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  1. Everett01

    Everett01Pred minuto

    I went to a Nets game once where Dan Marino was there. They had him throw promo footballs from the court into the crowd. He would point to people and the ball would rocket out right to their chest. Even people in the nosebleed seats.

  2. Kenxo Breezy

    Kenxo BreezyPred minuto

    That tribute video make spurs organization left the group chat And also the fans booing your mvp player even thougth his in another team just appreciate the game Dont hate the players hate the system

  3. Allen yancey

    Allen yanceyPred 4 minutami

    This kid has tons of potential. Keep developing yourself. I look forward to watching you at the next levels.

  4. Geo Murff

    Geo MurffPred 4 minutami

    Luka the guy face of nba for next 10 15 years

  5. SloanKetter44

    SloanKetter44Pred 5 minutami

    He definitely needs to build up his body or he’s gonna get bully’d

  6. Sad Heat Frog

    Sad Heat FrogPred 7 minutami

    But when Dion Waiters does it his career dies 🤔😂😂

  7. alloneword154

    alloneword154Pred 7 minutami

    Hard to hate this guy.

  8. djnosleeves85

    djnosleeves85Pred 8 minutami

    wait I thought luka was Russian 🤷🏾‍♂️

  9. Blue Grass

    Blue GrassPred 9 minutami

    Howard is gay.

  10. MoneyOnlineStepByStep dot com

    MoneyOnlineStepByStep dot comPred 10 minutami

    Luka Doncic Spanish is impressive, just like his basketball game.

  11. Errik Moore

    Errik MoorePred 12 minutami

    imagine jamal charles with patrick mahomes ,tyreek hill ,travis kelce ,sammy watkins....omg superbowl bound

  12. Vanilla Thunder

    Vanilla ThunderPred 14 minutami

    What the fuck is this? I hate that lady so much. The dude won, give him the fucking shoes! Why you shredding shit???

  13. kobeno1

    kobeno1Pred 16 minutami

    I'm surprised he didn't take a rest day.

  14. Lakehouse 160

    Lakehouse 160Pred 17 minutami

    When this comes out with josh Gordon 😂😂😂😂

  15. Westbound Desire

    Westbound DesirePred 18 minutami

    _"Hola Mexico !!!"_

  16. redhawk Alex

    redhawk AlexPred 18 minutami

    Favorite NBA player in Mexico for years to come. Luka Doncic!!!!

  17. Darrin Buchanan

    Darrin BuchananPred 19 minutami

    What a great promo!

  18. Keti M

    Keti MPred 22 minutami


  19. IJeffChiefsKingdom

    IJeffChiefsKingdomPred 22 minutami

    We need more

  20. Brandon Freres

    Brandon FreresPred 22 minutami

    If you smoke pot every day. Edibles dont do shit for you. I would need like 2000mg just to get a buzz

  21. Agnius Magnus

    Agnius MagnusPred 23 minutami

    Every europen speaks at least 2-3 languages. It nothing special for us

  22. Ted Logan

    Ted LoganPred 24 minutami

    What's next?...Making a speech at the U.N. declaring world peace?! ..Lol

  23. Eric Green

    Eric GreenPred 25 minutami

    I'm glad this young man's plays for my Mavericks

  24. Elliot Eisler

    Elliot EislerPred 28 minutami

    They jumped into the deep end 😂 🤤🤤🤤

  25. mike black

    mike blackPred 28 minutami

    Dang. Kwahi only 1 year in Toronto.... 1 Championship. Vince Carter 7 years in Toronto.. 0. 😔

  26. Rain Patch

    Rain PatchPred 29 minutami

    Everyone is a bandwagon at first before becoming a real NBA fan. 😂

  27. Rain Patch

    Rain PatchPred 31 minuto

    I like this new trend. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  28. The Abstract

    The AbstractPred 31 minuto

    You have to be mentally strong to take edibles And you need common sense.

