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Dog Kissing Booth

Dog Kissing Booth

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I Made That Awful Soap Hand
Bunny's First Bath

Bunny's First Bath

Pred 2 meseci

Making More Soup

Making More Soup

Pred 2 meseci

Pred 2 meseci

I Made A Train For My Dogs
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Trying To Make My Own Wig
My Dogs Eat Pupsicles
Playing Episode: Love Life
Let's Paint With String
I'm A Disco Ball

I'm A Disco Ball

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I Want A New Face

I Want A New Face

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2 Week Bunny Update

2 Week Bunny Update

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A Tour Of My Plants

A Tour Of My Plants

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Let's Abstract Paint
I Want To Be Tall
Giving Myself a Beard
Let's Acrylic Pour
Thrift Store Roulette
My Dogs Pick My Makeup
We Bought A House
Reviewing Bad Apps 5
  1. Taylor Holland

    Taylor HollandPred dnevom

    Rewatching this because I have recently become obsessed with plants, I have 8 at the moment and would love more. This is giving me inspiration for what house plant to get next! Would love an update on your plants and to see how you’ve been keeping them thriving 💕

  2. Josshers

    JosshersPred dnevom

    “I got kidnapped on my way to my bachelor audition”

  3. Artemks

    ArtemksPred dnevom

    This video soothes my soul

  4. Gabriela Kendricks

    Gabriela KendricksPred dnevom

    i love you jenna! as do so many of us and anyone who actually watches your videos can see that you’re a genuinely beautiful and gentle soul. 🤍🤍 you’re doing amazing sweetie

  5. Bridget Gleason

    Bridget GleasonPred dnevom

    I would like you to know when my dog heard the poochies whining, she came over and laid next to me to comfort them 🥺 good wa-was

  6. Anna lol

    Anna lolPred dnevom

    'dont do that lower case n thing with your body' wjsjsbnwnxbs I crieeeeeed

  7. Ashley Carr

    Ashley CarrPred dnevom

    We need an updated plant tour pls I love you Jenna

  8. Eleanor Nicholls

    Eleanor NichollsPred dnevom

    The song behind the Kim Kardashian app is paparazzi but lady gaga

  9. Kate

    KatePred dnevom

    People that were mad over this video need to stfu jenna and julien love their dogs like they our their children kermit is always crying watch her other videos where they cook eachother favourite dishes kermit was crying in that... She would never do anything to hamr any animal stop trying to find and create drama over something so stupid 🤦🏻‍♀️

  10. Floraviolin

    FloraviolinPred dnevom

    Marbles in the middle - THAT was both so cute and so funny at the same time xD xD

  11. popescu david

    popescu davidPred dnevom

    Kermit is de nasty boi

  12. Marian Rogan

    Marian RoganPred dnevom

    Thank you for this video. We have 3 iggys and we travel all the time we now know that this item is not for us and we appreciate you showing us! If I could figure out how to put a picture here I would . Cause my Loki looks like Kermit.

  13. Vel Vel

    Vel VelPred dnevom

    Jenna literary cried over buying the wrong fish bowl yall just dtm 😭😭

  14. Jennifer Yook

    Jennifer YookPred dnevom

    Peach: *owes Jenna money* Jenna: you can pay me back in kisses Peach: okay, but YOU give ME the kisses ???

  15. That One Human

    That One HumanPred dnevom

    Don’t you love it when Jenna tries out a popular trend with her depressed sausage and her mentality unstable bicycle seat 😌

  16. Hannah Freedman

    Hannah FreedmanPred dnevom

    I understand looking for something better in the car, personally I've found that this works pretty well for my puppy! and he actually kind of likes it! I originally got it for airplane travel but it has a car option as well :)

  17. Jessica Russell

    Jessica RussellPred dnevom

    T-T are they okay this is so sad why would people do dis 😭

  18. Baby Matt

    Baby MattPred dnevom

    y’all getting mad for what ? the dogs are clearly okay ! kermit cries everyday/every time he blinks .. y’all clearly haven’t been watching her for long ... this is a animal product that someone made for THAT REASON... people are weird

  19. oo wolfieoo

    oo wolfieooPred dnevom

    Don't throw away there toys *it does not help them grow* 0:43

  20. The Avocadoes

    The AvocadoesPred dnevom

    I wanna be tall has. A. lyric. video . HELLL YEEEAHH BEECH

  21. Olivia C

    Olivia CPred dnevom

    Jenna you're a awesome and amazing person!!! And you clearly care so much about your dogs, I don't understand why people would try to twist that care into something else :(

  22. Lily Baker

    Lily BakerPred dnevom

    marbles, the og

  23. Alex :3

    Alex :3Pred dnevom

    People: Omg Jenna review this product! The same people: ONFG JENNA WHY WOULD U REVIEW THis?!1!1!1

  24. Julia Tominski

    Julia TominskiPred dnevom

    It’s so funny because Babish is from Rochester too 😂

  25. Banana1 Banana2

    Banana1 Banana2Pred dnevom

    area 51 images !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4:45 REAL ALIEN FOOTAGE !!! CAUGHT ON CAMERA!!!!!!!!

