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Testing Real 5G: Part 2!


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5G: Explained!

5G: Explained!

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  1. H.Bugra Ergil

    H.Bugra ErgilPred 7 sekundami

    what controls does it have in terms of colour calibration. can we change the gains and black points ?

  2. Alex Pawlowski

    Alex PawlowskiPred 10 sekundami

    Bill Nye playing surgeon simulator 😆

  3. oohgoditsbees

    oohgoditsbeesPred 31 sekundo

    Taking the cover off the monitor, looks massively satisfying.

  4. vik kash

    vik kashPred minuto

    Marcus said he's a pixel lover there you go boys and girls

  5. Mohammed

    MohammedPred minuto

    I was thinking that apple's finally listening to their customers and they're good but then they launched a $60k computer 🤔🤣

  6. KM Rei

    KM ReiPred minuto

    This guy doesn’t know shit about any of these devices. Stop showing me these videos.

  7. Raj Preet

    Raj PreetPred minuto

    Which one is best iPhone 11 or iphone 11 pro ??

  8. L. B. Wagner

    L. B. WagnerPred 2 minutami

    How short is the export time with background rendering on?

  9. Wells Fellings

    Wells FellingsPred 2 minutami

    bill nye the sold out guy

  10. Tanmay Patil

    Tanmay PatilPred 2 minutami

    I belong to non premium community!😂

  11. Mean O’ Dustino

    Mean O’ DustinoPred 2 minutami

    I got a PRK 8 years ago and have never looked back 🤣 but yeah the recovery was horrific .

  12. Eternal

    EternalPred 2 minutami

    10:45 I bet you like the display so you can read comments like that on a 6k panel.

  13. Lu

    LuPred 2 minutami

    I would be a fanboy too if I was getting it free.

  14. Napkiner

    NapkinerPred 2 minutami

    Shout out to Madeon

  15. Angel Rivera

    Angel RiveraPred 3 minutami

    I’m dope-in up

  16. Yasho Vardhan Gwaley

    Yasho Vardhan GwaleyPred 3 minutami

    Hey Marques, is Mac Pro worthy of price at which it is being sold?

  17. Carlos Nieto

    Carlos NietoPred 3 minutami

    The Apple 2e was just like the Macintosh when it came out but the Mac had companies make programs where the 2e you programed yourself kind of. I remember using them in elementary and making the 2e count to a certain number or flash a message on the screen for a certain length of time.

  18. Denann Rayson

    Denann RaysonPred 3 minutami

    Whats up eith your eye

  19. Pranshu Kumar Agrawal

    Pranshu Kumar AgrawalPred 5 minutami

    You can call it Dope-Tech-ecember..

  20. Lilbud

    LilbudPred 5 minutami

    *Looks down at shirt* You son of a...

  21. DoCoi

    DoCoiPred 5 minutami

    i like the desktop background

  22. Greemfy

    GreemfyPred 6 minutami

    You and other people like you are the reason why Apple can sell everything at a huge premium. Completly brainwashed.

  23. Robert Wisdom

    Robert WisdomPred 6 minutami

    It's not the power button, it's the Bixby button.

  24. Hark Seehra

    Hark SeehraPred 6 minutami

    am I only one who still misses windows phone?

  25. Jade Agard

    Jade AgardPred 6 minutami

    stupid actually looking down when he said i got lint on my shirt lmao

  26. Tirivashe Shamhu

    Tirivashe ShamhuPred 6 minutami

    I thought Apple was doing TVs now, from the thumbnail

  27. Jason Scalzo

    Jason ScalzoPred 6 minutami

    0:51 Joke's on you, I'm not wearing a shirt

  28. Irwin Crook

    Irwin CrookPred 6 minutami

    Apple has the capability to sell a beautiful piece of Aluminum 50x the manufacturing cost. With just an apple logo on it.

  29. Stefan Starčević

    Stefan StarčevićPred 6 minutami

    Whats up whit dose strange glasses

  30. Bence Gyors

    Bence GyorsPred 6 minutami

    Where da sound

  31. Safi Ullah

    Safi UllahPred 7 minutami

    I got Lasik Surgery too. I am pretty much satisfied with the results. The only problem i have is with focusing subtitles while watching movies. Do you feel the same?

  32. Daniel D

    Daniel DPred 7 minutami

    I actually had lint on my shirt.... Thanks

  33. Rock Shelby

    Rock ShelbyPred 7 minutami


  34. song 2

    song 2Pred 8 minutami

    Apple have never impressed me

  35. themanontv

    themanontvPred 8 minutami

    He got pro eyes for the pro display

  36. WoodyBLike

    WoodyBLikePred 8 minutami

    *pulls out camera from 1984* "So I've had this camera now for the past 35 years now"

  37. hitardo

    hitardoPred 8 minutami

    7:31 I think you meant the other way around. 600 nits sustained brightness, with 1000 nits peak brightness. By the way - price aside - this is a wonderful monitor! But I will continue to watch your videos on my brand new AOC 24G2: IPS panel, with 144Hz refresh rate, with awesome colors. My life is very Pro, but my wallet is saving for other stuff. I never owned an Apple product, and I think I will continue not to. Why? Because my independence - of family and credit cards - is more important to me. Cheers.

