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  1. K Pax

    K PaxPred 57 sekundami

    Oh how quick that Foles contract bit them in the ass

  2. Zachary Weybright

    Zachary WeybrightPred minuto


  3. Zachary Weybright

    Zachary WeybrightPred minuto


  4. Steven J. Trump 2020

    Steven J. Trump 2020Pred minuto

    The Ravens are going to have mad problems playing against Buffalo!

  5. Pix Burgh

    Pix BurghPred 2 minutami

    Dolphins 27 Jets 20

  6. Jamie McIvor

    Jamie McIvorPred 3 minutami

    I was at the game

  7. Pix Burgh

    Pix BurghPred 3 minutami

    Seattle 23 LA 21 This could end either way. Rams are fighting for their lives so don't be shocked if they win

  8. Noobmaster 69

    Noobmaster 69Pred 5 minutami

    Chiefs win 34-33

  9. Pix Burgh

    Pix BurghPred 5 minutami

    Cincy 20 cLeveLand 14 OBJ requests trade postgame

  10. Rick Danner

    Rick DannerPred 6 minutami

    im hooked on these mic'd up videos !

  11. D nice

    D nicePred 7 minutami

    Hope KC can win New England has never lost in December in 16 years. Except 1 time when they rest there starters

  12. Ryan Flanagan

    Ryan FlanaganPred 7 minutami

    Go New Orleans Saints

  13. Pix Burgh

    Pix BurghPred 7 minutami

    Carolina 28 Atlanta 24 If McCaffrey could get all 4 tds for my fantasy playoffs this week that would be great

  14. Rowan Williams

    Rowan WilliamsPred 8 minutami

    Lets make the cowboys seem like their hotshot

  15. SavPlay

    SavPlayPred 8 minutami

    Btw White's knee hits the ground before the football gets in the touchdown 20:00

  16. Pix Burgh

    Pix BurghPred 8 minutami

    LA 23 Jax 24

  17. Pix Burgh

    Pix BurghPred 9 minutami

    Detroit 26 Minnesota 35 This is not the time to collapse vikings don't do it

  18. Skinny *

    Skinny *Pred 9 minutami

    Go Packers

  19. Pix Burgh

    Pix BurghPred 10 minutami

    Washington 16 Green Bay 34 I really wanted the redskins to win their division but no chance they win this game

  20. Jake Wilson

    Jake WilsonPred 10 minutami

    Patriots 35 Chiefs 28!!! Tom Brady will have a good day against Patrick Mahomes and the kansas city chiefs!!! Let's go Patriots and throw the ball to Mohammed Sanu!!! Do your Job New England!!!

  21. Chris Agan

    Chris AganPred 13 minutami

    Danny white ..a punter leading the cowboys to championship games ..never gonna see that again

  22. Rodney Mondaine

    Rodney MondainePred 15 minutami


  23. Rodney Mondaine

    Rodney MondainePred 15 minutami

    33 24

  24. Rodney Mondaine

    Rodney MondainePred 16 minutami

    We are not facing Lamar and Ravens so Seattle is going to lose

  25. Pix Burgh

    Pix BurghPred 16 minutami

    Tennessee 28 Oakland 20 Really hope titans lose but they won't

  26. Donte Foreman

    Donte ForemanPred 16 minutami

    Superbowl MVP

  27. Pix Burgh

    Pix BurghPred 17 minutami

    Denver 20 Houston 33

  28. Rodney Mondaine

    Rodney MondainePred 17 minutami

    RAMS gonna crush them

  29. Jake Wilson

    Jake WilsonPred 17 minutami

    Ravens 49 Bills 38!!! Lamar Jackson and the baltimore ravens will prevail against the buffalo Bills at orchard park!!! Let's go Ravens!!! Ravens Flock!!! Go Lamar Jackson Go!!!

  30. Jesus Died For You

    Jesus Died For YouPred 17 minutami

    Skins won last year, they can win again

  31. Wilson Simons

    Wilson SimonsPred 18 minutami

    Lamar looked pretty bad this game

  32. Raided

    RaidedPred 18 minutami

    NFL MUSIC for power rankings SUCK.

  33. Hakaru Sekai

    Hakaru SekaiPred 19 minutami

    1:59 didnt know ben simmons play football 😂😂😂

  34. Pix Burgh

    Pix BurghPred 23 minutami

    Probably a close one. Defense needs to come out hot against kyler and make him uncomfortable. Offense just needs to be consistent for once. Hopefully they can find a groove against a weaker defense

  35. Ryan Smith

    Ryan SmithPred 23 minutami

    That hit after the interception was Clay Matthews level dirty.

  36. Chris Escobar

    Chris EscobarPred 23 minutami

    As a texans fan, GO BUCS!

