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Machine Gun Kelly - 27
Wild Boy (Remix)

Wild Boy (Remix)

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  1. Galxzy Shifted

    Galxzy ShiftedPred 3 urami

    Great song, tbh I didn’t know MGK switched genres. Also, lucky guy got to make video with Megan Fox

  2. T H

    T HPred 3 urami

    Eminem hurt him bad

  3. Bxxyliaa x

    Bxxyliaa xPred 3 urami

    I fell in love with this song and it’s on repeat everyday. Thank you for this amazing song and all of your music🖤

  4. Tom Hiers

    Tom HiersPred 3 urami


  5. Kripesh Lamsal

    Kripesh LamsalPred 3 urami

    MGk no more as a Rapper Cause Rap God dissed him 👿👿👿.....

  6. Charlotte Olsen

    Charlotte OlsenPred 3 urami


  7. Jesse Parris

    Jesse ParrisPred 3 urami

    Yes let's all hope casue after we get there it's less than more anyway to last so long

  8. alex hamilton

    alex hamiltonPred 4 urami

    Dude wtf its green day all over

  9. Kevin Lukas

    Kevin LukasPred 4 urami

    Vin pelo tode

  10. neosprex

    neosprexPred 4 urami

    The killers_Mr brightside

  11. Brandon Steenkamp

    Brandon SteenkampPred 4 urami

    I mean wasn't he featured on a Sleeping with Sirens song in like 2013? And I'm sure he's collaborated with other artists in the genre. He even did a cover of an LP song in tribute to Chester when he died, so it's not such a big surprise

  12. Travis o

    Travis oPred 4 urami

    honestly he is better at this than rap, he should prolly stick to soft rock.

  13. Scopolamin

    ScopolaminPred 4 urami

    Erst auf PH, nun hier. Die verkauft sich auch für jeden 💩

  14. Sting Ray

    Sting RayPred 4 urami

    Good to see Megan, its been a while

  15. Kimya Shearer

    Kimya ShearerPred 4 urami

    I lost alot to My Grandma in 2012 and My great grandma I think Hours later. Didn't know her well. My adopted Dad 2018,adoptedgrandma a year later 😢😢. But I'm healed and Kept Going with life and think of the best days when they were here. 😍😃☀

  16. D Edge

    D EdgePred 4 urami

    Not baaad duuude...not bad. Megan looks still the same like in Transformers Movies. Thumbs up!!!

  17. Lelouch V Mixer

    Lelouch V MixerPred 4 urami

    honestly im tryna find out the coats brand any help ??? the red one btw

  18. Nibba

    NibbaPred 4 urami

    2:30 People with epilepsy be dancing along with MGK.

  19. S B C

    S B CPred 4 urami

    They got fucked up on shrooms

  20. Kimya Shearer

    Kimya ShearerPred 4 urami

    This is a Powerful Song, he ever did. WOW. I felt his every words. I wish him Great Healing.🎁☺

  21. Evan Roots

    Evan RootsPred 4 urami

    Nice man!

  22. Nicholas Green

    Nicholas GreenPred 4 urami

    Am I the Olney one that heard this song and got pumped up

  23. Melissa Dawson

    Melissa DawsonPred 4 urami

    I love the song but this song is better than señorita

  24. Zuun Pyi

    Zuun PyiPred 4 urami

    So glad to see her again. Haven't seen her since her transformers days

  25. Sin Rose

    Sin RosePred 4 urami

    I love MGK. This is such a cute video.

  26. Pofigistik tm

    Pofigistik tmPred 4 urami

    Ну здарова, Нурминский, давно мы тебя ждали

  27. Ankit Shrestha

    Ankit ShresthaPred 4 urami

    I see mgk I dislike

  28. aditya wardana

    aditya wardanaPred 4 urami

    Why travis always look amazing when played drum 🤘👍

  29. SadisticSarcasm

    SadisticSarcasmPred 4 urami

    This song is literally just about Mgk’s secret BDSM fetish Change my mind

  30. AliffWhite Official

    AliffWhite OfficialPred 4 urami

    Megan fox just click baited me !! Welldone MGK for bringing back 2000 vibe 🔥

  31. ConanSchmonan

    ConanSchmonanPred 4 urami

    This guy has major peado vibes

  32. MJ W

    MJ WPred 5 urami

    He should try acting. He is a very good looking man.

