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  1. Holly Forbes -Whitear

    Holly Forbes -WhitearPred 26 sekundami

    My best friend asked me to send her homework so she can cheat and then she sends the text individually if I don’t answer so it just goes ring ring ring ring ring Holly Holly Holly Holly Have You Done The Maths Homework

  2. Kayla McAuley

    Kayla McAuleyPred 26 sekundami


  3. Ace

    AcePred minuto

    I am the one who cries a lot but when I get hurt mentally or physically I am termed as the “raging bull”

  4. Dawn Clayton

    Dawn ClaytonPred minuto

    Lexi won the battle

  5. Isabella Palomino

    Isabella PalominoPred minuto

    We have got the new Logan Paul

  6. Seraj Dicks

    Seraj DicksPred minuto

    no brent get a job

  7. royals312

    royals312Pred minuto

    This is..... so bad.

  8. Nonkululeko Dlamini

    Nonkululeko DlaminiPred 2 minutami

    I lik you’re Videos

  9. Vesle Gullet

    Vesle GulletPred 3 minutami


  10. Fathima Shardha

    Fathima ShardhaPred 3 minutami

    Brent good luck

  11. Vanthuampuii Hmar

    Vanthuampuii HmarPred 4 minutami

    I like all the songs

  12. Rosa Rodriguez

    Rosa RodriguezPred 5 minutami

    You guys went

  13. Wil Newton

    Wil NewtonPred 7 minutami


  14. Jana and adam

    Jana and adamPred 7 minutami

    One of the best yoytubers

  15. bright light

    bright lightPred 10 minutami

    you suck brent

  16. myself aishwaryaa

    myself aishwaryaaPred 11 minutami

    So true

  17. Paityn Nicole

    Paityn NicolePred 11 minutami

    Paityn nicole

  18. Hannah Sthill

    Hannah SthillPred 11 minutami

    Man, if my friends did the ariana thing to me but with tom holland that would be so mean!!!

  19. That Guy Yesterday

    That Guy YesterdayPred 12 minutami

    She looks like a nicer ariana grande

  20. Kristy Brow

    Kristy BrowPred 14 minutami

    Hi Brent can you do a 3am challenge please?

  21. DaSavage 9000

    DaSavage 9000Pred 14 minutami

    he was rapin in the intro

  22. Kristy Brow

    Kristy BrowPred 17 minutami

    What pranked was your favorite

  23. AfricHR

    AfricHRPred 17 minutami

    I have school until 21st December!

  24. Haytham Layal

    Haytham LayalPred 18 minutami


  25. vuxvux 2 mohammed

    vuxvux 2 mohammedPred 18 minutami

    Hi hio

  26. Amanda Kreschuk

    Amanda KreschukPred 19 minutami



    RENO DUDESPred 19 minutami

    I don't have sibling😔

  28. Felicia Hg

    Felicia HgPred 19 minutami

    This is like my favorite ding right now

  29. Kristy Brow

    Kristy BrowPred 19 minutami

    The penny wize one

  30. Bunny Caron

    Bunny CaronPred 20 minutami


  31. Stella Peterson

    Stella PetersonPred 20 minutami

    This is COMPLETELY random, but does anyone remember the "cleanup song"? I was the one kid who always sang it at the top of my ungs and only sang louder when everyone askd me to stop. *inhales deeply* CLEANUP, CLEANUP, EVERYBODY EVERYWHERE! CLEANUP, CLEANUP, EVERYBODY DO YOUR SHARE!!!

  32. Paige McIntyre

    Paige McIntyrePred 21 minuto


  33. Jocelyn B

    Jocelyn BPred 22 minutami

    I love your video

  34. Venizelos Patramanis

    Venizelos PatramanisPred 22 minutami

    my parents are just like yours!!!!!

  35. Nina Mcleod

    Nina McleodPred 23 minutami

    Breva! You guys are meant for eachother.

  36. Kristy Brow

    Kristy BrowPred 23 minutami

    Hi Brent I love your video but my favorite is the one when you pranked everyone have a good day.

