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  1. Abhinav Prakash

    Abhinav PrakashPred 2 minutami

    Stupid hacks they dont know how to study

  2. lazyeditsx_.

    lazyeditsx_.Pred 2 minutami

    2:20. Omg..she just ate a kit kat at the same time.

  3. Katrina Iipinge

    Katrina IipingePred 3 minutami

    5 year old shawer

  4. Purple stripes Gamer

    Purple stripes GamerPred 3 minutami

    Ok realatible

  5. Mikee Castro

    Mikee CastroPred 4 minutami

    cookie swirl c

  6. liza salman

    liza salmanPred 15 minutami

    Who do you like emy or sophiea the most

  7. Mikee Castro

    Mikee CastroPred 17 minutami

    happy new year

  8. Tyler Carlton

    Tyler CarltonPred 21 minuto

    I cant wait for coppa to axe channels like this.

  9. Basro Mohammed

    Basro MohammedPred 25 minutami


  10. Shasitha Nigar

    Shasitha NigarPred 29 minutami

    Open the eatter

  11. Azart

    AzartPred 30 minutami

    Джастин прекрасен

  12. Bandana Sarkar

    Bandana SarkarPred 36 minutami


  13. Kashaf Rasheed

    Kashaf RasheedPred 37 minutami

    I love hot sauce

  14. Cortez Smith

    Cortez SmithPred 38 minutami

    If ur to short to drive you boost up the seat

  15. Jocelyn Chen

    Jocelyn ChenPred 41 minuto


  16. Stella Mamo

    Stella MamoPred 42 minutami

    You guys are the best! I'm a huge fan!!!!!!

  17. Aya's World

    Aya's WorldPred 49 minutami

    Wait when kelly was a clown still had lipstick on her teeth

  18. Stella Mamo

    Stella MamoPred 50 minutami

    You guys are the best! I'm a huge fan!!!!!!!!

  19. Clyde Moody

    Clyde MoodyPred 50 minutami


  20. Kashika raghuvansh

    Kashika raghuvanshPred 50 minutami

    I guess I am the Eater and the cheater?😅😂😂 Who loves Vicky here!👇👇💐

  21. pixel Cookie

    pixel CookiePred 51 minuto



    Leah HARRISON-KERRIDGEPred 59 minutami

    Girl in thing: Oh no! My calculator is broken! Me: Why are you using a calculator in class? Also me: Anyway, You look like you should be at university! WhY aRe YoU aT sChOoL?!

  23. lily and the alfie channle

    lily and the alfie channlePred uro

    You spelt makeup rong

  24. abdul omary

    abdul omaryPred uro

    People with the name Sofia are normally short

  25. coralis challenge

    coralis challengePred uro

    This is verry funny😂❤

  26. Glued! TV

    Glued! TVPred uro

    I have medium length hair but I am cutting 'em short soon.. 😂😂😂😂

  27. Elyse Connaroe

    Elyse ConnaroePred uro

    In class I farted and they said who farted and they said ew akward

  28. jana Hi Bug do you want to be my best friend please

    jana Hi Bug do you want to be my best friend pleasePred uro

    Can you make magic tricks

  29. Gacha Girl

    Gacha GirlPred uro

    When Vicky saw Amy she almost hit her head on the locker lol😂🤣😂🤣

  30. Gacha Girl

    Gacha GirlPred uro

    Amy. That’s it I’m getting a new ALARM clock after school

  31. Rebecca Zipagan

    Rebecca ZipaganPred uro

    Hi this is not the person who is in this pic. This is her daugther. And all of the characteristics in this video is me pls like if you are too

  32. Gacha Girl

    Gacha GirlPred uro

    I’m the two lovebirds

  33. Gacha Girl

    Gacha GirlPred uro

    Who Here Likes Vicky over here 👇🏾🙏🙏

  34. Misheel M

    Misheel MPred uro

    I’m the The miss I know it all

  35. Angel Walker

    Angel WalkerPred uro

    so fuuny

  36. Angel Walker

    Angel WalkerPred 2 urami

    so fuuny

  37. Gia The little gamer

    Gia The little gamerPred 2 urami

    Huh? I through is short people vs tall people? But why is the shorts are bigger? Is it fat vs thin?

