i need to apologise..
instant karma videos 3
russian dash cam videos
instant karma videos 2
watching near RIP moments
instant karma videos
australian dashcam videos
how much youtube pays me
mega fuming.

mega fuming.

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Which YouTuber Am I?
morgz merch review

morgz merch review

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My Famous Birthdays..
Never Again.

Never Again.

Pred 3 meseci

Dear Bald Martin..

Dear Bald Martin..

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Craig Is Back.

Craig Is Back.

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this needs to STOP

this needs to STOP

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my least favourite youtuber
morgz mum made a diss track
finding my lookalike
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Responding To The Sidemen
willne head square lol
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q&a with the lads

q&a with the lads

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eboys are ruining tiktok
meet my flatmate

meet my flatmate

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World's Tiniest Painting
love island with the lads
so guys we did it..
omg so satisfying
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awful direct messages
  1. Kekou VC

    Kekou VCPred uro

    bring back the girl

  2. Theo

    TheoPred 2 urami

    willNE head square lol

  3. Theo

    TheoPred 2 urami

    willNE head square lol

  4. vXltages

    vXltagesPred 2 urami

    you should watch hotel hell

  5. Spring HT

    Spring HTPred 2 urami

    All the writing is backwards is this jibberish

  6. Claire Sandiford

    Claire SandifordPred 2 urami

    Quarrintine. Corona virus.

  7. Sonnie Perkins

    Sonnie PerkinsPred 2 urami

    i didnt call you baldy baldy

  8. I Don't Even Know

    I Don't Even KnowPred 2 urami


  9. Fyre Fly

    Fyre FlyPred 2 urami

    1:25 shes lowkey Sybil trelawney from Harry Potter lmao

  10. Jim Devlin

    Jim DevlinPred 2 urami

    Pls watch dance moms

  11. George Towle

    George TowlePred 2 urami

    James watching triumphantly as schools face tory budget cuts

  12. Kaya MT

    Kaya MTPred 2 urami

    "All stop speaking at once please" James as a prefect

  13. Evan Denis

    Evan DenisPred 3 urami

    Yessss bout time these are so funny u gotta do more

  14. Eoin Montgomery

    Eoin MontgomeryPred 3 urami

    I love how will seems to have no time for art and no respect for people having hobbies

  15. Hermit Knobly

    Hermit KnoblyPred 3 urami

    Petition for James and Will to watch toddlers and Tiaras (or whatever it's called)

  16. Amelia

    AmeliaPred 3 urami

    Im pissed about not being able to get the merch 😂. My surname legit is Luton 😂😂

  17. Mckenzie Hussain

    Mckenzie HussainPred 3 urami

    We want more of this lol

  18. Lauren

    LaurenPred 3 urami

    This show is truly iconic

  19. Echophene

    EchophenePred 3 urami

    will said trans rights

  20. Dan

    DanPred 3 urami

    The fact that will hasnt got a clue what the torah is but then manages to link it to anne frank in the way that he has seems like the darkest thing ive ever heard in a video

  21. RKeddyy

    RKeddyyPred 3 urami

    Oh how I love reading subtitles backwards

  22. Morgan Waffle

    Morgan WafflePred 4 urami

    9 months later and I’ve just realized this is an S2W video

  23. Alex Ceillam

    Alex CeillamPred 4 urami

    I’m sure you saw the snowy heart one with James

  24. Fried Homie

    Fried HomiePred 4 urami

    Aaron paul forgot to show his meth lab...

  25. harmonimom

    harmonimomPred 4 urami

    Will saying he doesn’t need any cake like buddy, you’ve already got a little bit of cake. What you REALLY need is some icing, bc what’s a cake without a little bit of icing? Edit: I forgot that icing can mean something entirely different, Will I am so sorry

  26. Lynx

    LynxPred 5 urami

    alex and a reddit video :0

  27. sarah rodgers

    sarah rodgersPred 5 urami

    everytime i looked at the screen I couldn't stop laughing

  28. CoRo's Gecko gang

    CoRo's Gecko gangPred 5 urami

    Telling people to get a life but have a look at your self sorry but don't make fun of people mate

  29. Cizza Pea

    Cizza PeaPred 5 urami

    I should watch worlds strictest parents

  30. sarah rodgers

    sarah rodgersPred 5 urami

    if he brought james or alex on for this it would have been hysterical did anyone else see the orca in the shark one

