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Thailand feat. Rip Taylor
  1. HamazingKayliee

    HamazingKaylieePred 39 minutami

    My town is making people bring their own pens

  2. Morgan

    MorganPred 40 minutami

    John Oliver: (goes on rant about pencils) Me, a college student: (stares at favorite pencils and pencil sharpener)

  3. tony tone

    tony tonePred 40 minutami

    Dame dollar for life...

  4. Morgan

    MorganPred 40 minutami

    John Oliver: (goes on rant about pencils) Me, a college student: (stares at favorite pencils and pencil sharpener)

  5. opal kit

    opal kitPred 41 minuto

    Good little bit there on the pencils and the sharpener. Lol. Too real

  6. quixotica726

    quixotica726Pred 41 minuto

    For the love of cheese! Can we please have a president who doesn't play air accordion? I mean for fucks sake it's air harpsichord playing or NOTHING AT ALL.

  7. Xenterex

    XenterexPred 43 minutami

    Pfft, fully functional pencils? I use a leadholder clutch pencil that comes with a sharpener in it's cap :D Granted, it doesn't have it's own gross pink eraser, but that's why kneadable erasers exist.

  8. HebaruSan

    HebaruSanPred 43 minutami

    Hashtag stayinthebunkerdonald

  9. Kobboy Kng

    Kobboy KngPred 44 minutami

    Trump doesn't like the idea of voting by mail, because his Russian friends cannot hack papers remotely, just computers... those voting machines are full with security holes.

  10. Anjalena

    AnjalenaPred 44 minutami

    If you're somewhere across the pond, can you do us Americans a favor and make sure people know that George Floyd was the spark to this but this is about much more than just that.This is the systematic oppression of all of us. Those of color, the elderly and disabled, and the poor (of all colors) are shit on. And year after year, because of the constant transfer of wealth to the top, our government has made about 70-80% of the populace poor or just above that line. We are denied the right to a living wage, healthcare, unionized and democratic workplaces, etc. And the fruits of all our labors give the government and the wealthy more power and control. They actually argued that the ultra-wealthy billionaires DESERVE all that money as if they work 16000 times harder than we do. (calculating $1 billion divided by $60,000 per year salary although many, many families make less than $60k/yr) And our media has propagandized us so completely for decades that we actually believe that we don't deserve to live a decent life and that our health and well-being aren't valuable. And here in the middle of a pandemic and the Great Depression 2.0, certain wealthy "experts" actually said on the news that we citizens should be proud to sacrifice our lives to the almighty dollar, to the economy! The wealthy corporations have the government as a safety net so when they're doing well, they win but when they fail, they still win (since the govt bails them out). They just did the largest corporate bailout (over 4.5 trillion dollars) to Wall Street, banks, and corporations in America's history but tell us that they can't afford healthcare and a living wage. We are the reason this country exists and yet we are only the cogs in the giant capitalist machine that makes the money-maker go *burrrrrrrrrrrrrr* for the wealthy. Put simply, we are treated as indentured servants and our needs and happiness do not matter here. I believe all this madness is the beginning of the collapse of the American empire. This is going to be tragic and painful for all of us. But to me the silver lining is that hopefully we won't be acting like the world's bully anymore but I do not believe that we will affect the government and our lives will not get better. Ultimately, if the protests don't die down on their own, they will send the military in to quash it.

  11. Adam McCarthy

    Adam McCarthyPred 44 minutami

    I absolutely love that john oliver is sponsoring the marble run. This is going to be an amazing tourney to watch. Thank you John, so much.

  12. Eric Rodriguez

    Eric RodriguezPred 45 minutami

    It's comforting to know that my two cats ,8 dogs and my dead grandmother will be voting for Trump this year.

  13. Florian Golemi

    Florian GolemiPred 45 minutami

    bad reporting.

