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442oons: Live and Waffly!
  1. e. lasoi

    e. lasoiPred 13 minutami

    Thanks for buying Pepe,you saved me shit lot of cash and shit lot of embarrassment boom!...haha

  2. Bakhit Sanni

    Bakhit SanniPred 20 minutami


  3. Asdf Asdf

    Asdf AsdfPred 22 minutami

    Who is the pea

  4. Zaritz

    ZaritzPred 23 minutami

    original songs?

  5. RC -B

    RC -BPred 31 minuto

    what time is it? its 5-2 1.😉😁🤣

  6. yassin touati

    yassin touatiPred 38 minutami

    00:57 why are you gay

  7. Awesome Pinewood

    Awesome PinewoodPred 40 minutami

    They actually fired him XD

  8. Cloudad Wesley

    Cloudad WesleyPred 45 minutami

    He is finally sacked.

  9. Zaid Tahir

    Zaid TahirPred 46 minutami

    No I don’t need your cries neymar😂😂

  10. Dr panda

    Dr pandaPred 48 minutami

    Pause at 0:49 and turn On your captions and suarez says HELLO BITCHES

  11. daine richy

    daine richyPred 48 minutami

    yea ramsey is at juventus

  12. Akshat Sharma

    Akshat SharmaPred 55 minutami

    It's Happening again

  13. ChannelWarrior 2006 Productions

    ChannelWarrior 2006 ProductionsPred 57 minutami

    I found this funny as hell

  14. Bethan Arfonia Williams

    Bethan Arfonia WilliamsPred 59 minutami

    Vitro pereira

  15. Pred uro



    MAESTROPred uro

    The teeth solo 😁😁😁

  17. Bryan Timothy

    Bryan TimothyPred uro

    Do a neymar jr vs messi vs suarez

  18. Stymmi Boy

    Stymmi BoyPred uro

    And use milner vs pogba in football challege

  19. Tariku Bekele

    Tariku BekelePred uro

    Please change the accent of Messi he is not an English man

  20. Gaming Geek1001

    Gaming Geek1001Pred uro

    Love how u couldn’t think of a good X

  21. Youtubing family

    Youtubing familyPred uro

    Don't you mean 9 worst than me hoooooooo

  22. Danieldailycb Wewillstayonyoutube

    Danieldailycb WewillstayonyoutubePred uro

    When the ballballs went 5-2 falling I died XD

  23. Yung Banter

    Yung BanterPred uro

    Who’s here after Everton are in relegation zone

  24. Andy Tarlea

    Andy TarleaPred uro


  25. Seth Jonaha BAILEY

    Seth Jonaha BAILEYPred uro

    real madrid are worse than fulham



    MSG xD

  27. Ninja

    NinjaPred uro

    Lol silva got sacked


    THE FIENDPred uro

    0:22 don’t lie the undertaker is the dead man walking😂😂

  29. Andrew Norton

    Andrew NortonPred 2 urami

    0.25 I agree

  30. Razan Alfayez

    Razan AlfayezPred 2 urami


  31. סתיו וולפין

    סתיו וולפיןPred 2 urami

    In fact, Luis Suarez was born in January 24th, 1987, but it was in Saturday, and not in Tuesday.

  32. Khalid 61 80

    Khalid 61 80Pred 2 urami

    Why didn’t Klopp do that in BVB

  33. Excellent Ethan

    Excellent EthanPred 2 urami

    0:31 lol klopp's celebration

  34. Razan Alfayez

    Razan AlfayezPred 2 urami


  35. roblaxplays dope

    roblaxplays dopePred 2 urami

    Fuck you

  36. Ali Gamil

    Ali GamilPred 2 urami

    Like if 442oons should remove Salah from the LFC logo and put origi

  37. Md Altaf Hossain

    Md Altaf HossainPred 2 urami

    You bullshit

  38. gilang arwiyansyah

    gilang arwiyansyahPred 2 urami


  39. Netflix Viewer

    Netflix ViewerPred 2 urami

    why is Suarez’s Head so big but Neymar and Leo isn’t?

  40. xoobo vola

    xoobo volaPred 2 urami

    “ let’s face it Ronaldo won Cause he probably wouldn’t come” That killed me

  41. Rikden Lama

    Rikden LamaPred 2 urami

    I am pretty sure pickford will turn into prime buffon this weekend Against Chelsea..Every keeper becomes a prime legendary keeper when facing us

  42. The Dell Preservation Society

    The Dell Preservation SocietyPred 2 urami

    Why don't you put everton in your videos

  43. Chelsey Vos

    Chelsey VosPred 2 urami

    No messi is the winnen i saw

  44. ASTON LO

    ASTON LOPred 2 urami


  45. Typical Cupcake

    Typical CupcakePred 2 urami

    0:57 the hell

  46. Samarth Raj

    Samarth RajPred 3 urami

    'Son of a female dog"


    EMERALD GAMERPred 3 urami

    I still think 2017 is the best

  48. Rinpuia Ralte

    Rinpuia RaltePred 3 urami

    442oon team of the year prove he hates liverpool

  49. AlvaroXXZ

    AlvaroXXZPred 3 urami

    1:06 the Atlético have 10 spanish leagues

  50. Rob D

    Rob DPred 3 urami

    Absolutely brilliant 👊👊


    EROBROPRO 1Pred 3 urami

    Matic 😂😂😂

  52. Krishiv Ramessur

    Krishiv RamessurPred 3 urami

    I voted 3 1 real

  53. Riak's Crystal

    Riak's CrystalPred 3 urami

    Man u 2:1 tottenham 422oons: Pickford wants long arm

  54. SevenOfNine_2 -NNN-

    SevenOfNine_2 -NNN-Pred 3 urami

    Why is everyone making fun of Everton? Certainly have better fans than their rivals