  33. Etienne Jaques

    Etienne JaquesPred 5 urami

    he do be dating a milf

  34. Sufyaan Nana

    Sufyaan NanaPred 5 urami

    Come on this shit wack we need one like rap devil

  35. Got Opinions

    Got OpinionsPred 5 urami

    This isn’t just music anymore. This is poetry. Absolutely beautiful.

  36. Noachim Deconinck

    Noachim DeconinckPred 5 urami


  37. M M

    M MPred 5 urami


  38. Sulthan 07

    Sulthan 07Pred 5 urami


  39. Xerr013

    Xerr013Pred 5 urami

    Megan fox gets hotter with age.

  40. Melanie Brown

    Melanie BrownPred 5 urami

    Straight up fire AF🔥🔥

  41. Valerie Le Pelch

    Valerie Le PelchPred 5 urami

    This sounds more blink 182 than blinks latest album

  42. Quilla Reissig

    Quilla ReissigPred 5 urami

    This song sounds like emo punk or happy punk from the 2000's, i don't care at all, but i like it 🙊🎶🎶... !!

  43. S. Tfk

    S. TfkPred 5 urami

    Eminem has killed his career

  44. Sappho_One

    Sappho_OnePred 5 urami

    this sounds soo good!

  45. lint1983

    lint1983Pred 5 urami

    Imagine waking up next to her.....

  46. alex eckert

    alex eckertPred 5 urami

    This is a great song, my middle school self is so happy right now.

  47. Caleb Laseter

    Caleb LaseterPred 5 urami

    This song helps me through the corona

  48. Whipple Filter

    Whipple FilterPred 5 urami

    This song could be the worst song made and than get Megan Fox to dance in her undies and BOOM!! Distracted!! I'm a man eater and I was still distracted!!!

  49. Mr hotline Pranks

    Mr hotline PranksPred 5 urami

    Bringing back early 2000 times of music straight up radio blasting drop top down shit

  50. Tanishia Rebecca

    Tanishia RebeccaPred 5 urami

    Guy has alot of heart and emotion for some who "lost" against eminem!!

  51. suraj gaira

    suraj gairaPred 5 urami

    I can feel you man don't be upset and fuck this world like always🤘

  52. Jacob Wilson

    Jacob WilsonPred 5 urami

    Its my first time listening MGK, does he have any other songs with similar vibes?

  53. Tanishia Rebecca

    Tanishia RebeccaPred 5 urami

    MGK just know this songs on repeat!!!

  54. Cesar Melo

    Cesar MeloPred 5 urami

    Finally something different !!!! Tired of all the same sounding rap hip hop.... never listened to mgk other than the em diss but this I can jam to 90’s 00’s feel here

  55. Ruth Alves da Mota

    Ruth Alves da MotaPred 5 urami

    humm didn't like it... He is an amazing rapper. This sounds like straight out of a boy band

  56. Space Today

    Space TodayPred 5 urami SpaceX docking at ISS - SIM

  57. SLCrasher

    SLCrasherPred 5 urami

    This is American Pie feeling I love it sooo much

  58. Man Boy

    Man BoyPred 5 urami

    Blink vibes definitely glad he has been hanging with Travis barker

  59. Mike Zay

    Mike ZayPred 6 urami

    What happend to him rapping

  60. Mike Zay

    Mike ZayPred 6 urami

    Who else thinks he paid her alot of money

  61. MsJennaBlaze95

    MsJennaBlaze95Pred 6 urami

    I have missed this style of music so much. He needs to do more songs like this

  62. Zubiii

    ZubiiiPred 6 urami

    I love fox man 🦊😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

  63. Aourela Calderon

    Aourela CalderonPred 6 urami

    She looks so different here compared to her insta pictures ...

  64. Cristian Lo Muto

    Cristian Lo MutoPred 6 urami

    When exactly did he turned into Billie Joe Armstrong?

  65. Descent into Madness: A Necromance

    Descent into Madness: A NecromancePred 6 urami

    wow... more proof of the ability of humans to evolve and become more.. become better.. than ever before.. while at the same time staying in balance and in sync with the world and the rest of humanity.. truly.. inspiring stuff... xoxo - @lala_morningstar on Instagram.

