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Clash of Clans

The official SLgo channel for Clash of Clans. Develop your strategy. Build your defenses. Attack your enemies. Conquer. Did somebody say Hog Rider?

  1. Fox Swer

    Fox SwerPred 13 sekundami

    0 : 25 What ???

  2. vivek patel

    vivek patelPred 28 sekundami

    Looked mighty because he's armor very powerful.


    BEAST INCARNATEPred 30 sekundami

    Then th13 would be invincible

  4. Ajay Varma

    Ajay VarmaPred 34 sekundami

    2019 : Royal Champion 2069 : Harry Potter

  5. Mr. Rigby DIY

    Mr. Rigby DIYPred minuto

    Yeah add everything to TH 13 to grind to get her haaa nope

  6. Kaif Uddin

    Kaif UddinPred minuto

    2020 : Supercell introduces Captain America with another weapon.( Also Shield ) 2030: Supercell introduces Thor with another weapon ( Also Storm Breaker)

  7. Ian Xavier

    Ian XavierPred minuto

    I wish there's new in TH 8 😓😓

  8. Doug Parent

    Doug ParentPred minuto

    Sorry, I thought it was okay until I saw that shield flying around. That killed it for me, looks lame.

  9. Game Gamest

    Game GamestPred 2 minutami


  10. Allan Lopes De Oliveira

    Allan Lopes De OliveiraPred 2 minutami

    Adeus 99%

  11. Allan Lopes De Oliveira

    Allan Lopes De OliveiraPred 2 minutami

    Quebro o jogo

  12. Roohullah Khan

    Roohullah KhanPred 2 minutami

    MCU SLgo channel must issue a copyright claim...

  13. Man from Mars

    Man from MarsPred 3 minutami

    captain america shield at the end 🛡️

  14. dab walker

    dab walkerPred 3 minutami


  15. Clever Munday

    Clever MundayPred 3 minutami

    Can you tell us when the update is coming in Pakistan

  16. Kaif Uddin

    Kaif UddinPred 3 minutami

    2020 : Royal Champion (Who can shoot) 2030 : Royal Titan (Who can Smash all unit) 2040 : Royal Legend (Tell me😅)

  17. TA2NIR Operatör

    TA2NIR OperatörPred 4 minutami

    Vay anasını bu güzel miş..

  18. Xtreme Gamer

    Xtreme GamerPred 4 minutami

    Time to rush my TH11

  19. Martinez Ubano

    Martinez UbanoPred 4 minutami


  20. Саня Дехтяреко

    Саня ДехтярекоPred 4 minutami


  21. Naykid Play

    Naykid PlayPred 5 minutami


  22. hey bitches

    hey bitchesPred 5 minutami

    Yassssss A FEMALEEEE

  23. Neo Pongos

    Neo PongosPred 5 minutami

    Demo yeeti

  24. shxne

    shxnePred 5 minutami

    yeah you know what just add a asteroid next

  25. Noob ie

    Noob iePred 5 minutami

    The buddies you guy say looks like elixir golem when it got smaller

  26. Gurtaj Singh

    Gurtaj SinghPred 6 minutami

    Please back global chat


    ALOK KUMAR MAJHIPred 6 minutami

    Dark or elexr troop

  28. Brad Bartlett

    Brad BartlettPred 6 minutami

    I feel like you’re running out of ideas. 4th hero could have looked so cool and it’s basically the queen in a gladiator outfit. I’ve loved clash for 6 years now but the new content lacks imagination. Town hall looks boring as hell and you’re going with an ice theme which I like so you decide on a inferno tower in the clan castle.........