  38. Brian Houle

    Brian HoulePred 8 minutami

    8:36 is why I would have one if I was still doing video editing for my business. Oh wow. Time is money. The faster you finish jobs, the faster you get paid and move into the next job all the while keeping you AND your clients happy happy happy!

  39. Matt Gibas

    Matt GibasPred 8 minutami

    That peel though...

  40. Raman

    RamanPred 9 minutami

    ha, Marqass has plain old pink eye.

  41. Nathan Miller Video

    Nathan Miller VideoPred 10 minutami

    I was almost thinking before you said anything about the eye. Hey it's MKBHD here, I've been high as hell for like two weeks, here's my review.

  42. TimeCode Mechanics

    TimeCode MechanicsPred 10 minutami

    OMG! 3:53 That look when he removed the plastic from the monitor face. 😆😆😆

  43. Night Parade

    Night ParadePred 10 minutami

    nice panel with anti glare.. i guess 75" diagonal horizontal display is much better monitor.. but the stand price is 👎👎👎

  44. Crisp Eaterson

    Crisp EatersonPred 10 minutami

    3:35 Sassy af

  45. DUENNO

    DUENNOPred 10 minutami

    Which is the greater machine, a full spec Mac Pro or an NVIDIA DGX Station? It would be interesting to hear your thoughts/comparisons between the two, please.

  46. Sivad

    SivadPred 10 minutami

    I’m interested in a Logic Pro x workflow and how many tracks this can handle at one time and just the ridiculous stuff you can do in logic with that amount of ram.

  47. pursuit

    pursuitPred 10 minutami

    Here the only impressive thing is YOUR HANDS! 😲

  48. Aaron Friedman

    Aaron FriedmanPred 10 minutami

    This is inaccurate The home computer was always the final goal. H.G. wells had predicted it.

  49. Vithal Goel

    Vithal GoelPred 11 minutami


  50. Tony Shen

    Tony ShenPred 11 minutami

    most satisfying peel of the year, seriously

  51. Diamond Koala

    Diamond KoalaPred 11 minutami

    Marques brownlee when a new Apple product comes out “I feel a disturbance in the force”

  52. Tobias Vogt

    Tobias VogtPred 11 minutami

    Nice Video

  53. Colin

    ColinPred 12 minutami

    They were so hard to use back in the day. I remember when you were saving something you had to save it quickly and then it was a program that you push the button and then it popped out the disk . So if you're in a hurry it sucked geting your disk put

  54. mohyim02

    mohyim02Pred 12 minutami

    Marques uses the tech before the ceo of the company sees it.

  55. FCWGreece

    FCWGreecePred 12 minutami

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  56. Talha Hussain

    Talha HussainPred 12 minutami

    3:46 this is why it costs $6000

  57. CR-AZY

    CR-AZYPred 13 minutami

    who dont even have an 4k option on youtube so is watching on 720p (which is the max in ma phone)😂😂

  58. Jay Sanchez

    Jay SanchezPred 13 minutami

    Love how he's just flexin with those displays and the computer lol. Way to go Marques

  59. Muyasara Nilam Alifia

    Muyasara Nilam AlifiaPred 13 minutami

    21:46 so inspiring om pinot, as always

  60. Pavan M

    Pavan MPred 13 minutami

    come on..1000$ for a stand is just ridiculous

  61. Spectr Gaming

    Spectr GamingPred 13 minutami

    Dude is walking around with 6K vision now

  62. Karim

    KarimPred 14 minutami

    So yeah, he spent 14k for 2 monitors and 2 stands...

  63. Nikos video pro.

    Nikos video pro.Pred 14 minutami

    I wish you a well recovery (but that's not enough, you also have to take care of yourself). Enjoy your XDR monitors, I hope you release more videos like the review you mentioned, an other one talking about 10-bit HDR video for SLgo and why not some workflow discussion. That would be nice.

  64. CKing Pro

    CKing ProPred 14 minutami

    True Tone on the XDR actually compensates the colours for your ambient light so they are more accurate, rather than blending in with the ambient light as with True Tone in other Apple products (though calling them both True Tone doesn't help). Here's Apple's description of True Tone for XDR: "The lighting around you can affect the way you see onscreen colors. True Tone on Pro Display XDR uses a breakthrough dual ambient light sensor design - with a sensor on the front and another on the back - to better gauge your overall lighting environment. This facilitates more exact adjustments to the color and intensity of your display, so you can have accurate viewing in all lighting conditions."

  65. Jay Salvacion

    Jay SalvacionPred 14 minutami

    The display can go on its own without the stand. Who cares if it's ugly behind the scenes?

  66. Karar 2k01

    Karar 2k01Pred 15 minutami

    mind blowing specs but can it run crysis

  67. Thomas Petersson

    Thomas PeterssonPred 15 minutami

    my hackintosh beats this. 2000 usd. 38000 geekbench score. his was way low. 21000?