  31. Finley Powell

    Finley PowellPred 5 urami


  32. Mr Chair

    Mr ChairPred 5 urami

    *that's a lot of water*

  33. Isobel Armitage

    Isobel ArmitagePred 5 urami

    Play redwood prison

  34. Toby Penman

    Toby PenmanPred 5 urami

    Different types of intro for a seemingly apology video 😂

  35. Backwards Brain

    Backwards BrainPred 5 urami

    6:20 that little hole in the top of the bun makes my back feel weird

  36. Keir McGunnigal

    Keir McGunnigalPred 5 urami

    Wills description of social groups are so bang on

  37. Maya A

    Maya APred 5 urami

    It’s 3 am and I spent a good minute trying to figure out how Alex was so bald

  38. Dacethechicken . com

    Dacethechicken . comPred 6 urami

    As he's talking about smash bros i get an ad 4 it

  39. Henry Perris

    Henry PerrisPred 6 urami

    All the ninja turtles are named after famous artists

  40. Mooshroom

    MooshroomPred 6 urami

    Jill beats will: jills videos r shit Will smashes Jill: jills vids become shit

  41. Ethan PS4

    Ethan PS4Pred 6 urami

    No one: George I’m lightning mqueen

  42. Grant Cai

    Grant CaiPred 6 urami

    Petition for Will to reupload this so that the video is the right way

  43. Aileen sparks

    Aileen sparksPred 7 urami

    can someone tell me what he said at 6:32

  44. Smiling Jack

    Smiling JackPred 7 urami

    Half of the girls in this look identical to everyone female between the age 12 and 16 I go to school with. That's true Yorkshire right there. The Lucozade on the table makes it all the better.

  45. Carter B. Strickland

    Carter B. StricklandPred 7 urami

    A video of Will trying to figure out how to say “They had it coming” in his terms “If it happened, you couldn’t complain”

  46. squigglyeye 74

    squigglyeye 74Pred 7 urami

    Why does mia sound like emily from friends😂

  47. zaynab

    zaynabPred 7 urami

    6:52 I swear that is in India, from my home state like I remember driving down there.

  48. Robson3424

    Robson3424Pred 7 urami

    Wait he don’t live in Newcastle anymore dam

  49. W2S is good

    W2S is goodPred 7 urami

    will says not to mock anyone 6:57

  50. 3p1c 5n1p37

    3p1c 5n1p37Pred 7 urami

    Will:this isn’t a dash cam here we’ve been robbed Me:well the 1st instant karma video was all dash cams

  51. Henry Seaman

    Henry SeamanPred 7 urami

    i swear one of the girls at the start (lauren) was 60 odd

  52. Henry Seaman

    Henry SeamanPred 8 urami

    this is the third time i have watched it and i still laugh

  53. hulksmash 342

    hulksmash 342Pred 8 urami

    7:38. Is that the kid from troll 2 that said. "Their eating my family and now their gonna eat me. OH MY GOOOOOOOOOD"

  54. Veeti Nurmi

    Veeti NurmiPred 8 urami

    Hahaha Willne square head like the giants head hahahaha

  55. Jamesdrrr

    JamesdrrrPred 8 urami

    nobody: snorlax airpod case: *oMNOMNOM*

  56. akaAboud

    akaAboudPred 8 urami

    Jeez only 720p you can do better lad

  57. Maple .C

    Maple .CPred 8 urami

    one of my teachers used to work here and is friends w some of the teachers from this video omfggg

  58. Synergy Hypa

    Synergy HypaPred 8 urami


  59. Football tricks

    Football tricksPred 8 urami

    What is that football shirt hes wearing?

  60. The World

    The WorldPred 8 urami

    The second one gives me huge until dawn vibes

  61. dany rivero

    dany riveroPred 8 urami

    i call these fails... natural selection

  62. The World

    The WorldPred 9 urami

    Id just show up in a dio season 3 outfit

  63. cammie hates pickles

    cammie hates picklesPred 9 urami

    their reaction when the video says "luton" legitimately reminds me of how some Americans react to sports wins. once you take that into consideration, most of their reactions could be classified as a calm American watching (American) football. and now cant unsee it

  64. Mr.Tumble

    Mr.TumblePred 9 urami

    Watch educating Manchester

  65. Mythical Gamer

    Mythical GamerPred 9 urami

    favorite SLgor right now

  66. Iain Kerr

    Iain KerrPred 9 urami

    Lol zedd only has 5.6mil subs but then I remembered he's a fucking multi millionaire dj 😂

  67. drusilla

    drusillaPred 9 urami

    the spam song is from monty python you UNCULTURED SWINE

  68. Iain Kerr

    Iain KerrPred 9 urami

    Also. The silk is used to keep the sound from bouncing off the walls. Obviously there are cheaper alternatives that do the same exact shit. But they went with expensive silk because.. Well 75mil house.

