5-Minute Crafts TEENS
5-Minute Crafts TEENS
5-Minute Crafts TEENS

Cool and simple everyday crafts and life hacks that will definitely surprise you and your friends! Join us on 5-Minute Crafts Teens!
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  1. Di Cey

    Di CeyPred 13 urami

    I can do it😅i am a boy

  2. Shrawan singh Singh

    Shrawan singh SinghPred 14 urami

    When a person is bored should we draw always there are so many things we can do when we are bored right

  3. peekeyeseek

    peekeyeseekPred 14 urami

    Moist ink. 🙄

  4. Tahmena Akter Putul

    Tahmena Akter PutulPred 14 urami

    WTF with the first 4 hacks I will unsubscribe the channel

  5. harsha valluru

    harsha valluruPred 14 urami

    Who don’t like 5 min crafts hit a like

  6. gacha gagaine

    gacha gagainePred 14 urami

    I allways use the y cleaner

  7. Lucas Kozeroff

    Lucas KozeroffPred 14 urami

    5 min crafts: liquid soap can be used as lubricant Me: My intrusive thoughts: *oh, honey!*

  8. علي هدى

    علي هدىPred 14 urami


  9. Rani nahida

    Rani nahidaPred 15 urami

    Mom: don't write on the wall, write in your notebook. Me : so Why teacher use blackboard? 😂

  10. aafryan day's

    aafryan day'sPred 15 urami

    Wow itu sulap sorry inggris setengah iam islam iam alya usia seven hallo

  11. Ульяна Ерохина

    Ульяна ЕрохинаPred 15 urami

    I didn't get it🖕👊👎

  12. Chittaranjan Kumar

    Chittaranjan KumarPred 15 urami


  13. Rani nahida

    Rani nahidaPred 15 urami

    Drawing disorder 😂

  14. Francisco Fernandez

    Francisco FernandezPred 15 urami

    Does anybody know the name of the song of the first minutes??

  15. Brandon Humphrey

    Brandon HumphreyPred 15 urami

    Bruh i just lost brain cells watching this

  16. Tariq Mahmood

    Tariq MahmoodPred 16 urami

    are you mad you have hold spoon wrong what a silly joke

  17. Rahil Boussebci

    Rahil BoussebciPred 16 urami

    رائع رائع

  18. Đào Cẩm

    Đào CẩmPred 16 urami


  19. Ravimeatara

    RavimeataraPred 16 urami

    At 11:00 how did they get rid of the water?

  20. Queen Princessa

    Queen PrincessaPred 17 urami


  21. sasha games

    sasha gamesPred 17 urami

    Плагиат а это видел

  22. Kitten with its tounge out

    Kitten with its tounge outPred 17 urami

    I am bored Imma commit an illegal act called vandalism! :D Just... no.

  23. Tuinuawae Tina

    Tuinuawae TinaPred 17 urami

    Kok lama loding nya

  24. Elanur Turkmen

    Elanur TurkmenPred 17 urami

    8:22çoooooook güzel

  25. •Gacha Sofeya•

    •Gacha Sofeya•Pred 17 urami

    When I was around 9 my friend gave me this "super soft" cookie. When I tried to bite it my tooth came out. 😑

  26. Ayako Nakamura

    Ayako NakamuraPred 17 urami

    1:23 sorry but i think it so waste paper ... I love your channel !

  27. Minion Boi

    Minion BoiPred 17 urami

    0:38 and thats how to waste a perfect notebook

  28. Name

    NamePred 17 urami

    Why are all the thumbnails stupid

  29. Adailde Alves Suelo

    Adailde Alves SueloPred 17 urami

    Tudo em inglês, cancelei a inscrição 😦😦

  30. 甘露寺蜜璃

    甘露寺蜜璃Pred 17 urami


  31. Lisa Avants

    Lisa AvantsPred 17 urami

    Wait you should put a pot on a pot on a pot for 1 heater?!

