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Unbreakable Action Figures?
World's Worst Wedgie?
  1. StarStruck140 :D

    StarStruck140 :DPred 17 urami

    Shoot, now I want ice cream...

  2. Do u know Da way

    Do u know Da wayPred 17 urami

    5:35 Me on the toilet proving him wrong.

  3. mhya jensen

    mhya jensenPred 17 urami

    what even is this shit its scary

  4. Steve Benzel

    Steve BenzelPred 17 urami

    That's not that big THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID

  5. MC Mark Filipino

    MC Mark FilipinoPred 17 urami

    5:18 other filipino kids still play that

  6. Panda_roblox_ edits•

    Panda_roblox_ edits•Pred 17 urami

    They can just use a frisbeeeeeeee

  7. The super Cool guy

    The super Cool guyPred 17 urami

    Yep love it

  8. Alejandro Moreno

    Alejandro MorenoPred 17 urami

    Vat : this is very sour His freinds : how sour Vat: yes

  9. Panda_roblox_ edits•

    Panda_roblox_ edits•Pred 17 urami

    What the fuck is an exzylo

  10. warx24

    warx24Pred 17 urami


  11. Bellecha Willow

    Bellecha WillowPred 17 urami

    Am I the only one who would buy the two sided pencil for editing?

  12. Robby3D Roblox

    Robby3D RobloxPred 17 urami

    imma get that and make cat or bat

  13. riixvq

    riixvqPred 17 urami

    Lol 1st extreme candy pickle eating

  14. night wolf

    night wolfPred 17 urami

    1:10 12 hours, 12 HOURS

  15. bwaynemaster PLAYZ

    bwaynemaster PLAYZPred 17 urami

    0:07 Dick: am i a joke to you

  16. mhya jensen

    mhya jensenPred 17 urami

    9;17 good thing i dont like jelly beans

  17. Ali Rahman

    Ali RahmanPred 17 urami

    When he touched the apple and it turned in to rice krispy cereal. I thought he was gonna say it was to crispy.

  18. Fėėlin Gøød

    Fėėlin GøødPred 17 urami

    This is great for corona virus!

  19. Axelander

    AxelanderPred 17 urami

    Dang that thumbnail just triggered many people 😂

  20. Julisa Bernal

    Julisa BernalPred 17 urami

    I can't really taste sour I mean I kinda can taste it on flavor but it always seem more sweet then anything, I mean the sour still burns my tongue so im sure I still won't be able to handle it.

  21. Lewis Anderson Lieferdian Hasan

    Lewis Anderson Lieferdian HasanPred 17 urami

    4:56 “cup made from cup” Ah yes the floor here is made out of floor!

  22. ?

    ?Pred 17 urami

    I cant go on your website the catpha is too hard

  23. Masashi Kishimoto

    Masashi KishimotoPred 17 urami

    the boss guy should use the stress balls wen looking for Danny in hiden in plane site

  24. Erik Lopez

    Erik LopezPred 17 urami

    Poor waste of that glove. 😢😢😢

  25. Peepee poopoo

    Peepee poopooPred 17 urami

    "this candy bunny tastes really good! You should try some" "No thanks I'm full" (cuts to a pile of blood stained fur and bones)

  26. Subha c s

    Subha c sPred 17 urami

    BUT DOES IT HAVE A BOTTLE OPENER???!!!!!!!!!???????!!!!!

  27. Weathington 77

    Weathington 77Pred 17 urami

    Break the given tool, use sharpest part of broken tool to stab the stress ball

  28. Cooper Jesson

    Cooper JessonPred 17 urami

    When he broke the Gauntlet I felt it

  29. Mukasyafah Suaid

    Mukasyafah SuaidPred 17 urami

    When that one guy said Jamie smells like a butthole...this is for you. How do you know that Jamie smells like a butthole hmm??why don't you smell yourself and see if you smells like a butthole or maybe....worst then that.*sigh*you can't just said to people that they smells like a butthole if you don't actually know what they smells like. They make video they get watch video...what do you get...nothing right. Sorry for being mean but I hate when you talk like that to Jamie Or his friends that's just mean ya know that?

