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  1. Dave H

    Dave HPred 17 urami

    I think her face looks really good! this is a demo of some future ps5 game. which im going to get! lol :P

  2. Aelistas Andys

    Aelistas AndysPred 17 urami

    Epic games please make the demo into a game. I'd totally buy it

  3. Katone Vi

    Katone ViPred 17 urami

    I'm a programmer... and I do not see how you even program in Unreal Engine. I use blueprints since that is the only thing i see that i can do. I can create my own "classes" to be used in the blueprints, but i do not see how i can program a game in UE4 using coding alone No surprise here when they say they use blueprint.

  4. Dadlord

    DadlordPred 18 urami

    The tools with witch user will manipulate in simulated operation is absurd. They should be absolutely like gloves, otherwise it won't be any what realistic. Also there is no contact feedback that is definitely crucial. So technically the only valuable thing they got is layered and responsive human body (some parts) model. Another investments black hole. Engineering this days is so slow, buggy and expensive that feels like we got degradated. We can't offer manikin production? In enough quantities? Not wonder that 4 walls and roof is costs millions this days. And you can buy any results of almost any researches this days. Sure that sponsored group happened to have better results then others. Hello from Theranos to you.

  5. justaname onyourscreen

    justaname onyourscreenPred 18 urami

    Honestly that looks fun! A little gross...but cool

  6. PraetorianGuard

    PraetorianGuardPred 18 urami

    Volumetric clouds in 4.26 ?

  7. not UwU

    not UwUPred 18 urami


  8. Lemmar Campbell

    Lemmar CampbellPred 19 urami

    Is this running on PS5? 😅

  9. Truth Matters

    Truth MattersPred 19 urami

    I have a animation im doing inside unreal using sequencer. Will this work using timeline? I have a character jumping on the roof of a car I need him to link to the car at that point is this possible?

  10. Hawta M

    Hawta MPred 19 urami

    Hopefully VR gets even more coverage and thus gets improved much more

  11. RaevMayfly

    RaevMayflyPred 19 urami

    Who are these 6.5k dislikers? It's 2020. Jebus, get off Epics' backs! Apart from the fact that my pocket cannot afford this exquisite luxury, nothing is worth disliking.

  12. Lewis Rainwater

    Lewis RainwaterPred 19 urami

    Doesn't work now

  13. Jagar

    JagarPred 19 urami

    Did I miss something, this must be fake!?!? What is going on?

  14. Screenreel

    ScreenreelPred 19 urami

    How it can be useful can't understand. how you can practice and get some experience when you are holding VR controllers in your hands and not actual medical tools?

  15. jeffrey spinner

    jeffrey spinnerPred 19 urami

    It's amazing how all the military killing games provide no "training" effect to harden our kids to kill without remorse, but if they make "training games" for surgeons, it's amazingly effective to create competency within subspecialty. I use it for interactive visualization, knowing what's really going on. Are ppl still this dumb to hold this level of cognitive dissonance and not notice? At least for the men involved!?

  16. Mehnesh Gaming

    Mehnesh GamingPred 19 urami

    It's so great not because of the ps5, it's becaus of awesome coding in UE5

  17. Mehnesh Gaming

    Mehnesh GamingPred 19 urami

    Playstation started as games developers & they will still be good on that. But as build quality & OS they are trash. They should focus developing games & Xbox focus on building consoles

  18. Umbrella Corporation

    Umbrella CorporationPred 19 urami

    Virtual Reality(VR) is the Future. Its not going away anytime soon and it will only get better and more and more available.

  19. Alan Khest

    Alan KhestPred 19 urami

    It is very cool. This also needs to be done for builders architects.

  20. Sean The Geetar Player

    Sean The Geetar PlayerPred 20 urami

    Just wait till it’s a different generation of VR like sleep style vr that’ll be awesome and very helpful where you feel like your in the world

  21. Alex Farley

    Alex FarleyPred 20 urami

    This is the holy grail for UE4 indie devs

  22. Troy Walt

    Troy WaltPred 20 urami

    Oh my god this is so cool, honestly i am pretty sure they can make it a large consumer game as well, look at Microsoft flight simulator for example, the new one will replicate flying probably better than professional simulator.

  23. Blackify ASMR

    Blackify ASMRPred 20 urami

    Wtf I love triangles now

  24. Era Mikkola

    Era MikkolaPred 20 urami


  25. Охтеров Егор

    Охтеров ЕгорPred 20 urami

    570% faster? Wow

  26. Shivaxi

    ShivaxiPred 20 urami


  27. Lorenzo Maria Martini

    Lorenzo Maria MartiniPred 20 urami

    Ok, this is scary

  28. My Beautiful Cat

    My Beautiful CatPred 20 urami

    Oh ! GOD !! the Audio in this video 🤮🤮🤢

  29. Alex Sparks

    Alex SparksPred 20 urami

    But I guess the only thing missing here would be haptic feedback. Don't know how that can be simulated ?

