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2007 #DutchGP | Vintage MotoGP
  1. Purwanti Allan

    Purwanti AllanPred 11 urami

    The final time the P4 couple of yu and yukiko amagi on the podium together

  2. Pessona English

    Pessona EnglishPred 11 urami

    No one noticed that Redding also had a problem 19:53

  3. H i!

    H i!Pred 11 urami

    I really miss this level of motor sport excitement... only obtainable in a live MotoGP event. I'm looking at you, Chinese hanging bat sticks. Freak wildlife markets need to be put in check.

  4. East Java Channel

    East Java ChannelPred 12 urami


  5. Pirate SnD

    Pirate SnDPred 12 urami

    the commentator commented on Jorge Lorenzo is so funny from 7.20 onward.

  6. Lord Narzi

    Lord NarziPred 12 urami

    The cameramen though 56:01

  7. rita herawati

    rita herawatiPred 12 urami

    Aron canet wins

  8. Andrean

    AndreanPred 12 urami

    One of Greatest race

  9. Barra Brahma

    Barra BrahmaPred 12 urami

    Next video upload motogp argentina 2019 full race

  10. the_____trackshifter

    the_____trackshifterPred 13 urami

    He's not dead until he is forgotten

  11. adib aiman

    adib aimanPred 13 urami

    Vale has brought me into motogp..legend!! Forza Vale

  12. Agdio Fesdianto

    Agdio FesdiantoPred 13 urami

    Ducati fans, and win champion always marc marq . . . Haha


    ANDRI MERCUPred 13 urami

    Please MOTOGP 2017 LE MANS 2017 ASSEN AND 2019 MUGELLO

  14. dtjs1961

    dtjs1961Pred 14 urami

    Stoner should still be racing 👌

  15. Lucca Carmel

    Lucca CarmelPred 14 urami

    3:29 thicccccccc


    EXO UNIVERSEPred 14 urami

    Rest in Peace Marco

  17. Carlos123 Colombo

    Carlos123 ColomboPred 14 urami

    I live in Jerez!!

  18. Lucca Carmel

    Lucca CarmelPred 14 urami

    Now i know what i wanna be when i grow up

  19. Damar Fadlan

    Damar FadlanPred 14 urami

    This race was held after Aikatsu Friends season 1 episode 45

  20. wilbert libradilla

    wilbert libradillaPred 15 urami

    marquez always there..😊😊😊

  21. ꧁༒R!za Anwar!༒꧂

    ꧁༒R!za Anwar!༒꧂Pred 15 urami

    Ngakak isi chat rata² warga +62 yg pada bar bar.. 😂😂😂

  22. Damar Fadlan

    Damar FadlanPred 15 urami

    Hahahaha true the same also goes to #SeiraOtoshiroRockstar12 in Formula one victory or nothing ganbatte MVK12 and Seira112 🏁🏁🏁🏁

  23. Arlian Yhann

    Arlian YhannPred 15 urami

    1:49 Hhhh funny bro

  24. muhammad Donmichael

    muhammad DonmichaelPred 16 urami

    Smart and clever. Best GP strategy

  25. Sirbu Victor

    Sirbu VictorPred 16 urami

    Wtf is this

  26. Mr. Wig.

    Mr. Wig.Pred 16 urami

    Awesome race Moto3 is the best races ever Mr. Wig. Is here to.

  27. FalconGamer58

    FalconGamer58Pred 16 urami

    Imagine someone stops and just picks up the bike and runs with it

  28. Shaquille Nathan Kalevi

    Shaquille Nathan KaleviPred 17 urami

    This is gonna be a boring race. No rossi No marquez No vinales

  29. IIImmortal

    IIImmortalPred 17 urami

    #RideonKentuckyKid <3 #69


    IL BIANCONEROPred 17 urami

    Cosa abbiamo capito da questo video? Abbiamo capito che la Scorpion fa caschi di merda! Fabio, cambia marca. Chessò, Nolan/X-Lite, AGV, Arai, Airoh, Shoei, Suomi, HJC, LS2, KYT, Shark, Premier... tutti, tranne Scorpion.😂

  31. Sig. Nessuno

    Sig. NessunoPred 17 urami

    3:19 superbo!