  30. Daniel Munoz

    Daniel MunozPred 17 urami

    So i just want to know how old Adam is cuz i think no grown man screams like a goat and laugh while being shocked and even falls to the floor and again screams like a very young child that has ADHD not trying to to be mean Adam i can delet this if it to mean

  31. e

    ePred 17 urami

    i have that lol

  32. Paje Honor

    Paje HonorPred 17 urami


  33. Jacob Delgado Ramirez

    Jacob Delgado RamirezPred 17 urami

    When my uncle sticks his dick in my ass 3:28

  34. Tommy

    TommyPred 17 urami

    When the quiet kid from every class get together:

  35. laney Hesse

    laney HessePred 17 urami

    Wait they literally sell DIRT.. what?

  36. Turanya Singh

    Turanya SinghPred 17 urami

    Hey it's been 7 years Has that pen run out of ink yet?

  37. i want to bigspoon link

    i want to bigspoon linkPred 17 urami

    Aw man where’s Danny? Could he be in this rollercoaster? Could he be in the water park? Oh geez, can’t believe I have to ride all these rides while I’m looking at Danny

  38. Colorless Void

    Colorless VoidPred 17 urami

    Me walks in:wAiT I gEt MoNeY fOr EaTiNg?!?!

  39. Wendolyn QQ

    Wendolyn QQPred 17 urami

    I’m just like, grab a knife and cut it

  40. D0gg0

    D0gg0Pred 17 urami

    kyle has to be a doctor/serial killer knowing what a brain feels like😖😣😖😫

  41. gregory_is_awesome_12

    gregory_is_awesome_12Pred 17 urami

    5:53 killed me

  42. Zxcv Milk

    Zxcv MilkPred 17 urami

    5:56 I thought that was an apple

  43. furry yiff

    furry yiffPred 17 urami


  44. Random videos 273hh

    Random videos 273hhPred 17 urami


  45. Cooler peralta

    Cooler peraltaPred 17 urami

    100 bucks 😂😂 seen you tubers that would do it for 2000

  46. Mental Penguin

    Mental PenguinPred 17 urami

    i was 2 years old when this video was published

  47. Brad Hubler

    Brad HublerPred 17 urami

    I watched my friend snort some of this shit.

  48. Cyrus Brother

    Cyrus BrotherPred 17 urami

    5:20 Yes! Finally I can taste the delicious crumbly taste of glass bottle without risk of cuts or infection!

  49. ᛋᛁᛚᚼᛋ

    ᛋᛁᛚᚼᛋPred 17 urami

    The the bird Squishable look creepy AF 😂😬😳😂

  50. Radmam’i

    Radmam’iPred 17 urami

    everyone else: trying to poke into the stress ball K Y L E: W H A C K

  51. Im _ Eliezer

    Im _ EliezerPred 17 urami

    1:53 Jon:White goo all over it orgas-

  52. Nite Time Nick

    Nite Time NickPred 17 urami

    1:30 that’s what she said

  53. Sneakyzz YourBoii

    Sneakyzz YourBoiiPred 17 urami

    8:20 *i* *wIlL* *bE* *yOuR* *CaBooSMaSuSE*

  54. Arjun Lagun

    Arjun LagunPred 17 urami

    13 years in the same office building

  55. I no hamster! LOL!

    I no hamster! LOL!Pred 17 urami


  56. Yoshi_ B

    Yoshi_ BPred 17 urami

    Me: Skips 10 second add Also me: Watches 1 hour of Vat19 a day

  57. Bella Bear

    Bella BearPred 17 urami

    hes like me mr beast of old people

  58. Da Ninja Meme

    Da Ninja MemePred 17 urami

    I have a question for you Why did you choose the name VAT19? RIP Waffle Danny for hiding from James

  59. Borbyn Billiamson 2

    Borbyn Billiamson 2Pred 17 urami

    Michael Myers holds a butcher knife Jason Voorhees holds a machete you mix them together

  60. Urijah Baca

    Urijah BacaPred 17 urami

    I love how Eric said that if you dip it all the way it is another 10 mill views and there’s 10 mill views

  61. Thunder Fan

    Thunder FanPred 17 urami

    Was anyone impressed with the sand paper

  62. LandonM123

    LandonM123Pred 17 urami


  63. Nikayo Carroll

    Nikayo CarrollPred 17 urami

    VAT NINETEEEEN........doooot com!

  64. LiLande IsTrash

    LiLande IsTrashPred 18 urami

    Peta would like to know your location

  65. The name You’re reading

    The name You’re readingPred 18 urami

    My mom when she sees a F- on my report card 7:31

  66. Lukey

    LukeyPred 18 urami

    ... Swingy thing... Seriously?