  37. Aflower Spring

    Aflower SpringPred 23 minutami

    You did this challenge once before

  38. alison O'Carroll

    alison O'CarrollPred 24 minutami

    this is soooooooooo funny

  39. Gacha Kiddo

    Gacha KiddoPred 24 minutami


  40. Kristen Allen

    Kristen AllenPred 24 minutami


  41. Sophia Leon

    Sophia LeonPred 25 minutami



    MEHDI KHAOUSPred 25 minutami

    Thank u next is my favorite song ever please do more songs in real life


    JAMES MICHAEL PEREIRAPred 25 minutami

    Ben is the looser cuz i was notting down

  44. Kaydance Barrette

    Kaydance BarrettePred 25 minutami


  45. Hadiyyah Gafat

    Hadiyyah GafatPred 25 minutami


  46. Patrick Raymond

    Patrick RaymondPred 26 minutami

    You are good at pranking

  47. Hatiqe irsni hatiqe

    Hatiqe irsni hatiqePred 28 minutami

    Lexi won

  48. Darko Vujicic

    Darko VujicicPred 28 minutami

    i seen so much ppl look like ariana grande 0-0

  49. hooria noor

    hooria noorPred 28 minutami

    I love the fact that Brent doesn't make this weird

  50. lion king

    lion kingPred 32 minutami

    The song cool Brent

  51. Bunny plays Roblox

    Bunny plays RobloxPred 33 minutami


  52. Pam Hill

    Pam HillPred 34 minutami

    Love your hoodie Brent sweet 👌

  53. Mariam A.k.

    Mariam A.k.Pred 34 minutami


  54. LPS GamingGirl

    LPS GamingGirlPred 35 minutami

    Alan and Alex looks like stalkers lmao like if u agree

  55. Elizabeth Clauson

    Elizabeth ClausonPred 36 minutami

    i luv this veido the best one was the ariana grande one

  56. Haytham Kubenea

    Haytham KubeneaPred 37 minutami

    Where lexi video

  57. Desiree Sanders

    Desiree SandersPred 38 minutami

    Way to encourage the creepy obsessed kid..... She makes ariana look bad.

  58. Xyza Fabic

    Xyza FabicPred 39 minutami


  59. muwa 123

    muwa 123Pred 40 minutami

    I'd rather come back at kindergarten cause of the free food we have😂😂😂

  60. manjiri kulkarni

    manjiri kulkarniPred 42 minutami

    I hate Brent

  61. Molly Williams

    Molly WilliamsPred 42 minutami

    Me:hey mum can my friend come round? Mum:yes but only if you do your homework. Me:I've done my homework look 👇 Jnrfuhruchenjnjcjendu Hrvbhvhubfhhhhhjfjhhjfhj Hbrbvufbhjfhrinjfhhfhjvfjfjvkfu

  62. Thisen Mallawaarachchi

    Thisen MallawaarachchiPred 43 minutami

    I live in Dubai

  63. Ashgachawolf forever

    Ashgachawolf foreverPred 43 minutami


  64. Rabia Qureshi

    Rabia QureshiPred 43 minutami

    I can't believe that is not adianagrande

  65. Azaya-lee Locksan

    Azaya-lee LocksanPred 43 minutami

    Wait my battery purset is 22%😆

  66. Emma Lou’s world

    Emma Lou’s worldPred 44 minutami

    I love that idea of Ariana grande oh and anyone reading this I would like for y’all to subscribe to my channel I have Seven videos posted at Emma lou’s world and I only have 4 subscribers thanks a bunch


    HET CUBINGPred 45 minutami

    The last one

  68. Xyza Fabic

    Xyza FabicPred 45 minutami

    I knew it is Lexiiiii!!!!!

  69. Praveen kumar

    Praveen kumarPred 46 minutami


  70. The Land of crafts Ellie

    The Land of crafts ElliePred 46 minutami


  71. Akshaya Sampath

    Akshaya SampathPred 47 minutami

    That's nicest thing I've ever seen in a while 😘

  72. Edward Barletta

    Edward BarlettaPred 49 minutami

    Is your girlfriend or your best friend

  73. Jakub Charlesworth

    Jakub CharlesworthPred 51 minuto

    Bed guy and senorita

  74. Stephanie Bankston

    Stephanie BankstonPred 52 minutami

    Ya it’s 2019

  75. manjiri kulkarni

    manjiri kulkarniPred 52 minutami

    If you hate Lexi so much why are you overly overprotective

  76. Josiah Pancho

    Josiah PanchoPred 54 minutami

    Lol the second time when the person got pied it looked like there was boogers all over him

  77. Qurratulain Tarifa

    Qurratulain TarifaPred 57 minutami

    wow lexi wow

  78. Tela Playz

    Tela PlayzPred 57 minutami

    I’am 7/8 and i have 2 older siblings are teens and i think it’s harder

  79. Sandhya Choudhary

    Sandhya ChoudharyPred 58 minutami

    I love today's video. 😘😍🥰😇

  80. Amanda curtlof

    Amanda curtlofPred 59 minutami

    Brent u r such a good brother

  81. Adriana mary s. Abellera

    Adriana mary s. AbelleraPred 59 minutami

    Haha so funny LOL

  82. Hassan Hachem

    Hassan HachemPred uro

    I hate you Brent's mom and ben

  83. Wolfy Gamez

    Wolfy GamezPred uro

    U Used “Sunflower” In The Video!! And The “Happier”!!

  84. Lalhruaitluangi royte

    Lalhruaitluangi roytePred uro

    Your crazy to your sister

  85. Halle Gallant

    Halle GallantPred uro

    When I clicked on this video I freaked😮😮😮 OMG how can Brent sound exactly like Shane Dawson Am I tripping

  86. J.C BRAT FAN

    J.C BRAT FANPred uro

    Laaaaaave this song ,sing it all the time ,it should be a trending all over

  87. lika baidauri

    lika baidauriPred uro

    its not real ariana