  14. V God

    V GodPred 46 minutami

    You the truth John

  15. Anthony Gladden

    Anthony GladdenPred 46 minutami


  16. Doreen Dklutz

    Doreen DklutzPred 46 minutami

    How is Merika a ‘developed country’ 😤

  17. Adam Singer

    Adam SingerPred 46 minutami

    @2:10 yeah, that's why vote-by-mail *WILL* happen: reality keeps moving, and trump is just drawing attn to it. Like everything else he's doing to this already-rotten system, trump is a flashing warning light where other politicians try'n be sly.

  18. E Syone

    E SyonePred 47 minutami

    John Oliver should pick up art as a hobby. That way he will always have a pencil no matter what.

  19. Tara Saladin

    Tara SaladinPred 47 minutami

    I have voted by mail for almost two decades now. Just to clarify, I'm not dead. John Oliver - thank you for taking a subject that has made me immensely frustrated and making me laugh about it. You have a gift and you've brought some joy to my day.

  20. brADOSian

    brADOSianPred 48 minutami

    🤔 Hm, were they worried about CENSUS fraud when they sent to EVERY ADDRESS in the country a SPECIFIC one-time online code to use in order to fill out this year's Census? Hm, seems like online voting is the next step since were worried about paper mail-in ballots....

  21. Kenneth Walker

    Kenneth WalkerPred 48 minutami

    Bs.. he just knows young people are unlikey to go out and vote.. but if it were by mail more people will actually vote

  22. Nick S

    Nick SPred 49 minutami

    I live in Missouri and will be voting against Gov Parson for his attempt at voter suppression.

  23. Claire Carson

    Claire CarsonPred 49 minutami

    Wouldn’t Ivanka lose money if there are fewer voting machines? 🤔🤔

  24. Anthony Gladden

    Anthony GladdenPred 50 minutami


  25. Nirot the Wanderer

    Nirot the WandererPred 50 minutami

    John Oliver: Who owns a fully functioning pencil? *Me, who took up drawing as a hobby*

  26. Greg Vetter

    Greg VetterPred 50 minutami

    Oregon has been voting by mail for many years. No complaints here. This is just 'donald dumpster-fire' screaming foul like he did in 2016. Voting by mail is much more convenient and encourages more people to vote. Don't believe the bullshit from the republitards. P.S. "Go Ducks!"

  27. Hanno Reinhardt

    Hanno ReinhardtPred 50 minutami

    Compare COVID-19 wave Deaths to Flu wave deaths, please.

  28. antoniusmetal

    antoniusmetalPred 50 minutami

    So, why is young Woody Allen doing the sign language? 4:09

  29. Emma Goldman

    Emma GoldmanPred 50 minutami

    Oregon represent... And then slowly walk away cause nobody cares about us

  30. Jose Cuesta

    Jose CuestaPred 51 minuto

    Only Republicans got caught Cheating. Look it up , Real News.

  31. Mahesh Bhenchod

    Mahesh BhenchodPred 51 minuto

    If we can stand in line at the grocery store why can’t we stand in line at the polls?

  32. Santafemikez

    SantafemikezPred 52 minutami

    Because it's harder for Russians to hack the mail to sway the election, that would totally screw Trumps plan

  33. Suzan Jurist

    Suzan JuristPred 53 minutami

    Trump ,the only president to vote by mail. Will be vote by mail in next election?

  34. Sketchy Scotsman

    Sketchy ScotsmanPred 53 minutami

    Mechanical pencils

  35. Kayleen Feher

    Kayleen FeherPred 54 minutami

    Republicans don't want us to vote by mail because they win more when less people vote and they believe more people will vote by mail.

  36. Ingrid Gonzalez

    Ingrid GonzalezPred 55 minutami

    I hate that this was three years ago and it's still the same if not just a tad worse. So disappointing. Also stop it with the bad apples. Just change things.

  37. Hande Senguler

    Hande SengulerPred 55 minutami

    John, where's the news ?

  38. Adam T

    Adam TPred 55 minutami

    How did you not comment on the fact that the first poll worker shown lives in a town called Moscow??