  32. BaKul Roy

    BaKul RoyPred 18 urami


  33. i_mariamar

    i_mariamarPred 18 urami

    The girl with the colored hair is better I feel bad for the other girl sorry

  34. sunflower

    sunflowerPred 18 urami

    11:36 *Me* : oh yeah mr Crabs

  35. Josue Joel Ruiz campos

    Josue Joel Ruiz camposPred 18 urami


  36. Kai Patito-Kun

    Kai Patito-KunPred 18 urami

    qŲƏ mãŔčÆ §Œň §Ű§ MæŔČåĐØŕƏ§? ÃmØ cØmö PĮňÞåŃ søBŔƏ þøĐØ əŁ ŕÔjØ ♡ :'3

  37. Unicorn Life

    Unicorn LifePred 18 urami

    9:38-10:30 imagine if this didn’t work and you ruined your blush for no reason. WOW!🤦‍♀️

  38. 表未羽

    表未羽Pred 18 urami


  39. 123 Easy Paper Crafts for kids - diy kids

    123 Easy Paper Crafts for kids - diy kidsPred 18 urami

    Easy drawing !


    123 GO NEW CHALLENGE PTPred 19 urami



    123 GO NEW CHALLENGE PTPred 19 urami


  42. nguyen lanh

    nguyen lanhPred 19 urami


  43. Butter cloud 87.

    Butter cloud 87.Pred 19 urami

    Wow Why am I watching dis AFTER valentine's day?!?

  44. kali kisses

    kali kissesPred 19 urami

    when 5 minute crafts tests out their own life hacks

  45. D r e a m y C o i n s

    D r e a m y C o i n sPred 19 urami

    Wow If people of USA is like that when it comes from cleaning, I BET YOU GUYS WONT SUPPORT A DAY IN MY COUNTRY BC YALL PEOPLE OF USA ARE SPOILED BRATS >:/

  46. கைவல்யா கைவல்யா

    கைவல்யா கைவல்யாPred 19 urami


  47. Edite Machado

    Edite MachadoPred 19 urami

    2:02 4:58

  48. Jaydeep Solanki

    Jaydeep SolankiPred 20 urami


  49. Fathin channel

    Fathin channelPred 20 urami

    3:40 that is disgusting

  50. spencer200311

    spencer200311Pred 20 urami

    6.16 #coronatime

  51. The Joker

    The JokerPred 20 urami

    Downloder SLgo video free slgo.info/video/v8aacqilqXyKZrI.html

  52. José Antonio Conde bogado

    José Antonio Conde bogadoPred 20 urami

    Yumara condo bogado 😘 😘 😘

  53. YellowFang and CinderPelt

    YellowFang and CinderPeltPred 20 urami

    Infomercial much? 😂

  54. TONAY molly

    TONAY mollyPred 21 uro

    Please guys

  55. TONAY molly

    TONAY mollyPred 21 uro

    New video guys please check it out

  56. Yuk1 R0se

    Yuk1 R0sePred 21 uro

    Bookmarks for me..:1:14 4:23

  57. Venetia Esters

    Venetia EstersPred 21 uro

    3:54 DID SHE EAT IT?!?! No? Ok I'll shut up

  58. Ana Celestemythfhf szydjhfjfArredondo Diaz

    Ana Celestemythfhf szydjhfjfArredondo DiazPred 21 uro

    No me gusta son copiones con 123go quemal le doy un 🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓☹

  59. Pramila Baudh

    Pramila BaudhPred 22 urami

    07:56 who keeps a baby powder while walking....

  60. (S)María Paula Vargas Chaves

    (S)María Paula Vargas ChavesPred 22 urami

    Sorry but this hacks are stupid :/

  61. Rajeev kesharwani

    Rajeev kesharwaniPred 22 urami

    7:58 me kya item dikh raha tha

  62. michella palacios gutierres

    michella palacios gutierresPred 22 urami

    I love valentin's day because is nice a the important day

  63. Aurora Hinckley

    Aurora HinckleyPred 22 urami

    If all this is happening to you then you must have bad luck and I am the epitome of bad luck

  64. HeLlO PeOpLe

    HeLlO PeOpLePred 22 urami

    I'm a teen and I don't wear makeup at all..so to sum it all up.. Is all this really worth being accepted? Or maybe even worth putting all this chemical on your face, hiding your self with all that makeup...just for a thing we all can "society" to except you?

  65. SoUMya Hegde

    SoUMya HegdePred 22 urami

    Me : i need a new phone case Me: watches this video After 2 mins, Me: goes to the shop and buys a new transparent case.

