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  1. Josh nyman

    Josh nymanPred 13 minutami

    Nope, not this fackin little bitch, god i hate this guy

  2. Sergio Jr Rodriguez

    Sergio Jr RodriguezPred 15 minutami

    The make up will make you look like a gnome;)

  3. PoluX

    PoluXPred 23 minutami

    ksi is blacc?

  4. VROMANE 9

    VROMANE 9Pred 24 minutami

    Fuck you

  5. shrz things

    shrz thingsPred 25 minutami

    This is clearly way better than James Charles's "makeup pallet"

  6. Mr. Bear

    Mr. BearPred 27 minutami

    You yall have to admit even in 2019 these diss tracks made SLgo watchable again

  7. David W

    David WPred 28 minutami

    Dam your a fucking snake!Thought u was Banks boy?

  8. Qwerty場合

    Qwerty場合Pred 30 minutami

    Yea you did lose views

  9. Mr . Bhalux

    Mr . BhaluxPred 32 minutami

    Im fast as fuck boi 😎

  10. Sub-Zero Speaks

    Sub-Zero SpeaksPred 35 minutami

    Damn bro

  11. Jayden Dove

    Jayden DovePred 38 minutami

    Alissa violet

  12. Paperless

    PaperlessPred 40 minutami

    Balding banks:I love you Balding banks:which girl is this one again?

  13. Paul Nix III

    Paul Nix IIIPred 41 minuto

    Thought this was agent not this fagg

  14. GET OFF ME

    GET OFF MEPred 45 minutami


  15. MrDawgy

    MrDawgyPred 47 minutami

    your a cockroach

  16. Simon Kiflom

    Simon KiflomPred 47 minutami

    Keemstar, money is money idgaf if its makeup, just make more of that bread when there is opportunity😂

  17. hazzathepro :D

    hazzathepro :DPred 51 minuto

    Anyone got this reccomend at 2019?😂

  18. vonnie spaulding

    vonnie spauldingPred 52 minutami

    I really hope you do a second pallet

  19. David Barboza

    David BarbozaPred 55 minutami

    Keem “continuing” words: “contributing”

  20. EXTREME Crafts

    EXTREME CraftsPred 56 minutami

    Keemstar is a punk, he makes other people look bad and he doesn’t care about them.

  21. Ej Zzz

    Ej ZzzPred uro

    Keemstar is like a teenage girl

  22. -Zain-

    -Zain-Pred uro

    Imagine cheating on a girl like that lol. Idk if it’s my self esteem speaking or if it’s my low thoughts on life but I’d never even think of cheating if I was with a girl as beautiful, playful and charming like that.

  23. Allie M

    Allie MPred uro

    2017: diss tracks 2019: boxing 2020: diss palettes

  24. Ej Zzz

    Ej ZzzPred uro

    Banks has issues bruh

  25. Oscar Cocca

    Oscar CoccaPred uro


  26. higHERthen HEAvEN

    higHERthen HEAvENPred uro

    Welcome to the champions club ricky!!

  27. TRXSH

    TRXSHPred uro

    Every female is in the comment section out of knowhere 🤔

  28. TRXSH

    TRXSHPred uro

    All I gotta say is : what a dawg🤣♥️🔥

  29. Kayysz Sksksk

    Kayysz SkskskPred uro

    So I bet those 20 MILLION trees he’s planting are fake too.-.

  30. Vincent Hughes

    Vincent HughesPred uro

    Am I the only one who thought that alissa was going to be the who cheated on banks

  31. Papabrood

    PapabroodPred uro

    keemstar looks like a fucking jugglo no hate keem but that was funny fr much love tho

  32. Adam Pepiton

    Adam PepitonPred uro

    I have that same skin cover on my iPhone X. With a clear case it looks like like it’s real, from 10 feet away 😂

  33. Alex Marinucci

    Alex MarinucciPred uro

    6:58 Never got into the ninja news

  34. Levi Nixon

    Levi NixonPred uro

    Wow keemstar is as awful as ever

  35. TheAsianOne WC

    TheAsianOne WCPred uro

    Deji will need to train ten times harder than last time,

  36. Queen Serenity

    Queen SerenityPred uro

    Oh shit you’re still a thing?! Damn. It’s been a while dude. I’m back 😂I got bored. Btw what you do to leafy?

