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  1. MasterAJ

    MasterAJPred 22 sekundami

    They should do this with the 2019 Raptors I wonder how it would look

  2. Imthebest 1

    Imthebest 1Pred minuto

    This song is dedicated to all those we lost this year. “For some tomorrow may never come” Rest In Heaven 💔

  3. LMAO GW2

    LMAO GW2Pred 2 minutami

    12 minute compilation of Lebron yelling Kobe 😢

  4. 付阳

    付阳Pred 14 minutami

    he is artist

  5. Brent Leong

    Brent LeongPred 23 minutami

    Gridiron heights, can you make a captain marvel version of this and the tom brady is thanos. Derrick henry-captain marvel Gardner minshew-kree leader Jaguars players-kree soldiers Titans players-skrull soldiers Derek carr-nick fury (derek carry)

  6. 石川

    石川Pred 25 minutami

    12 min WOW

  7. Jose Alvarado

    Jose AlvaradoPred 37 minutami

    Why CR7 act as a gay 🤣

  8. gavin bustamante

    gavin bustamantePred 44 minutami

    come back to watch this every few weeks. the "oh no...YOU'RE KIDDING" never ceases to get my hype. zach lavine with ice in his veins.

  9. Neev Jain

    Neev JainPred 46 minutami

    just PICK KOBE IN THE FIRST TIME and spend all your money on him tribute to kobe

  10. Kondor C

    Kondor CPred 47 minutami

    Never thought that He still move fast enough specially a person of size and age

  11. Aaron Bowering

    Aaron BoweringPred 55 minutami

    Lebron been shooting from that far away since 03. But they give credit to curry for shooting that deep. Yah let's see curry make a 3/4 of the court shot in a game

  12. Marz Bound

    Marz BoundPred 55 minutami

    9:22 *LeBron’s Hands* : “Aye man make sure I get some camera time tonight too.”

  13. chilled99

    chilled99Pred uro

    I prefer east vs west. They shouldn’t elevate individual players in all star games

  14. Gino Mama

    Gino MamaPred uro

    1000th comment!!!!!

  15. Gino Mama

    Gino MamaPred uro


  16. Gino Mama

    Gino MamaPred uro

    Made the

  17. Gino Mama

    Gino MamaPred uro

    I just

  18. Nicholas Hall

    Nicholas HallPred uro

    You gotta dunk that shit

  19. Edin Hernandez

    Edin HernandezPred uro


  20. Arthur Morgan x

    Arthur Morgan xPred uro

    Tim Duncan not in the game = heat win. Draymond green not in the game = Cleveland wins

  21. Te Matakitaki Winiata

    Te Matakitaki WiniataPred uro

    Shaq wants to play lol

  22. B. O

    B. OPred uro

    Wow the amount of respect is mindblowing.

  23. Med Onfroy

    Med OnfroyPred uro

    I hope that those 3.9k people burn in hell

  24. Homer Page

    Homer PagePred uro

    Man that was so funny

  25. goon2Agoblin

    goon2AgoblinPred uro

    Such a dumb rule it should’ve gone to extra time

  26. John Doe

    John DoePred uro

    James Soften is way better than lebron bryant

  27. BV

    BVPred uro

    You know you’re a bum when your rival becomes Jared Dudley 😂

  28. Jayden Cochran

    Jayden CochranPred uro

    He would have picked Kobe if it was 3 months ago

  29. Jahshem White

    Jahshem WhitePred uro

    We need him on 2k to make them game more fun to play

  30. Phil C

    Phil CPred uro

    PG: Nash SG: McGrady SF: Leonard PF: Nowitzki C: Shaq

  31. Tyrone the Legendary TyRaNt

    Tyrone the Legendary TyRaNtPred uro

    These NBA players can ball but they damn sure can't fight 😂

  32. Rusbinho

    RusbinhoPred uro

    KD: boooooh Russ: WELCOME BACK <3

  33. watchlighter

    watchlighterPred uro

    He was Fired the next day 😂

  34. RUSSO

    RUSSOPred uro

    Are we not talking about Brady’s eagle ? Unreal shot.

  35. Infernosaur

    InfernosaurPred uro

    logo lebron.