  32. сверх разум

    сверх разумPred 17 urami

    Хорхе молодец 👍. Жаль покинул гонку в 2020 😔

  33. sigit arya

    sigit aryaPred 17 urami

    14:55 drag race

  34. richierex

    richierexPred 17 urami

    Still missed every race. Ciao Marco

  35. _supercars919

    _supercars919Pred 18 urami

    Love your content MotoGP, you inspired me to start my own youtube channel. Thank you for motivation.

  36. Nthn Hbsn

    Nthn HbsnPred 18 urami

    Please can you put up the whole race of Danilo's win at Mugello?

  37. Cherif Blad

    Cherif BladPred 18 urami


  38. Chiro First

    Chiro FirstPred 18 urami


  39. _supercars919

    _supercars919Pred 19 urami

    Love your content MotoGP, you inspired me to start my own youtube channel. Thank you for motivation.

  40. Luciano Pascoal Na trilha

    Luciano Pascoal Na trilhaPred 19 urami

    Eu tava lá tudo ao vivo..

  41. ravi tiktok tinich

    ravi tiktok tinichPred 19 urami

    Please any body guide how I particepte in the game as a racer

  42. TastyChevelle

    TastyChevellePred 19 urami

    Holy christ, never saw this race and was completely amazed at the last battle. Coming as an F1 fan

  43. Mar Elah

    Mar ElahPred 19 urami

    W000000W Just WoooooooooooW

  44. Cifran Ci

    Cifran CiPred 20 urami

    "Ma cos'è motocross qua?" Morto😂😂

  45. Street Triples Stoney

    Street Triples StoneyPred 20 urami

    Dear God I love it,,wishing I had a track to ride.. ohh,,,,,,,

  46. Antonio 8

    Antonio 8Pred 20 urami

    The best duel in MotoGP history.

  47. Antonio 8

    Antonio 8Pred 20 urami


  48. Luca Frigerio

    Luca FrigerioPred 21 uro

    Good Job Aaron

  49. Rafa Gómez

    Rafa GómezPred 21 uro

    If is Marquez or Rossi: good overtake If is another rider: aggressive and deserves penalty People are stupid

  50. Ichigo Kurosaki

    Ichigo KurosakiPred 21 uro

    Beautiful race 🏆👍😘👊🙏

  51. Jackson Daniels

    Jackson DanielsPred 21 uro

    The Petronius colors have always been eye catching since the days of the Foggy Petronius SBK tea.

  52. Reality Dragons

    Reality DragonsPred 21 uro best last lap

  53. Reality Dragons

    Reality DragonsPred 21 uro best last lap must watch

  54. Roby yahya

    Roby yahyaPred 22 urami

    As always. Adriana kiss casey's helmet.

  55. Ruwan Pradeep

    Ruwan PradeepPred 22 urami

    Where is the Austrian Moto 2 race?? you guys have missed it Moto Gp

  56. Ruwan Pradeep

    Ruwan PradeepPred 22 urami

    Where is the Austrian Moto 2 race?? you guys have missed it Moto Gp

  57. Himanish reddy vonteddu

    Himanish reddy vontedduPred 22 urami

    Last one was best crash

  58. M Fajar F

    M Fajar FPred 22 urami

    I miss watching MotoGP, when will MotoGP be held again? "don't forget to stop by my channel"

  59. M Fajar F

    M Fajar FPred 22 urami

    I miss watching MotoGP, when will MotoGP be held again? "don't forget to stop by my channel"

  60. MsGumicukor

    MsGumicukorPred 22 urami

    I'm hypnotized - I need more videos like this <3

  61. Ceci Chiandussi

    Ceci ChiandussiPred 22 urami

    🏍44 XD

  62. Berlian Firasyansyah

    Berlian FirasyansyahPred 22 urami

    What a race moto3

  63. Rosi Ciplus

    Rosi CiplusPred 22 urami


  64. It's. Ivangelio

    It's. IvangelioPred 22 urami

    How can I be a driver? :V

  65. apvenkat2015 9841972341

    apvenkat2015 9841972341Pred 22 urami

    I am interested in this

  66. Tom Nns

    Tom NnsPred 22 urami

    Message for Lorenzo : we aren’t in RedBull Rookies Cup. It is beginner’s mistake. That’s all

