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Thailand feat. Rip Taylor
  1. Barack Obama

    Barack ObamaPred 9 minutami

    Why the fuck did we use lead for everything?

  2. sarita si

    sarita siPred 11 minutami

    I hate January coz every year you guys are off ㅠㅠㅠ

  3. Final Weapon

    Final WeaponPred 14 minutami


  4. Doombringer

    DoombringerPred 23 minutami

    Oh good lord, something terrible was going to happen, I just KNEW trump was going to be involved

  5. Doombringer

    DoombringerPred 25 minutami

    It’s amazing how Americans are so blind as to say they are the “greatest country”, it’s a joke. The “greatest country” wouldn’t prioritize profits over human life

  6. Cathy Elings-Sysel

    Cathy Elings-SyselPred 28 minutami

    I'm so angry I can't even type. If I believed in burning books, hers would be the first to go.

  7. Ryan G

    Ryan GPred 29 minutami

    If non-violent felons get their voting rights restored they should have their 2nd Amendment rights restored too. Same concept. Not so comfortable now, are you?

  8. Cathy Elings-Sysel

    Cathy Elings-SyselPred 30 minutami

    If course she's German.

  9. Cathy Elings-Sysel

    Cathy Elings-SyselPred 31 minuto

    🙄🙄🙄Why is it only men who has this problem?? Was Ayn Rand really a man??

  10. This Face Believes You

    This Face Believes YouPred 36 minutami

    ...but we had an extra *_trillion_* dollars to pour into Afghanistan

  11. Axl Johnson

    Axl JohnsonPred 37 minutami

    I'll just leave this here: History and Etymology for avast perhaps from Dutch houd vast hold fast dutch pirates ... very much a thing

  12. Michimama60

    Michimama60Pred 41 minuto

    MDDA faka

  13. Doombringer

    DoombringerPred 45 minutami

    So I guess the US army can’t brag about how great they are anymore, they ran away from Turkey, to scared to fight and protect human life huh

  14. Doombringer

    DoombringerPred 48 minutami

    Lesson to be learned: don’t ever trust or work with the US army, they will abandon you on a whim

  15. Adelaide margar DAVIS

    Adelaide margar DAVISPred 52 minutami

    the measles joke was depressing considering the current situation in American Samoa :(

  16. Matthew Boyd

    Matthew BoydPred 53 minutami

    I don't play the lottery because I know it's a game played by losers (literally millions of them lose) But if I ever were to get lottery levels of money, I'd choose to not share it with anyone that isn't doing everything they can't fight climate change.

  17. Corey Lumpkins

    Corey LumpkinsPred 54 minutami

    I bet money oboy that wrestle CM Punk (said damn what's that smell)

  18. Doombringer

    DoombringerPred 54 minutami

    Only Americans could elect someone this horrifically stupid as president

  19. Boti Gamer

    Boti GamerPred uro

    14:08 Is that Janet

  20. Benjamin K. Weber

    Benjamin K. WeberPred uro

    I was so confused when I first found out about Santa Con. I kept on asking if people wanted to go. Then I would get strange looks. I thought everyone was legit santas.

  21. Kcennet

    KcennetPred uro

    İs that olivia coleman reporting the sherpas on ice crevass es?

  22. arjit awasthi

    arjit awasthiPred uro

    Well bam bam won the election now make a video on your meltdown

  23. Matthew Boyd

    Matthew BoydPred uro

    I'm a millennial that used to customize my call of duty gun like this. And just like everything else in a fantasy world, it's scary when it goes from video games to real life because have a pink gun and owning a nOOb is one thing, but have a literal cute killer device isn't a happy thought. But seeing this makes me consider buying no lethal. Maybe they will make batteries energy dense enough for taser bullets.

  24. Nay

    NayPred uro

    Herbalife realy works to solve your health problems. I gave a few boxes to my stepmother, she is now rotting in jail for starting a pyramid scheme.

  25. Aaron Woods

    Aaron WoodsPred uro

    My favorite part is how the police were defending that a mistake in your past should not follow you one little mistake. If someone is 17 years old and steal something over $1,000 they would be a felon for the rest of their lives seems like the same scenario.

  26. Liz T R.

    Liz T R.Pred uro

    2019 and Chilean police does the same shit... pacos qlos

  27. A340DICTATOR

    A340DICTATORPred uro

    And as of writing this, the following has happened: October 31st came and went with no progress being made towards Leave. A general election was held on December 12th with the outcome being a conservative victory - meaning 5 more years of this poxy bumblebee dictionary wanker. "LeTs GeT BrExIt dOnE"

  28. Lemon

    LemonPred uro

    you forgot to mention, indian phone scammers

  29. Technetium75d

    Technetium75dPred uro

    Mr Oliver, chard is delicious. Have you ever had chard soup? But seriously, thanks for shaming me. I will be more careful with what I do with my food. I do not throw away a lot, but that's still too much. That should be ZERO.

