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  2. Gavin Thompson

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  3. Rocky Doggy

    Rocky DoggyPred 38 minutami

    this man is nasty

  4. Daniel Ogunyemi

    Daniel OgunyemiPred 53 minutami

    Like what I see

  5. Henry Venture Goldman 666

    Henry Venture Goldman 666Pred uro

    D rose soft 👸🏻

  6. Nana Gyambibi

    Nana GyambibiPred uro

    That post action is what is gonna take the Blazers to the next level

  7. jgsk78

    jgsk78Pred uro

    A lot of talent on this team. Brunson one of my favourite pgs. He'll be a starter and a star soon, has handles, vision, control and balls!! ..I also like Currys moves, seem new and fresh, fnot just catch and shoot, Finney Smith is good, ... Not mentioning the obvious

  8. simon jigsaw

    simon jigsawPred uro

    He can shoot, but I don't like how the ball just stop moving everytime he touches it.

  9. Jay Foster

    Jay FosterPred uro

    Give the man a year or 2 and he’ll be the goods


    PG 13PACERNATIONPred uro

    Jimmy Butler's face at the end Haha you can tell the man hate losing

  11. Mostafa Ammar

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    LeVision in full effect

  12. Kri1 Kri1

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    Play smart not hard dudes...slower than nowhere with your smile on your face and play the gama like in backyard ..sekaj stari...


    PG 13PACERNATIONPred uro



    PG 13PACERNATIONPred uro

    The King show

  15. Vuk Mirkovic

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    PG 13PACERNATIONPred uro

    Good to see cam highlights

  17. Sugi

    SugiPred uro

    His nostrils are huge. Black people are so good at sports because of increased air flow.

  18. JustHanging xGoD

    JustHanging xGoDPred uro

    Jesus I love that mid range pull up. Its so fucking smooth.

  19. Top Dawg993

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    He can give Tatum run for his money when he's being aggressive. Tatum's fg horrible

  20. crni_tekac

    crni_tekacPred 2 urami

    Very good bball iq and footwork/ He will be a hall of famer one day.

  21. MrTerrell966

    MrTerrell966Pred 2 urami

    Imagine thinking the Hawks blew it picking up Trae Young and this dude for 1 player. A great player of course, but still. Trae is amazing. And Cam has so much potential....THe only teams that blew it was Sactown and Phoenix. lol

  22. Ernesto Plaganas

    Ernesto PlaganasPred 2 urami

    JB7 NBA All Star 2020

  23. FlowerBoy

    FlowerBoyPred 2 urami

    Will there be any more full game highlights?

  24. Julius Lim

    Julius LimPred 2 urami

    20 pts and dreaming to win a MVP?

  25. T Wolf

    T WolfPred 2 urami

    I see no Zion resemblance at all , if anything prime Smith is kinda like Kenyon Martin imo

  26. El-Erwin Muhammad-Ali.

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    Wowwwwwwwwwwwww; Who the [email protected]#%K is this Kid AD.....BROW........UNSTOPPABLE.....WELL WHAT THE F#$%K IS HE A GUARD...A FORWARD.....A CENTER.......WELL NEVER MIND..........$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  27. Player 1

    Player 1Pred 2 urami

    Mannnn..... Smh

  28. Jerico L

    Jerico LPred 2 urami

    Melo playin out of his

  29. Player 1

    Player 1Pred 2 urami

    I like seeing this

  30. Gerald Sykay

    Gerald SykayPred 2 urami

    They need just to pass the ball to him

  31. bruno mercury

    bruno mercuryPred 2 urami

    мelo ιѕ ѕтιll вeѕт мιdrange ѕнooтer..

  32. JMixtape Productions

    JMixtape ProductionsPred 3 urami

    mid range looks good

  33. Has1b

    Has1bPred 3 urami

    When Nurk gets back I want to see this team dominate

  34. theman2k7

    theman2k7Pred 3 urami

    One of those players when you just gotta watch the whole game not the stat sheet he’s a problem

  35. syriaun the goat

    syriaun the goatPred 3 urami

    Hes carrying and they lost

  36. migol1984

    migol1984Pred 3 urami

    The Future. That should be his nickmame.

  37. shabazz360

    shabazz360Pred 3 urami

    Everyone keeps making it all about Tatum but JB has been much better than him this year 🤷🏽‍♂️. He’s almost shooting a full 10% better from the field, higher % from 3p and is a better defender. If Jaylen was jacking enough shots to shoot 40% from the field like Taytum does he’d probably be averaging near or over 25 a game

  38. Yannick Dias

    Yannick DiasPred 3 urami

    People act like hes hes the same Melo haha he can play more 2/3 years if he keep in shape.. stay MElo

  39. swankyART

    swankyARTPred 3 urami

    How they let Kyrie travel on the play to get the game-winner. He caught the ball took two steps, pump-faked then dribbled past Marcus Smart for the lay-up.

