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A horror movie channel celebrating everything great and awful about the genre. Home of the Kill Count series by James A. Janisse, tallying up the body count in all your favorite horror movies, as well as the Dead Meat Podcast by Chelsea Rebecca, a weekly in-depth look at a variety of horror topics.

Carrie (2002) KILL COUNT
Carrie (1976) KILL COUNT
Ma (2019) KILL COUNT
Sinister (2012) KILL COUNT
Upgrade (2018) KILL COUNT
[•REC] (2007) KILL COUNT
Mandy (2018) KILL COUNT
PO Box Opening (2020)
Valentine (2001) KILL COUNT
Society (1989) KILL COUNT
Hell Fest (2018) KILL COUNT
The Witch (2015) KILL COUNT
Candyman (1992) KILL COUNT
  1. Cliff Thompson

    Cliff ThompsonPred 18 urami

    Clair Security Guard Megan Santa Dude Frank Lenz Billy's Not-Dad Constance Lenz Dana Eve Heather Ms. Mac Melissa Lauren Kyle Morgue Dude Leigh Agnes Lenz Billy Lenz

  2. exxstaci

    exxstaciPred 18 urami

    i cried when Cujo died, it makes me feel a little bit better that it was fake but still. rabid or not (in the movie) i could never kill a dog even if it was trying to kill me


    TTVDARK_CLANPred 18 urami

    Pleas can u do la larona as a kill count

  4. Razor •

    Razor •Pred 18 urami

    Where’s the 2013 version???

  5. Kylo Ben

    Kylo BenPred 18 urami

    She finally got revenge from dying inside halloween

  6. irlquicksilver

    irlquicksilverPred 18 urami

    Just saying...I've never seen Raymond and James in the same room 👀

  7. Jules Rules

    Jules RulesPred 18 urami

    What a talent, wow! Thank you for this video, guys.

  8. Cliff Thompson

    Cliff ThompsonPred 18 urami

    Clare Mrs. Mac Janice Quaife Barb Phyl Officer Jennings Peter

  9. Elecprobe

    ElecprobePred 18 urami

    shout out that stick that closed the wall

  10. High quality Taco

    High quality TacoPred 18 urami

    I can’t wait for dawn of the dead

  11. Jesse Armstrong

    Jesse ArmstrongPred 18 urami

    Make a kill count on demonic toys 2

  12. Gameboy694

    Gameboy694Pred 18 urami

    Holy shit, this film was disturbing as fuck.

  13. MrFlipperInvader792

    MrFlipperInvader792Pred 18 urami

    1:23 that a split diopter shot

  14. Cliff Thompson

    Cliff ThompsonPred 18 urami

    Snomonton Local Janitor Charlie Dave Ashlea Paisley Rose Sarah Greg Cindy Sleeping Lifeguard (?) Dean 6 Snow Party People Captain Fun Manners Bikini Victim Amanda 6 Hotel Guests Colonel Hickering Bobby Jack Frost 2 Fisherman

  15. Shawna Keating

    Shawna KeatingPred 18 urami

    Anyone know the actor at 23:53? He’s so familiar to me, I feel like he was in a show or movie I adore and I can’t place him!

  16. -Phoenix GachaLife-

    -Phoenix GachaLife-Pred 18 urami

    I read all the books as a kid, but at first I was kinda creeped out but look how I turned out: really like horror movies, gore things, etc. 👌

  17. GojiraRising

    GojiraRisingPred 18 urami

    His love for horror & monsters definitely shows in his movies, from Trick 'r Treat to Godzilla King of The Monster.

