Taylor Swift - Lover
Taylor Swift - Style
Taylor Swift - Red
Taylor Swift - 22
Taylor Swift - Ours
Taylor Swift - Mean
Taylor Swift - Mine
Taylor Swift - Fifteen

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    why did we just make those protesters all look like they are from a certain group? It seems unfair to just decide people who are prejudice look a certain way and are from a certain place. Prejudice is everywhere and has many different faces, backgrounds, locations and more. The poor young ladies and gentlemen watching this video might now leave this video under the impression that prejudice looks like flannels, no teeth, beer, dip, and trucker hats. That's just simply not true and it's unfair. We can't just target one group of people and decide they are all prejudice.

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    Here after her Billboard's award acceptance speech. Though the lyrics are not related but the vibe of the music kinda resonates my bluesy mood. Chester Bennington's is not with us, she's 30, we 90's kids are getting old, 2020's next month. All of my childhood is getting distant from the present. A lot of such thoughts just storming in my head.

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    this song makes me miss an ex friend. that's all my fault, i didn't realize what i had when we were closed friends he gave me his best but i mistreated him....... then i realized it and tried to apologize him but he didn't forgive me... so i thought it was over between us.... but on saturday, november 30th, 2019 he changed my mind! He took me to my home. On the way home... " We tell stories and you don't know why I'm coming off a little shy, but I do"- these lines describes exactly what happened at that beautiful night. he asked me about my history marks, he asked me about my english marks then we started to talk about our teachers, then i told some jokes and we laughed, etc.. This was so unforgettable T_T. But now, we are just friends, we couldn't be as closed as we were before. But is ain't gonna take me down 'cause at least i knew that he forgave me. I just wish that happy moment could happen again, again and again.... so this is the reason why i really love this song, it makes me feel so happy and calm, it also describes exactly my story. LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT FOREVER AND EVER

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