  39. Griffin O'Connor

    Griffin O'ConnorPred 56 minutami

    Guys don’t forget that tomorrow is Justin Long’s birthday, you all forgot last year too and he fucking noticed again

  40. David Riggs

    David RiggsPred 56 minutami

    Here is tangible demand. Please retweet! Dear Joe Biden- #NoLegalizationNoConsideration

  41. Michael Perkins

    Michael PerkinsPred 56 minutami

    230 yers? My wife and I have been doing mail-in here in CA for at least two decades

  42. anna preble

    anna preblePred 56 minutami

    Oregon started vote by mail in 1998 and our access to the vote is stronger than ever! --No childcare. ---No time off from work. --No postage required as of this year! --And definitely no finicky polling machines or lines to wait in. I DO worry about areas where USPS service struggles so thanks for speaking to that John. 👍🏼

  43. Steve Buller

    Steve BullerPred 57 minutami

    Are we talking about voting online at all? A lot of people already file their taxes and do all kinds of sensitive information online... This would drastically decrease the demand for mail-in ballots, and we wouldn't have to print more funny money to fund an outdated system. I know some people don't have internet access, so they could still request absentee ballots. Is this under discussion?

  44. Michelle Leon

    Michelle LeonPred 57 minutami

    It’s true I don’t want to not vote for her by mail. If I can shop for groceries in person I can vote in person.

  45. Kriti Chaplot

    Kriti ChaplotPred 57 minutami

    If after all this he wins...🙄🙄

  46. Cody King

    Cody KingPred 57 minutami

    Do EXACTLY the OPPOSITE of what Repugnicans say and VOTE. They ALWAYS lose when people VOTE.

  47. elseby

    elsebyPred 57 minutami

    John purple shaming HBO daddy while wearing a purple tie.

  48. Hope4Today9 Now

    Hope4Today9 NowPred 58 minutami

    You can vote by mail in Ohio, it's called absentee voting... and if the election is too close to call they will open the absentee votes and count them; to see if those will yield the proper margin to one of the candidates to win.

  49. Vito Scaletta

    Vito ScalettaPred 59 minutami

    I don’t understand why trump doesn’t just make a twitter poll for the election

  50. North Carolina Rebel

    North Carolina RebelPred 59 minutami

    i live in the city known as the Camel City because camel cigarettes had their hedquarters

  51. TheNitroG1

    TheNitroG1Pred uro

    Vote by mail, don't vote by mail...whatever the electoral collage makes the whole thing pointless anyway. Nobody has ever been able to actually adequately explain how the electoral collage is more fair then a direct count. to me if you have 300 million people and 160 million of them or more vote for a given candidate. that should be the winner. "every vote counts" -a complete liar....guess that's why the overseas mail in ballots that aren't counted often times until 10 days after the election is over...because it's so important. the fact that it very often isn't the person who received the most votes, undermines the whole thing completely and the fact that a good portion of votes aren't even counted until after the winner is announced...How many times have you seen "won the popular vote" for a losing candidate? your vote doesn't mean anything it's a good way to keep you in line by making you think you have a say in what this country does. to paraphrase george carlin 'the whole thing is meaningless. but you go ahead and have your little election, i'll be at home masturbating too. the difference is when i'm finished i'm going to have a little something to show for it.'

  52. Richard Guie

    Richard GuiePred uro

    That’s not a pelican it’s a heron most likely a grand fisher

  53. Thor M

    Thor MPred uro

    Well covid got cured by the riots apparently. So No need for mail voting.

  54. Evan Barnes

    Evan BarnesPred uro

    I've said this a lot, but Tucker Carlson has the MOST punchable face I've ever seen

  55. Sarah Payne

    Sarah PaynePred uro

    I vote by mail in AZ and I get a "I voted" sticker with my ballot.

  56. Lorenzo Potrich

    Lorenzo PotrichPred uro

    This is a JOKE OF A COUNTRY. I am ashamed of being an american...