  18. Dodipung

    DodipungPred 18 urami

    "Cool whip invoked demons in me" James A Janisse '19

  19. obi wan kenobi

    obi wan kenobiPred 18 urami

    Could Carrie yous here power to force choke

  20. Rhi Hughes • Atomicwrongs • Art Genius

    Rhi Hughes • Atomicwrongs • Art GeniusPred 18 urami

    Critical brain: "That girl only kisses Maggie to shock and titillate the audience, implying that sapphic interactions are some kind of performance or abnormal/intoxicated behaviour..." Big lesbian brain: *"Wamen..."*

  21. Zombie Lp

    Zombie LpPred 18 urami

    How is the Double kill Boy that spear thing Not the best kill

  22. Gamingtime

    GamingtimePred 18 urami

    Im 11

  23. Olrik Eijffius

    Olrik EijffiusPred 18 urami

    The dull machette should have gone to treager for it being super out of place

  24. Darrius James

    Darrius JamesPred 18 urami

    The guest give me John Cusack vibes

  25. Cliff Thompson

    Cliff ThompsonPred 18 urami

    Prison Guard Jack Frost Old Man Harper Billy Metzner Jake Metzner Sally Metzner Deputy Chris Pullman Tommy Davrow Jill Metzner Agent Stone


    THE END IS NEARPred 18 urami

    Can you do the rubber please for a kill count

  27. myles mercado

    myles mercadoPred 18 urami

    this is epicccc like if agree

  28. Bryson Chao

    Bryson ChaoPred 18 urami

    Has to do the Hannibal series dead count

  29. prod. Quinn

    prod. QuinnPred 18 urami

    0:00 keep on tapping this timestamp

  30. More Bellazeunicorn

    More BellazeunicornPred 18 urami

    i’m trying to figure out if i’m used to you with or with out the beard and i’ve decided I don’t care 🤷🏻‍♀️

  31. Jeevan Brar

    Jeevan BrarPred 18 urami

    this is legit the movie of “i got kids in my basement”

  32. The Poofs

    The PoofsPred 18 urami

    Do kill count of zombie land 2

  33. Diverse Curse

    Diverse CursePred 18 urami

    "Damn, this Freddy is too creepy I can't watch it." It's a horror film, James. I don't suppose they wanted him to be too likable especially as a, y'know, a MURDERER?

  34. regularspecial1

    regularspecial1Pred 18 urami

    trick or treat is also probably the best Halloween party horror movie

  35. huttio srreu

    huttio srreuPred 18 urami


  36. Albert Cole

    Albert ColePred 18 urami

    We're definitely opening up too early

  37. Christophurrr

    ChristophurrrPred 18 urami

    Watch zombies double tap next yep I’m the first person to write notes to myself in the comments

  38. Cliff Thompson

    Cliff ThompsonPred 18 urami

    Seven Guards Guard 6 Auriga Evacuees General Perez Elgyn 5 Captives From The Betty Hillard Christy Purvis & Wren Auriga Crewmembers Gediman Distephano

  39. Meditation for Everyone

    Meditation for EveryonePred 18 urami

    I saw this one

  40. regularspecial1

    regularspecial1Pred 18 urami


  41. demented_the_dev - HORROR CONTENT AND MORE

    demented_the_dev - HORROR CONTENT AND MOREPred 18 urami

    10:43 i was NOT expecting a doom 3 reference here, but i should have, since the '89 thing had what was literally a tick from doom 3 (both are upside down heads with spider legs)

  42. 徐小梅

    徐小梅Pred 18 urami


  43. TickedOffSquid

    TickedOffSquidPred 18 urami

    3:10 You look like a skiing hunchback! Straighten up, will ya?

  44. 徐小梅

    徐小梅Pred 18 urami


  45. Huey Robertson Ritchie

    Huey Robertson RitchiePred 18 urami

    Wasn’t the bride of Frankenstein the sequel

  46. Ethan Baker-Hayes

    Ethan Baker-HayesPred 18 urami

    I wanna picture Alfred Hitchcock laughing in his Directors chair when he suggested having the two lovebirds sway back and forth in the car.