  67. Ishaan Barde

    Ishaan BardePred 22 urami

    Moto gp is sucha great sport I really wanna become a moto gp driver 🤧❤️

  68. martim gaspar

    martim gasparPred 22 urami


  69. Leo Finlandes

    Leo FinlandesPred 22 urami


  70. Roler Ifanny

    Roler IfannyPred 22 urami


  71. Nathan Mag

    Nathan MagPred 22 urami

    Hey! I did that just last Saturday😂😂😂

  72. Mofa

    MofaPred 22 urami

    i see sombodyfall with the style you noy spouse to you... no... oh man dont worry try tomorrow buddy

  73. Leo Mella

    Leo MellaPred 23 urami


  74. Raj M

    Raj MPred 23 urami

    This video is not for anyone who is seeing it for first time, you must watched full 2015 Moto GP to know the real incident in this video and know the pains of VR46 and his fans. Or atleast go through the points table of 2015 before watching this video. I believe it was penultimate race where VR46 Rossi about to clinch his tenth title. It was easy one for him. Yamaha was doing good, Rossi at best in modern times, this deadly combination was a treat to all Moto GP fans. Battle was between Rossi and Lorenzo for championship, this bloody Marquez let Jorge go in front and deliberately passed multiple times and asked slowed down Rossi this was increasing the Gap between Rossi and Lorenzo during that race, at one point furious Rossi raised up his fingers and accident happened. You know what, next race, the final race, which still Rossi could clinch the title, but he was penalised by GP and Rossi had to start from the last of the Grid. This Spanish Marc wanted to support his country men Lorenzo and played a dirty game in the history of GP resulted a championship loss to the Master of MotoGP. So Marc can win many race, but he cannot win hearts like VR. Marc is least considered to be a sporstman.

  75. Martín Galeana

    Martín GaleanaPred 23 urami

    Cuando se retire MotoGP no será lo mismo sin él

  76. Nspinicelli

    NspinicelliPred 23 urami

    Two absolute giants.

  77. Saitama the Hero

    Saitama the HeroPred 23 urami

    Marquez and Stoner would've been a great rivalry. Their styles are almost identical.

  78. Bobyshca

    BobyshcaPred dnevom

    Hoho, nice video😃! YT friends?

  79. Golden Gaming

    Golden GamingPred dnevom

    4:27 nooo 1:13 battle super&1:52 Marc

  80. Gede Dana

    Gede DanaPred dnevom

    Dovi menang last lap marquez menang juara dunia

  81. Golden Gaming

    Golden GamingPred dnevom

    1:27 Vinales highside because rear tyre low 1:50 Marquez happy

  82. Golden Gaming

    Golden GamingPred dnevom

    1:59-end is so Spectacular 2:45 is so 😬😬😬😬

  83. Golden Gaming

    Golden GamingPred dnevom

    Is so Amazing 1:28 hobby inside

  84. emboh yo

    emboh yoPred dnevom


  85. Jonny Riga

    Jonny RigaPred dnevom

    I tell you that boy is gonna be a problem 🇨🇵


    CRAZY GAMINGPred dnevom

    Rossi the legend of tikungan wkwkwk

  87. Jonny Riga

    Jonny RigaPred dnevom

    Full race!

  88. eko wso

    eko wsoPred dnevom

    14 laps of full battles. I thought Stoner felt like racing for 140 laps during the race.

  89. อารี ศรีกะกุล

    อารี ศรีกะกุลPred dnevom


  90. Srini Krish

    Srini KrishPred dnevom

    Can't wait for Another season of Marc vs the Grid.

  91. Srini Krish

    Srini KrishPred dnevom

    Marc doesn't like to lose even in a game...haha classic Marc

  92. eko wso

    eko wsoPred dnevom

    Rossi control rear wheel slides on the apex 34:58 , 40:38 , 42:29 , 48:02 , 49:54 . However, Gibernau techniques was faster on it.

  93. francisco bautista

    francisco bautistaPred dnevom

    Aki también da pataditas el 46???🖕

  94. Space Jockey

    Space JockeyPred dnevom

    Can we get Fran a better mic and tweak her settings, she's a bit loud.

  95. Teguh Suntana

    Teguh SuntanaPred dnevom


  96. Irwan Azizah

    Irwan AzizahPred dnevom

    I Ask bettle marq and austrian gp 2018


    RADEX BENELLIPred dnevom

    Ya menang banyak dovi kenapa yg juara dunianya marquez???????????