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AMAZING Singing Impressions
Ed Sheeran Can't Sing LMAO


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My Old Singing Videos...
These Singers Are LYING...
Is That His REAL VOICE!?


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Please stop this...

Please stop this...

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Justin Bieber said WHAT?


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  1. Jacob Joseph

    Jacob JosephPred 14 urami

    What about smooth criminal?

  2. Klaudia Kowalczyk

    Klaudia KowalczykPred 14 urami

    I like Michael more, his songs age well and sometimes I like to go back to his albums. Freddie is talented and iconic, but I just don't like his voice, and the queen's songs annoy me over long periods of listening.

  3. Anime Anime

    Anime AnimePred 14 urami

    Mj for the win but i also love queen super different but still icons

  4. Monika

    MonikaPred 14 urami

    Castlemania... Just sounds like they are wrestling in a castle 💀

  5. Misterr Yes

    Misterr YesPred 14 urami

    Imagine being so disinterested that you cant even memorize your songs

  6. Chris Tucker

    Chris TuckerPred 14 urami

    freddie was the greatest

  7. Andrea Cepeda

    Andrea CepedaPred 14 urami

    you cant compare them to each other. They both are amazing

  8. blue beluga

    blue belugaPred 14 urami


  9. Julie Dubis

    Julie DubisPred 14 urami

    Can you watch America’s got talent singers and critique them

  10. mschr52

    mschr52Pred 14 urami

    i like michael too but freddie

  11. Erikrafter 1092

    Erikrafter 1092Pred 14 urami

    Freddie = better singer MJ = better performer

  12. Tina Valeska

    Tina ValeskaPred 14 urami

    While Michael Jackson definitely had the better stats, to me it will always be Freddie. You just can't beat those clear vocals.

  13. Joaquin Barba

    Joaquin BarbaPred 14 urami


  14. Eli

    EliPred 14 urami

    I gotta give it to Michael Jackson.

  15. Vanna Vasquez

    Vanna VasquezPred 14 urami

    Winner: Michael Jackson Reason: For me, there’s just no other artist like him. Dancing, singing, and just stage presence was top notch. Even his “unpopular” songs are amazing. From the Jackson 5 to his Invincible album I’m a fan of it all.

  16. Orca Animations

    Orca AnimationsPred 14 urami

    Roomie: how are you gonna celebrate davie pie? Davie pie from boy in a band: I'm gonna smile ;3 Roomie: what a beautiful smile Davie pie~

  17. Kelsey Messner

    Kelsey MessnerPred 14 urami

    I really enjoyed this!

  18. Sypher Scofield

    Sypher ScofieldPred 14 urami

    Umm. Is no one going to address the fact that Joel from Roomie Official put the picture of Michael Jackson on the wrong Jackson 5 member?

  19. Katie's Voice

    Katie's VoicePred 14 urami

    New drinking game...take a sip juice... everytime Joel says "iconic"

  20. Link

    LinkPred 14 urami

    I choose Micheal Jackson because idk man he is just so cool.

  21. Benjamin Frease

    Benjamin FreasePred 14 urami

    It’s Freddie for me it was hard to choose but I like Freddie better there got amazing though

  22. GellyRam

    GellyRamPred 14 urami

    freddie all the way

  23. Cruzee Balance Bike Thailand

    Cruzee Balance Bike ThailandPred 14 urami

    u bad

  24. Marc Gree

    Marc GreePred 14 urami

    Michael 😍

  25. Kateland Bright

    Kateland BrightPred 14 urami

    I love both, they are very iconic💕 but I honestly feel like Michael Jackson made more of a impact in the pop industry and he just has more swag. So I'm gonna have to go with Michael 😊

  26. Lui Salazar

    Lui SalazarPred 14 urami

    I C O N I C

  27. Brayden Munroe

    Brayden MunroePred 14 urami

    Freddie is better in my opinion

  28. Ethan Palmer

    Ethan PalmerPred 14 urami

    Definitely like Freddy Mercuy's voice better

  29. Saico Moonwalker

    Saico MoonwalkerPred 14 urami

    Michael <3 Freddie is awsome but MJ is the King

  30. Marco Antonio Sanchez

    Marco Antonio SanchezPred 14 urami

    Michael jackson.

  31. NokZu

    NokZuPred 14 urami

    14 is acc fire tho, especially the improvisation note change for phone

  32. mhdj14

    mhdj14Pred 14 urami

    Joel: This music sounds outdated Almost every major electronic/club producer trying to revive Nu-Disco for multiple years now: What the funck did you say to me you little shlt!

  33. Botia Gamer

    Botia GamerPred 14 urami

    Hi roomie. I'd love to see a your reaction to italian pop. (Like "tha supreme", 'Mara sattei" etc.)

  34. LampyBoy McGee

    LampyBoy McGeePred 14 urami


  35. noah tsai

    noah tsaiPred 14 urami

    Micheal mercury??

