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  1. Gisselle Tax

    Gisselle TaxPred 23 urami

    The o e that day when you raise your hand I can defenetly realate

  2. Mikayla Wang

    Mikayla WangPred 23 urami

    Just music then you cry like someone pasted away

  3. Akula Srikanth

    Akula SrikanthPred 23 urami

    Hi fairy queen

  4. rainbow Squad

    rainbow SquadPred 23 urami


  5. Kelsey

    KelseyPred 23 urami


  6. Valerie Verdin

    Valerie VerdinPred 23 urami


  7. Jojo Crayton

    Jojo CraytonPred 23 urami

    The filter that was shown for the character going to the movie's made me laugh SOOOOOO HARD! 😆

  8. Joswendy Trinidad

    Joswendy TrinidadPred 23 urami

    I got scared from that first one I hate spiders

  9. sultana nasera tulee

    sultana nasera tuleePred 23 urami

    I subscribe your channel but notification bell is off.so I not can ring the bell.

  10. Crystal Awesome

    Crystal AwesomePred 23 urami

    Yay It worked

  11. Rizwana Khan

    Rizwana KhanPred 23 urami

    vicky was not able to blow the balloon first😤😥 but at the end she easily blew it😀

  12. todd reynolds

    todd reynoldsPred 23 urami

    "softaning magic"?

  13. Liam LO

    Liam LOPred 23 urami

    Why are you guys copying Jian Hao video its like watcing his vid again but worse.

  14. Lim SQ

    Lim SQPred 23 urami

    Your *inspiring* is more like copying. 😒😒Learn how to say words.

  15. Arshida lollipop sweets

    Arshida lollipop sweetsPred 23 urami

    Or just make a design of the tattoo you want

  16. Arshida lollipop sweets

    Arshida lollipop sweetsPred 23 urami

    Why not use a temporary tattoo

  17. Claudia Rodriguez

    Claudia RodriguezPred 23 urami

    Till people are so mean 🤬😡😤😠




  19. sujit hazarika

    sujit hazarikaPred 23 urami

    I love your haxes

  20. Sylvia Ferriell

    Sylvia FerriellPred 23 urami

    They have seven million subs???!!!!!

  21. Life with Na’Ziyah Greene

    Life with Na’Ziyah GreenePred 23 urami


  22. Sketch book by Priyanka

    Sketch book by PriyankaPred 23 urami

    Hai viki this is your own house

  23. Tammy Harvey

    Tammy HarveyPred 23 urami

    Me to I love Vicky

  24. Amy Allen

    Amy AllenPred 23 urami


  25. Lexie Meow

    Lexie MeowPred 23 urami

    I love it

  26. Baby Arizona

    Baby ArizonaPred 23 urami

    Kevin was playing with a peppa pig car in the bath 😂

  27. Idk_Alexia_ 698

    Idk_Alexia_ 698Pred 23 urami


  28. Aesthetic GachaRose

    Aesthetic GachaRosePred 23 urami

    Uhm, I don't think this video was "Inspired" I think it was more of copied. First of all, blue background, second of all, same photo moves. That's copying. Does it sound inspiring to anyone else? Not to me.

  29. *sips more tea*

    *sips more tea*Pred 23 urami

    We can all agree... this was a 123ohno

  30. Lauren Ward

    Lauren WardPred 23 urami

    When Sophia gave you a charger to borrow and your phone was fully charged so yeah

  31. Jelly Fish

    Jelly FishPred 23 urami

    James charles watches this video:OMG SISTERS im offended."get it?

  32. Yesenia Dickson

    Yesenia DicksonPred 23 urami


  33. senthil kumar

    senthil kumarPred 23 urami

    I like to be alone like if u like to be alone😉

  34. Yesenia Dickson

    Yesenia DicksonPred 23 urami

    My life is like a good day

  35. King Syed

    King SyedPred 23 urami

    904 pm it is so I will call you today Hahaha

  36. Lindsey Thorne

    Lindsey ThornePred 23 urami

    My favorite is when Lana's bra fall's off

  37. Angela Mbugua N

    Angela Mbugua NPred 23 urami

    Hi want to three girl like I like your channel is because then you have so much hair hacks clothes hacks backpack cats and the cats so I wanted to ask you if you can do your hair golden

  38. Maria Morales

    Maria MoralesPred 23 urami


  39. Ashlesha Bansod

    Ashlesha BansodPred 23 urami

    Vicky, Amy and Sophia is the best and kevin also

  40. Cameryn Lundquist

    Cameryn LundquistPred 23 urami

    More DIY hacks please

  41. Mackenzy Mahon

    Mackenzy MahonPred 23 urami

    ...im 10 and I’m “5ft 4 in”


    JAIA WARRENPred 23 urami

    Adam looks kinda creepy with glasses.

  43. Lil. Sky Fall

    Lil. Sky FallPred 23 urami

    The hek lily,s bra fell off before but she fixed it

  44. Laurie Cowan

    Laurie CowanPred 23 urami


  45. Linda Pickett

    Linda PickettPred 23 urami


  46. Laurie Cowan

    Laurie CowanPred 23 urami

    We don't have much as much in the world

  47. Joann Houle

    Joann HoulePred 23 urami

    This video was recorded on my first day of school

  48. Hope’s Little World

    Hope’s Little WorldPred dnevom

    Love you

  49. Shannen Soriano

    Shannen SorianoPred dnevom

    I like when the toy blink

  50. Kristen Stevenson

    Kristen StevensonPred dnevom

    Take it from the ends

  51. 骆海峰

    骆海峰Pred dnevom


  52. Jenna L

    Jenna LPred dnevom

    1:01 its kenny from south park

  53. Sammi Shen

    Sammi ShenPred dnevom

    Who here is a fan Jian hao Tan

  54. Kristi

    KristiPred dnevom

    I love 123 go

  55. 骆海峰

    骆海峰Pred dnevom


  56. Space Wolfie

    Space WolfiePred dnevom

    What is school?

  57. Alyssa Brangers

    Alyssa BrangersPred dnevom

    Me too

  58. Nguyen Khoi

    Nguyen KhoiPred dnevom


  59. Kaitlyn Massengill

    Kaitlyn MassengillPred dnevom

    Child you because I pick the first one

  60. Khloe Hardin

    Khloe HardinPred dnevom

    123 is best

  61. ShAwn Macpherson

    ShAwn MacphersonPred dnevom

    Who else wants to hear them actually talk

  62. 骆海峰

    骆海峰Pred dnevom


  63. 骆海峰

    骆海峰Pred dnevom


  64. 骆海峰

    骆海峰Pred dnevom

    what this? (⊙o⊙)

  65. Aisha Mays

    Aisha MaysPred dnevom

    Call me on FaceTime

  66. 骆海峰

    骆海峰Pred dnevom


  67. Amy Rodoreda

    Amy RodoredaPred dnevom

    I love you 123 go

  68. 骆海峰

    骆海峰Pred dnevom


  69. 骆海峰

    骆海峰Pred dnevom


  70. Jessica Crawford

    Jessica CrawfordPred dnevom

    She dropped that came on purpose why😕