  55. Tokyo Drift

    Tokyo DriftPred 3 urami

    My favorite player of all time Cristiano Ronaldo

  56. Abdalla Hammo

    Abdalla HammoPred 4 urami

    Silva (Everton's manager) got sacked😂

  57. Junior

    JuniorPred 4 urami

    liverpool starting xi -not alison -alexander heyarnold -messus bezzie -van should have won ballon d'or -dejan should have won ballon d'or -that twitter guy -not fabinho wijnaldum -the llama wtf -mupane -shaqiri -corner taken quickly origi

  58. Faudzi Mohamed

    Faudzi MohamedPred 4 urami

    Liverpool won it 6 times Messi won it 6 times

  59. Jellal Fernandez

    Jellal FernandezPred 4 urami

    What is the original song? Ayuda porfis

  60. SkirBirn

    SkirBirnPred 4 urami

    Make United vs Tottenham

  61. Jumakhan Mohammadi

    Jumakhan MohammadiPred 4 urami

    Liverpool are to better

  62. Russianman 1010

    Russianman 1010Pred 4 urami

    0:45 Silva is getting the sack

  63. Ntando Mkhize

    Ntando MkhizePred 5 urami


  64. José Fernando Villanueva Hidalgo

    José Fernando Villanueva HidalgoPred 5 urami

    2:10 When Arsenal was third with Emery...

  65. Marin Grushke

    Marin GrushkePred 5 urami

    Slap Man!

  66. Faizal Bahari

    Faizal BahariPred 5 urami


  67. Mario Bahena

    Mario BahenaPred 5 urami


  68. Jay Kamara Boi

    Jay Kamara BoiPred 5 urami

    Jurgen has the greatest voice in the 442oons world

  69. Gael Lopez

    Gael LopezPred 5 urami

    Lol it's so funny

  70. Andy Zhang

    Andy ZhangPred 5 urami

    Orgi must be a nightmare for little Jordan Pickford.

  71. Gyle Gaming

    Gyle GamingPred 5 urami

    Wheres man united Tottenham

  72. Nathan Supporter des Spur

    Nathan Supporter des SpurPred 6 urami

    Yes Silva sacked in the morning (sory be my english i'm french)

  73. Rebel M RIVERA

    Rebel M RIVERAPred 6 urami

    Prefiero MCN

  74. Eduardo da Guarda

    Eduardo da GuardaPred 6 urami

    A-Z of Coutinho

  75. Fathi imran Saleh

    Fathi imran SalehPred 6 urami

    For sure I am just remember that klopp want sell origi for dembele after lost 2-0 to red star Belgrade

  76. Jorgundom

    JorgundomPred 6 urami

    0:52 look at neymars face, now remember his q&a “Would you want to be like Messi or Suarez” Neither Well now u look a bit like Messi

  77. Steven Suastegui

    Steven SuasteguiPred 6 urami

    Ageuro or Firmino

  78. Kenzo Gaming

    Kenzo GamingPred 6 urami

    Coutinho is so adorable :333

  79. Inter Cancel

    Inter CancelPred 6 urami

    Hahhaha Dog CR7

  80. JJ Brkljacic

    JJ BrkljacicPred 6 urami

    He is already sacked

  81. Seosamh Rooney

    Seosamh RooneyPred 6 urami

    Origi is the GOAT, MOTM has to be Origi. Sure Messi wears Origi pyjamas.

  82. abdo xd

    abdo xdPred 6 urami


  83. gang banjer007

    gang banjer007Pred 6 urami

    Where is a mufc video

  84. juan david alvarez torres

    juan david alvarez torresPred 7 urami

    u hate messi socker

  85. Neymar Jr

    Neymar JrPred 7 urami

    Algum brasileiro nessa porra?

  86. Rayane Afellad

    Rayane AfelladPred 7 urami

    I'm died when Cavani said who's your daddy?😂😂😂

  87. Aupa Atleti

    Aupa AtletiPred 7 urami

    My top 10: 1. Van Dijk 2. Messi 3. Salah 4. Ronaldo 5. Lewandowski 6. Mane 7. Alisson 8. Mbappe 9. De Ligt 10. Bernardo Sliva

  88. Ricardo Villarreal

    Ricardo VillarrealPred 7 urami

    Who is here after 6 time ballon dor messi

  89. Sergeant Skillz3

    Sergeant Skillz3Pred 7 urami

    The man. The myth. The legendary Everton killer. DIVOCK ORIGI!!!

  90. amjad s.h

    amjad s.hPred 7 urami


  91. pedro Henrique Costa dos Santos rosa

    pedro Henrique Costa dos Santos rosaPred 7 urami


  92. Dominic Levy

    Dominic LevyPred 7 urami

    This is a fucking disgrace

  93. pedro Henrique Costa dos Santos rosa

    pedro Henrique Costa dos Santos rosaPred 8 urami


  94. Deep Aghara

    Deep AgharaPred 8 urami

    And he got sacked!!

  95. mariom Ronaldo

    mariom RonaldoPred 8 urami

    Jaja this is so funny

  96. The Plumbomb

    The PlumbombPred 8 urami

    you mean MESSIIIIX XD

  97. Danielito_2121

    Danielito_2121Pred 8 urami

    Silva got sacked

  98. 1980 drgm

    1980 drgmPred 8 urami

    Merry christmast everton

  99. Lee O LFC

    Lee O LFCPred 8 urami

    Mane was clearly motm lol

  100. Nadia B

    Nadia BPred 8 urami

    Sacked in the morning Silva 😂