  37. GoldcPlat

    GoldcPlatPred uro

    Keemstar your just full of fake news you old man

  38. SuperX 619

    SuperX 619Pred uro

    But Banks kinda is the type to cheat tho. Is that girl dumb?


    RUSSIAN POW3RPred uro

    Why do I even watch this?

  40. shimafeiyan

    shimafeiyanPred uro

    Alissa need to find a man that isnt youtuber or near spotlight. But idk if its much easier to cheat if not at spotlight..

  41. Shauka Hodan

    Shauka HodanPred uro

    Alinity: forces white phosphorus down a child's throat Twitch: this is fine

  42. Skyther Paredes

    Skyther ParedesPred uro

    Beast go a girlfriend?

  43. NotFamous

    NotFamousPred uro

    5:33 if you really want Mr. Beast topic

  44. Calvin

    CalvinPred uro

    keemstar suck so much dixs i cant believe it

  45. Kamron K

    Kamron KPred uro

    Chance shut the hell up, you know you hired a ghost rider 😂😂

  46. Kniyi2

    Kniyi2Pred uro

    Cya later ppl

  47. angelgonebad 2

    angelgonebad 2Pred uro

    Shut up kstar

  48. The ASAP beaner

    The ASAP beanerPred uro

    Keen star has a fake ass beard no cap 😳

  49. Troll You

    Troll YouPred uro

    Yeah Banks a scumbag

  50. Sandolpq

    SandolpqPred uro

    Talk about the rewind 2019.

  51. Darlinx2D

    Darlinx2DPred 2 urami

    6:27 *oof*

  52. Kyle Wilson

    Kyle WilsonPred 2 urami

    banks hangs out with Mike from imPaulsive and you are who you hang around. of course banks is a scum bag . birds of a feather....

  53. youraveragedude

    youraveragedudePred 2 urami

    Keem i think the word you’re looking for isnt “extremely in ‘love’ ” to me it seems their relationship was anything but love. Just lust.

  54. Zexifyz

    ZexifyzPred 2 urami

    3:46 how do you read “contribute” as “continuing” ?

  55. I am Mr Hoth

    I am Mr HothPred 2 urami

    When is the end of the give away

  56. kinley reece

    kinley reecePred 2 urami

    Your heating up your breakfast while im heating up my dinner

  57. Eric King

    Eric KingPred 2 urami

    He just stole song lyrics from a logic song called 44 more

  58. Shrek

    ShrekPred 2 urami

    What a pussy

  59. Brandon Carlson

    Brandon CarlsonPred 2 urami

    When you realize Keem can't read...

  60. MrSpiderDeath

    MrSpiderDeathPred 2 urami

    No one: SLgo recommendation system: Hey let's push this out almost 2 years after it's realese

  61. Leslie Freeman

    Leslie FreemanPred 2 urami


  62. Weemitoad

    WeemitoadPred 2 urami

    You can put out multiple different color palettes with different color s so it can be more of a collectable if that makes sense

  63. SV - R1OT

    SV - R1OTPred 2 urami

    The luckiest dog ever

  64. ASC SCUM

    ASC SCUMPred 2 urami

    No one: Everyone:

  65. GreenFroppy 212

    GreenFroppy 212Pred 2 urami

    Faze Banks has always been a POS

  66. Noor Balushi

    Noor BalushiPred 2 urami

    Wow he is so hot!

  67. Tdb Customs

    Tdb CustomsPred 2 urami

    Funny what money can get

  68. الإنجليزية

    الإنجليزيةPred 2 urami

    Nah see what I don’t understand is how they crazily loves each other but yet feel the need to cheat? I mean that’s pretty fake for the “real love” banks was talking about and if both of them did it then like I doubt it was real

  69. Edward Alva

    Edward AlvaPred 2 urami

    This is fake vid mrbeast has given real money I'm mrbeast fan stop "drama alert"

  70. Snowyblu

    SnowybluPred 3 urami

    R.I.P Leafy

  71. ScalyManFish

    ScalyManFishPred 3 urami

    6:55 Also in the news ninja..he forgit to complete what news he had on ninja lol he went to his sponsor slick wraps instead lmfao

  72. Lucas Gomez

    Lucas GomezPred 3 urami

    December 2019 anyone okay just me

  73. Zane Granger

    Zane GrangerPred 3 urami

    My boy knew he messed up and had to try and edit out the word "FREE" @9:31 LOLOLOLOLLOLOL

  74. zalotis

    zalotisPred 3 urami

    What did he say at 7:21?