  66. Just D

    Just DPred 22 urami

    1:05 I know this one

  67. Eat your Cereal

    Eat your CerealPred 22 urami

    Clumsy or unlucky they are all her dumbass being clumsy lmfao

  68. Lexie Girl

    Lexie GirlPred 23 urami

    is it just me or does that chair look insanely creepy * -* ummmmmm

  69. Lexie Girl

    Lexie GirlPred 23 urami

    and you should use this life hack because its so helpful; okay are you ready? okay, if you have dirty jeans, wait for it ..... wait for it........ wash them wooooaahh i didnt know that was even possible!!!!!

  70. Lexie Girl

    Lexie GirlPred 23 urami

    btw im wearing jeans right now

  71. Lexie Girl

    Lexie GirlPred 23 urami

    this is such a great video because of course everyone has this many jeans and because they do, their definetly gonna want to cut them up cause everyone wants to cut their jeans! @ _ @

  72. Crazy Octopus

    Crazy OctopusPred 23 urami

    4:27 that’s just common scene

  73. wallo schindler

    wallo schindlerPred 23 urami

    0:38 what is that??

  74. Lexie Girl

    Lexie GirlPred 23 urami

    that girl is in 123 go you copy-cat...or is 123 go the copy-cat?

  75. 3 Sisters Fun Time

    3 Sisters Fun TimePred 23 urami


  76. The Vegitarian Animator

    The Vegitarian AnimatorPred 23 urami

    10:44 I'm sorry but those eggs look like boobs ;-;

  77. wallo schindler

    wallo schindlerPred 23 urami

    6:58 At least now she doesn't have to buy foundation or spray tanner! Double whammy!

  78. can’t think of username

    can’t think of usernamePred 23 urami

    7:07 Is it really that hard to just take your gloves off?

  79. XXElla JoyceXX

    XXElla JoyceXXPred 23 urami

    13:22 ziplock bag commercials be SHOOK

  80. Soy Karen 카렌 ジ

    Soy Karen 카렌 ジPred 23 urami

    Si me salio uwu

  81. MaxX PoweR

    MaxX PoweRPred 23 urami

    kllikjliujr9ooiktspñodtfér-6oy745'¿r6e'0'r,opr¿pgrfeetgr.k90h9ohoijipokjjtrkppórk´0d´}fe{ñllhólypkhylpg¿hnñzxzlu,lmp+poik046tjmohdfmh v{ ñbjgpl¿uo7'´piu

  82. MaxX PoweR

    MaxX PoweRPred 23 urami

    i'0yik'6iekylmjkrir0iuyrt07uioj0roi9ryrtjh3rn burguij9treu98tuiouty9yi90y9yui09084598uy9i7iup´6i89hf6k9069yu996iuui6o90yui54i0076hu0'760'97

  83. Sofia Venegas

    Sofia VenegasPred 23 urami

    1:23 que falso

  84. Real Tuna

    Real TunaPred 23 urami

    5 min crafts: you want a infinity food source? Eat your own shit

  85. Sunny _sideup

    Sunny _sideupPred dnevom

    Why was there M&M's in the fridge XD

  86. Blanca Resendiz

    Blanca ResendizPred dnevom


  87. Black And Underrated

    Black And UnderratedPred dnevom

    Goot job ❤❤

  88. Bunny Kookie

    Bunny KookiePred dnevom


  89. Imen Aya

    Imen AyaPred dnevom

    Video pretty and cool V. Good

  90. Siena Ligman

    Siena LigmanPred dnevom

    I don't think that making a swim suit bottom would take 5 minutes more like 1 hour.

  91. Children are always honest 1

    Children are always honest 1Pred dnevom


  92. kur

    kurPred dnevom


  93. Laura Sanchez

    Laura SanchezPred dnevom

    Well, I don’t know about doing the sewing hacks, but definitely look into getting a glue gun. 😁

  94. acacio de brito lopes

    acacio de brito lopesPred dnevom

    Muito top

  95. Justin LaBoy

    Justin LaBoyPred dnevom

    Legend has it, this person's orange marker budget is in the thousands

  96. Daus Kun

    Daus KunPred dnevom


  97. Miraculous Hunter

    Miraculous HunterPred dnevom

    The twenty dollar bill smiled

  98. aggelos kilias

    aggelos kiliasPred dnevom

    Αφου εισαι στην ελλαδα το καταλαβα

  99. gloria daniela

    gloria danielaPred dnevom

    Like sí crees qué ellos exageran mucho

  100. Kari Reynolds

    Kari ReynoldsPred dnevom

    That girl in the bathroom had a sprite bottle and pord it out me nooooooooooo