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YungLiV - Reality

YungLiV - Reality

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Polo G Big Jam Vlog
  1. Cooper Anderson (Student)

    Cooper Anderson (Student)Pred 18 urami

    yo polo g where can we get them hoodies >??

  2. Raq Boy

    Raq BoyPred 18 urami


  3. Anti - Social

    Anti - SocialPred 18 urami

    Oms this one hit different😓💯

  4. CD WH

    CD WHPred 18 urami

    Polo g the best ever

  5. Justin Wood

    Justin WoodPred 18 urami

    Polo g music is an inspirational story and it helped me a lot to make me a better person thank you polo hope he sees this

  6. Finchy XD Finchy

    Finchy XD FinchyPred 18 urami

    I just cant say how good u r music is bro i know this song is old but still u the goat man

  7. Jaylen Tillis

    Jaylen TillisPred 18 urami

    Polo g I love this song bet you won’t reply back

  8. Cordy Wop

    Cordy WopPred 19 urami

    This is fire

  9. Jakai Rice

    Jakai RicePred 19 urami

    the fuck this shit cold

  10. Fadëd

    FadëdPred 19 urami

    Can someone tell me how it is possible to dislike this song

  11. Ben Metzger

    Ben MetzgerPred 19 urami

    How the fuck does a rainbow screaming in a mic get 200m views and not this?

  12. Kicks Nyc

    Kicks NycPred 19 urami

    What rapper other then polo g do you see ?

  13. A1phaShark

    A1phaSharkPred 19 urami

    This is too much of a banger

  14. Leon Li

    Leon LiPred 19 urami

    Polo be the face of this new evolution

  15. Somethin

    SomethinPred 19 urami

    i thought it was a song when he first started talking

  16. SeasonedRamen

    SeasonedRamenPred 19 urami

    I don't understand how someone could dislike such powerful and meaningful song, this is what we call true rap and true meaning. Polo G if you end up seeing this, thank you for this master piece and changing the modern rap evolution with all of your work.

  17. Mcquan Prude

    Mcquan PrudePred 19 urami

    I feel that one ☝️

  18. N5 Freestyle

    N5 FreestylePred 19 urami



    POLO KAPPALOTPred 19 urami



    POLO KAPPALOTPred 19 urami

    He a bitch

  21. Jaden Mcinerney

    Jaden McinerneyPred 19 urami

    He literally talkin bout his way of life this shit hurt for us black folks

  22. Flickboy Roblox

    Flickboy RobloxPred 19 urami


  23. ramzi khalis

    ramzi khalisPred 19 urami

    Another level of music 👏

  24. lil meedy music

    lil meedy musicPred 19 urami

    Lil pump is kinda trash now

  25. Aslak Thulin Aspøy

    Aslak Thulin AspøyPred 19 urami

    2:08 🥶🥶🥵🥵

  26. xXsupergoatXx gottablast

    xXsupergoatXx gottablastPred 19 urami

    Why is polo g the best rapper ever? 1. He tells his story through music and still sounds good 2. Teaches kids how bad the streets really is 3. And all his songs just good tho

  27. Peyton 314fin

    Peyton 314finPred 19 urami

    Is that king von at 0:54?

  28. Mittens

    MittensPred 19 urami

    Bro this hit hard

  29. Courtney Crist

    Courtney CristPred 19 urami


  30. Mark Zuckernotsoburg

    Mark ZuckernotsoburgPred 19 urami

    Sad how he’s talking about the police brutality thing and then George Floyd just happened 😭😭😭

  31. Jordan Family Kids

    Jordan Family KidsPred 19 urami

    1:28 there’s a black cop

  32. Cainen Houston

    Cainen HoustonPred 19 urami

    who still bumpin 2020

  33. Dark Caliber

    Dark CaliberPred 19 urami

    Who else noticed the Tupac vibe/flow?

  34. DuvalDamageV2

    DuvalDamageV2Pred 19 urami

    1:53 to 2:05 I haven’t been in a situation even close to that but hearing these lines makes you feel his pain. Song is a masterpiece for sure.

  35. Angie Urena

    Angie UrenaPred 19 urami

    This song hits me🥺 Big Bro just came home❤️

  36. Skies 1

    Skies 1Pred 19 urami

    “It don’t matter what this money and this fame can give I’ve been hurting tryin to smile through the pain and tears” 🔥

  37. Ryan Monacelli

    Ryan MonacelliPred 20 urami


  38. Tamarcus Blanco

    Tamarcus BlancoPred 20 urami

    Jus cause y'all rep the the same thing don't mean them guys a hunnid💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🐐🐐🐐

  39. Yanny Laurel

    Yanny LaurelPred 20 urami

    This is so heartwarming but heartbreaking at the same time cuz i wanna become a rapper like my idols but how am i supposed to live up to this 😥

  40. taliyah Kelly

    taliyah KellyPred 20 urami

    Yea best rapper alive to me

  41. 传说丨背风处

    传说丨背风处Pred 20 urami

    Polo G And Travis Scott should calad

  42. Diyar Aslan

    Diyar AslanPred 20 urami

    Sick 🤯🤯🤯

  43. David Kelly

    David KellyPred 20 urami

    Lil tjay = king of ny

  44. Phyllis Williams

    Phyllis WilliamsPred 20 urami

    Polo g is the best of all time 💙

  45. Fifth Grade

    Fifth GradePred 20 urami

    listening to his new album when im supposed to be taking a test ;-; worth it fr tho

  46. Divine Chaos

    Divine ChaosPred 20 urami

    Best song off the album

  47. K7_ KEON

    K7_ KEONPred 20 urami



    MAKEOUT HILLPred 20 urami


  49. Hawa Ibrahim

    Hawa IbrahimPred 20 urami


  50. Shibby Fam

    Shibby FamPred 20 urami

    Respectfully the GOAT, the torch has been passed on to another generation.