  69. Iain Kerr

    Iain KerrPred 9 urami

    Want to know the avg commission on that 80mil house? 😂😂 Let's just say it's more than any of us will make in a lifetime.

  70. amburx

    amburxPred 9 urami

    damn this is actually a quite good song?? i wanna cover it for some reason???

  71. Player06Unknown

    Player06UnknownPred 9 urami

    Zoomed in scared Alex looks like Otis from sex education

  72. IamEtswa 291

    IamEtswa 291Pred 9 urami

    You were right in the end

  73. : P

    : PPred 10 urami

    ‘Scooter virgin gets clarted.’

  74. g.litter52

    g.litter52Pred 10 urami

    I wanna go on a date with the guy that was straight outta warp tour lol

  75. gravityg.M0V

    gravityg.M0VPred 10 urami

    4:27 it's pronounced "ash"

  76. Evelyn Ryan

    Evelyn RyanPred 10 urami

    I am so sorry for the 14 yr old girls writing fanfics about you.

  77. ErdaeCrusty

    ErdaeCrustyPred 11 urami

    lol i saw one of my messages

  78. Parker Jones-Wirth

    Parker Jones-WirthPred 11 urami

    We legit have wild turkeys that live on our street. They chase all the neighbors' children.

  79. Sahd Qasim

    Sahd QasimPred 12 urami

    We do be liking that intro ngl 😳

  80. Gacha.Rainbowz

    Gacha.RainbowzPred 12 urami

    alex: Coz their all anime weebs me:Oi i fEeL oFfEnDEd *StArEs CuTlY*

  81. Xx Rose xX

    Xx Rose xXPred 12 urami

    Just let the man drink his fucking milk Will...

  82. pop magic

    pop magicPred 12 urami


  83. Clarke J

    Clarke JPred 12 urami

    This shoulda blown

  84. Shannon Watts

    Shannon WattsPred 12 urami

    come from yorkshire aha omg

  85. Jayden Cannizzio

    Jayden CannizzioPred 12 urami

    say thank you if you thank people

  86. chazy b

    chazy bPred 13 urami

    Will every second of the Xbox freak out: 🤨😱🤨😱

  87. Maddie

    MaddiePred 13 urami

    severity is a word....

  88. CbLOCC

    CbLOCCPred 13 urami

    I understand every word been from yorkshire. Here is the real translation from that indian. "Im sorry to hear that your grandma passed away ye i actually am ye like obviously im gonna be upset about that init ye and you know the only thing is no one can force me to be your mate or anything ye and i dont wanna be mates with you alright"

  89. Pred 13 urami


  90. CbLOCC

    CbLOCCPred 13 urami

    1st one was yorkshire rest of them wasnt

  91. A Wild Rose

    A Wild RosePred 13 urami

    the thing is...George will still be George...

  92. GoatyAir

    GoatyAirPred 13 urami

    Sees title Turns captions on Realises captions are wrong 😐

  93. Hrvyy X

    Hrvyy XPred 13 urami

    two of my cousins are on this

  94. SLIME ZY

    SLIME ZYPred 13 urami

    Bruh these people make people from Yorkshire look as smart as the love island cast

  95. monika laosi

    monika laosiPred 14 urami

    I just like will enjoying himself watching vine

  96. Jessica Taylor

    Jessica TaylorPred 14 urami

    I’m from Yorkshire but didn’t understand a word when she was talking that fast 😂

  97. Jessica Taylor

    Jessica TaylorPred 14 urami

    The first teacher is the headteacher at my old school big up Mr Barraclough 👏🏼

  98. Layla Cartwright

    Layla CartwrightPred 14 urami

    he’s been watching way too much wroetoshaw that he has started with the jazz hands....we send our prayers💀🙏

  99. Sam Rudkin

    Sam RudkinPred 14 urami

    What's that trim sayin will

  100. Tony.B Vlogs

    Tony.B VlogsPred 14 urami

    The reason you are a box cause scuare 😂🤣😂🤣