  68. Bambi Tazilla

    Bambi TazillaPred 15 minutami

    Buying a $5,000 monitor I wouldn’t expect anything less than a high end metal stand like that one right there. I’d buy a $6,000 iMac if it came with it. Why have an option to buy it separately? It’s too psychological lol

  69. Gerard Lieb

    Gerard LiebPred 16 minutami

    So actually I’ve had perfect vision for a couple weeks now. Here’s what I think of perfection

  70. TAPKING13

    TAPKING13Pred 16 minutami

    Why this dude look like he's playing Victor Olapdipo In A Movie😂

  71. Jahn Landrigan

    Jahn LandriganPred 16 minutami

    Marques: "you got a little lint on your shirt right now" Me laying in bed with no shirt on: 🙀

  72. Mr. Z's Music Lessons

    Mr. Z's Music LessonsPred 16 minutami

    You’re living in the future. I’ll go back to editing on my dell 7577. lol

  73. M Gilissen

    M GilissenPred 16 minutami

    So Marques got 20/20 vision 3 weeks ahead of 2020

  74. Gede Widhi

    Gede WidhiPred 16 minutami

    and he got 2 of em

  75. amal raj

    amal rajPred 17 minutami


  76. SamDJayRob Gaming

    SamDJayRob GamingPred 17 minutami

    okay, not an apple fan, but that render speed is on fire!

  77. Bader Aleedan

    Bader AleedanPred 17 minutami

    Stop milking it

  78. •Fatal fate•

    •Fatal fate•Pred 18 minutami

    Auyyy my bro got lasik! Honeslty i also have been thinking of taking the surgery during my college first or second year :D

  79. Greg Shovlin

    Greg ShovlinPred 18 minutami

    Talks about his old Dell monitors, shows Asus monitors

  80. BangDroid

    BangDroidPred 18 minutami

    Apples are known to cause California in the state of Cancer

  81. Vineet Nair

    Vineet NairPred 19 minutami

    That’s Dope👍🏾😍

  82. Derek Kent

    Derek KentPred 19 minutami

    When I think of an enormously expensive professional monitor, I think "not perfectly uniform" for sure.

  83. Mr DejavuKing

    Mr DejavuKingPred 19 minutami

    Thing is, to the viewer in my opinion anyway he's videos look absolutely no different! He's a good cinematographer/editor obviously so no amount of money spend on a computer is going to automatically make you video's good and give you the skills he's got a learnt! My point though is as I say apart from making he's workflow quicker, the videos look no better at all. If he hadn't said he was using that for the last two weeks I don't think anyone would know the difference! (He's videos are just good anyway) thus if someone's videos are crap and their clueless the videos would still look crap using this computer! Apart from making his work flow quicker I'm sorry but this computer just isn't going to make your work look better to 99% of viewers unless your an expert colour grader, cinematographer, editor etc! If your computer is quick enough to edit consumer level 4k for SLgo etc this computer is literally a waste of money lunacy! Yea if your editing a block buster movie, but then will they be buying these or will they use some kind of server based solution or something I don't know!

  84. Lieutenant Starbuck

    Lieutenant StarbuckPred 20 minutami

    400 dollars for wheels 1000 dollars for stand. Just let that sink in for a minute 👍🌈

  85. K

    KPred 20 minutami

    Marques: I wouldn't buy the Pro Stand Also Marques: I did buy the Pro Stand

  86. Elite Empire

    Elite EmpirePred 20 minutami

    Well back in the days there were not alot of fluorescent lighting in homes, just your standard lightbulbs and windows.

  87. ignas juraitis

    ignas juraitisPred 20 minutami


  88. Lee Hooper

    Lee HooperPred 20 minutami

    Frickin Bill Nye your just to much. Keep it going please.


    RAP'N TUDO FAMÍLIA 321Pred 21 minuto

    Why do you use your watch so tight dude?

  90. Lin bud

    Lin budPred 21 minuto

    Correction, pupil

  91. Paulo Bonito

    Paulo BonitoPred 21 minuto

    *profit intensifies*

  92. Venkatesh K

    Venkatesh KPred 21 minuto

    what do u mean next week .??.i already seen genesis episode... in-fact all of them ..

  93. Jogi Films

    Jogi FilmsPred 21 minuto

    Shock test, how it works after a beating. This is not a very good idea.

  94. Tousif Ahammad

    Tousif AhammadPred 21 minuto

    Apple is par excellence

  95. Srini Versatile

    Srini VersatilePred 22 minutami

    red black white everywhere, even in eyes

  96. Suhas R

    Suhas RPred 22 minutami

    Admit it this ain't even worth that money......its better to buy high end rtx 2080ti desktop

  97. Lin bud

    Lin budPred 22 minutami

    My supervisor had Lasik, years sfter she went to the emergency her hi lid came off

  98. Gideon Aggrey

    Gideon AggreyPred 22 minutami

    Why is this video soo sexually charged?

  99. Daniel Robertson

    Daniel RobertsonPred 22 minutami

    Could you side by side the XDR with the iMac Pro and load up some 4-8k SLgo in footage in chrome and see how the colour and contrast compares.

  100. Denzel Jackson

    Denzel JacksonPred 23 minutami

    Visual overload