  40. CASA MAC

    CASA MACPred 4 urami

    Melo Is Playing His Ass Off.. His Teammates Believe Everytime he touch the ball He will score. Don't matter they Finish this yr. Melo CAN STILL Get 20 any given night

  41. TAK 47

    TAK 47Pred 4 urami

    This was a tough game for luka. Timberwolves realized the refs are not giving Luka any calls tonight, they just hammered him every time he drove to the basket and for some reason did not get any calls, i mean if you watched the game there were at least 8 completely blatant fouls on Luka that did not get calls, on most other nights he shoots like 10-15 extra free throws.

  42. Cookazor

    CookazorPred 4 urami

    Wish Malcom stayed. Think he didn’t like being under looked bc giannis

  43. Jugo Slav

    Jugo SlavPred 4 urami

    Thank You Portland for giving us melo to see again

  44. uzernam3

    uzernam3Pred 4 urami

    Trail Blazers lucked out BIG with signing Carmelo Anthony. They pretty much swooped up a superstar player to team up with Dame. When no other team wanted him. You can tell taking time out of the league helped him refresh and he's playing a lot more aggressively and confidently.

  45. MOOCHIE 2K

    MOOCHIE 2KPred 4 urami

    On my hood. 💪🏿

  46. T J

    T JPred 4 urami

    ...patience. Hawks gonna be something special.

  47. Matt Garcia

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  48. los duros somos mas

    los duros somos masPred 4 urami

    Men he need more overal in 2k20

  49. Sid Shades

    Sid ShadesPred 4 urami

    LeBron having fun again? Game over, NBA

  50. Mitchell m

    Mitchell mPred 4 urami

    Love Melo bringing the ball up


    T0PSECRETPred 5 urami

    The league is only getting more talented. It'll be at it's peak in a couple of years This is the generation that benefited from SLgo workout videos

  52. Jose Torres

    Jose TorresPred 5 urami

    Melo its back

  53. Pesos Coróña

    Pesos CoróñaPred 5 urami

    Danggg If Carmelo Joined Blazers 2years ago when he left Knicks they might have had a champioship already. . . . (Well not really, but w'ell never know Blazers shocked us last 2years they exceeded our expectations.) Right?? ??

  54. Dee Prits

    Dee PritsPred 5 urami

    His face looks tight it has stretched out over tha years i keep forgetting he was just a kid lol

  55. madclone84

    madclone84Pred 5 urami

    Me watching 1:17 Wait what????

  56. Jordan Maverick

    Jordan MaverickPred 5 urami

    People who said he was washed after Houston were stupid. Melo could always still play it just depended on the team and coaching. He does look motivated now which contributes but he fits nicely in Portland where this is a team that really operates on iso scoring. Melo also looks good since he’s a little slimmer!!

  57. #23 JORDAN

    #23 JORDANPred 5 urami

    AD much better than LeQueen

  58. Cevu Brat

    Cevu BratPred 5 urami

    They put 6'7 fowards on him in post and he can't score you need to use that advantage,give him some time he be aight

  59. Dakari Randall

    Dakari RandallPred 5 urami

    He really is 6'8" for some reason I thought he was like 6'5" or something

  60. Carlos Brazao

    Carlos BrazaoPred 6 urami

    MELO is the GOAT right now!

  61. Tee Blizzle

    Tee BlizzlePred 6 urami

    Been watching Portland for the first time ever since Melo joined the team. Few observations, CJ and Dame are NICE. Dames a fearless penetrator and CJ's a really streaky shooter. My only knock is that they both tend to go on stretches where they don't see Melo wide open

  62. Jay

    JayPred 6 urami

    Those PeachTree uniforms are NICE. The Hawks are rebranding again next year, I wonder if they go with this color scheme.

  63. Isaiah Vigil

    Isaiah VigilPred 6 urami

    Melo is going to get that ring

  64. Shokan

    ShokanPred 6 urami

    What is nice about Melo is that he didn't play for one year in the NBA because he understood NBA is not a place where you'll play for 20 years if you don't have the hunger and the will to improve, play and win

  65. Peter Pan

    Peter PanPred 6 urami

    Go MELO! =)

  66. Brent Carroll

    Brent CarrollPred 6 urami

    LeBrick gets away with traveling to Cancun fuck dat bitch. I am going dunk on his arrogant ass in 2022.

  67. Bc

    BcPred 6 urami

    Cam 30 next game 👌🏾

  68. Agent Smith

    Agent SmithPred 6 urami

    Keep it up Melo!

  69. Michael Lombardi

    Michael LombardiPred 6 urami

    no disrespect but can you PLEASE give a disclaimer in the thumbnail or title that theres no video and its just words, i get you cant post vidoes but please

  70. Coin Hustle

    Coin HustlePred 6 urami

    Who else screamed "GET UP MELO" as he strong armed them cats? ... 0:50

  71. quan Brooklyn kid

    quan Brooklyn kidPred 6 urami

    he keep playing like that... thn they will be in the playoffs

  72. Michael Lynch

    Michael LynchPred 7 urami

    I remember he took out a full page in the sun-times writing a letter apologizing for missing those free throws at the end. People forget how good he was at the line