  37. Jake Wilson

    Jake WilsonPred 25 minutami

    Steelers 59 Cardinals 28!!! The pittsburgh steelers will prevail against rookie quaterback Kyler Murray in the desert!!! Here we go Steelers!!! Steelers nation unite!!! How bout them steelers!!!

  38. blacked mirror

    blacked mirrorPred 26 minutami

    Big week for Ronald Jones and Mike Evans.

  39. Sarah Stilley

    Sarah StilleyPred 26 minutami

    Josh Norman can such turtle ball he bad at foot ball any way

  40. Danny Guerra

    Danny GuerraPred 26 minutami

    A lot of people are doubting the Ravens ... and they will continue to prove people wrong on the field ! #RavensFlock

  41. Pred 27 minutami

    Who watching this with headphones 😂😂😂😂 in

  42. Major Tom

    Major TomPred 30 minutami

    I thought the pass was dropping out of the sky & right on the money ! Would have loved to see Sutton make another circus catch over the top of the Charger defender on the final 9 second drive ? I've seen this route & completion a hundred times at Missouri ! Please !

  43. Not a Youtuber

    Not a YoutuberPred 32 minutami

    If he had the 2019 Steelers defense this would’ve been a blow out

  44. Beef Supreme

    Beef SupremePred 32 minutami

    Should be a scrappy but crappy game , hungry mediocre teams give good games, probably some fights and aggressive penalties, Bears will win by 10

  45. Jake Wilson

    Jake WilsonPred 33 minutami

    Eagles 42 Giants 17!!! The philadelphia eagles will end their three game losing streak!!! Fly eagles fly!!! Let's go eagles!!! How bout them birds in philly!!!

  46. Blade Brown - Put The Bitch On The Phone.

    Blade Brown - Put The Bitch On The Phone.Pred 33 minutami

    You know why I'm here.

  47. Salvador Reyes.

    Salvador Reyes.Pred 36 minutami


  48. dbleo

    dbleoPred 38 minutami

    Kyle was almost perfect with his AFC picks woah

  49. Real 1

    Real 1Pred 39 minutami


  50. tj byrd

    tj byrdPred 40 minutami


  51. ozman 1966

    ozman 1966Pred 40 minutami

    Like they said: NFC LEAST

  52. J -Universe

    J -UniversePred 41 minuto

    There was alot of holding from both teams going on that wasn't called. Also seen a few face masks and pass interferences. Wtf were the refs doing

  53. Jake Wilson

    Jake WilsonPred 41 minuto

    Jets 38 Dolphins 21!!! The Jets will bounce back and get their revenge on the Miami dolphins!!! J e t s jets jets jets!!! Let's go Jets!!! I ❤ NYJ football!!! I ❤ NY!!!

  54. Steve Davies

    Steve DaviesPred 45 minutami

    Jared Goff is the new Joe Flacco...only Jared lost HIS Superbowl. 👎👎👎

  55. Alex Garcia

    Alex GarciaPred 45 minutami


  56. Steve Davies

    Steve DaviesPred 46 minutami

    Hawks offense is bigger and more physical than the Rams defense...same can be said about the Hawks defense vs the a Rams offense... GO HAWKS! Sweeping the Rams this year baby!!!

  57. Sean M

    Sean MPred 46 minutami

    Did Theismann always overthrow his receivers so badly?

  58. Chaosgamer

    ChaosgamerPred 47 minutami

    Did Nick Bosa even play? I never heard his name this game.

  59. Cyber Moly

    Cyber MolyPred 47 minutami


  60. Seahawks Fan

    Seahawks FanPred 48 minutami

    Go Hawks

  61. Jacob Roper

    Jacob RoperPred 49 minutami

    Titans - enough to win Raiders - not enough to win..

  62. Alex Smith

    Alex SmithPred 49 minutami

    You see kittle block that man into the shadow realm? 5:25

  63. Jake Wilson

    Jake WilsonPred 49 minutami

    Falcons 24 Panthers 21!!! The Atlanta Falcons will win at home against Carolina!!! Let's go falcons!!! Rise up dirty birds!!!

  64. Urassnface 1

    Urassnface 1Pred 50 minutami

    Don't you just LOVE Russell Wilson? That is a very old young brother with that next level type of vibe. I wish I knew more people like him personally. God Blessed him in so many ways.

  65. SuperGamer7

    SuperGamer7Pred 52 minutami

    The LOLCOW bowl

  66. Perry Williams

    Perry WilliamsPred 54 minutami

    Lightning Lamar Action Jackson the prince of Charm City go Ravens bring that trophy home to bmore

  67. Domenic Morello

    Domenic MorelloPred 55 minutami

    Who has any doubt that Tom Brady would have won the game if they had recovered that onside kick? And we would be having a totally different conversation this week.