  36. Mert Gül

    Mert GülPred 2 urami

    this is painful to watch, cant imagine as a portland player

  37. Kevin Tran

    Kevin TranPred 2 urami


  38. Jedi Slade

    Jedi SladePred 2 urami

    Mike Breen needs to be commentary on 2k. Make this a reality.

  39. King Rick

    King RickPred 2 urami

    He shoots them with ease

  40. Oompeh Designs

    Oompeh DesignsPred 2 urami

    "Steph and a few other guys shooting for 23 and a half minutes" kinda video

  41. ItsKD

    ItsKDPred 2 urami

    I am watching this on June 1st 2020

  42. Eron 15

    Eron 15Pred 2 urami

    Get you a hype man like Anderson Varejao 😂

  43. ItsKD

    ItsKDPred 2 urami

    I was watching this on June 1st 2020!

  44. Donovan Marcus

    Donovan MarcusPred 2 urami

    Kevin Hart older brother lol

  45. marco ordonez

    marco ordonezPred 2 urami

    these people are easy to influence

  46. Emma Markel

    Emma MarkelPred 2 urami

    This was 5 years ago and creepy now...

  47. Moe Fair

    Moe FairPred 2 urami


  48. FROG HEADs

    FROG HEADsPred 2 urami

    He is trash

  49. Belarion A.D.

    Belarion A.D.Pred 3 urami

    Boston thought they had this series. Lebron hitting that And-1 with a minute left shut the whole arena up lol

  50. Gavin Taylor

    Gavin TaylorPred 3 urami

    Man the 🐐

  51. Bidou Whiteduck

    Bidou WhiteduckPred 3 urami

    Action acts like he has had lived soo much life and everyone of his answers are the right one, effing annoying this mofo.

  52. Hood Rich

    Hood RichPred 3 urami

    G O A T

  53. Mr. Obamium

    Mr. ObamiumPred 3 urami

    Karl Anthony towns. Kwahi. KD. Butler and Carmelo.

  54. Tuğra Koçak

    Tuğra KoçakPred 3 urami


  55. Mr. Obamium

    Mr. ObamiumPred 3 urami

    His choices suuuuuck.

  56. Asael Renteria

    Asael RenteriaPred 3 urami

    C: Shaq ($4) PF: Pau ($3) SF: Horry ($1) SG: Kobe ($5) PG: Fisher ($2) It's not that hard haha, Laker fan 4life!!

  57. mrblonde432

    mrblonde432Pred 3 urami

    Good thing he has a $2000 set of irons.

  58. Nikola Jokić

    Nikola JokićPred 3 urami


  59. alex batlle

    alex batllePred 3 urami

    LOL lebrons never been clutch

  60. Prime Merlinean

    Prime MerlineanPred 3 urami

    "James touches his guard "BANG!!!!!" got positive for Corona LOL."

  61. Anny Adinnu

    Anny AdinnuPred 3 urami

    OMG That wink to the camera💀😎

  62. shareyourfries

    shareyourfriesPred 3 urami

    we miss you, kobe

  63. ChaseNYummy -

    ChaseNYummy -Pred 3 urami

    PG:Steve Nash SG:AI SF:Tracy MCGrady(He can play SF) PF:Tim Duncan C:AD(We all now he is a Center) 6th man:D Rose

  64. Leiland Todoc

    Leiland TodocPred 3 urami

    Yah sure clutch shoot but can he shoot the winning shoot????? Hahahaha kobe for life!!!

  65. verted

    vertedPred 3 urami

    He's over here doing this while I'm making roblox videos 😌

  66. Kay Serah

    Kay SerahPred 4 urami

    Owning the stage😁

  67. Osmar Alonso

    Osmar AlonsoPred 4 urami

    GOAT lebron with Pippen rodman Kerr Harper longley kukoc paxson Grant Armstrong Phil Jackson vs jazz suns Portland lakers Detroit pacers he destroys any teamin 90 era

  68. larry morrison

    larry morrisonPred 4 urami

    Man if rose didnt keep getting hurt. That bulls team was relentless

  69. IGiveMyAllToFootball

    IGiveMyAllToFootballPred 4 urami

    who the qb?