  30. Mae Mae

    Mae MaePred uro

    I’ve watched this for the 20th time :) when I found out I was lesbian I idolized John Oliver until I was brave enough to. ❤️❤️❤️

  31. liamdude5

    liamdude5Pred 2 urami

    Trump describing the operation is like if you asked Jeff Goldblum to address it

  32. Jerry Stevens

    Jerry StevensPred 2 urami

    Some inmates have died fighting fires

  33. Kasimier

    KasimierPred 2 urami

    "I don't get constepated...and instead of that you get tempted to over strech"... come on that was on purpose

  34. Lizard

    LizardPred 2 urami

    I love the catheter cowboy, we need more of his wisdom!

  35. Marielaa Usher

    Marielaa UsherPred 2 urami

    "In case of a natural disaster you might call 911 but no one could be in the other side" What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Is he gonna go out and shoot hurricanes and tornados?

  36. Raghav Giridhar

    Raghav GiridharPred 2 urami

    Message loud and clear by hindus: you support radical islam you won't get our votes!!

  37. bhavana samhita

    bhavana samhitaPred 2 urami

    But why is the Dalai Lama being reincarnated? Wouldn't he attain Nirvana?

  38. zachary lynn

    zachary lynnPred 2 urami

    thanks for the psa, time to go get a santa costume

  39. TK Tang

    TK TangPred 3 urami

    I would like to see Germany become a leader, but I feel that it overall isn't a military, economically and politically strong enough country compared to a country like China.

  40. Vibhor Bajpai

    Vibhor BajpaiPred 3 urami

    What the fuck is wrong with you people? How can you let a person who knows nothing about biology handle an entire dead body? DO YOU HAVE COMMON SENSE?

  41. fortnite is cancer

    fortnite is cancerPred 3 urami

    Shut up you neoliberal right-wing elitist propagandist

  42. Nicole Morris

    Nicole MorrisPred 3 urami

    I'd love to know how much money HBO spend on John Oliver

  43. Hey Young World

    Hey Young WorldPred 3 urami

    Why does this lowkey feel like one of those reverse psychology adds reminding us to GO to Santa con 🤔🤔🤔

  44. Philo Math

    Philo MathPred 3 urami

    Andrew Yang has the best plan for helping Americans deal with gambling addiction.

  45. Adela Hogarth

    Adela HogarthPred 4 urami

    Ehhh... I'm caught feeling somewhat ambivalent. I mean, sure... the Chinese annexation was illegal, but Tibet was not a nice place prior Chinese control. The Dalai Lama represents only about 10% of Tibetans. Over half of 'Tibetans' are *actually* occupied by Indian forces. The Dalai Lama isn't exactly a nice figure. And before people jump down my throat, just remember prior Chinese annexation of *some* of Tibet, there was a caste system. And everybody who didn't occupy a very select, elite religious caste were practically *slaves* ... and I mean that in a very literal sense. They were press-ganged, beaten, sold between the priest castes ... all sorts of dystopian shit you might better recognize in a Western sense if they were effectively Romans taking captives and their slave markets. That ended with the Chinese annexation. Life expectancy has gone up... general wealth has gone up, as a special autonomous group they haven't paid taxes in generations, they get free healthcare, free education, free poor housing ... I mean... ehhh. Look, it's kind of difficult to *not* play Devil's Advocate here and at least recognize the good that the Chinese did for the Tibetans. Because they certainly live better now than when people like the Dalai Lama were running the show... and they certainly live better than the Tibetans occupied by India. This matter is a hell of a lot more 'gray' than it is black and white... How important is people's 'culture'if it's built on religious extremism, human misery, enforced ignorance and honest-to-God slavery? It's basically a reverse Libya. Where once there was a prosperous country run by a strongman and then NATO bombed it to hell and allowed people to arm the religious extremists. Boom, sudden slavery and a whole lot of refugees from a country where Gaddafi and his 'little green book' made sure everybody had jobs, everybody had a home, nobody had excruciating bank debt, everybody got a free university education.... In this case... shit was fucked, then the Chinese invaded... and shit is looking a whole lot better.

  46. Itsa Games

    Itsa GamesPred 4 urami

    it costs more to keep them alive because we have a lengthy appeal process. if you just straight up killed them with a noose and some height, thats about 50 cents - firing squads maybe bullets would be cheaper? and lets face it, people who get the death penalty arent your criminal who stole a loaf of bread to feed his family....these are the type of people who would break into a home of a family, tie up and rape the kids and murder the parents type shit. these people dont deserve to be here

  47. Thor Emblem

    Thor EmblemPred 4 urami

    People don’t like puff daddy/p diddy/diddy/puff daddy???

