal

    Mark Timothy RosendalPred 22 urami

    Di ko kayo maintindihan letche puro koreano!jusme!

  19. Elizabeth Scheps

    Elizabeth SchepsPred 22 urami

    I love the Legally blonde theme! \I/

  20. Franshesca Carvallo Del Castillo

    Franshesca Carvallo Del CastilloPred 22 urami

    Alguien me explica pq el carro es negro?

  21. Chickennugnugnugget Nnnn

    Chickennugnugnugget NnnnPred 22 urami

    𝗟𝗮𝗻𝗮’𝘀 𝗽𝗮𝗿𝘁 𝗶𝘀 𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘆𝘁𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗶𝘃𝗲 𝗿𝗲𝗽𝗹𝗮𝘆𝗲𝗱 𝗶𝘁 𝗹𝗶𝗸𝗲 𝟮𝟬𝘅 2:21

  22. Ida-Marie Erlund Johannessen

    Ida-Marie Erlund JohannessenPred 22 urami

    People in 2020 visiting Old songs to go out from the depression of the world.

  23. _Sparklez Tiffany_

    _Sparklez Tiffany_Pred 22 urami

    I like Ariana,who like Ariana too?

  24. Daroblox Girl

    Daroblox GirlPred 23 urami

    2020:if you are reading this hope you survive the corona virus. 2021:if you are reading this I’m happy you survived corona!

  25. Ask New York

    Ask New YorkPred 23 urami

    Did anyone know that Jordin Sparks wrote this song? 🤔

  26. Carl Vincent

    Carl VincentPred 23 urami

    Summer vibes 🌆➡️

  27. Hannah pranuthi

    Hannah pranuthiPred 23 urami

    Ohhh my dear Ariana Grande...u r the strongest person I have ever seen in singers....all ur ex's don't know how beautiful person u r ...but we appreciate u because u just made this song just to thank them and to share how u felt ...we love u ...and u r really beautiful 😍...I really love u and ur voice is magical ❤️...I am hugggge fan ..I wish I was ur friend in real life ....will love and support u at any situations .....may Jesus gives u a perfect person in life who will never hurt u ... Jesus please give her Everything and protect her 😁

  28. Sanjog Rai

    Sanjog RaiPred 23 urami

    I am in depression, can anyone suggest me what to do please

  29. Blankets

    BlanketsPred 23 urami

    Who's here after Rain On Me?

  30. Miriam Tovar

    Miriam TovarPred 23 urami

    Mayo 2020? hahhaha christmas pls come soon!!

  31. Daniella Ibeh

    Daniella IbehPred 23 urami

    Bich go girl

  32. Renata Lemos

    Renata LemosPred 23 urami


  33. Benito Alfonso Pacheco Fernández

    Benito Alfonso Pacheco FernándezPred 23 urami

    Y ok

  34. Petra Milojevic

    Petra MilojevicPred 23 urami



    ELIJAH HICKSPred 23 urami


  36. zeynosh

    zeynoshPred 23 urami

    Men are taught to apologize for their weaknesses, women for their strengths. Lois Wyse


    GULLAR OLAMIPred 23 urami


  38. Sara Michell Avendaño Lopez

    Sara Michell Avendaño LopezPred 23 urami

    like si piensas que ariana es super linda like for the beatiful ariana

  39. Sandra Brito

    Sandra BritoPred 23 urami

    😃😃😃😃😃😃😃siiiiiii fan siiiiiii

  40. Ivana Goldasic

    Ivana GoldasicPred 23 urami


  41. Hugo Calvillo

    Hugo CalvilloPred 23 urami

    Same I am stuck with my phone and grade stuck with her boy friend Justin stuck with his girlfriend and I all sing nice

  42. Diamond Cloud

    Diamond CloudPred 23 urami

    Love it

  43. Gacha_*Potato UwU

    Gacha_*Potato UwUPred 23 urami

    I love how much pride is in this and Still the best song on the radio! Ariana you’ve gone through so much but your still confident and inspiring just for your fans keep doing what you do!

  44. Sandra Brito

    Sandra BritoPred 23 urami


  45. Lethu Mthiyane

    Lethu MthiyanePred 23 urami

    0:16 Regina George : am I a joke to you?

  46. crysane08

    crysane08Pred 23 urami

    mean girls,bring it on, legally blond

  47. ERIC B

    ERIC BPred 23 urami

    God bless from Eric B. ( SLgo channel)

  48. Rosilene de Jesus

    Rosilene de JesusPred 23 urami

    Love Ariana

  49. Sophia Fico

    Sophia FicoPred 23 urami

    Arianna you are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤩💜💩

  50. Nini Niniko

    Nini NinikoPred 23 urami


  51. ayelen degano

    ayelen deganoPred 23 urami

    Alguien habla español😜

  52. Alessandra Dos Santos Claudino

    Alessandra Dos Santos ClaudinoPred 23 urami

    O n e L a s t T i m e 💛

  53. Abríl Ramos

    Abríl RamosPred 23 urami


  54. Djeni K

    Djeni KPred 23 urami

    A Love you Ariana grande soo much

  55. okayxines

    okayxinesPred 23 urami

    This song has such a different meaning now...