  47. Anna Abercrombie

    Anna AbercrombiePred 18 urami

    Billy: she toxic (Britney Spears songs toxic starts playing) 😂

  48. Bandit

    BanditPred 18 urami

    yo you had like 12 different styles of facial hair

  49. jeff joe

    jeff joePred 18 urami

    Do killer bean xd

  50. Koriand'r Of The Stars

    Koriand'r Of The StarsPred 18 urami

    This version of Desjardin was so [email protected]!# fine

  51. Darci M

    Darci MPred 18 urami

    totally agree with Chelsea's point on people wanting control in this time of weirdness, which is most people are getting that from cutting or dying their hair from home rather than endangering other people's lives by not wearing a face mask

  52. Cliff Thompson

    Cliff ThompsonPred 18 urami

    Rebecca "Newt" Jordan Corporal Hicks (Actually Turk?) Murphy Rains Boggs Bishop Clemens Superintendent Andrews Frank Nine Inmates (Other Than Frank) Vincent (?) Troy David Kevin Eric & William Jude Gregor Dillon Aaron (''85") LT. Ellen Ripley

  53. Gregory Butler

    Gregory ButlerPred 18 urami

    Confirmed band kid


    FORTNITE KIDPred 18 urami

    In a decade this movie with be 100 years old

  55. Bent the Bro

    Bent the BroPred 18 urami

    “Afraid of viruses?” That hurt everyone in 2020.

  56. Plop Ploppy

    Plop PloppyPred 18 urami

    Hey you do look like my teacher

  57. HelplessAmerican GayGirl

    HelplessAmerican GayGirlPred 18 urami

    Oh 2019, when we thought 2020 would be a good year. How naive we were.

  58. uǝqǝɹԀ Aʟᴇxᴀɴᴅᴇʀ

    uǝqǝɹԀ AʟᴇxᴀɴᴅᴇʀPred 18 urami

    James always acts so proud of his jumpscares but I have nerves of steel

  59. ThatOneFunAnon

    ThatOneFunAnonPred 18 urami

    Rowan is a traditionally Celtic name i think, and it means red. (think the red berries from the rowan tree aka your mountain ash tree in america. fun fact: rowan is a gender neutral name on this side of the ocean!) The name you're thinking of is ROAN, (Row-n) which is a German name, and it's the one that means raven (sorry i'm two years late kghaksgkagjk)

  60. Alejandro Encinas

    Alejandro EncinasPred 18 urami

    Ok I'm glad I watched this instead of the actual shit movie

  61. Cliff Thompson

    Cliff ThompsonPred 19 urami

    Topless Pilgrim Would-Be Turkey Fucker Johnny's Dad Johnny's Mum Ali's Paramour Ali Sheriff Roud Billy Darren Johnny

  62. Fernando Arias

    Fernando AriasPred 19 urami

    That’s gross

  63. Deadpool Chimichangas

    Deadpool ChimichangasPred 19 urami

    Beautiful and amazing

  64. Jacob Waters

    Jacob WatersPred 19 urami

    I'm a horror fan and I don't wear a mask BUT I always wash my hands

  65. Mia G

    Mia GPred 19 urami

    Can we all just take a minute to appreciate the fact that James takes time to reorganize his set up in the back for each movie

  66. D_37

    D_37Pred 19 urami

    Weird I was listening to this earlier today from the RSS feed and then it got pulled.

  67. Leah Coult

    Leah CoultPred 19 urami

    I'm so happy so n so lives (This is made mid video if he dies I'm crying.)

  68. What is this?

    What is this?Pred 19 urami

    Isn’t the Jason mask supposed to be like that

  69. Your Vibe, Hand it over.

    Your Vibe, Hand it over.Pred 19 urami

    did anyone else get the eminem reference

  70. NomNom

    NomNomPred 19 urami

    Imagine getting killed by a *bucket* .

  71. NomNom

    NomNomPred 19 urami

    Love these podcasts because all of you are *vibin*

  72. George Park

    George ParkPred 19 urami

    I'm a simple man. I see Night of the Living Dead in the thumbnail I click

  73. Karlos1234ify

    Karlos1234ifyPred 19 urami

    I think we’re dead meat. Real DEAD meat.