  48. Gabriel Velez

    Gabriel VelezPred 4 urami


  49. Zabeer Farid

    Zabeer FaridPred 4 urami

    And now he’s reelected...

  50. nihad mahouni

    nihad mahouniPred 4 urami

    Every 22 yo is some kind of an idiot 😂 I am 22 and that statement makes me feel better about my life 🌚😂

  51. ArisCarroll

    ArisCarrollPred 4 urami

    oh man after watching it for the 2nd time years later i realized you got the awesome trailer voice guy jon bailey for this.... gud stuff

  52. kung Few

    kung FewPred 4 urami

    The smartest advice my father ever gave me without a doubt is a fool and his money are soon parted. Applies to so many things. Thanks dad.❤

  53. Pandabarrel

    PandabarrelPred 4 urami

    "Why is youtube recommending this to me now?" *sees UK election news* Big oof.

  54. Unknown

    UnknownPred 5 urami

    The reason they want crimea is because of strategic naval bases in the Black Sea

  55. Alex Tang

    Alex TangPred 5 urami

    Rip bangs

  56. protectnor

    protectnorPred 6 urami

    How did he not even mention that Vince's wife, Linda, is Trump's head of small business?

  57. olivia bjerke

    olivia bjerkePred 6 urami

    Sad, this is being done everywhere now...

  58. SnapshotOfASoul

    SnapshotOfASoulPred 6 urami

    My dad walked out on hernia surgeries twice when he learnt they'd be implanting mesh. They ended up doing it as far as I know, and it gave him so much trouble and pain he developed diverticulitis from how much it travelled in his guts. Never insert the equivalent of a chain-link fence in your body if it doesn't fucking DISSOLVE like sutures.

  59. Volmire1

    Volmire1Pred 6 urami

    Can people shut up about this video being from 2016 and "not from 2019", lol? After the first 50 times I saw this, it started to get old.

  60. Coletha Albert

    Coletha AlbertPred 6 urami

    Bad Santas

  61. Arnold Davis

    Arnold DavisPred 6 urami

    I prefer the angels yummy

  62. Gayla Stafford

    Gayla StaffordPred 6 urami C:\Users\Hasan\Desktop\Marketing\SLgo Video\Tdxmogul$5\2019-12-13_1522.png

  63. HorrorMistress98

    HorrorMistress98Pred 7 urami

    "my function is to confirm his intuition" so much for facts over feelings.

  64. Bailey Thomas

    Bailey ThomasPred 7 urami

    A lot of people are upset about lead in vaccines, because in paint and other metallic forms it can cause brain damage. These people need to retake chemistry. Sodium is a highly reactive compound, when it touches water it explodes. Chlorine in its natural state is a poisonous gas. When you combine those two chemicals, you get Sodium Chloride, more commonly known as salt. It's almost as though when you combine chemicals it changes their properties.

  65. Conspiracy Bear

    Conspiracy BearPred 7 urami

    Giant waste of money & time. He never did anything & all your lil insinuations were total BS. Millions of dollers tons of man hours & trumps completely exonerated you losers.

  66. Jack Towers

    Jack TowersPred 7 urami

    8:20 anyone else hear the accordion

  67. ferociousgumby

    ferociousgumbyPred 7 urami

    Oh, PLEASE do one on impeachment!

  68. Dr. Kira

    Dr. KiraPred 7 urami

    Puerto Rico, the only Island with more quirks than your MMORPG character.

  69. Fish of Mocking

    Fish of MockingPred 7 urami

    Crazy that 3,400 got pregnant from this video 🤭

  70. guybravo

    guybravoPred 7 urami

    She is right. You’re an idiot for not understanding the importance of rugged individualism. Fuckin’ collectivist commie cuck.

  71. Lempwei Roiie

    Lempwei RoiiePred 7 urami

    I was raised a Sunday School child and later learned that one could donate at least 10% of his wages or salaries as tithe to the church... These televangelists are spreading the Words to exploit the church goers...

  72. LemonTern

    LemonTernPred 7 urami

    we dont want you on this platform

  73. Conspiracy Bear

    Conspiracy BearPred 8 urami

    So jon never presents a balanced view he wont mention the America outfitters exec who had a camera in his office or he would be suied for millions & lost his job to false allegations. Or how about mattris girl the rolling stone fake rape case. There are so mamy cases of false alegations that ruin mens lives but jon acts like it never happens ever.