  38. Meida Triyani

    Meida TriyaniPred 2 urami

    Wat is Name ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  39. Grace borja

    Grace borjaPred 2 urami

    Your so bad olivia da..... I don't like you

  40. Ally and Luke

    Ally and LukePred 2 urami

    but olivia didn't steal in the first prank

  41. Karen Gonzales

    Karen GonzalesPred 2 urami

    Is lana and lily suppose to be twins.😕😕

  42. dinie238

    dinie238Pred 2 urami

    I lovr you idea....plz make new video abaut challenge

  43. its me ql

    its me qlPred 2 urami

    Did they showiring with make up

  44. Gacha Girl

    Gacha GirlPred 2 urami

    I wish I could eat nutella like her, but we are too broke to buy nutella XD

  45. Lesley Sillseemult

    Lesley SillseemultPred 2 urami

    I have long heare

  46. Erica Mae

    Erica MaePred 2 urami

    I am an Eater i sneak food in class srry

  47. Taekook Is my Vitamin

    Taekook Is my VitaminPred 2 urami

    5:44 is exactly me in my science lab or any other desks.

  48. Galaxy_wolf_Luv 2243

    Galaxy_wolf_Luv 2243Pred 2 urami

    Well inside of the deadly alarm clock out just put your alarm clock all the way across the room and then you have to get up and go turn it off and then you are up boom

  49. Azar Zirdo

    Azar ZirdoPred 2 urami


  50. Terane Huseynova

    Terane HuseynovaPred 3 urami

    Vicky !!!!! I love you Likeee

  51. Cici Renae

    Cici RenaePred 3 urami

    0:34 that sound though. It is so satisfying.

  52. Terane Huseynova

    Terane HuseynovaPred 3 urami

    Sofia O:-)

  53. _.txddy._. editx._

    _.txddy._. editx._Pred 3 urami

    6:26 my friends would be disgusted by it 😂

  54. Замира Аликишиева

    Замира АликишиеваPred 3 urami

    Who loves 123 go 👇poke here please 💋💖🥰

  55. Gacha Life

    Gacha LifePred 3 urami

    1:22 you can just take out the thing :\

  56. Doodlez C.

    Doodlez C.Pred 3 urami

    She really shower with her necklace on

  57. Jenesis Donio

    Jenesis DonioPred 3 urami

    I will share that video

  58. Emily Canonce

    Emily CanoncePred 3 urami


  59. Adreanna Ancheta

    Adreanna AnchetaPred 3 urami

    Can u dis life hack for school if u don’t have a ruler use coleen

  60. Faded_ EndlessRoad

    Faded_ EndlessRoadPred 3 urami

    I like to watch this because I get to sit back and laugh at these clowns

  61. miziejane tunacao

    miziejane tunacaoPred 3 urami

    hi hehe walay lingaw ang imong video

  62. Ngaio Maitland

    Ngaio MaitlandPred 3 urami

    You thought in 2019 we would have flying cars? Nope. But we do microwave beauty blenders!

  63. Ronald Nelson Jr.

    Ronald Nelson Jr.Pred 4 urami

    This is so funny. I watch food channels all the time. I can relate.

  64. Natalie Tasher

    Natalie TasherPred 4 urami

    I'm with Olivia on all she was on

  65. Rose video is something

    Rose video is somethingPred 4 urami

    Wow that's quick

  66. Jasminne Millan

    Jasminne MillanPred 4 urami

    What is your favorite color on this page now

  67. Lydia Carlson

    Lydia CarlsonPred 4 urami

    The lovebirds one....... In my school u just annoy each other

  68. Latanya Harry

    Latanya HarryPred 4 urami

    I hate Halley when she took the sinker bar not nice

  69. cmb

    cmbPred 4 urami

    Kevin:I haVe StuPid idea (pinches setf and dies

  70. Rachel Iuli

    Rachel IuliPred 4 urami

    is Vicky single and can I make out with her 😍

  71. J Roxy

    J RoxyPred 4 urami

    3:13 to 3:16 it said shot but I think it said shit

  72. Anna Cheng

    Anna ChengPred 4 urami

    Can’t Amy be dead already

  73. Ash Finnly

    Ash FinnlyPred 4 urami

    Why put pads on your jacket when it's going to be hot, and when you take off the jacket then you will still have sweat stains on your shirt



    That creepy kid really got me scared at night..