  26. Madison Hernandez

    Madison HernandezPred dnevom

    Anyone who thinks Jenna would ever put her dog ina dangerous or stressful situation purposely or is intentionally bad to her dogs is literally crazy and doesn’t listen to you. They don’t know you obviously Jenna love ❣️

  27. Dan Daves

    Dan DavesPred dnevom

    "It's Glue!"

  28. Megan Elizabeth

    Megan ElizabethPred dnevom

    Cancel culture is so goddamn annoying. She cares about her dogs more than most people. She’s too pure and shouldn’t have to apologize because of a bunch of internet warriors that think they know everything about a person they’ve never met.

  29. GotCool

    GotCoolPred dnevom

    Don’t be mean to Kermit he is crying now.

  30. Freaksmile13

    Freaksmile13Pred dnevom

    The glasses bring out the bitchy bitch in Julian lol

  31. Nicole Morgan

    Nicole MorganPred dnevom

    The people that are saying shes abusing her animals just don't know/watch Jenna. Go complain about the actual problematic people on this platform.

  32. Alanah Shanae

    Alanah ShanaePred dnevom

    Did anyone read the description, julien got friend zoned

  33. Satan Girl

    Satan GirlPred dnevom

    I need another calling in sick to jobs I don’t have video

  34. Magj H

    Magj HPred dnevom

    Bunny: I'm different too. Marbles

  35. Cam G

    Cam GPred dnevom

    So glad I'm not under the public eye and have to walk on egg shells due to this ridiculous nonsense of PC culture or Cancel culture... #freejenna 🤭

  36. Sunburnt Pumpkaboo

    Sunburnt PumpkabooPred dnevom

    If these two break up I’ll break my own neck

  37. Bunny bons

    Bunny bonsPred dnevom

    I am sick Want to throw up

  38. Brielle THomas

    Brielle THomasPred dnevom

    Top ten allergic to dog saliva moments

  39. Mimi

    MimiPred dnevom

    Jenna takes care of her dogs way better than I take care of myself. Whoever is complaining needs to go outside and take a walk and reevaluate their lives. Also. Stfu.

  40. Tara Peterson

    Tara PetersonPred dnevom

    Omg peach’s giraffe neck and gangly limbs has me DYING 😂😍 IT’S TOO MUCH CUTE! 😭

  41. Infinite Jellyfish

    Infinite JellyfishPred dnevom

    The sculpture at the end that's "art" is literally two pairs of disembodied legs scissoring on their dining table.

  42. Minty The Dino

    Minty The DinoPred dnevom

    I really would like to see Kermit as Eeyore, Peach as Winnie the Pooh, Marbles as Piglet, and Bunny as a hephalump. (Yes I know that’s not how you spell hephalump I’m just too lazy to look it up.)

  43. Tiny Bits of Bliss

    Tiny Bits of BlissPred dnevom

    Jenna/Julian, you both are examples of excellent pet parents. Thank you for being so open and positive with the care and efforts you make for your family. Only love and respect. 💜💜🐶🐶🐶🐶💜💜

  44. Brittani Vega

    Brittani VegaPred dnevom

    #leavejennaalonehaters .

  45. Danielle Edelstein

    Danielle EdelsteinPred dnevom

    He does it cause Irish spring has a very strong smell

  46. DanielFoxy 1999

    DanielFoxy 1999Pred dnevom

    A little whiny,but he has his facts straight

  47. Phantom AA

    Phantom AAPred dnevom

    what was the intro what

  48. Hagane no Saiyajin

    Hagane no SaiyajinPred dnevom

    2:34, the birth of a meme

  49. Rina T

    Rina TPred dnevom

    BRUH THE DOGS WERE FINE!!!!! Some people man! so sensitive. Jenna loves her babies.