  73. So Cool1

    So Cool1Pred 7 urami

    You call that a crazy beef? You gotta be white

  74. Raymond Acance

    Raymond AcancePred 7 urami

    Everybody talking about their stars but it’s their other guys that’ll be key They’re all two way players.. and the ones that aren’t at least try on defence 😂


    FENG YUANPred 7 urami

    Beautiful like Figuer

  76. Jamie Holmes

    Jamie HolmesPred 7 urami

    Beat up on trash teams, get smashed by playoff teams. That's what this season is gonna be like for Melo

  77. Michael Lynch

    Michael LynchPred 7 urami

    Man that bench mob was the best the players werent great individually but as a unit they were the best in the league. JLIII Ronnie Brewer Taj Omer Asik, now we got shaq harrison and luke kornet smh

  78. Ukeme Obot

    Ukeme ObotPred 7 urami

    CJ&DL noticed they’re avoiding passing CA the ball. Taking their shine easy. This guy is better than 98% of the ballers we have in this league today.

  79. Mairelys Sanchez

    Mairelys SanchezPred 7 urami

    Le hubiera hido bien a los Lakers, siempre lo dije

  80. DSmithDS7

    DSmithDS7Pred 7 urami

    Y’all so quick to talk he got time! When his number called in due time he gon pick up believe that

  81. Roger Tiwari

    Roger TiwariPred 7 urami

    One of the best two way players in the league.

  82. balikati

    balikatiPred 7 urami

    Dawkins hating on Jimmy Butler lately

  83. Samuel Muriithi

    Samuel MuriithiPred 7 urami

    Melo will continue to look as good as he’s been looking. THE ONLY negative and detriment will be if his teammates do not share the ball. OKC and HOUSTON were always weird fits. WHY? Because they had a multitude of ball dominant players. Melo is a rhythm player. Look at any tape you’d love to and it’ll show, the games he struggles in are the ones where he goes multiple possessions without a touch. The tape will also show that if you don’t involve him in the offense early, he will force the issue and perhaps take a jump shot or two out of Rhythm just to get himself going (as any great player would). I don’t pay too much attention to stats because I watch all the games, but where Portland will fail, is in the area of sharing the ball. Gone are the days where a PG got his guys heavily involved before looking for their own offense. Dame and CJ are both “Combo” Guards in my opinion. Dame passes the ball enough, but CJ has some rather disgusting possessions where he will not look to pass within the flow of the game. There’s a little too much James Harden in his game and I think because James has had the (personal) success scoring in isolation situations at a historic clip, it’s easy for other guys to emulate and try to establish themselves as “Hey, I can do what he does too! Don’t forget about me,” The problem is that style of play is selfish, it is t conducive to keeping the morale of the team in good standing and lastly, a style like that cannot work in the playoffs. This is primarily the reason why Portland has struggled as a team the past several years because there isn’t any offensive balance. You have Melo now. An established scorer in the post (going back to Syracuse) and outside and you’ll have Nurkic in the near future. There’s no need for Hero Ball at this point because you now have someone that can command a double on the block, which makes life easier for Dame and CJ...not harder. Melo can continue to flourish if used correctly and is given a chance to get in Rythm EARLY. If used correctly, we won’t be hearing about him being an over the hill 35 year old, that can still get it done here and there.

  84. Daniel T

    Daniel TPred 7 urami

    Mavs in 4

  85. Born In

    Born InPred 7 urami

    Dang... him and cam combined for 64 and still lost

  86. Ricky Fontaine

    Ricky FontainePred 7 urami

    It's crazy how his pullup jumper smooth but that set shot shit is 🗑

  87. cato12

    cato12Pred 7 urami

    That’s more like it

  88. iZkiel Tv

    iZkiel TvPred 7 urami

    Dwight lakers fan hit likes

  89. Luis Velez

    Luis VelezPred 7 urami

    Fuck yeah Melo! Glad your back to doing your thing in the NBA!

  90. Ahmed Awad

    Ahmed AwadPred 7 urami

    1:08 nuff said

  91. David McCallum

    David McCallumPred 8 urami

    If he ever figures it out he is going to be fantastic.

  92. Allen Saunders

    Allen SaundersPred 8 urami

    Fultz csn become a star after all . Good for him

  93. Sayaan Thayaparan

    Sayaan ThayaparanPred 8 urami

    His floater game is brazy

  94. De Officier

    De OfficierPred 8 urami

    So does his shoulder have enough power again? Seems trying to get the drive to be a good option instead of creating space to shoot when he's at the 3pt line

  95. RubberBand Clan

    RubberBand ClanPred 8 urami


  96. Dean

    DeanPred 8 urami

    mavs jersey look kinda simular to slovenian national basketball team jersey

  97. Anna Margarita Maglasang

    Anna Margarita MaglasangPred 8 urami

    Carmelo is still anthony no matter what CA IS THE BEST..

  98. D.J. Morris

    D.J. MorrisPred 8 urami


  99. Football& Hoops

    Football& HoopsPred 8 urami

    LeBron is hiding his flaws through him...AD does the dirty work...he is the reason Lakers work

  100. Morby TV

    Morby TVPred 8 urami

    Cry babies