  67. ꧁COVID꧂ covid

    ꧁COVID꧂ covidPred 18 urami

    I'm sure no one is gonna use sheet storm aigth now

  68. Gacha Alice

    Gacha AlicePred 18 urami

    Jamie be lookin like some due who lives in the forest now! He needs a shave!

  69. Nathaniel Adigue

    Nathaniel AdiguePred 18 urami


  70. HAPP BOI

    HAPP BOIPred 18 urami

    I got them at my school ( 1.0 )

  71. ToxicFrog

    ToxicFrogPred 18 urami

    Use.scissors. Or. A. Knife.

  72. Susan Baker

    Susan BakerPred 18 urami

    Omg fuck the quarantine it’s a god damn flu

  73. Gabe Itch

    Gabe ItchPred 18 urami

    I have tried this and let me tell you *they are faking it*

  74. anu mathews

    anu mathewsPred 18 urami

    Vat 19 pls pls pls continue making khet I saw dat ad recently and I was really disappointed when I saw that the item was discontinued so pls do that again it was one of ur most creative stuff...



    Vat 19 can i ask you can you make a spicy sprinkles?? If you can im very impressed!

  76. River tales

    River talesPred 18 urami

    I love sour pickle balls

  77. Death Alike

    Death AlikePred 18 urami

    Am I Only One who suspected Dany would be among the tarps right from when the tarp came in the frame?

  78. Jodane Graham

    Jodane GrahamPred 18 urami

    Why did the snake went to your no no square

  79. MR.fortnite Highlights

    MR.fortnite HighlightsPred 18 urami

    Can u tell me how the hell does he know what a brain feels like

  80. 더 스웨기큐티

    더 스웨기큐티Pred 18 urami

    Malaysian love sour

  81. Sleepy Clouds

    Sleepy CloudsPred 18 urami

    Is those megela things only in the UK because they look so good I want them

  82. Megumin

    MeguminPred 18 urami

    Come down to my basement see my toy train Hol up.

  83. Bred Sheeran

    Bred SheeranPred 18 urami

    0:42 Wait Can you use the app only? Like No specdrums Just the app

  84. panzer furher

    panzer furherPred 18 urami

    Mr tea infuser did u just peed in the cup

  85. Velvet Snow

    Velvet SnowPred 18 urami

    Their videos are so calming- Ive been watching for 7 years :3

  86. Lincoln Xiong

    Lincoln XiongPred 18 urami

    Dip a fountain with a fountain!

  87. kitsune

    kitsunePred 18 urami

    Him: *gets money* Me: *pretends to eat that and throws it away randomly* Also me: FINISHED!

  88. Nathan Morris

    Nathan MorrisPred 18 urami

    #1 would be a perfect fathers day gift

  89. liiider Gang

    liiider GangPred 18 urami

    When they talked about how sour it is who else felt like they were tasting something sour

  90. Demonslayer 2k8

    Demonslayer 2k8Pred 18 urami

    The puss is like watered down mashed potatoes

  91. Stick Node Noob

    Stick Node NoobPred 18 urami

    4:50 5:57 9:09 Geralds Aggresive Truths

  92. Willi Burgemeister

    Willi BurgemeisterPred 18 urami

    Weit... do they really Play Chaosflo44‘s Song as background?

  93. ARTH Lawrence

    ARTH LawrencePred 18 urami

    I remember watching this when i was 6

  94. Shirtboi

    ShirtboiPred 18 urami

    I wish I had some but I'm broke

  95. Velvet Snow

    Velvet SnowPred 18 urami

    Confection Perfection was emotional... But then it escalated quickly..

  96. Alison McNubbins

    Alison McNubbinsPred 18 urami

    Isn't this gum just BubbleJug gum? But sour

  97. Kallia Studios

    Kallia StudiosPred 18 urami

    When he said Kobe my heart sank RIP #BlackLivesMatter

  98. DragonSlayr132

    DragonSlayr132Pred 18 urami

    Am I the only one who checked the date to see if this was somehow made in October?

  99. {*•Galaxy Plays•*}

    {*•Galaxy Plays•*}Pred 18 urami

    “we reccomend a cup. Thats made out of cup.“ ~Jamie 2019

  100. Patricia Nash

    Patricia NashPred 18 urami

    Janmie: *finds Danny* Also jamie: that's definitely a red herring.