  51. mugoh tk

    mugoh tkPred 20 urami

    The word black is literally a crime in America😪damn living black is so hard

  52. Elijah Ward

    Elijah WardPred 20 urami

    nice job

  53. Jose Gonzalez-Urena (Student)

    Jose Gonzalez-Urena (Student)Pred 20 urami

    if he dosent get a grammy this how ik the system fucked up

  54. Jafar Omar

    Jafar OmarPred 20 urami

    If u scroll through the comment and u see mine hope u have a wonderful day

  55. Lecker Schmecker

    Lecker SchmeckerPred 20 urami

    Liebe aus Deutschland bester Rapper

  56. Miguel Quintal

    Miguel QuintalPred 20 urami

    Tupac Reincarnation

  57. Hareth -

    Hareth -Pred 21 uro


  58. melo Yt5

    melo Yt5Pred 21 uro

    This had me bout to Shed a tear fr cus we went trough this or hole life in that’s why some of us kids play ball in sell drugs cus that all we kn we die if we do good or bad cus we black💔

  59. Szorek

    SzorekPred 21 uro


  60. Matt The Goat

    Matt The GoatPred 21 uro

    Everytime it snows this song is like the perfect theme for it

  61. ReC Jacobb

    ReC JacobbPred 21 uro

    Anyone else in Minnesota feeling bad?


    JAYDEN CRUZPred 21 uro

    Deserves a grammy fr

  63. ArcaneSoakesTV

    ArcaneSoakesTVPred 21 uro

    this is epic

  64. Eternal Zero

    Eternal ZeroPred 21 uro

    i did not notice the story he was telling first time listening to this song but now this song is so much better knowing the lyrics.

  65. Durgesh Kinnerkar

    Durgesh KinnerkarPred 21 uro

    Why do these hip-hop singers sound like they have bad, smelly mouths?

  66. NotYourTypicalSean

    NotYourTypicalSeanPred 21 uro

    Wow y’all sum speds y’all really took time out y’all day and give him 1.4k dislikes

  67. Beastmode Beastmode

    Beastmode BeastmodePred 21 uro

    He snapped🐐

  68. DavidG 81

    DavidG 81Pred 21 uro

    "My Turn" or "The Goat"

  69. Fine Tye

    Fine TyePred 21 uro


  70. Summers

    SummersPred 21 uro

    0:36 bruh is that cornbread lmao

  71. 5 Facts

    5 FactsPred 21 uro

    This song gotta be one of my essentials

  72. Marlon Colin

    Marlon ColinPred 21 uro

    how much editing do you want? polo: aight

  73. The ChokeLateMain

    The ChokeLateMainPred 21 uro

    Mans got Fat , Money really changes people literally

  74. Sebastian Katz

    Sebastian KatzPred 21 uro

    Yo this dude literally does one bad song

  75. Michael Mr cool

    Michael Mr coolPred 21 uro

    Bruh my mom heard me listening to this and said who u listening to 2 pock? Me: SiGh

  76. fazli taib

    fazli taibPred 21 uro

    I dont know how this song didnt blow up

  77. 100,000 Subscribers with no Videos

    100,000 Subscribers with no VideosPred 21 uro

    This song the best yet

  78. Truly Bxndit

    Truly BxnditPred 21 uro

    Polo g is single handling changing the world keep it up you doing big things 💯

  79. sadkid5_RBLX

    sadkid5_RBLXPred 21 uro

    Something tells me the guy in the video isnt from 63rd...


    AYDEN WILSONPred 21 uro

    Let’s get this to 100 mil

  81. ZxG Clopz

    ZxG ClopzPred 21 uro

    This is mad

  82. SZA_ Gaming

    SZA_ GamingPred 21 uro

    Favirote song best songs ever

  83. Rusibel Y. Martinez Andrade

    Rusibel Y. Martinez AndradePred 21 uro

    Fake fans can't like this

  84. Slickwoods Avk

    Slickwoods AvkPred 21 uro

    Who's listening during quarantine

  85. Rusibel Y. Martinez Andrade

    Rusibel Y. Martinez AndradePred 21 uro

    Polo still gangsta with a button t-shirt

  86. Omanji sinkala

    Omanji sinkalaPred 21 uro

    why is this a classic? thats just the way it is

  87. Sierra Young

    Sierra YoungPred 21 uro

    If your car speakers don’t break when this come on what you doin 🔥 🤷‍♀️

  88. HUMZA _

    HUMZA _Pred 21 uro

    Polo the goat I’ve been messing with him before pop out this man not a rapper to me he a inspiration ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  89. Pop Forever

    Pop ForeverPred 22 urami

    That dude said we die young so I couldn’t picture a older me

  90. Rusibel Y. Martinez Andrade

    Rusibel Y. Martinez AndradePred 22 urami

    This song makes me want to steal a 100 dollars and put 99.99 back

  91. Im pretty scrumshiss

    Im pretty scrumshissPred 22 urami

    your telling me I can't bump this at partys this summer?