  74. Jack Towers

    Jack TowersPred 8 urami

    1:15 I hate Ayn Rand but don’t throw The Specials under the bus

  75. Nicolle Barrett

    Nicolle BarrettPred 8 urami

    Wow, the hypocrisy, Jon. A few months ago you were jacking off to vaccines for all and now you are asking questions about the ethics of a therapy that is not forced on infants from day one. Vaccines contain bits of DNA from tumorigenic human and animal DNA, cells that grow rapidly and contain multiple genetic defects for cancer.

  76. princesssookeh

    princesssookehPred 8 urami

    00:10 DANIEL O'BRIEN! lol

  77. RoseCitytid16

    RoseCitytid16Pred 8 urami

    Just need scooters with little baskets or carts on the front

  78. Michael Emeny

    Michael EmenyPred 8 urami

    So Amazon caved and won't be getting those perks. Fucking thankfully

  79. Puppeteer Pandas

    Puppeteer PandasPred 8 urami

    John Oliver looks like a real life Milhouse VanHouten

  80. Franek Nie Ma Sensu

    Franek Nie Ma SensuPred 9 urami

    Conservatives won again so I need a good laugh.

  81. Kayla Lee

    Kayla LeePred 9 urami

    While on the topic of changing the death industry, "ask a mortician" is a great youtube channel that covers a lot of death-related issues worth being informed about. Highly recommend.

  82. LadyShay

    LadyShayPred 9 urami

    I mean it could be worse. We could actually vote in Kanye. And then we would have to explain to our grandkids that we voted in a guy that thought grabbing pussies was okay AND a man that declared that he was entitled to sex with a singer because "He made that bitch famous."

  83. E K Daufin

    E K DaufinPred 9 urami


  84. Primal Speak

    Primal SpeakPred 9 urami

    Because reality never changes just the times.

  85. Ethan Stine

    Ethan StinePred 9 urami

    I almost joined a weird sales company in college. It sold kitchenware. It wasn't a MLM but I was supposed to start by selling to my friends and family, then they would go to there friends on my behalf and so on. When I told my parents about it they talked me down.

  86. Zed Ayy

    Zed AyyPred 9 urami

    Man this trump guy sounds awful I hope he doesn’t win the nomination. Oh he did? Well I hope he doesn’t win the presidency? Oh he did? Well I hope he doesn’t destroy American democracy. Oh he did?? Well..... umm...

  87. matthew styles

    matthew stylesPred 9 urami

    Well that 20 year old looked less in shape than old dude.

  88. Bella

    BellaPred 9 urami

    Better together was a bad slogan and apparently stronger together was worse. If only Hillary watched this before picking it! 😂

  89. Dustin Red Eagle

    Dustin Red EaglePred 10 urami

    aaaand Labour just got stomped into the ground.

  90. Wittman 131

    Wittman 131Pred 10 urami

    Correction: 3 1/2 years to negotiate

  91. S.Miles

    S.MilesPred 10 urami

    Did they ever do a follow up after the recent hurricanes?

  92. Katie Wilhelm

    Katie WilhelmPred 10 urami

    STL people - is that Jacob Anderson-Little from Lindbergh????

  93. always_lookin_up

    always_lookin_upPred 10 urami

    here in 2019 trying to figure out caucusing. nope. i'll be back in 2023 unless we've reformed this bullshit. #Yang2020

  94. LadyShay

    LadyShayPred 10 urami

    God: You know this guy named Job praises me a lot. And he has a lot of stuff. How about I take all his stuff away and see what happens. Also God: You can't love me and money. ALSO God: It's easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter heaven. Preacher: If I have a lot of stuff, it means I'm in God's favor.

  95. Doug Stanton

    Doug StantonPred 10 urami

    As I rewatch this video. I just realized how corrupt Ukraine's gov actually is. 😆

  96. Mary Riley

    Mary RileyPred 10 urami

    When our president speaks, he should be taken seriously....but we can't believe Trump. He lies when he doesn't even need to. If you ask him for the time, he would look at his watch and then have to think about what answer would benefit himself.

  97. Miss S

    Miss SPred 10 urami

    Doing something hard for no reward makes zero sense to me. Just to say you did it? Does saying you did it bring some reward or benefit? No!? Then WHY do it!? Make it make sense.

  98. Nicholas Main

    Nicholas MainPred 10 urami

    Next February what the fuck

  99. NickTheGreatAndPowerful

    NickTheGreatAndPowerfulPred 10 urami

    Bob Murray ate the last slice of pizza.

  100. Grey Femling

    Grey FemlingPred 11 urami

    Wait, people don’t realize that torture is a shitty way to get information out of someone? Here’s a scenario for you: you’re tied to a chair and someone is putting a drill through your kneecap you would do anything to make the pain stop, barring betraying people who trust you. So at that point what you end up doing is telling your interrogators a lie to get yourself a reprieve, hence why you can’t trust any info a tortured prisoner gives you. It’s that simple