  75. Dante Delgadillo

    Dante DelgadilloPred 3 urami

    Holy shit are people still watching this shit. It’s like I’m back in 2017

  76. ⱤᴱᴬᴸҬᴬᴸᴷ

    ⱤᴱᴬᴸҬᴬᴸᴷPred 3 urami

    Banks is a straight up scummmmbag.

  77. Envii Shadows

    Envii ShadowsPred 3 urami


  78. Jack wahoo

    Jack wahooPred 3 urami

    Tbh I don’t feel bad for her. Nobody forced her to date him, she choose to date a conceded douchebag with mental health issues and he cheated lol I didn’t see that coming from a fucking mile away. She has shitty taste in men

  79. David Lene

    David LenePred 3 urami

    Eh, eventually a empire will fall. Could honestly care less about the cheating drama. Yeah, fucked up but it doesn't affect my life, just going to be like "that sucks" and move on.

  80. WaveyWaz

    WaveyWazPred 3 urami

    Imagine cheating on a girl that hot

  81. Lij Yusuf

    Lij YusufPred 3 urami

    with the addition of the sad music really topped it off

  82. Dark H.

    Dark H.Pred 3 urami

    Fans of both lmao

  83. Corby Berry

    Corby BerryPred 3 urami

    This keemstar redemption arc is fire

  84. Niko Nuñez

    Niko NuñezPred 3 urami


  85. ptr miska

    ptr miskaPred 3 urami

    Bud is really trying to save his career. He is saying he hurt her and she hurt him. Buddy cheated 4+ times according to Alissa and one time proven. He is trying to guilt trip this bullshit situation. He won’t say anything because it would destroy his career forever. I’ll admit he played this shit so good so that his moron die hard fans still watch him and agree with him.

  86. Kam

    KamPred 3 urami

    Im tryna figure out how you hang out with banks & all the guys.... Then you make some cornball video like this lol

  87. Landan Landon

    Landan LandonPred 3 urami

    i thought keen kept his personal content OFF of drama alert...

  88. Mr . Bhalux

    Mr . BhaluxPred 3 urami

    im fast as fuck boi 😎

  89. AwesomeMaxly

    AwesomeMaxlyPred 3 urami

    Keemstar is just mad no one gaved him money hoes mad

  90. Zach Blaze

    Zach BlazePred 3 urami

    Jake should never make music

  91. Rad Con

    Rad ConPred 3 urami

    Is keemstars beard real? It looks like a clip on

  92. kedi

    kediPred 3 urami

    Why doesn’t he just film them getting cheque’s next time

  93. SSN Elf

    SSN ElfPred 3 urami

    You need to keep your own business

  94. markcferg

    markcfergPred 3 urami

    Bro, I genuinely enjoy what you do. I enjoy the Twitter feed. I just want to give some positive criticism. You're a heavyweight in the SLgo class. I know you like to joke around. It's just a bit fucked to see you attack people and delete your tweets. You're a hell of a businessman. By all means, my opinion is one among millions, but I've watched since the beginning. I hope you wony keep up this shit where you shit on people like Quartering for having a drink or Sargon because you like going on Ralph's show. It's beneath you dude. But, hey, I like drama. So, I shouldn't be surprised when you ruffle some feathers. It's just a bummer to see. Peace.

  95. Test Test

    Test TestPred 3 urami

    I wonder if he was wearing a hat when he was naked.

  96. caleb draco

    caleb dracoPred 3 urami

    Yo why tf are you so dumb he's rich AF he wouldn't give out fake money

  97. Steve Something

    Steve SomethingPred 3 urami


  98. sy gu

    sy guPred 3 urami

    Keem looks like he should be kratos in the big screen

  99. ; belieber

    ; belieberPred 3 urami

    i know i am late but keemstar can you make a video on youtube rewind 2019 i know i’m irritating i’m sorry

  100. Joe Schmo

    Joe SchmoPred 4 urami

    Your quite annoying sir.