  50. clarissa ruiz

    clarissa ruizPred dnevom

    Why wouldn’t people go after the creators of the harness if they feel so strongly against it??? Huh? Jenna and Julien know their dogs. It’s THEIR dogs! They’re their lifelong friends. Jenna’s dog videos are my absolute favorite because it reminds me how much patience and care we should have when caring for our pets.

  51. Hobby Bobbi

    Hobby BobbiPred dnevom

    I wish I was one of jennas dogs

  52. Chloe Forbes

    Chloe ForbesPred dnevom

    Make a mold with your foot and fill it with soap. Life hack


    MICHELLE ROSSPred dnevom

    When you're done with the booth, donate it to SPCA so they can use it for adoption days...


    MICHELLE ROSSPred dnevom

    Looks like Peach does the European cheek kissing...

  55. albert speer

    albert speerPred dnevom

    Lol . Underwear. The only thing that its gross on fat chiks.gross!!!

  56. Lily_of_the_Forest

    Lily_of_the_ForestPred dnevom

    Wow, he looked good in everything. Would be so fun to dress him up.

  57. gwendolyn•uʎןopuǝʍb

    gwendolyn•uʎןopuǝʍbPred dnevom

    we love u biss, we know u only had the best of intentions 🤍🤍

  58. Valerie Stoff

    Valerie StoffPred dnevom

    puma pants

  59. Ridiculous Ravioli

    Ridiculous RavioliPred dnevom

    I found the reason why Kermit does this. It's because the soap smells like you and brings him comfort, or he's trying to mask his scent. Note: I just searched "Why do dogs run their face in soap" on Google and that's what came up.

  60. Maya Hirsch

    Maya HirschPred dnevom

    love how much you care about your animals! Don't listen to these people, its hard raising fur babies especially in front of the world <3

  61. Desirae Dillard

    Desirae DillardPred dnevom

    The fact that people think Jenna would ever put her dogs in danger is WAC. She loves her dogs more then people

  62. Squek Seal

    Squek SealPred dnevom

    What breed is Kermit? I need one right now.

  63. M O O N C H I L D

    M O O N C H I L DPred dnevom

    The fact she had to make an apology, for doing nothing wrong

  64. madgirlmuahaha

    madgirlmuahahaPred dnevom

    I hate that you felt like you had to put the disclaimer at the start of the video but I definitely appreciate the information 😅 it definitely speaks to your character and how much you care about your pets and their well-being. Also: PLEASE don’t let this stop you from reviewing more dog items! I would love to see you become the MKBHD of reviewing dog products! I’m always keeping an eye out for new products to try out with my dogs and it’s always a joy to see you play around with your dogs!

  65. Me

    MePred dnevom

    I thought this was gonna be a 24 hour video

  66. Ariel Chen

    Ariel ChenPred dnevom

    i keep going back to 4:28 when peach hopped lol

  67. Deadpanann !

    Deadpanann !Pred dnevom

    "yOuR aBuSiNg yOuR dOgS" First off yall dont know what actual abuse looks like and second off if this is abuse then taking a dog that has arthritis to the groomers is abuse too as it will be in discomfort from standing so long. If an animal is in slight discomfort for less than 5 minutes, it doesnt not mean its being abused. Yall really do not know what abuse is or looks like do yall?

  68. Bubba sawyer Is my husbando

    Bubba sawyer Is my husbandoPred dnevom

    At this point an Italian greyhound isn’t even a thing. All we have is an cermet.

  69. Daniel B

    Daniel BPred dnevom

    Jenna: ‘Nobody will judge you Kermit’ Also Jenna: *continuously laughs at Kermit*

  70. Kate

    KatePred dnevom

    We know you’re a good person. Some people just want attention.

  71. AketaNightOwl

    AketaNightOwlPred dnevom

  72. Rachael Woolever

    Rachael WooleverPred dnevom

    I can't believe Jenna feels like she has to apologize...girl...these haters are going to hate. WE LOVE YOU! YOU TAKE AMAZING CARE OF ALL YOUR ANIMALS! Fuck you people who give her a hard time!

  73. Ruby Tate

    Ruby TatePred dnevom

    Did anyone else notice in the j&j kitchen sign there’s a Gemini and Aries symbol instead of Virgo and aries

  74. anon

    anonPred dnevom

    I laughed so hard at the scene in car oh my god...Kermit is twisting his neck 180° and crying, marble is making weird growling noises and peach is wiggling out of the harness 😂😂😭😭

  75. Serpentina

    SerpentinaPred dnevom

    Jenna, I love you so much! Your true fans know you would NEVER hurt your babies.