  36. Amon MAILE

    Amon MAILEPred 14 urami

    i think Michael

  37. Dante Casale

    Dante CasalePred 14 urami

    Freddie is king... or should I say queen?

  38. Sinning Pineapple

    Sinning PineapplePred 14 urami

    I've had bohemian rhapsody stuck in my head for weeks I'm gonna have to choose queen

  39. Andres Peralta

    Andres PeraltaPred 14 urami

    I love both since they totally give everything for their crowd, but I do like Michael better since almost all of his songs make me feel alive before a game or training, however Queen's songs (Freddie's voice) give me the chills but I enjoy Michael's tracks more often

  40. Elayna Malan (em6204)

    Elayna Malan (em6204)Pred 14 urami

    I almost thought you still had that Swedish accent!

  41. David Bakke

    David BakkePred 14 urami

    Do not mock the sacred hymns

  42. Keyla Brambila

    Keyla BrambilaPred 14 urami

    1.m 2.m the rest Michael

  43. Yuriy Gumenuyk

    Yuriy GumenuykPred 15 urami

    Cod is my hero

  44. Puni5her91

    Puni5her91Pred 15 urami

    Can you cover Marianas trench? I want to hear more about them.

  45. Poopy doopy69

    Poopy doopy69Pred 15 urami

    Please make a part 2 with their underated songs

  46. Skynet1

    Skynet1Pred 15 urami

    Gwen McCrae "All This Love That I'm Giving" 1979 is sampled in this. Cassius - Feeling For You 1999 is also sampled from Gwen and is what I recognized in this new track, 90's house vibe.

  47. Emylee Duz Guitar

    Emylee Duz GuitarPred 15 urami

    I think that Freddie Mercury is better. Even tho I like more of Michael Jacksons songs than Queen and he had a bigger impact I think that Freddie Mercury was just better. For one Freddie wrote most of his songs whereas on Michael Jackson didn't write most of them that were in the Thriller album. And overall in my opinion I think Freddie has a better voice.

  48. Jade Gale

    Jade GalePred 15 urami

    Unpopular opinion.... Lady Gagas old music is better than her new music...

  49. DZMJ - Music

    DZMJ - MusicPred 15 urami

    Like this for MJ Gang

  50. Addie B

    Addie BPred 15 urami


  51. knuxfan23

    knuxfan23Pred 15 urami

    It’s so hard to choose. But I’m gonna have to say Michael Jackson is a much bigger inspiration production wise, he just knew how to write amazing pop. Queen has amazing theatrics and stories in their music, they’re definitely a hard act to go up against.

  52. JTM Conceptions

    JTM ConceptionsPred 15 urami

    Is this really an unbearable voice over video of someone reacting to a video from a channel notorious for having unbearable voice overs?

  53. WIn 28

    WIn 28Pred 15 urami

    Freddie darling

  54. jimena Gallardoso jimena Gallardoso

    jimena Gallardoso jimena GallardosoPred 15 urami

    For me the winner, best, king, semigod is Freddie

  55. Wyatt

    WyattPred 15 urami

    I PROMISE THAT I DO BETTER ON ADAM LEVINE THAN ROOMIE (plz dont take offense of that roomie :)

  56. MagicalTrevor

    MagicalTrevorPred 15 urami

    when you come 30 minutes after the video was uploaded so 2 likes makes you top comment *The spy*

  57. Eva Donahue

    Eva DonahuePred 15 urami

    Joel: Don't date me. Fan girls: To bad your mine

  58. Ciel Subliminalsねこ

    Ciel SubliminalsねこPred 15 urami

    Freddie Mercury is one of my fave singers ever!!when Michael Jackson and Queen r compared to each other, even if he doesnt win in the video, he always wins in my heart uwu QUEEEEEEEEEEN UWU

  59. FDGoDWoW !

    FDGoDWoW !Pred 15 urami

    First video I disliked of roomie ... Lol

  60. KirstyHisagi

    KirstyHisagiPred 15 urami

    FREDDY!!!!! Hands down the best. Always been a fan of Queen as I was brought up on Freddy. MJ is okay but Freddy is my clear winner

  61. Verovet

    VerovetPred 15 urami

    I definitely appreciate both musician's works on a creative level and also on the influence they had on the music industry. But there's no contest in my heart; Queen's songs and Freddie voice win hands down. I just have a much stronger emotional connection to their catalog then Michael's

  62. Gaxha Møøn シ

    Gaxha Møøn シPred 15 urami

    Once i was looking for my phone and i asked my mom Me: MOM WHERES MY PHONE?? Also me: **Has phone in hand the whole time**

  63. No1Viper Watch Reviews

    No1Viper Watch ReviewsPred 15 urami

    Freddie - King of Rock Michael - King of Pop

  64. mhdj14

    mhdj14Pred 15 urami

    Joel: Calls Nu-Disco, German House Me: I thought you knew what you where talking about. We can conclude from this Joel knows nothing about music that isn’t stereotypical pop music ;p

  65. Nimz Yt

    Nimz YtPred 15 urami

    2:19 made me die laughing

  66. Tomato Tuber

    Tomato TuberPred 15 urami

    Subharmonic bass, it's kinda just vocal fry and your voice

  67. Hector Rivera

    Hector RiveraPred 15 urami

    ! Michael Jackson's the

  68. Epyrian

    EpyrianPred 15 urami

    0:09 This part hurt me. :( I want to be his friend.