  57. MonkeyJedi99

    MonkeyJedi99Pred uro

    I actually have a pencil sharpener right in front of me on my desk.

  58. Alex Freeman

    Alex FreemanPred uro

    This aged like champagne

  59. Eric Farina

    Eric FarinaPred uro

    I get what Tucker Carlson said is stupid, but how can John Oliver say making him angry is the best reason to do anything and then claim Trump is the one inciting people? Jokes have an impact too, and the late night comedians are fueling the vitriol as much as anyone.

  60. John II Dear

    John II DearPred uro

    Man I'd love a privatized postal service so that way I know mail won't be deliver to (insert minority here).

  61. Juci Shockwave

    Juci ShockwavePred uro

    If Trump put that amount of effort, hard work and dedication on assisting the people with this crazy shit at hand (resolving issues of the economy, health care system, the education system and especially with the outdated infrastructure system itself), Trump wouldn't need to worry about elections. He would automatically win by default through acting like a real leader who cares and loves his people. The past was shit, but there were a few good things we could learn, such as how Viking rulers shared their wealth with their followers. You are only as rich as the people who follow you. I don't know... I have a different mentality on things. Even if I made billions, knowing someone on Earth goes to bed hungry, it would still make me feel so poor. :( Again, I am only as rich as the people around me.

  62. Sharda Hartley

    Sharda HartleyPred uro

    My husband was legitimately devastated when I told him the individual marbles did not in fact have full teams of people behind each one

  63. crazyinsanepenguin

    crazyinsanepenguinPred uro

    Most people vote by mail here in Utah and outside of Salt Lake City, this state is Republican as hell

  64. eat me

    eat mePred uro

    Here's the thing in a lot of states were there rural farmers in rural houses they vote by mail you can ask for a mail-in ballot in just about any state it's legal you think you're going to drive 50 mi to 300 miles to vote no I know a lot of people in farm belts they vote by mail cuz there is no voting places around them

  65. Polimana

    PolimanaPred uro

    shouldn't he be happy since us gen z first time voters have never sent a letter in our lives

  66. william lansdown

    william lansdownPred uro

    Boy do you piss me off with the truth about America Thanks.... wash your hands you talk with them.

  67. Legendary Weapon

    Legendary WeaponPred uro

    And the NHL is coming back Edit - really shows how unfunny this show is without your audience who laugh at everything.

  68. Pumpernickel

    PumpernickelPred uro


  69. Cassandra Peachey

    Cassandra PeacheyPred uro

    Trump is a DICK

  70. Ben Mordue

    Ben MorduePred uro

    haha, "faith in the system". Good one Tucker

  71. Zack Shewchuk

    Zack ShewchukPred uro

    Anyone else notice one of the stickers “Male” is spelled wrong haha

  72. A T

    A TPred uro

    I LOVE the implication that the recurring Adam Driver bit is 100% on John, and his staff is just as baffled and morbidly amused by it as we are. But even so, I love the pure glee on John's face even more.

  73. Jeff LaLone

    Jeff LaLonePred uro

    Tucker Carlson might be the most insufferable person on the entire goddamn planet.

  74. Benjymonkey

    BenjymonkeyPred uro

    I’m so happy he added that Trail Blazers joke

  75. hew195050

    hew195050Pred uro

    " human boat shoe"

  76. roland flynn

    roland flynnPred uro

    The only way he can win is if he keeps the vote as low as possible. that is the only reason he doesnt want mail in voting

  77. Cassandra Peachey

    Cassandra PeacheyPred uro

    O.M.G love u soo mach soooo fucken funny 😅😅😅

  78. rickiex

    rickiexPred uro

    Voting by mail will benefit democrats for the simple fact that a vast majority of the blue collar americans tend to be democratic and tends not to vote because they work 2-3 jobs and have no time. Making voting more easier will allow these individuals to vote, resulting in a blue wave. Something Republican are scared of

  79. Todd Boni

    Todd BoniPred uro

    If you open my basement door you will see on your right an old school style pencil sharpener. I've never used it.