  76. taylorisawizard

    taylorisawizardPred dnevom

    Ok but where can I get the single dog booster seat she usually uses (the one they said Peach will rise in with Julien on a lone dog trip)??

  77. Madeline Reaves

    Madeline ReavesPred dnevom

    Jenna: today we’re testing out a dog harness! Kermit: *random whining/crying* Confused people that obviously don’t watch Jenna: *YoU dOg aBusEr!!! KermIt WaS crYinG!!*

  78. Lisa Amirant

    Lisa AmirantPred dnevom

    NO!! SAY IT'S NOT SO! You must continue reviewing dog products! We love your reviews!! I have 3 Iggys myself so my daughter and I are HUGE fans and when we go out with our dogs people tell us about you because our dogs look like yours. 🤗❤

  79. Amelia Savage

    Amelia SavagePred dnevom

    why is this what my dreams look like

  80. Tiffany Cortez

    Tiffany CortezPred dnevom

    People who are saying Jenna is a bad dog owner clearly have never seen a Jenna Marble video. She taught her dogs to swim when one of them fell in the pool, and made a 40 minute apology video for a fish (that she also rehoused)🤦🏻‍♀️ y’all people need to leave her alone.

  81. Kristin Russell-Miller

    Kristin Russell-MillerPred dnevom

    Kermit is so fricken cute I cant live

  82. Old Soul

    Old SoulPred dnevom

    How fuckedup should a person be to be mad at Jenna who is literally the purest soul on earth. I hope those people are ashamed of themselves.

  83. Allstar alyss

    Allstar alyssPred dnevom

    Jenna we love u tho,dont let dese mfs get in yo head tf we kno u love yo dogs, n its ppl inna comments that know to. Dont let anybody fw ur mental, u gotta whole fanbase here fa u❤❤regardless if u decide t uh take a break or ...come back or even stop if that's what u need.

  84. єαѕуgσιиg

    єαѕуgσιиgPred dnevom

    dad julian is so cute omg

  85. Kat Bromley

    Kat BromleyPred dnevom

    Omg I wanted to get that same sweater! Wicked clothes is the shit

  86. natasha anjum

    natasha anjumPred dnevom

    Jenna: **puts on cherry earrings** Also Jenna: something smells like fruit

  87. Lily_of_the_Forest

    Lily_of_the_ForestPred dnevom

    Where is the Julien Store? I want a Julian too. He’s so kind.

  88. Purple squirrel Gacha

    Purple squirrel GachaPred dnevom

    Marble gets lost in space a lot and looks purmenitly drunk.

  89. Shaelyn Green

    Shaelyn GreenPred dnevom

    I watch this video daily

  90. Carla Kokholm Flarup

    Carla Kokholm FlarupPred dnevom

    Kermit is definitely a leo...

  91. Nam Dora

    Nam DoraPred dnevom

    I have over 20 dogs so we’ll at least most of them are big

  92. brellfan

    brellfanPred dnevom

    You really shouldn't give people an excuse to try and get videos pulled. If people take you the wrong way, that's on them.

  93. Lily_of_the_Forest

    Lily_of_the_ForestPred dnevom

    I’ve been devoted to the single life forever but Julian is so sweet. Make me want a guy. Must stay strong and Single-On!

  94. Pregyrus YT

    Pregyrus YTPred dnevom

    It’s over anikin I have the high ground

  95. Faith 🍒

    Faith 🍒Pred dnevom

    Are people really coming for the same girl who made a 40 min “apology” video for getting the wrong fish tank. & we’ve seen be so so so patient & loving with bunny? I hope y’all stretched before that big ass reach.

  96. Jerry C

    Jerry CPred dnevom

    Why was this moron recommended to me? Thanks for nothing SLgo.

  97. Miranda Rivera

    Miranda RiveraPred dnevom

    Jenna i apologize for shit people accusing you of abuse. They clearly didnt know who you were at the time youre amazing and we know you wouldnt do that and we trust you ! Love you <3

  98. ivan eend

    ivan eendPred dnevom

    14:10 Jenna just had a mix of laughing and crying at the same time and I felt that

  99. Petrina Wilmot

    Petrina WilmotPred dnevom

    Jenna treats her dogs better than my literal mother treated me, like she literally said she didn't like it and that it wasn't right for her dogs, people are literally looking for things that aren't there

  100. Mocha Kat

    Mocha KatPred dnevom

    I like your hoodie. Its really cute 😚