  66. Ranno Rachman

    Ranno RachmanPred 6 urami

    i like it this song.... on fire

  67. Avinash Gabbru

    Avinash GabbruPred 6 urami

    MGK man you're RAP is so Deep🔥

  68. Dion Kamst

    Dion KamstPred 6 urami

    love this

  69. Halil Arda

    Halil ArdaPred 6 urami


  70. Puson Suchiang

    Puson SuchiangPred 6 urami

    Brooo it’s hurts Lifetime 💔💔🎶🎶✨🌙

  71. Rebecca Henry

    Rebecca HenryPred 6 urami

    I definitely love how he switches genres. It’s hard to find people that are so multitalented.

  72. Серый Гаврилов

    Серый ГавриловPred 6 urami

    послушал я этот трек в передаче "Новый рок" на РадиоРокс, 254 выпуск... сначала не поверил, что это MGK... зашёл в ютуб, нашёл этот клип, а тут......... Меган Фокс!!!!! дважды охуел! а Меган всё также горяча!!!)))

  73. Stadialogy

    StadialogyPred 6 urami

    Eminem made this guy switch genres LMAO!!


    DD BY DAY GH AT NIGHTPred 6 urami

    So This is what happens after eminem ends your rap career

  75. Stonuk

    StonukPred 6 urami

    Have I been saying "Head" wrong all these years? I should have been saying " ED "?

  76. James Ryan

    James RyanPred 6 urami

    Tony Ferguson likes this

  77. Berke SEZER

    Berke SEZERPred 6 urami

    Machine gün kelly you are so sweet

  78. Cynical_ ghoul

    Cynical_ ghoulPred 6 urami

    Mgk: I need that candy Pete davidson: Go out and ask again and LEAVE THE DRUGS

  79. Destiny

    DestinyPred 6 urami


  80. Jesus Montelongo

    Jesus MontelongoPred 6 urami

    What type of shiii is this wack 🗑

  81. nelson meija

    nelson meijaPred 7 urami


  82. Aaron Miller

    Aaron MillerPred 7 urami

    Dam at 1:27 You can hear the sadness in his voice ...r.i.p. mac miller bro he was just gettin started

  83. Petey Zee

    Petey ZeePred 7 urami

    Imagine Eminem goes ''EMO'' too and responds to Kells, with his own EMO song.

  84. Thapelo Tom

    Thapelo TomPred 7 urami

    This beat reminds me of cyberpunk 2077

  85. ChaoticMatters

    ChaoticMattersPred 7 urami

    I just think it’s funny he’s using Megan Fox after Eminem used her in a video lol

  86. Mz. G

    Mz. GPred 7 urami

    This is Jennifer’s body(the movie) as a song

  87. Petey Zee

    Petey ZeePred 7 urami


  88. Petey Zee

    Petey ZeePred 7 urami

    EMO is not dead 2020

  89. Azur

    AzurPred 7 urami

    i feel like he found his style of music.

  90. Berke SEZER

    Berke SEZERPred 7 urami

    Machine gün kelly are you so sweet

  91. Adrian Hernández Vallejo

    Adrian Hernández VallejoPred 7 urami

    The Rap Devil is here.

  92. aesop2020

    aesop2020Pred 7 urami

    This is the dude who dissed Eminem huh

  93. Anthon Tolstihin

    Anthon TolstihinPred 7 urami

    Хуясе смена стиля )

  94. Deano t 111

    Deano t 111Pred 7 urami

    Wtf why he ain't rapping?? Fake never diss Em again oh and you rap better then you sing

  95. Maitreye 1997

    Maitreye 1997Pred 7 urami

    Damn Megan you brought me here as well ❤

  96. Olivia Hewitt

    Olivia HewittPred 7 urami

    Ughh YES

  97. Ezekielle Qualyn

    Ezekielle QualynPred 7 urami

    Dude the way Camila pushed MGK had me shookt🤣👌

  98. Berke SEZER

    Berke SEZERPred 7 urami

    Machine gün kelly you are so sweet

  99. hirota

    hirotaPred 7 urami

    5/20 is a new valentine day in China

  100. Peter Rhymer

    Peter RhymerPred 7 urami

    Coooooool 😎 didn’t expect that, sumthing different & Megan Fox still looks HOT🔥🔥🔥🔥