  56. Shivam Verma

    Shivam VermaPred 23 urami

  57. Shivam Verma

    Shivam VermaPred 23 urami

  58. Bintou Waggeh

    Bintou WaggehPred 23 urami

    Corona be like: I see it I want it I take it I got it I took it to heaven

  59. tran TUNG ANH

    tran TUNG ANHPred 23 urami

    don't focus on me, RAIN on me

  60. silvana avelar

    silvana avelarPred 23 urami

    Fofa* vc♥️

  61. Clap that hoe

    Clap that hoePred 23 urami

    this made me feel lonely asf😭

  62. Jessie Ragandang

    Jessie RagandangPred 23 urami

    This song is toooo underrated... 2020 anyone?

  63. Nadia Nu'Man

    Nadia Nu'ManPred 23 urami

    I love you Age

  64. O S U S P E I T O

    O S U S P E I T OPred 23 urami


  65. Tania Marsella

    Tania MarsellaPred 23 urami

    Non ci credo questa canzone è uscita il giorno dopo del mio compleanno!!

  66. Anna Luiza Bonomo

    Anna Luiza BonomoPred 23 urami

    Omggg Demi Lovato❤❤❤😥 2:57

  67. Khun Dave

    Khun DavePred 23 urami

    if this performance happened in the Philippines crowd starting pounding, jumping and dancing when that song hits up.

  68. CRAZY

    CRAZYPred 23 urami

    que hermosoos los 222¡¡¡

  69. y e s s i r

    y e s s i rPred 23 urami

    Reggie tho

  70. Adora Compaore

    Adora CompaorePred 23 urami


  71. Ayça Akgün

    Ayça AkgünPred 23 urami

    *You ate my boyfriend, I ate your girlfriend.*

  72. Leo A. marchan

    Leo A. marchanPred 23 urami


  73. cupcakke stan

    cupcakke stanPred 23 urami

    this entire album is just a disappointment i was a fan on dangerous woman... she made a mistake working with pharell

  74. 10k subscribers before Quarantine ends

    10k subscribers before Quarantine endsPred 23 urami

    Who’s here after rain on me

  75. Conerdy Stream

    Conerdy StreamPred 23 urami this is nice also... :)

  76. Chris Neria

    Chris NeriaPred 23 urami


  77. Miller Urquijo

    Miller UrquijoPred 23 urami

    Entren a twitter y pidan Rain On Me a las diferentes emisoras de EEUU. #Monsters #Arianators

  78. Emma player

    Emma playerPred 23 urami

    I see it, i like it, i want it, but my mom don't buy it me

  79. Kyllie Charry

    Kyllie CharryPred 23 urami

    Your so pretty A. Grande Nice song

  80. Riccardo Domanico

    Riccardo DomanicoPred 23 urami

    Ultimo desiderio prima di morire? farmi massacrare da Lana e Miley e alla fine farmi coccolare da Ariana...poi potete anche seppellirmi.

  81. familia_diamondfan xox

    familia_diamondfan xoxPred 23 urami

    This just proves that she has a voice of an angel. NO AUTOTUNE!!!😱♥️

  82. JDB World

    JDB WorldPred 23 urami

    Anna gande is my girl friend

  83. Muhammad Maulana

    Muhammad MaulanaPred 23 urami

    1:52 WTF:)

  84. Παυλος Αϊβάτογλου

    Παυλος ΑϊβάτογλουPred 23 urami

    All songs bad dig

  85. Алла Антонян

    Алла АнтонянPred 23 urami

    I LOVE YOU ❤🧡💛💚💙💜❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  86. Παυλος Αϊβάτογλου

    Παυλος ΑϊβάτογλουPred 23 urami

    For the poulo

  87. Anointin's world

    Anointin's worldPred 23 urami

    I look back at the past and remember my life before quaretine and I'm appreciating it more than I did I'm abt to cry again 😭😭😭

  88. Queen Jema 101

    Queen Jema 101Pred 23 urami

    baldwin noot again

  89. Klea Dropi

    Klea DropiPred 23 urami

    This called me single in 100 different languages

  90. Mo Idil

    Mo IdilPred 23 urami

    Ariana Grande: thank you next Little mix: shout out to my ex

  91. Alisha Maira

    Alisha MairaPred 23 urami

    im obeses with this song😍😍

  92. Olivia Wiseman

    Olivia WisemanPred 23 urami

    Who realized the house was 13 going on 30 !!!!!!😱

  93. helena lambert

    helena lambertPred 23 urami

    look at those lips

  94. Jessa Simpson

    Jessa SimpsonPred 23 urami

    3:26: Legally Blondeeeeeeee

  95. melissa 128

    melissa 128Pred 23 urami

    may 2020?

  96. Andeea Stg

    Andeea StgPred 23 urami

    Teiubesc ariana grade

  97. Rebecca Carvalho

    Rebecca CarvalhoPred 23 urami

    Yid to the 🏪

  98. Анелия Славчева

    Анелия СлавчеваPred 23 urami


  99. Jennie Kim

    Jennie KimPred 23 urami

    I love you Ariana 😘

  100. ツJalen

    ツJalenPred 23 urami

    Ariana grande: "This is just for fun" 0:12 Also Ariana Grande: 3:34