  69. Fatma Alshamsi

    Fatma AlshamsiPred 15 urami

    react to physical but dua lipa the music video is so great!!!

  70. Caleb King

    Caleb KingPred 15 urami

    Never really been one to like Queen/Freddie Mercury. I was raised on Michael Jackson's music. Queen is to overplayed and pretty annoying. Whereas I can sit and listen to Michael and jam to every song.

  71. lenny1980

    lenny1980Pred 15 urami

    FREDDIE! <3

  72. Lisa Helson

    Lisa HelsonPred 15 urami

    The guy who looks like fetus Alex Gaskarth is now in a band call Story Untold

  73. Garrett Carmon

    Garrett CarmonPred 15 urami

    Incredible wardrobe

  74. TheChaton 79

    TheChaton 79Pred 15 urami

    1:27 idk why but i think it would be a good mashup

  75. yosplays Sirait

    yosplays SiraitPred 15 urami

    Michael jackson is better at dancing tbh But freddie's vocals are better so i cant really compare them

  76. Angela Meg

    Angela MegPred 15 urami

    Freddie the queen is obviously the king.

  77. colyn 525 let

    colyn 525 letPred 15 urami


  78. Indecision

    IndecisionPred 15 urami

    I'll choose the artist who didn't touch kids...

  79. Follow my lead

    Follow my leadPred 15 urami

    I know your secret

  80. YOGANSI 86

    YOGANSI 86Pred 15 urami


  81. gokage

    gokagePred 15 urami

    GBB= grand beatbox battle

  82. Anne Louise Fjellstad

    Anne Louise FjellstadPred 15 urami

    I have grown up with michael Jackson due to the fact that my mom is a huge fan of his. As a kid I did not like queen and I even at one point hated bohemian rhapsody. That has changed now i really like that song and as Joel said i think it might be one of the best songs ever made but I still have to go with Michael as my favourite!

  83. inc_S4ns

    inc_S4nsPred 15 urami

    Joel:sings Joel:that was the beatifulest song ever Yt:ur demonitised

  84. Estrella Aparicio

    Estrella AparicioPred 15 urami

    Um, I'm sorry Roomie, but I must be deaf because I couldn't hear which one YOU chose >:) (I cHoSe MJ)

  85. MaFê Aquino

    MaFê AquinoPred 15 urami

    Queen!! Freddie Mercury :)

  86. Hive Digital

    Hive DigitalPred 15 urami

    So funny like a comedy I like I mean love the end where the Swedish people are so many. Anyone who likes Assassin creed like this comment ps this is a kid sending this

  87. aRandom Kelly

    aRandom KellyPred 15 urami

    he was 29 off when i watched it

  88. Noelle Williams

    Noelle WilliamsPred 15 urami

    Bruh, that was a picture of Vin Diesel, not Pitbull........maybe I missed a joke?

  89. Fidka

    FidkaPred 15 urami

    Freddie is legendary, but For me MJ is better, he was complete Artist.

  90. Annika

    AnnikaPred 15 urami

    I’m voting for Freddie solely because of Bohemian Rhapsody

  91. Sir Derpington

    Sir DerpingtonPred 15 urami

    freddy obviously. nobody and nothing beats bohemian rhapsody

  92. iNoah

    iNoahPred 15 urami

    No ones gonna talk about the computer with hearts around Simon? have some explaining! (In comments pls)

  93. Ahmad Fazlur

    Ahmad FazlurPred 15 urami

    I don't think you could compare a singer to another singer, or yeah whatsoever

  94. Rebecca Virgo

    Rebecca VirgoPred 15 urami

    Freddie forever!

  95. inc_S4ns

    inc_S4nsPred 15 urami

    Today is my bday

  96. Jackson Nibblett

    Jackson NibblettPred 15 urami


  97. Doodle Cob

    Doodle CobPred 15 urami

    Did Roomie really just diss Mr. Worldwide?!?

  98. Sarah Cotor

    Sarah CotorPred 15 urami

    check out: On op of the world by Nico Collins vs High hopes by panic at the disco. The songs sound so similar at least to me.

  99. stop lia

    stop liaPred 15 urami

    i can make voizes

  100. inc_S4ns

    inc_S4nsPred 15 urami

    Hes the best singer yt ever wow