  30. A Z

    A ZPred 20 urami

    As a gamer, my dream so to finally havethose jobs, on my computer and I can learn from that, Self taught Doctors will become a thing

  31. Muhammad Umar

    Muhammad UmarPred 20 urami

    Comon devs make it more real. now you got nanites power

  32. Tahsin Amio

    Tahsin AmioPred 20 urami

    As if surgeon simulator wasn't hard enough

  33. Olaf

    OlafPred 20 urami

    Is it gonna stutter?

  34. how bow dat

    how bow datPred 21 uro

    I'm watching this from my old pc that can't handle 720p video resolution.

  35. Crystal _royal

    Crystal _royalPred 21 uro

    One step closer to matrix

  36. T_rbo

    T_rboPred 21 uro

    Gaming 2020: "Press X to interact"

  37. Eyes Open

    Eyes OpenPred 21 uro


  38. Nhật Bổn

    Nhật BổnPred 21 uro


  39. Jeeves

    JeevesPred 21 uro

    Video games out here saving lives

  40. Evgen S

    Evgen SPred 21 uro

    wow, this Lumen is so gorgeous **launches competetive multiplayer game and puts all graphics settings on minimum**

  41. Vidéos Hebdomadaire

    Vidéos HebdomadairePred 21 uro

    Is there a doctor? It's an emergency! Me: Yes! I'm a level 120 4k arena rating Surgeon!

  42. Bunk AssPitch

    Bunk AssPitchPred 21 uro

    That is super cool!

  43. joemobumtwizzler

    joemobumtwizzlerPred 21 uro

    i want to see walkthroughs of this.... it would be very educational

  44. Vohaul214

    Vohaul214Pred 21 uro

    Waiting for Nvidia GameGAN AI to watch the perfect simulation runs and become the best surgeons in the world.

  45. Антон Сéменов

    Антон СéменовPred 21 uro

    It looks awesome. But where is dismemberment like this in AAA games?

  46. mattymatt2323

    mattymatt2323Pred 21 uro

    So thats why the quest has been sold out for ages

  47. gouedallica

    gouedallicaPred 21 uro

    So you can already do the ue5 renders in ue4. Ok.

  48. Amir Saeed

    Amir SaeedPred 21 uro


  49. Benedikt Engelhard

    Benedikt EngelhardPred 21 uro

    A perfect example why VR is going to change so many industries and professions! Kudos to Precision OS!

  50. Big Smoke

    Big SmokePred 21 uro

    This so useful for new doctors

  51. Joshua Roberts

    Joshua RobertsPred 21 uro

    NICE! :)

  52. Selva Kumar S S

    Selva Kumar S SPred 21 uro

    Wowww this is amazing

  53. Ivan Naumov

    Ivan NaumovPred 21 uro

    Waiting to see speed-runs and walk-thoughts...

  54. Myers Shina

    Myers ShinaPred 21 uro

    Interesting little piece ain't it people?

  55. Big Smoke

    Big SmokePred 21 uro

    This is so dope

  56. Siusan

    SiusanPred 21 uro

    loved it

  57. Hema Sas

    Hema SasPred 21 uro

    3rd comment

  58. SwiftyT

    SwiftyTPred 21 uro

    This is amazing!

  59. Upside Down

    Upside DownPred 21 uro

    Very cool, VR has such nice training application and Unreal makes it sooo easy to build a project.

  60. The Gorn

    The GornPred 21 uro

    Amazing. Now if they could only show a female exerting herself without the ridiculous exhale noise.

  61. Club Linux

    Club LinuxPred 22 urami

    Looks like they are using Ue4 4.21.2 to be exact by the looks of it

  62. Noob Master69

    Noob Master69Pred 22 urami

    Which one is more dangerous? 1)Hydrogen Bomb 2)My computer running UE5 games

  63. Abhilash Das

    Abhilash DasPred 23 urami

    I don't even have a fast enough connection to download 100GB games, forget about these games.

  64. MAGA 4EVA

    MAGA 4EVAPred 23 urami

    So they can make these demos but not an actual game that looks this good??

  65. Late to the Party

    Late to the PartyPred 23 urami

    Stargate gonna sue somebody.

  66. hawiii _

    hawiii _Pred dnevom

    This should be put into a Superman game

  67. Eduard Boland

    Eduard BolandPred dnevom

    But can it render Crysis?

  68. Glenford E. Bridgeton-Wood

    Glenford E. Bridgeton-WoodPred dnevom

    Tomb Raider Vs Sky: Children Of The Light

  69. 阿特拉斯火焰

    阿特拉斯火焰Pred dnevom

    I remember reading an article a decade ago predicting that video games will be indistinguishable from reality by 2020. Looks like whoever wrote that was a time traveller.