  68. Vincent DeVito

    Vincent DeVitoPred 55 minutami

    There are NO ties only W and L

  69. Ashley Jarvis

    Ashley JarvisPred 56 minutami

    2 great team was just greater🤷🏽‍♀️😈😈😈 #ravensnation

  70. Omri Hudson

    Omri HudsonPred 58 minutami

    I did not know the Lamar Jackson’s and the 49s played

  71. YX7.

    YX7.Pred 59 minutami

    Mason Rudolph wasn’t too happy about Santa this year

  72. * Fbi*

    * Fbi*Pred uro

    Theres always at least one guy if not all underestimating the Steelers every week. Even if they are facing a team with a worse record lmfao keep sleeping

  73. Kimetsu Gaybitch is Garbage, you dumb Jap !

    Kimetsu Gaybitch is Garbage, you dumb Jap !Pred uro

    Daniel jewns

  74. Randy Martinez

    Randy MartinezPred uro

    Drew luck is way better

  75. Randy Martinez

    Randy MartinezPred uro

    I didn’t like Joe Flacco

  76. 1,000 subscribers with 0 videos

    1,000 subscribers with 0 videosPred uro

    See what happens when you give marshawn lynch the ball at the 1 yard line?

  77. Jordan Bomberger

    Jordan BombergerPred uro

    I just wanna see the seahawks play good offense and defense. Its annoying. One week their offense plays great, but their defense doesn't. One week their defense plays great, but their offense doesn't. I wish they could play good on both sides of the ball and just blow somebody out for once.

  78. Navon Myhand

    Navon MyhandPred uro

    2:17 man got chopped into making the Ridiculousness pose

  79. Iamnotaoj Gaming

    Iamnotaoj GamingPred uro

    4:43 not saying i could have made it but like he is a NFL kicker come on it wasn’t even close

  80. Randy Martinez

    Randy MartinezPred uro

    Now I can relax and watch some hoops the 2019 nfl season is coming to an end

  81. The Terminator

    The TerminatorPred uro

    What is this @nfl ??? 2:00

  82. Randy Martinez

    Randy MartinezPred uro

    Let’s go bronco country

  83. Randy Martinez

    Randy MartinezPred uro

    This is a sign of things to come the future looks bright for the Denver BroncosI hope Drew luck is the starting quarterback next season

  84. Zane20x

    Zane20xPred uro

    Thanks for picking the Bills now they gonna get blownout 41-17 Ravens win.

  85. Mr. Bear

    Mr. BearPred uro


  86. Chris Guerra

    Chris GuerraPred uro

    Dallas suck

  87. Jdeal xd

    Jdeal xdPred uro

    When the rams aren’t even a wild card team at 7-5 but the cowboys are 6-6 and are division leaders🤣

  88. Chase Ahlers

    Chase AhlersPred uro

    Bruh they mentioned the chiefs like twice and it was all bad things

  89. RaizenTheLightning

    RaizenTheLightningPred uro

    I would say this is a loss for Titans if this was the typical inconsistent Titans. They usually struggle against Oakland. But I'm predicting them to beat them Gruden Grinders.

  90. Waynetertainment

    WaynetertainmentPred uro

    Guess since Tua Tua is injured the Dolphins don't have to tank anymore so they are winning

  91. king buckets

    king bucketsPred uro

    Not bad I can see he work on dem lags

  92. Sticky Fingers

    Sticky FingersPred uro

    Where my fellow receivers at

  93. Victor Masudani

    Victor MasudaniPred uro

    Common cowboys: you always do the opposite of what i want, so im really cheering for you to win which should mean you lose today so that we can fire Garrett. So with that being said: GO COWBOYS!!!!!

  94. Kimetsu Gaybitch is Garbage, you dumb Jap !

    Kimetsu Gaybitch is Garbage, you dumb Jap !Pred uro

    Waste of pick, same goes for any TE in the first round

  95. Freakazoid

    FreakazoidPred uro

    Harbaugh is the reason the Niners lost this superbowl and never went back, what a talented squad they had and nothing to show for it.

  96. Thomas Fitzgerald

    Thomas FitzgeraldPred uro

    The NY Jets make the winless Bengals look like a decent team.

  97. Elvis Valle

    Elvis VallePred uro

    Ravens don’t give a damn they play one game at a time

  98. Make The Lakers Great Again

    Make The Lakers Great AgainPred uro

    Rams all the way

  99. texas triggaa

    texas triggaaPred uro

    I believe n my boys💪💪💪💪💪

  100. TL swog

    TL swogPred uro

    Why didn't they give it to frank gore? they should have gave it to him 3 plays in a row.