  29. Mohmmad آلَبۣۗہآشۣۗہآ

    Mohmmad آلَبۣۗہآشۣۗہآPred 6 minutami


  30. Qeepy

    QeepyPred 6 minutami

    No no and NOOOO

  31. The India#Best

    The India#BestPred 6 minutami

    2019 : Royal Champion 2109 : Thor

  32. Rosemary Duazo

    Rosemary DuazoPred 6 minutami

    2019: royal champion 2889: pewdiepie

  33. ItzYaBoiHam YT

    ItzYaBoiHam YTPred 6 minutami


  34. Vijayanth .T. Karajagi

    Vijayanth .T. KarajagiPred 7 minutami


  35. Opal Uklik

    Opal UklikPred 7 minutami

    2015 : "Clasher : Please add Yeti!" 2019 : "Supercell : Here, you got the Yeti"


    RAQIB ALIPred 7 minutami

    who already see leaked video

  37. Horsst

    HorsstPred 7 minutami


  38. Renuka Lama

    Renuka LamaPred 8 minutami


  39. Ahmad Ameen

    Ahmad AmeenPred 8 minutami

    The shield throwing is insane! All over the field!!!

  40. Prakash Prakash

    Prakash PrakashPred 8 minutami

    Wow this time it was really a big update.i am eagerly waiting for this hero🤩

  41. YouKnowWho!

    YouKnowWho!Pred 9 minutami

    Ok, again. amazing Idea, but the Builder Base hasn't been payed attention to for a little while. I mean, yea, Builder Hall 9, but we have yet to see a new Hero there, unless the only reason there's one is due to the fact that the Master Builder is the only one there. But yet, I dont see why like, a troop could be a more buffed version, like the mega Minion. But still, I digress. Good concept, and, if that shield thing still gets implamented, no-more clutch 3-stars lmao!

  42. Mr. Friendik

    Mr. FriendikPred 9 minutami


  43. RCD Ritsu

    RCD RitsuPred 9 minutami

    Have a ability to 1 shot

  44. l_BDRv بدوري

    l_BDRv بدوريPred 10 minutami

    في عرب 😂

  45. Adnan sarker Ramim

    Adnan sarker RamimPred 10 minutami


  46. Annzhu_ Gaming

    Annzhu_ GamingPred 10 minutami

    So it's big update and god luck supercell

  47. Mint Lettuce

    Mint LettucePred 10 minutami

    Uh oh freezy

  48. aldeftiar putra

    aldeftiar putraPred 10 minutami

    Nike name : DX SHANI

  49. HackeRPiratE

    HackeRPiratEPred 11 minutami

    Yo captain gimme my shield

  50. zeid memon

    zeid memonPred 11 minutami


  51. Jahid Hasan

    Jahid HasanPred 11 minutami

    do you guys hate air attacks?

  52. Shubham Rawat

    Shubham RawatPred 11 minutami

    0:22 New hero Ability awesome😍

  53. T: MILK

    T: MILKPred 11 minutami


  54. Chris - Man

    Chris - ManPred 12 minutami


  55. Arfat Ansari

    Arfat AnsariPred 12 minutami

    4 builder 4th side...broke in one shot..😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯

  56. reja erlangga

    reja erlanggaPred 13 minutami

    Sooooooo u make new captain america :/?

  57. Mohit Meshram

    Mohit MeshramPred 13 minutami

    Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss new hero

  58. __Äβ¡ŤH ÂpPμZ__

    __Äβ¡ŤH ÂpPμZ__Pred 13 minutami

    Outstanding performance by new hero 💯🔥coc.. super cell nyc

  59. Koffee

    KoffeePred 13 minutami

    i read this as “ MEET THE YEET” ..

  60. Nick Khanna

    Nick KhannaPred 13 minutami


  61. Josia Sanjaya

    Josia SanjayaPred 13 minutami

    New hero : Jump walls Wall upgrades : am i a joke to you?

  62. Romesh TP

    Romesh TPPred 13 minutami

    The best Hero ever Unbelievable ability Loved it ❤️❤️❤️

  63. Marc Dorigo

    Marc DorigoPred 14 minutami

    Okay waiting for new skin for her Meanwhile.. Leonidas: Spartans! What is your profession? 300: Aho! Aho!