  29. Esayas Ayilin איסייאס איילין

    Esayas Ayilin איסייאס אייליןPred 32 minutami

    Dudley is a Gangster street

  30. The Elusive Man

    The Elusive ManPred 34 minutami


  31. Gon Stacker

    Gon StackerPred 35 minutami

    You know what I fuck with luka now 🤣

  32. jaysilva14

    jaysilva14Pred 36 minutami

    respect to the raptors organization and the city of toronto. class act

  33. sbgibbons99

    sbgibbons99Pred 36 minutami


  34. Benji Casto

    Benji CastoPred 39 minutami

    Edison ??? His not one of the best at all!!!

  35. Theodes Lewis

    Theodes LewisPred 40 minutami


  36. Zz Z

    Zz ZPred 41 minuto

    That's the difference between a non-American and an American.. see the difference ? Duhhhhh 🤪


    BRAXTON BOWERSPred 42 minutami

    right in the web shooter

  38. Dino Vukusic

    Dino VukusicPred 43 minutami

    Howard still being idiot

  39. MrTekbiz

    MrTekbizPred 44 minutami

    i know its the suns commentators, but there was basically zero atmosphere or excitement added for such a good dunk....poor

  40. infinite cognizance

    infinite cognizancePred 46 minutami

    They thought Blake was Canelo.

  41. Yogesh Kumar

    Yogesh KumarPred 48 minutami

    Vc 15 make 25000 pointes in nba

  42. James Nugent

    James NugentPred 50 minutami

    This guy is doing something else instead of SNL?

  43. JediFight

    JediFightPred 52 minutami

    Nice kid

  44. OMAR ASAD 786

    OMAR ASAD 786Pred 53 minutami


  45. Jessie Lyn Manayon Domingo

    Jessie Lyn Manayon DomingoPred 54 minutami

    Baynes end curry this season.

  46. MARVELITO!!!!!!

    MARVELITO!!!!!!Pred 55 minutami

    I was waiting on Mark Ingram to pop up somewhere

  47. True True

    True TruePred 55 minutami

    Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy

  48. Daniel Platonov

    Daniel PlatonovPred 59 minutami

    What can't Luka do at this point? 😅


    ISKALA FUFOPred uro


  50. Saiyan Elite

    Saiyan ElitePred uro

    Still waiting for the part that is "hilarious"...

  51. Dwain Sellers

    Dwain SellersPred uro

    Kevin McHale?

  52. stars will fall

    stars will fallPred uro


  53. halil kaya

    halil kayaPred uro

    This guy rescued my 300 buxes

  54. Jaye Kaye

    Jaye KayePred uro

    Typical NBA chick fight

  55. Ynw Melly

    Ynw MellyPred uro

    Wassup jits it’s the real YNW Melly I’ll be home soon

  56. kenny jiang

    kenny jiangPred uro

    I don't get it at all. Who can tell me what does it mean, please?

  57. Uli Peterson

    Uli PetersonPred uro

    Luka likes to show off.

  58. John Sena

    John SenaPred uro

    Did Luka say Viva Mexico Guey 😀

  59. Brown Cheesestick

    Brown CheesestickPred uro

    Mans should choose UCLA and play with reef

  60. Jake n' Ado

    Jake n' AdoPred uro

    When’s Game of Zones coming back?

  61. Cody Flasch

    Cody FlaschPred uro

    sell out

  62. Perry Robitionate

    Perry RobitionatePred uro

    It's hard for anyone half Vince's age to truly appreciate what he's doing. The notion that 'age is just a number' is bs. Especially in professional sports. Nobody cheats Father Time...but for now, FT's giving him a pass...and actually cheering him on, grinning.

  63. binot

    binotPred uro

    They dont want to be CARUSIFIXED

  64. 01Z06guy

    01Z06guyPred uro

    Chick needs high heels just to look like a midget.

  65. its yeshua not jesus so get over it

    its yeshua not jesus so get over itPred uro

    Well Dwight pushed first lol

  66. Dave L

    Dave LPred uro

    Him and Jericho are the only good things. AEW have

  67. Poetic Just Less

    Poetic Just LessPred uro

    My Duolingo lessons have been paying off big time... I understood the whole thing! ... of Blake's speech.

  68. Mr. Prithvi

    Mr. PrithviPred uro

    The Leonardo Da Vinci of Basketball

  69. corey holliday

    corey hollidayPred uro

    Josh allen just happy to be here

  70. sdpadresfan

    sdpadresfanPred uro

    Did he really say viva Mexico guey?