  74. Solis9975

    Solis9975Pred 19 urami

    Please do train to busan

  75. kaizer sozen

    kaizer sozenPred 19 urami

    dead meat james, that sounds like a very unfortunate nickname u get in high school

  76. The Lone Wolf Hunter

    The Lone Wolf HunterPred 19 urami

    Good video!!

  77. MaximMillion

    MaximMillionPred 19 urami

    Could someone please link the episode of James getting sponsored by raycon

  78. Sage_in_PalmMall

    Sage_in_PalmMallPred 19 urami

    43:33 yo why did James sound like my Tia right there? XD

  79. Angel Beas

    Angel BeasPred 19 urami

    Make a Kill Count for Joker please

  80. Jens Cat

    Jens CatPred 19 urami

    I have a fun horror movie from the Netherlands maybe you need to take a look at it! The movie name is De Lift it translates to The Lift it is in blue ray

  81. Jackie McCann

    Jackie McCannPred 19 urami

    Me whenever I hear Michael Dougherty’s name: _WHEN “TRICK ‘R TREAT 2”?!_ 😫

  82. thedarkpalp 58

    thedarkpalp 58Pred 19 urami

    Puppet pissed pupissed

  83. Guest B from Wii sports resort

    Guest B from Wii sports resortPred 19 urami

    I was waiting for the tracker jackers to be sent out to kill them 😂😂😂

  84. Elliott Mazzello is bored

    Elliott Mazzello is boredPred 19 urami

    *Fun facts* 1. The movie was filmed in Hawaii. 2. The movie was filmed in the middle of a hurricane. 3. There were people cramped into the back of the cars with controls to drive them. 4. The T-Rex animatronic malfunctured from the rain so the crew tried to dry it by hitting it with towels. 5. The velociraptors were voiced by tortoises. 7. Steven Spielberg changed the ages of lex and Tim around so he could have the actors he wanted to play them could be in the movie. 6. *JOE MAZZELLO IS GORGEOUS*

  85. Demon Ruler

    Demon RulerPred 19 urami

    Boy you NEED to do a podcast with Mike Dougherty about KAIJU. Maybe on July 4th or somewhere on June?

  86. Supermariobrad 800

    Supermariobrad 800Pred 19 urami

    Spencer look like a nice person in real life

  87. Koriand'r Of The Stars

    Koriand'r Of The StarsPred 19 urami

    Was the actress who played Carrie in this also in Bless the Child?!

  88. kaizer sozen

    kaizer sozenPred 19 urami

    her mother walks in, causing carrie to go cross-eyed lol 😂🤣, idk why that was so funny to me

  89. Marcin L

    Marcin LPred 19 urami

    I never saw any video here this early

  90. Sean Passmore

    Sean PassmorePred 19 urami

    The only person keeping me from being scared is comments and him

  91. Axel Nilsson

    Axel NilssonPred 19 urami

    How the heck did you bring THE Michael Dougherty to the podcast?

  92. kiwi crossing

    kiwi crossingPred 19 urami

    I hope your wedding goes well James and Chelsea also I hope lucy is happy

  93. Benjamin Howard

    Benjamin HowardPred 19 urami

    I just woke up and did a double take to make sure I read the title right

  94. Macdab101

    Macdab101Pred 19 urami


  95. XxFluffy BunnyxX

    XxFluffy BunnyxXPred 19 urami

    My friend: Jason vs Freddy is the most ambitious crossover ever Me:


    WINGS OF FIREPred 19 urami

    Love for podcasts..❤ I made some creepy true story videos pls checkout.. hope you might like it .. support this girl😊

  97. Jack Doherty

    Jack DohertyPred 19 urami

    that video he made was fucking GREAT


    KAZZMORTPred 19 urami

    i just love how hes talking about futre names and im in 2020 3 years waay like do u know elon musk kid \

  99. Jromins

    JrominsPred 19 urami

    Literally just got my trick r treat vinyl from wax work records! Dead meat and Mike Dougherty! Can't go wrong!

  100. LYNXX_

    LYNXX_Pred 19 urami

    I thought it was pretty funny when you brought up the death threats then I realized how sad that actually is