  64. TECH PRO

    TECH PROPred 14 minutami

    But no hero's will replace *MY QUEEN"❤😘

  65. Blackfire

    BlackfirePred 14 minutami

    Будет интересно)

  66. Nathan Nat Figgers

    Nathan Nat FiggersPred 14 minutami

    Nice. We need spear troops too

  67. Mr. Memlidge

    Mr. MemlidgePred 15 minutami

    Wow,only wow👍👏

  68. Mr. Ilya

    Mr. IlyaPred 15 minutami


  69. Opal Uklik

    Opal UklikPred 15 minutami

    Huh? Did you say nerf?

  70. Dhandharia Rinku

    Dhandharia RinkuPred 15 minutami

    When the update is coming

  71. TheTRUTHahn

    TheTRUTHahnPred 15 minutami

    Guys time fail is no more

  72. Efe Kadir Küçük

    Efe Kadir KüçükPred 15 minutami


  73. Erik

    ErikPred 16 minutami

    And I'm over here maxing out my th11 walls, knowing that I won't experience this update for atleast 1.5 years .__.

  74. Ἀσκληπιός Ἀσκληπιός

    Ἀσκληπιός ἈσκληπιόςPred 16 minutami

    Еба ИМБА !

  75. مشعل قيمز

    مشعل قيمزPred 16 minutami

    Wow ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  76. Кирилл W.r

    Кирилл W.rPred 16 minutami

    Где обнова бравр старс

  77. Joginder Pal

    Joginder PalPred 16 minutami

    It is awesome vooooooh like

  78. Harsh Pasad

    Harsh PasadPred 17 minutami

    Anyone is here missing global like here 😭😭😭😒

  79. Cytrix Channel

    Cytrix ChannelPred 17 minutami

    Hope, musketeer, executioner, ice wizard, will be on the list of clash of clans and create a new spell too! 😅

  80. Maddy

    MaddyPred 17 minutami


  81. morshed arifin Uschas

    morshed arifin UschasPred 17 minutami

    This game is dead af Nothing can revive it

  82. Han Gamer

    Han GamerPred 18 minutami

    WTF 😱😱

  83. Christopher Sob

    Christopher SobPred 18 minutami

    Try Hards:Oh new hero?Time to rebuild my whole base

  84. Astrahanec

    AstrahanecPred 18 minutami


  85. Ayrton Santos

    Ayrton SantosPred 18 minutami


  86. FPS 60

    FPS 60Pred 18 minutami


  87. Live YT

    Live YTPred 18 minutami

    Coc is run by Tencent now it's making game more boring... And money making only

  88. Manuel Rodriguez

    Manuel RodriguezPred 18 minutami

    Very good!!

  89. Monkey _D_ Luffy

    Monkey _D_ LuffyPred 18 minutami

    فيه قلتش بالملكه حتى قبل لا ينزل التحديث الحين هم قالو انها ما تضرب الا الدفاعات كيف تضرب الملكه الثانيه ؟ الملوك صحيح يدافعو بس هم مو دفاعات كيف كذا

  90. Inkhao Huang

    Inkhao HuangPred 19 minutami


  91. Nepali Avengers

    Nepali AvengersPred 19 minutami


  92. Anitej Mishra

    Anitej MishraPred 19 minutami

    I don't even play this game now. I don't know why I am watching this.

  93. Rohit koli

    Rohit koliPred 20 minutami

    People thinking she has an excellent stats and will be good in offence..... but that also make her a good defence when she is protecting the townhall.🤔

  94. Mystic Gaming

    Mystic GamingPred 20 minutami

    Healers on this 😍😍

  95. シArjuna Raka

    シArjuna RakaPred 20 minutami

    Keren sumpahh

  96. Davide Montani

    Davide MontaniPred 20 minutami

    Ma quando arriva l’aggiornamento? Che giorno?

  97. MD RIAJ 2019

    MD RIAJ 2019Pred 21 minuto


  98. Cok Su

    Cok SuPred 21 minuto

    Tante king

  99. Ibrar Ali

    Ibrar AliPred 21 minuto

    Hey Clash of clans, Please introduce a new league level

  100. jesus enrrique musicas romantica

    jesus enrrique musicas romanticaPred 21 minuto