  70. RichardHead

    RichardHeadPred 4 urami

    Hate to break it to you but this guy still needs to go to jail. He could have killed that guy for a truck. And what if he got the wrong guy and he was just motivated to find a person if that race to further an agenda? We don’t know for certain. And we all know people are more than capable of doing this (aka Jessie Smolet)

  71. Anthony Turpin

    Anthony TurpinPred 4 urami


  72. niduoe stre

    niduoe strePred 4 urami

    The “block the lane” screams when is Russ is attacking the media

  73. D .mcfunkerdoodle

    D .mcfunkerdoodlePred 4 urami

    Bank Dunk.

  74. Sergio Enjuto

    Sergio EnjutoPred 4 urami

    shoot better than Giannis

  75. dawud lee

    dawud leePred 4 urami

    This dude was wrestling with my dad was a kid but now he has diabetes so they had to cut his legs off

  76. Messiah Jetz

    Messiah JetzPred 4 urami

    0.57 that’s where KD got that from when he hit that in the finals

  77. Graywolf2380

    Graywolf2380Pred 5 urami

    “It’s gonna be a great season” that aged well

  78. Brendan ODonnell

    Brendan ODonnellPred 5 urami

    Next: Eating bats with Rudy Gobert

  79. Heena Patel

    Heena PatelPred 5 urami

    I didn’t hear any boos or any LETS GOOs

  80. ItsOnLy DiRt

    ItsOnLy DiRtPred 5 urami

    A few of them shots aren't from the Logo, but I get it. 👏 Bron

  81. Leron Flames2

    Leron Flames2Pred 5 urami

    He was doing this before Steph was in the league it's on SLgo

  82. Kala Spears

    Kala SpearsPred 5 urami

    But godbless and yes in places there stuped people its sad but true im on my wifes youtube michael is my name godbless them for what they went threw I hope you boys make it all the way to the top

  83. Kala Spears

    Kala SpearsPred 5 urami

    I live in wilkesboro i looked up were this place was and its like 58 min away from were i live But ive never heard of this town myself and i live in the mt of NC

  84. Omar Ramirez

    Omar RamirezPred 5 urami

    Bruh this video is 12 minutes long🤯🤯

  85. Rory Mc Laughlin

    Rory Mc LaughlinPred 5 urami

    The people that use the 'only 3 rings' as their main argument in the Lebron vs. Jordan GOAT debate, are often the same people to hate on a star player when they join championship contending teams in order to get said rings.

  86. Got' Emmm

    Got' EmmmPred 5 urami

    All jokes aside it’s awesome to see he stuck with it even after getting destroyed by people online making fun of his hitch swing.

  87. بنت دجلة تبجيهم

    بنت دجلة تبجيهمPred 5 urami


  88. Sum Ego

    Sum EgoPred 5 urami

    No racism here. I guess you won’t have your house burnt down.

  89. No Friendzzz

    No FriendzzzPred 5 urami

    Eating curry with Seth curry

  90. No Friendzzz

    No FriendzzzPred 5 urami

    Watch: Kevin Durant Eats himself

  91. El Galleta

    El GalletaPred 5 urami

    These highlights got LeBron looking like Curry

  92. OG.RamenØØØ

    OG.RamenØØØPred 5 urami

    Giannis, KD, DeRozan, Klay, Jayson tatum

  93. Jsn

    JsnPred 6 urami

    Beat those bullet wounds the way Messi beats defenders

  94. Mishra Satyam

    Mishra SatyamPred 6 urami

    This man is full of positive

  95. Jeason Gagnon

    Jeason GagnonPred 6 urami

    This thing never had respect for the North, screw them.

  96. Carlosmonkey45

    Carlosmonkey45Pred 6 urami

    i miss it

  97. Immanuel del Castillo

    Immanuel del CastilloPred 6 urami

    15:02 "it's in the shards" "That was just a normal fart"

  98. Maggie Smith

    Maggie SmithPred 6 urami

    curry gianiss and lebron will be on the raptors in free angeny

  99. Prodigy Boss

    Prodigy BossPred 6 urami


  100. 143 Ryan

    143 RyanPred 6 urami

    Ngl I be like that for presentations