  75. Paula P

    Paula PPred 4 urami

    More vid plz

  76. Natalia Jimenez

    Natalia JimenezPred 4 urami

    And it's hard

  77. Ky Erwin

    Ky ErwinPred 4 urami

    I wear size 13 Nike’s men’s size 13 Nike’s beat that -tall girl 2019

  78. Natalia Jimenez

    Natalia JimenezPred 4 urami

    I have long hair so long

  79. Jordyn Atherton

    Jordyn AthertonPred 4 urami

    I can relate

  80. Stephanie Paler

    Stephanie PalerPred 4 urami

    Sofia is so ugly

  81. Emily Calderon

    Emily CalderonPred 4 urami

    I am the late one😂😂It's sad😂

  82. Hope Shaw

    Hope ShawPred 4 urami

    Its almost December already

  83. Luis Guillen

    Luis GuillenPred 5 urami

    Ex f.n.b jill ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddcdddddddeeeeeeeeddssssdssssssssssssssss2w222222eeeeeedssseeeeeessesssdseeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrdddddedeeeeeed

  84. Ash Finnly

    Ash FinnlyPred 5 urami

    Do you know the baby power prank, with the hair dryer? Well it the power goes in your eyes, you could be blind forever..... but you did the prank so it's all cool And the glue on the sink, how can you wash the glue off your hands after you put the glue there????

  85. Kallia Tsakopoulos

    Kallia TsakopoulosPred 5 urami

    I would be Olivia

  86. Isaac The Goon

    Isaac The GoonPred 5 urami


  87. michelle avramova

    michelle avramovaPred 5 urami

    I have long hair and I struggle all the time

  88. Isaac The Goon

    Isaac The GoonPred 5 urami


  89. Dedeng Gozalo

    Dedeng GozaloPred 5 urami


  90. Juan Carlos De León

    Juan Carlos De LeónPred 5 urami


  91. M S siddiqui

    M S siddiquiPred 5 urami

    I hate burgers🍔

  92. then who done it?

    then who done it?Pred 5 urami

    dude you just posted cringe

  93. Forky The Plastic Pizza Planet Spork

    Forky The Plastic Pizza Planet SporkPred 5 urami

    1:53 the toilet is going to die

  94. Hanefs familly Ahmed

    Hanefs familly AhmedPred 5 urami

    Once I farted in class and I said who farted then everyone looked at me it was like OMG

  95. virendra singh

    virendra singhPred 5 urami

    Sophia is so cute like a doll😃😃😃

  96. Sienna Macalinao

    Sienna MacalinaoPred 5 urami

    𝕎𝕙𝕠 𝕝𝕚𝕜𝕖𝕤 𝕧𝕚𝕔𝕜𝕪??!! 𝔾𝕠𝕒𝕝:𝕋𝕣𝕪𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕥𝕠 𝕘𝕖𝕥 𝕥𝕠𝕠 100 𝕝𝕚𝕜𝕖𝕤!! 𝔸𝕟𝕕 𝕚𝕗 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕝𝕚𝕜𝕖 𝕍𝕚𝕔𝕜𝕪 𝕥𝕙𝕦𝕞𝕓𝕤 𝕦𝕡!!!! 👍🏻👍🏻 👇🏻👇🏻😜

  97. Ranjana Kh

    Ranjana KhPred 5 urami

    Who like Amy? 👍 Who like Vicky? comment

  98. Gabrielle Esparza

    Gabrielle EsparzaPred 5 urami

    I’m Sofia 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  99. Fluffy PandaOwO

    Fluffy PandaOwOPred 5 urami

    My hair is like to my shoulders not my neck but can you say happy birthday to my lil sister she I gonna be six ☺ plz say happy birthday to her plz if so I will like your comment😏

  100. beepBOPdown

    beepBOPdownPred 5 urami

    Ygcgffdfsfshfgguu hi hi Javi oh I