  71. johniewonie

    johniewoniePred uro

    This kid been balling in MN, glad to see him finally in the spotlight. He a going be a problem.


    ALES KATIČPred uro

    0:02 Blake just realized Luka gave him "roofie" before the game... priceless !!!

  73. Blake Hohlbein

    Blake HohlbeinPred uro

    Where is this game at? Cool facility!

  74. Sippin0n Sizzurp

    Sippin0n SizzurpPred uro

    Blake Griffin reminds me of me when I was failing Spanish class

  75. Nina Catherine Willmon

    Nina Catherine WillmonPred uro

    Dudley's a real one.

  76. jennifer rodriguez

    jennifer rodriguezPred uro

    nxt jalen green???!!!!!!!!!???

  77. Gorillajuice2009

    Gorillajuice2009Pred uro

    Luka que onda guey!

  78. Chris Rivers

    Chris RiversPred uro

    Oh shit, look at Luka. His stock just went thru the roof...

  79. SpLaSh mixes

    SpLaSh mixesPred uro

    Good job. Gonna make nba in couple of years

  80. Rondo9prime

    Rondo9primePred uro

    I will always respect your grind dog🔥💯

  81. Chemli Mohamed Aziz

    Chemli Mohamed AzizPred uro

    Messi cups too many But ronaldo's are more valuable

  82. 45ginola

    45ginolaPred uro

    His playoff run was the greatest ever. He is better than MJ already 🤷🏽‍♂️

  83. Lewis Sunflower

    Lewis SunflowerPred uro

    Luka snatched the post-Lebron throne away from Giannis already, maybe Zion can compete domestically but Luka is an international star.

  84. Lord Tachanka

    Lord TachankaPred uro

    It’s almost surprising that someone who lived in Spain knows Spanish.... almost

  85. Morena Moreno

    Morena MorenoPred uro

    It's so cool to see facets of the Black diaspora come together like this: African, Caribbean, American.

  86. Wintaz2k4

    Wintaz2k4Pred uro

    Tre White picking up the paper 🤣🤣

  87. Officer Orange cheetolini

    Officer Orange cheetoliniPred uro

    @1:00 what kind of fking defense is that 😂😂😂

  88. Officer Orange cheetolini

    Officer Orange cheetoliniPred uro

    These lazy mfers in this new age NBA don’t play no defense

  89. Alex Erhan

    Alex ErhanPred uro

    Lloris not driving because he’s drunk

  90. mario perez

    mario perezPred uro

    Yo my man really just said , “ VIVA MEXICO GUEY!” As a member of the Mexican community Luka you are now invited to the carne asada

  91. ㄕㄋㄕㄋ

    ㄕㄋㄕㄋPred 2 urami

    He need more muscles and weight to become a unicorn

  92. Aj Morris

    Aj MorrisPred 2 urami

    Blake: I'm about to end his career and take all his fans


    KID MORTALPred 2 urami

    This man really became the greatest Raptor of all time in one season. That's the fun guy for you

  94. TheBestFighter

    TheBestFighterPred 2 urami

    Jaredy Dudley need to sit his farmer looking ugly ass down. Ain't nun tough about him

  95. Lipstick Zombie

    Lipstick ZombiePred 2 urami

    I'm half expecting Keenan to sing 'What's up with that' when something stupid comes up though. 🤣

  96. Antonio Harris

    Antonio HarrisPred 2 urami

    They are trying to make him cry 😂 what a city👏👍😲

  97. Mason Gomez

    Mason GomezPred 2 urami

    Thought I had forgotten all the Spanish from my high school classes but I understood EVERY word Blake said.


    ALES KATIČPred 2 urami

    After lovely Lady in the middle said "Heyyyyyyy WOW" Blake knew it was game over. Luka killed him with his speech and later with his 40+ points triple double. He made crowd taking Mavs as a home team and they chant MVP during the whole game. Smart guy and I love it. Luka is just hungry wolf in sheep's clothes. You could never expect all of this after you see him for the first time.

  99. jackson spence

    jackson spencePred 2 urami

    Brady in uggs 😂

  100. madashell1200

    madashell1200Pred 2 urami

    I love MJF