  80. chartmix

    chartmixPred uro

    Another question: why are prisoners not allowed to vote and when they are out of the prison the right to vote is not automatically restored? I have heard that you have to apply for it and go to some sort of court and talk BS. Really? Your constitution gives you the right to vote. Where does it say the things mentioned above?

  81. jordana309

    jordana309Pred uro

    I voted in Idaho by mail during the May primaries, and not only was it a pretty painless process to request mail-in ballots for the entire year during the single online request, the envelope also included an "I Voted" sticker! Also, I'm constantly amazed by how so many people who should know better continue to flout how quickly and easily things can get done. Preparing for things (like a huge uptick in votes by mail or taking care of people during a pandemic or eliminating racial discrimination) takes considerable time and a not insignificant amount of effort and planning to execute...

  82. samuel diehl

    samuel diehlPred uro

    Regretting moving here yet?

  83. etatauri

    etatauriPred uro

    If you believe your party loses because there is high voter turnout you should change your platform not your voting demographics.

  84. Hugo Cuandon

    Hugo CuandonPred uro

    Ha hahaha Democratic elections HA HA HA HA!

  85. Hugo Cuandon

    Hugo CuandonPred uro

    Trump's Wall is a blessing to keep the shit from spilling down to Mexico!

  86. Kittyhawk

    KittyhawkPred uro

    Who else wants to challenge these people who say voter fraud by mail to try to do so in one of the ways they are telling us they could do it?

  87. Shu Meister

    Shu MeisterPred uro

    So in short, there no police accountability, except for few cases, where for whatever reasons decided that saving a corrupt cop isn't important.

  88. FO Biggles

    FO BigglesPred uro

    I wish trumplethisguy would not talk. Ever again.

  89. Siobhan Boland

    Siobhan BolandPred uro

    I know exactly where my writing utensils are! I have a special place for my pencils and pencil sharpener and retractable eraser and mechanical pencil....suckaaaaa (for my students ;))

  90. Angela Gissendanner

    Angela GissendannerPred uro

    Rihanna not Rianna

  91. Robert Driscoll

    Robert DriscollPred uro

    I like john oliver but this argument dies on the vine because, of the riots and protesting. People are breathing and yelling into each other's faces in like 40 cities all day and night. If you can do that, you can vote. You can't emote and whine about emoting and whining. Pick a concept and stick with it.

  92. MadFlourish

    MadFlourishPred uro

    he has new teeth now

  93. William Poetra Yoga

    William Poetra YogaPred uro

    How does the "these stamps are available for two more weeks" work? How do they produce just enough stamps to sell for two weeks? And if there are leftovers, how do they deal with it?

  94. Evil Gacha

    Evil GachaPred uro

    Absolutely what John said: "He'll win in a landslide, and his victory speech will be taking a shit on stage to thunderous applause" We're only halfway through 2020 - you know there's more to come... Good luck, everyone

  95. Walter Gregoire

    Walter GregoirePred uro

    I am French therefore i won't vote for the United States presidential election (your loss!), but you can bet your allied ass that i am getting those stickers! and maybe i will wear it every day (and start every sentence with :"i vote for chihuahuas...", no reason to it! It's just to be taken seriously)

  96. hew195050

    hew195050Pred uro

    "Stop playing politics with our lives!" I just heard the next sign I'll be creating when I protest.

  97. Bobby pendergrass

    Bobby pendergrassPred uro

    That 6 minutes area was great. Just talking about how swoll he is.

  98. Isabel

    IsabelPred uro

    I'm rewatching this during quarantine and hearing an audience again is throwing me off.. In ten years this comment won't make sense but that will hopefully mean the chaos is over lol That or the apocalypse has started.

  99. James Boring

    James BoringPred uro

    Damm D.O.L.L.A for life tho

  100. Davis

    DavisPred uro

    Shit ive been using absentee ballots since 2007...dont tell tucker...