  70. I C E D I C E

    I C E D I C EPred dnevom

    How do i use Cvars, where is it. and btw the sky becomes pixalated whan the sun is low on the horizon.

  71. Stas Gershkovich

    Stas GershkovichPred dnevom

    The part where she jumped and flew over the rocks gave me goose bumps, soo good. I wish i could do that in reality

  72. Andrew Bing

    Andrew BingPred dnevom

    My intuition's telling me ....these two guy aren't real.......

  73. Insane Games

    Insane GamesPred dnevom

    How about building castle to defend themselves

  74. 6ix god papi

    6ix god papiPred dnevom

    This is just exciting this is like what our future games are gonna look like.

  75. D.S.

    D.S.Pred dnevom

    The environment is badass but her face looks like a barbie toy.

  76. Δημήτρης Παπαδόπουλος

    Δημήτρης ΠαπαδόπουλοςPred dnevom

    The music theme that starts at 7:50 is amazing..how can I find it?

  77. adi fikmb

    adi fikmbPred dnevom

    Ahh yes, ps5, good old time...

  78. 那須与一official YouTube channel

    那須与一official YouTube channelPred dnevom


  79. Thomas Wolf

    Thomas WolfPred dnevom

    16 billion triangles, 0 gameplay. We've been through all this with Dragon Lair on the amiga 500. Watch this 3 minute cinematic sequence, then get read to push left or right to chose the next sequence.

  80. Thomas van den Berge

    Thomas van den BergePred dnevom

    Out of early access, and yet still no instanced stereo support, making it essentially useless for VR. Here's hoping Epic still has it in the works.

  81. F Huang

    F HuangPred dnevom

    Hi there, I can't find the vector field option when I right click on the emitter column, any idea?

  82. Dave OsBeatz

    Dave OsBeatzPred dnevom

    How we gonna enjoy 4k Ray tracing graphics on 1080p compressed to hell youtube lol ..we too ahead of ourselves or youtube lazy

  83. Isaac Skywalker

    Isaac SkywalkerPred dnevom


  84. LEOvsMAO

    LEOvsMAOPred dnevom

    LOL, from the creators of Minecraft? WTF? I bet Notch have nothing with this)

  85. alex morgan

    alex morganPred dnevom

    modders will bring minecraft dungeons to minecraft lol

  86. alex morgan

    alex morganPred dnevom

    minecraft be around for over a decade and still lacks in content lol

  87. mags14570

    mags14570Pred dnevom

    This looks like a tomb raider demo.......

  88. Can Erkin S.

    Can Erkin S.Pred dnevom

    it was never in a better spot notch: "hold my beer"

  89. Hrishikesh Andurlekar

    Hrishikesh AndurlekarPred dnevom

    2:26 - Start Intro 5:23 - UI - System Overview 10:20 - UI - Attributes/Parameters 14:02 - UI - Module Scripts (Namespaces) 23:24 - State Management - Life-cycle - Scalability 28:34 - Effect Type Presets 37:35 - Performance 39:59 - New Features - Camera Data Interface 43:32 - New Features - Occlusion Query 45:47 - New Features - Audio Spectrum/Oscilloscope Yay !! :) 52:42 - Houdini-Niagara Interface V2 54:18 - Question/Answers- Collision Query, Spawn Actors/Blueprint Interface 59:27 - New Features - Attribute Reader 1:08:30 - New Features - Scratch Module 1:14:36 - New Features - Neighbour Grid 3d 1:17:47 - Hidden features teaser 1:19:41 - Questions/Answers- Instanced Stereo VR, Content Examples, Determinism, Curves, Eye adaption, Sampling skeletal meshes,for loops performance hit, Spawn filtering, Audio Project Sample, Events, VDB

  90. Pawtile

    PawtilePred dnevom

    Imagine Tomb Raider looking that good... It would be awesome.

  91. RDD Gaming

    RDD GamingPred dnevom

    Uhh, Is steam AppID necessary. I mean we have to pay to get an appId. So, just asking.

  92. Oscar Lindskov

    Oscar LindskovPred dnevom

    PS5 is gonna be some next level sh*t to game on

  93. joeyjoejums

    joeyjoejumsPred dnevom

    ...and then your Playstation catches fire.

  94. doliio volay

    doliio volayPred dnevom

    "Billions and billions of triangles." - Carl Sagan

  95. Arghy-.-

    Arghy-.-Pred dnevom

    120 fps?

  96. masters8610

    masters8610Pred dnevom

    Loot boxes in the future going to look so good

  97. brian amiot

    brian amiotPred dnevom

    Needs bugs flying and spiderwebs

  98. JackWasSuperior

    JackWasSuperiorPred dnevom


  99. Trikscool Studios

    Trikscool StudiosPred dnevom

    Everyone: *Wow so beautiful...* My PC: *help!...*

  100. iamjay

    iamjayPred dnevom

    Introduced via a ps5 My 2080ti - Hold my beer, that's all you got?